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Did Winston Churchill Destroy the British Empire on Purpose?

Winston Churchill is the Most Successful Double Agent in History!

In 1939, Britain was the hub of a world empire with powerful commonwealth allies. It is strange that throughout World War II (1939-1945), Winston Spencer Churchill (1874-1965), who was Britain’s prime minister at the time, never consulted or collaborated with his Australian, South African, New Zealander, Indian, or Canadian counterparts. These powerful British Empire component nations which made up an integral part of the London-based British Empire of that time had already declared war on National Socialist Germany in 1939, unlike the United States that was neutral at that time. Despite the strong historic, cultural, and economic ties that Britain had with its commonwealth partners, Winston Churchill never involved these powerful British Commonwealth allies in consultations concerning the direction of Britain’s war with Germany.

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Given their geographical diversity and their access to raw materials, along with their huge manufacturing potential, on top of their trade connections, plus their frequent closer distances from Europe, the data suggests that in a broad general sense, the nations of the British Commonwealth would have made far better war partners than the United States during World War II. If the British Commonwealth nations had been chosen as Britain’s primary war partners against Germany, as opposed to the United States, then there would have been little need for any lend-lease agreements that benefited only the tyrannical Soviet Union.


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Concerning the lend-lease agreements during World War II, what actually happened was the Soviet Union got gifted huge amounts of money and crucial resources by the American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and interest on these loans and giveaways to the Soviets was eventually settled by the British people through years of heavy taxation on all of their working hours, and this put quite a strain on the population of Britain.

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Why did Winston Churchill, who was given the powers of a dictator, go begging for money and resources from a country (The United States) that was not at war with Germany? Was the British Empire by then an irrelevancy to Churchill? Winston Churchill was well aware that the overthrow of Imperial Russia (1917-1922) was funded by (((Wall Street banks))) and sponsored by (((Washington DC.))) Before the outbreak of World War II, Churchill could clearly foresee the triumph of the Comintern (now called Globalism) and “the tribe,” so he decided that if he could not fight them (the United States and USSR), then it was best to join them.


The evidence now suggests that Winston Churchill facilitated the onslaught of the USSR against Germany, and Churchill also fed 22 European nations to the Soviet maws at the Yalta Conference in February of 1945. In fact, Churchill and (((Roosevelt))) gave the execrable Soviet Union so much aid that Red Square really should be called either Roosevelt Square or Churchill Square in our present day.

Prime Minister Churchill was also hand-in-glove with KGB double agents such as Kim Philby (1912-1988) who was an integral part of a major Soviet spy ring. One of Winston Churchill’s first acts after becoming Britain’s unelected prime minister in May 1940 was to halt all intelligence surveillance on Soviet spy suspects. This easy attitude towards Soviet spies by Churchill led immediately to the wholesale infiltration of MI5 and MI6 by the KGB throughout the 1940s. Britain’s head of MI6/SIS in the Iberian Peninsula was the same notorious British-Soviet spy… Kim Philby. It now seems that “Sir” Winston Churchill saved the Soviet Union and secured U.S. dominance at the expense of the British Empire.

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Unarguably, and with hindsight, everything that Winston Churchill undertook worked to the disadvantage of Britain and its empire. Every strategy he adopted benefited the Soviet Union and all-powerful Washington Deep State. In Israel, a forest was  renamed Winston Churchill.

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Without exception, national leaders like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and their neutral allies like General Franco of Spain, the Republic of Ireland, the nations of Latin America, and scores of other sovereign countries lamented the needless losses of World War II. Countless nations had constantly appealed for peace terms before the start of World War II, yet all of these pleas for peace from every corner of the world were all completely rejected by Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. But why?

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Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin D. Roosevelt never bemoaned the loss of 50 million lives. If Winston Churchill was a super-agent for Jewish banks, globalist corporations, elite bloodlines, and secret societies, then he was the most successful double agent in the history of our world, and his status as a double agent would go a long way to explaining Churchill’s self-satisfaction and smugness that followed him to the grave.


Was the British people’s adulation that was heaped upon Churchill’s funeral cortege the greatest irony of all time? Was a country’s national mourning for the one man who single-handedly destroyed their 300-year old empire the greatest irony of all time?

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Consider this: By 1945, Winston Churchill had bankrupted Britain, and the United Kingdom was drowning under its war debt. Then, after that, Harald Macmillan (1894-1986), who was another half-American and close friend of Winston Churchill, introduced the “Winds of Change.” From that notorious “Winds of Change” speech made to the parliament of South Africa in 1960, Britain and other European nations who were dependent upon Wall Street sponsorship transferred Europe’s African colonies to the American-based Globalist banks.




Heil Hitler deva! With Love and Courage to you!


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