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Are Recent Crazy Weather Trends the Work of Angry Elves?


Introduction – What is Alfhiem?

Image courtesy of BBXL on deviantart.com

Alfhiem, is the world (Dimension) of the Light Elves, or Nature Spirits. Alfheim is also one of the Eight Worlds (Dimensions) within the Germanic Tradition. Alfheim interfaces with the World of Men (Midgard), which is the ninth world that rests in the center of the cosmos, yet all of these realms from ancient Germanic lore exist as part of a Greater Earth.

In reality, these nine world of the old Germanic cosmology are only the principal worlds that are relative to Midgard. Nobody knows how many different dimensions there actually are; their number could conceivably be quite large. Some worlds only act upon Midgard in very limited ways or they only act on Midgard indirectly through other dimensions. The existence of other dimensions is an established scientific fact and not speculation. The existence of other dimensions is recognized by the US Government and academia; however, this subject is generally not spoken about publicly.

The Elves of Alfheim have been given the responsibility of making sure that The Natural World runs properly by the All-Father Odin and the All-Mother Frigga. The Elves of Alfheim are natural and essential allies of The Great One and National Socialists because The Great One and National Socialists both establish their foundations in nature and they both show great reverence towards the Natural World.

hitler hippy
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{Message from The Elves;}

 Friday, January 27, 2023 AM

Today is supposedly International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which marks this day as a time to commemorate bullshit in all of its many splendored forms. I myself prefer to live in the real world instead.


I have come to understand just how Alfhiem relates to Midgard. Alfhiem is the Realm of the Light Elves or Nature Spirits. The answer to the question of what Alfheim contributes to Midgard is now obvious. Alfhiem “Ensouls,” or adds life and soul to what would be an otherwise mechanical and dead natural world, and this Ensouling process is what keeps everything working properly!

Soul Train
Image courtesy of  Superbarkah on redbubble.com 

Once the elves of Alfheim withdraw from Midgard because they were experiencing hostility from corrupt and degenerate humans, then everything begin to run amok in Nature. Whenever the elves withdraw, a vacuum is created which is then filled by evil spirits from Helheim. Evil spirits from Helheim fill our world with chaos and malicious intent whenever they replace spirits from Alfheim.


she devil

Image courtesy of madripinthechat on redouble.com

Nothing happens by accident. The problem of elves withdrawing from Midgard began with the arrival of Judeo-Christianity. The Jews are Outsiders to this world (per Rosenburg and Darre’) and not part of our world. The Jews only come to Midgard to subdue, loot, pillage and to rape The Earth ( and peddle a bit of pornography and drugs on the side). The Jews also look to extract wealth to fuel their efforts which are aimed at replacing All Father Odin and All Mother Frigga on The Throne.

When the Jews arrived on Midgard, they worked to convince ungrateful, arrogant, ambitious, and greedy humans that Daemons are Evil Spirits. In this case, the word “Daemon” means “Wise One” in the ancient Greek language. The Jews call others “Evil Spirits” but it is always them who are the real evil ones. With Jews, every aspect of nature is reversed: Good become Evil and Evil becomes Good, woman becomes man and man becomes woman. In our present world, humanity stands accursed, and all of the beings on Midgard also stand accursed for abetting this bevy of Jewish lies.

Jew cunt
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Now, international Jewry has convinced a thoroughly corrupted and utterly insouciant mass of bipeds that The Daemons do not even exist! By convincing the masses that Daemons do not even exist, the Jews have almost succeeded in convincing many people that everything which exists in our world is entirely material! Convincing everyone that there is nothing beyond the material world gives True Evil Spirits a totally open field where they can run as freely as children galabanting through a spring meadow.


