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When Vishnu awakens, The Universe comes into being and remains in existence until Vishnu sleeps again. A slumber of Vishnu is measured in billions of years, and after Vishnu re-awakens, then the forces of creation begin to function once more. However, the forces of life and creation are always accompanied by their opposites — you cannot have one without the other.

Concerning the interplay between the forces of light and darkness, neither side can ever truly destroy the other, only some semblance of balance can be reached. Achieving some sort of balance between the forces of light and darkness demands that the forces of darkness be kept within manageable limits.

Helhiem is meant to contain the forces of destruction. Helheim is also called The Realm of the Dishonorable Dead. Essentially, Helheim is inhabited by the spirits of mortals who have chosen to live by the forces of destruction; they are also called The Children of the Devil (Loki).

The Children of the Devil have managed to take-on human form again so that they can re-enter Midgard and then gain control of this realm. If the Children of the Devil succeed in conquering Midgard, then they will gain access to other worlds as well, but their prized conquest is the kingdom of Asgard. The Children of the Devil intend to conquer Asgard by entering this realm by way of the Bifrost Bridge.

The human form taken by The Children of the Devil is that of the Jew.

If The Children of the Devil gain control of Earth, then they will destroy our planet’s ability to sustain life, including their own, and they are well-aware of this state of affairs. Despite seeing their own destructive ways for what they are, the Jews are still unable to deviate from their course. Why?

The Children of the Devil are unable to change their wicked ways because they are nothing more than destroyers. Not matter what, Jews are destroyers, this is their nature, just like that of their Father. Jews are the personification of the same destructive forces that were discussed earlier. Look at what happened to Mars and Venus, there we can see what the Children of the Devil have in store for Earth.

On account of their innate destructive and dark nature, a Jewish merger with corporations makes sense. Jewish connections with corporatism are inevitable because corporations also destroy the Earth’s ability to support life. Corporations destroy life because they plunder the Earth’s resources beyond their ability to heal, and this excessive plundering of natural resources is a byproduct of their mindless pursuit of profits. Like Jews, corporatists also know that what they are doing will lead to the destruction of our planet and ultimately to their own demise, yet these people function like drug addicts who are constantly in search of a higher high regardless of the consequences.

We all know that Adolf Hitler simply wanted to get the Jews out of Germany.

Hitler’s program to remove the Jews from Germany initially took the form of helping them migrate to Palestine. However, Hitler began to second-guess his plan to peacefully resettle the Jews in their ancient homeland because he became friends with the leader of the Palestinians: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

On account of his friendship with the Grand Mufti, Hitler felt that he needed to reconsider his initial plan to rid Germany of the Jews. Hitler decided to scuttle his first relocation initiative because this course of action involved dumping millions of the Devil’s children upon the undeserving people of Palestine.

After Hitler’s relocation plan for Palestine was nixed, the Madagascar Plan was considered. The Madagascar Plan involved transferred Europe’s Jews to the island of Madagascar and having French authorities who were aligned with the Vichy government maintain this quarantine. The Madagascar Plan had to be abandoned because the United States and Britain vowed to sink any ships that were carrying Jews to their new home.

After Hitler was forced to abandon the Madagascar Plan, a system of camps was set-up to contain the Jews and force them to do some type of constructive work for a change. Placing Jews in containment centers and forcing them to do some type of productive work was inevitably going to be a huge problem because Jews are averse to productive work by nature.

Indeed, the US, Britain, and the Zionists would have preferred that these work centers were actual “Extermination Camps”. If the German work camps would have been actual extermination centers, then these places would have given the Zionists a genuine weapon of international propaganda to wield against Hitler and the 3rd Reich. As it turned out, the Jews concocted the ‘Holo-hoax’ instead, so they still wound-up acquiring a nasty propaganda weapon to swing at the German people.

So why weren’t the Jews simply exterminated in the 1940s after it was established that they could not be expelled? The answer should be obvious: Adolf Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu. Hitler did not exterminate the Jews when he clearly had the opportunity simply because he knew that The Children of the Devil can never be truly destroyed. Hitler also knew that the Children of the Devil can only be contained within certain manageable limits. True, the physical containers of these vile spirits could have easily been destroyed by the 3rd Reich; however, Hitler knew that these rotten little devils would just come back again in new bodies.

Despite his matchless understanding of Midgard’s Jew problem, Hitler still promised that he would not be so gentle and forgiving with the Spawn of Loki in future encounters. That being said, a discussion about killing the Jews concerns the methods used, not the ultimate goal.

As assured by the Hitler Devi, a more effective system of containment for Helheim will be established after the Children of the Devil are defeated at Ragnarok. A Jewish defeat at Ragnarok, then a successive containment of the Jews in the realm of Helheim will usher-in a new Golden Age called the Satya Yuga.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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