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Adolf Hitler and Spiritual Beauty


Note: In reality, every planet in this solar system contains life of one form or another, but only Earth maintains such a rich diversity of living things. Our planet, Earth, is what is called a “Garden Planet” in galactic terms. There are estimated to be over nine million Earthlike planets just in our own galaxy alone, which would lead a person to believe that there are a lot of Earthlike planets floating around out there in space, until one takes into consideration that there are hundreds of millions of solar systems in our galaxy alone. If one looks at the total number of star systems in our galaxy, then compares that number against the number of star systems with garden planets, that is when garden planets can be seen as places that are exceedingly rare and priceless.

Garden planets can either be carefully preserved and peacefully shared or they can be brutally conquered and then ruthlessly exploited, but the fate of any garden planet depends on the disposition of the races that occupy that property. For example, a race that values money instead of spiritual wealth will eventually leave an abundant garden planet as barren as their unnatural selves.

Interestingly, both Mars and Venus were also originally garden planets. In the distant past, having three rare garden planets floating within our solar system ensured that this little corner of space would eventually become a battle ground. Mars was devastated by nuclear warfare and Venus was turned into an oven through weather geoengineering projects that went wrong, so the deaths of Venus and Mars leave our beleaguered planet Earth as the last garden planet in our star system. If we allow ourselves to lose and destroy the ecosystem of our planet, then we only to need to take a gander at our sister planets that were formerly garden world to see what consequences are potentially in store for us.

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

If the dark deeds of others are dwelled upon too much, even if this focus simply exists as a tool to combat evil, then the dark actions of others will eventually come to dominate a good person’s psyche and end up consuming that person’s mind. Focusing on the bad deeds of others will not necessarily make the person who meditates on the bad actions of others into a copy of those who are the real wrong-doers; but rather, developing the habit of always looking into the darkness changes the mind of the person who does the looking. The habit of staring into the darkness of evil actions may not be an evil action in itself; however, continually focusing attention on the bad deeds done by others can easily morph into an all-consuming and unhealthy obsession. The real problem with having an all-consuming focus on the bad deeds of others is that this state of mind can easily create an inability to see any beauty or good in the world.

Judge Dredd 

  Anyone familiar with the Judge Dredd comics or movies would recognize that Dredd has been fighting the worst of evil for so long that he has lost the ability to see any good or beauty in the world. Two Judge Dredd movie have been made, the first came out in 1995 and starred Sylvester Stalone, and the second was released in 2012 and starred Karl Urban as Dredd. Although Dredd is not an evil man himself, fighting crime in a hive city for such a long time has made him hard, cynical, angry, and unable to enjoy himself. His hard years working as a Judge have also made Dredd unable to see any good in people.

No, habits and obsessions will not overcome evil, but they will just perpetuate evil in a different form. Ultimately, evil must be defeated by replacing it with its opposite, which is Good, and the process of replacing evil with good is much more than a simple philosophical exercise. No, replacing evil with good takes a lot of work, and this process of replacement requires vision and emotion as well. In a deep sense, combatting evil is more about changing your own thoughts than it is about changing the world around you.

To avoid becoming corrupted by the evil around you, you must see and perceive the beauty, elegance, holiness, and peace which lie beyond the illusion in the “Real World”. Therefore, maintaining a connection with the beauty in the higher realms is crucial because once a person’s connection with the higher realms is lost, that is when the spirit within that individual becomes as good as dead. Each individual must make a personal choice; either accept the divine beauty and magnificence of the higher realms, or go mad and be destroyed from the inside out.

It is important to remember that the ultimate spiritual beauty which lies in the realm which is called Alfhiem by the Germanics, or Summerland by the Celtics, is utter poison to the devils of Helheim. The devils of Helheim literally cannot stand the presence of true goodness and beauty, so this is why they must destroy every vestige of the goodness from the higher realms that bleeds into Midgard. It was this natural world on Midgard where the 3rd Reich sought to preserve beauty, and this is yet another reason that these people were so disliked by the forces of darkness.

The NSDAP recognized that to survive and prosper The Folk absolutely must maintain their bloodlines and keep their ancestral connection to the soil of their homeland. Maintaining a connection to the soil is crucial because the essential spiritual nourishment that flows only from Alfheim arrives to the Germanic people through the plants, animals, water, and sunlight of their ancestral land.

The NSDAP worked to build a civilization that embraced the folk’s connection to Alfheim, and to the Light Elves who dwell in Alfheim; such a civilization is called an Ecological Civilization. An ecological civilization a civilization that develops when human activities and the natural world are blended together into a single mutually beneficial whole. An ecological civilization is a thing that has not seen on Earth since the Pre-Columbian Civilizations (Paradises) established and governed by the Aryan Nobility in the Americas.