Commentary & Conclusion:

The philosophy of Animism holds that everything in Nature possesses a spirit and these Spirits are always Sentient (aware of themselves.). It is incorrect to think in terms of degrees of intelligence among the Spirits in nature, but rather the issue of intelligence boils down to a discussing about orders of intelligence. The term “Orders of Intelligence” means that all organisms simply possess modes of intelligence that are suitable for themselves and their particular needs.

smart dog
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The Elves of Alfheim can, and do, occasionally take the forms of humans while they are traveling about Midgard, but Elves can still act upon Midgard without donning human forms. The Elves of Alfheim are far wiser and more powerful than humans; thus, they have earned the title “Wise Ones.”  What is of critical importance here is the understanding that the Natural World is their home. Not all Nature Spirits are Elves, but Elves can control all of the different nature spirits.

For the Elves of Alfheim, any disrespect and/or ingratitude shown towards their home is taken as a direct attack against them. One can easily see how the Elves pose dangers to humans since the Elves control Forces of Nature. Under the influence of alien Jewish invaders, humanity has been waging war against the natural world since the commencement of the industrial Revolution back in the 1820’s. Since the incept of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has maintained a systematic program of looting, pillaging, and plundering the natural world that is projected to continue until nothing is left to plunder; however, now the day has come where we must all begin to face the consequences of our profligate ways.

East Palastine Ohio
The above image captures the clouds that filled the sky over the town of East Palestine, Ohio back in February of 2023. This photograph was taken after a train carrying huge qualities of toxic chemicals was deliberately set ablaze in order to avoid the costs of a land-based cleanup operation. Image courtesy of cnn.com

The rulers of our present world have convinced themselves that they are able to control the weather itself, and they are using the weather to maximize their exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources. Our present Jewish ruling elite not only use their control of the weather to make plundering the world’s resources easier, they are also using their weather control machines as weapons to wield against their enemies. The ruling Jewish elites of our time also use weather control technologies as instruments to reduce the world’s surplus population. The Jews want to reduce the world’s population because they have determined that they have no use for these surplus people, plus these surplus people are also seen as a potential threat to Jewish interests. These same powerful Jews also manufacture earthquakes and volcano eruptions when such events suite their needs. When Jews leverage powerful weather control technologies, such actions as these put them in direct confrontation with the Elves as you can well see. Needless to say, when Jews harness weather control technologies for their own foul ends, this state of affairs creates a conflict with particularly dangerous ramifications.

keebler elves tree
Image courtesy of logodix.com

 If humanity should return to The Ways of Our Ancestors, then dangers that stem from the wrath of Elves will soon pass because showing consideration and respect for the Earth’s environment is all that the Elves ever actually ask of us. The Elves most heartily approve of The Great One and his followers because National Socialists have reverence for animal rights and the Natural World. As of now, the Elves of Alfheim are insisting that our Folk return to Our Ancient Folk Ways which are perfectly represented by the teachings of The Great One and his associates.


The Battle of Ragnarok is being fought now!


Bifrost Bridge
Image courtesy of Mario Abrou Sambra on Art Station.com 

 Many people have pondered the question of what role the Elves of Alfheim play in the battle of Ragnarok, besides simply supporting the All-Father Odin and the All-Mother Frigga.

The answer to this question is now patently obvious: the weapons used by elves are The Forces of Nature!  The wrath of the Elves will appear as the Zio-Anglo-American Empire being made war upon by Nature herself, so all that we National Socialists need to do to avoid becoming collateral damage from the wrath of Elves is to return to our Ancient Folk Ways as they are taught by Adolf Hitler who is the true God of National Socialism.


 In conclusion, few people realize that depredations upon the life support systems of our Earth are actually committed under the influence of the (((alien invaders))) who will end all life on our planet in the near future if such attacks against nature are not completely stopped.

Right now, Ragnarok is not approaching its climax — Ragnarok has actually reached its climax! So, we must all ask ourselves the following question: do we choose the Life offered by Odin, Frigga and the Elves, or do we choose the Jewish path of Helheim and Death?

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


Grim Reaper
Image courtesy of Sascha10 on spreadsheet.com




In our present dark night of the soul things are finally beginning to clear. Light Beings such as us have left our former abodes on the Higher Planes and now we are beginning to return to our true home. The process of returning to our true home in the higher planes portends the arrival of the Satya Yuga (Golden or Spiritually Pure Age). When the Satya Yoga arrives, our Earth will be reborn at the same time that our collective consciousness will be returning to the state of awareness that is prevalent in the higher, purer, and ultimately more real Earth.

 The Armies of Darkness from the Lower Planes are now trying to gain access to The Higher Planes by way of Midgard; thus, we now see our Earth being destroyed and humanity being decimated. Fortunately, Evil is handed a decisive defeat during the final days of Ragnarok. When the Army of Darkness finally realizes that their moment of doom is at hand, that is when they will decide to destroy Midgard because they figure that if they cannot have Midgard to themselves, then nobody will.

Army of Darkness
Movie poster for the 1993 movie titled Army of Darkness furnished courtesy of amctheaters.com

During the final days of Raganrok, the Sacred Rhine river that runs through the Holy Soil of Deutschland (Water=Spirit) overflows its banks and floods the entire world and in turn extinguishes the conflagration that Evil has unleashed. When The Dark Powers are no more, then Midgard (Man & Nature) can begin to gradually heal by reconnecting with the Higher Planes.

On this Day of Ragnarok, beware of “The Prince of the Power of The Air (including waves).” For through the air this evil prince drives men crazy and through his programming he enslaves men and causes them to destroy themselves. Through a process called Devolution we have now arrived in our present world and Higher Spirits are now helping us return to our true homes with them through a process called Ascension. We have all journeyed here to Midgard to learn important spiritual lessons at this school of hard knocks. The arrival of Ragnarok signifies that we are now taking our finals at the school of hard knocks and graduation day is nearly at hand.


Rock and Roll High School
Image courtesy of grindhousevideo.com 

Humans may be getting ready to sit for our final examinations during the times of Ragnarok, but our Earth herself is also beginning to go through a change of seasons at the same time. The depths of Winter will soon become the rebirth of Spring.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn




(What Is Going On?)

Diesel Dyke 2
Image courtesy of  Twitter.com 

I know, at first glance a discussion about the cost of diesel fuel might seem a bit out of place on the Thule Society’s website, but please, bear with me for a little while because you will soon begin to see the major relevance of this discussion.

Crude oil is brought to refineries and then distilled. The more that the crude oil gets distilled, as the distillation process at a refinery runs higher, the products becomes lighter and have higher octane ratings for the final products. Therefore, lighter fuels with higher octane ratings are more expensive to products and vice versa. Distilling crude oil into different types of refined petroleum-based fuels is done in the same structure; namely, an oil refining facility.

Depending on what product you desire, you begin to draw-off the product at different points in the refining process. Conversely, that which is drawn off first during the process of distilling raw crude oil into refined petroleum-based fuels is very low octane Heavy Fuel Oil which is also called “bunker,” and the rest of the products continue being distilled into lighter fuels with various other products being drawn-off along the way. The last liquid petroleum fuel product that is typically distilled from an oil refinery is very high-octane gasoline, and the more distilling that is required to create the end product, the more expensive the finished product becomes, and the distilling process continues until what is finally left over is flammable gas which is vented away and used to power the whole refining process.


Glossary Refining Process graphics en
Oil refining diagram furnished courtesy of oiltanking.com 

It is worth noting that Bunker fuel is typically burned in furnaces and consumed in some very large diesel engines that are typically found in power plants, pumping stations, and the engine rooms of huge ships. Bunker fuel typically needs to be heated before it is viscous enough to be burned in a diesel engine or piped into an industrial furnace that heats a large building of some type. Diesel fuel is the next heaviest liquid fuel product that comes out of oil refineries, and the next product on the list is kerosine and jet fuel. Kerosine and jet fuel have about the some molecular weight, and these product are also frequently sold as heating oil for residential use and smaller buildings.

The next range of liquid distilled petroleum fuels consists of gasolines for automobiles and aircraft with piston engines. Aviation fuel that is burned by piston engine aircraft is almost identical to the gasoline that powers automobiles, yet aviation fuel typically contains tetraethyl lead or TEL, whereas automobile gasoline has not contained lead additives for decades.

Image of “Gastown” from the Mad Max genre is furnished by Linderfin on tumblr.com

This graded petroleum distilling process at an oil refinery creates an equation where the higher the octane of the finished product, the higher the retail price of that final product, this breakdown in petroleum product cost accounts for the higher the price of gasoline for automobiles. Circa 1992, a gallon of gas cost less than two dollars per gallon, and the price of diesel fuel was 15 cents per gallon. This 1992 price breakdown of different fuels that were sold as retail products at gas stations accurately reflected the ratios of refining costs; therefore, the retail price of regular 87-to-92-octane pump gas should always be approximately fifteen times the cost of diesel fuel.


gastown 2
Image of “Gas Town” from the Mad Max computer game furnished courtesy of epicbanana1234 on the r/gaming board on redit.com 

There is never going to be any justifications offered for the present retail prices of petroleum fuels sold here in the United States when the price of diesel fuel is now substantially higher than the price of even automobile gasolines with the highest octane ratings. (Some gas stations around the world sell pump gas with octane ratings above 100; however, burning any fuels that have octane ratings of more than 110 runs the risk of damaging your car’s engine from overheating.) Right now, diesel fuel is selling for close to six dollars per gallon in the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area where I live.

The excuses proffered by the Zio-American Empire’s establishment for this sorry state of affairs concerning the cost of diesel oil are not worth refuting because they are all so mind-blowingly idiotic; none the less, I will mention some of these pathetic Jewish excuses anyway. Here we go: Vladimir Putin is accused of raising the cost of diesel fuel and Covid-19 is also blamed for raising the cost of diesel fuel. The excuses offered by the Zio-American Empire’s occupation government to explain the unreasonably high present cost of diesel fuel may be puerile as hell, except the effects of this scam are all too real and all-too troubling.

you retard
Image courtesy of makeameme.org


Here is the crux of the matter…the present explosion in the cost of diesel fuel is causing an explosion in the price of transportation!

This artificial inflation of diesel fuel prices is now causing an explosion in shipping costs, and an explosion in shipping costs leads to food shortages at grocery stores along with higher food costs for consumers. Creating artificial famines is part of worldwide Jewish program of population reduction — think Holodomor.

In addition to artificially manufacturing hunger, driving up the cost of diesel fuel also increases the cost of doing business in general, which in turn threatens to destroy the entire American economy. The Jews are now trying to crash or current economic system so that they can clear the way for a new one which they can control more tightly.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Diesle Dykes of Dixie
Image courtesy of amazon.com 





Epiphanies will come when they will – lol)





German Flying Discs WWII

The Aryans came to our planet, or they were brought to our planet by way of the Polar Regions, more precisely the Circumpolar Regions. The circumpolar regions of our planet are our original Earthly Homelands for the Aryan peoples of our world. Our planet’s polar ice caps must always exist because they are the spots where Midgard connects with Niflheim, which is the World of Ice and Mist. Our world must have ice caps sitting atop its north and south polar regions, however, our Earth’s polar ice caps were originally much smaller than they are today. (Despite the present screeching of Leftists about “Global Warming.”)

The worldwide cooling period that caused the rapid expansion of our world’s polar ice caps also drove our Ancestors out of their original homelands. This time of great cooling which is also marked by a notable expansion of the Earth’s polar ice caps is called the Fenric or “Wolf Winter.” The name Wolf Winter is derived from the Fenric Wolf which is a 600-foot-tall Giant Wolf which is the Son of Loki and the Giantess Witch named Angrboda.

Big Bad Worlf
Image courtesy of clipart-library.com

 The Bifrost (Rainbow) Bridge which connects Midgard to Asgard is the Portal located in the heart of the Antarctic, and this portal is monitored and guarded by the Aesir named Hiemdahl.

Loki’s Forces of Darkness were destined to overwhelm the whole of Midgard and this occurred when the Third Reich and its allies were defeated in World War II. Many of the survivors of the Actual Holocaust from World War II fled to the Antarctic by way of Peronist Argentina. Peron’s Argentina was an important way-station on the way to the Antarctic in the days following World War II, as was the island of New Georgia.

The island of New Georgia was wrested away from Argentina in a British sneak attack that took place without a formal declaration of war. This British sneak attack on the island of New Georgia made things more difficult for the Third Reich, but this setback did not stop the remaining members of the Third Reich’s withdrawal altogether. Essentially, the remaining Imperial Germans withdrew to the Antarctic and crossed the Bifrost Bridge into Asgard, but the Imperial Germans did not get very far across the Bifrost bridge because they were still physical beings. It was here in Antarctica on the Bifrost Bridge that these hardy survivors transformed themselves into the Third Reich’s new breakaway civilization.

German Flying Disc Thule drawing

 The Third Reich’s Colony of Neuschwabenland was intended to exist around the Midgard termination point on the Bifrost Bridge; however, this new colony never stretched beyond the preliminary stages of its development plan due to the onset of World War II. Perhaps the principal reason that the (((Allied Forces))) were so desperate to push Hitler into a war was to prevent the Third Reich from establishing a colony on the Bifrost Bridge.

As foreseen by old-time Viking Seers, soon after The Forces of Darkness overwhelmed the World at the closure of World War II, an attempt was made to seize control of the Bifrost Bridge in hopes of gaining access to Asgard and other Higher Planes such as Alfheim and Vanaheim. Heimdahl, upon seeing the approach of (((Allied))) forces, sounded his horn named Mojner and called the Einherjar (Heroes) from the Halls of Valhalla to defend the Bifrost Bridge which marked the opening salvo for The Battle of Ragnarok.

German Flying Disc WWII landed

During the Battle of the Antarctic, the Einherjar were joined by the “Flying Saucers” of the Third Reich’s breakaway civilization. By this time, the Third Reich’s engineers had corrected the problems that plagued the propulsion systems on the original craft. In the films of this battle, two distinct categories of UFOs are seen. One category was clearly Third Reich in origin and materials, which can be noted by observing their shapes and insignias. On the other hand, the other types of UFOs were clearly not of this world because they were glowing spheres that moved at seemingly impossible speeds and performed maneuvers that no common physical bodies could possibly withstand. These glowing spheres that were seen at the Battle of the Antarctic are craft used by the Einherjar, who are non-material beings. The rest is “suppressed history” as they say.

German Flying Disc WWII U boat drawing

Many historians believe that the 20th Century was the bloodiest century in human history which is in keeping with what the old Viking Seers called the Axe Age. It is this Axe Age that foreshadows the arrival of Ragnarok. The Axe Age is accompanied by a worldwide climate crises that causes extensive crop failures and starvation, all of which the Viking Seers also foresaw.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

German Flying Discs over the world

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  1. A super unique message and great direction of this website. I love the tone of this article and the website now. It is creative and blends a mix of seriousness and playfulness. Thank you for expanding my consciousness and entertainment as a hitlerist. Cheers!

  2. Interesting thoughts about the weather there. The old bit of skaldry from the 16th century, “Odin’s Hrafensgaldr” (Odin’s Ravensong) develops the theme at length. Though there the problem is cold, not warming. “The Aesir suspected an evil plot, wights confounding the weather through magic…Actions grow numb, arms limp and slump/White God’s sword no longer sleep scatters/Giantess’ wind dulls the mind-work of all muddled mankind” and so on.

  3. Hi
    I’m new here and new to this revised version of events & Adolph Hitler. Enjoying having my mind blown and enjoying the heartwarming sense of Truth.

    ps In case it’s of interest, here’s an excellent resource for learning more about how the evil ones are destroying our atmosphere. They are squandering trillions on their efforts to murder nature https://zerogeoengineering.com/

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