Fingerprints of the Gods

Graham Hancock’s 1995 best-selling book called Fingerprints of the Gods chronicled the ancient Mezo-American tale of Quetzalcoatl. According the the ancient tales, Quetzalcoatl was tall, thin, blond-haired and he had blue eyes. Part of the reason that the Spanish were able to subdue the Aztecs so easily stemmed from the fact that the Aztecs thought the Spaniards were a return of Quetzalcoatl when they first arrived. 

Divine civilizations in the Americas were originally founded by the Aryan demigod named Quetzalcoatl. It was Quetzalcoatl who was lied about and destroyed by the Marranos. The Marranos were Jews who falsely converted from Judaism to Christianity, and these same imposters were often dressed in the red garments of Catholic Cardinals. It was the Jews who were the destroyers of the native forests and peoples of the Americas, and not the Christian Spaniards as is now claimed by vengeful and lying Jewish academics. Columbus was actually Jewish, and it was other Jews like him who plundered and murdered everything they touched. The true ambition of the Jews who oversaw the raping of the Americas was actually to destroy all signs of the Aryan Quetzalcoatl’s teachings and then to hide the existence of the Aryan-founded civilizations that he established. 

Aztec City

It was the devilish Marranos, not the Christian Spaniards who were set-loose upon the pure native peoples of the Americas to wreak so much havoc. Remember, the Marranos were not Europeans, but Jews. All Jews were expelled from Spain by the 1492 the deadline that was set for them to vacate the country. (Jews had been expelled from 125 countries prior to that.) It was also the Jews who were false converts to Christianity that ran the Inquisition after the Muslims were finally expelled from all of the Iberian Peninsula. It was the same Jews who ran the Inquisitions that were also the destroyers and murderers of the native populations of what is today Latin America.

The Marrano Jews were a very literate group around 1492, so they falsely wrote all of their conquests down in such a way as to lead their readers to believe it was European Christians who destroyed the native populations of Pre-Colombian America. Fact is, it was Jews who destroyed the writings and artwork of the Pre-Colombian civilizations of the Americas, and these same Jews did these dirty deeds under the cover of “Christianity.” In their lying writings, the Jews were able to make it appear as if all of the plundering of Pre-Colombian Latin America had been done exclusively by Europeans. (Let us from now on call a spade a spade, the Jews were the false ‘Conversos’ to Christianity — THE MARRANOS!)

For all of the talk that we hear about galleons loaded with precious metals sailing back to Spain; the fact is, neither the Spanish people nor their kings ended-up really benefiting much from the “Conquests of Paradise” as the Spanish dealings in the Americas are sometimes called. Regrettably, the vast bulk of the loot from the Americas that went back to Spain just went into the coffers of the Marranos (Jews who were false converts to Christianity.)

Spanish Gold

It was these same Marranos who eventually would-up controlling Spain and bleeding this nation dry during the Spanish Colonial era. All of the parts of the Western hemisphere that eventually fell under Spanish rule were actually just places that fell under the Marrano banking system. It was the Marranos who left the Americas looted, left the Spanish people impoverished, and put the Spanish Crown into bankruptcy. As the Spanish empire crumbled and genocide reigned in the Pre-Colombian Americas, it was the Marranos who accumulated untold mineral wealth for themselves in the form of gold and silver, and they did this because money is their God.

Spanish Galleon

Is it any wonder that the Marranos were anxious to hide and destroy all records of early Aryans in the Americas? For instance, Kennebunk man was a mummy that was found along the bank of the Klamath River in Northern California. Kennebunk man was also observed to be around 9,000 years old, and kennebunk Man had red hair and blue eyes just like Quetzalcoatl! After Kennebunk man was discovered, there was a rush by the Klamath Native American tribe to prevent genuine archeologists from ever examining Kennebunk Man’s body and carbon dating it. After all, these “Native Americans” from the Klamath region would not want to lose their plum status as the “First Americans,” now would they?

The descendants of the Marranos presently run our universities and their archeological departments, so they have been successfully brainwashing legions of university students for decades, and these nasty lying Jews have also convincing entirely too many unsuspecting young students that people like the Klamath Tribe were the first and only humans to inhabit the North American continent. Then there is also the Smithsonian Institution which either destroys any information that does not either suit a Jewish narrative or support Jewish interests. In addition to destroying ancient artifacts, the Smithsonian Institute also puts any archeological evidence that does not suit their purposes where no one is able to access it. The Jewish-controlled Smithson Institute acts as they do because they fear that their historical lies will all be exposed!

Truth is beauty, and genuine beauty nourishes the body, delights the mind, and causes the spirit to rise to a higher state of being. The NSDAP’s Ecological Civilization that was envisioned by Adolf Hitler was intended to turn Germany into a single vast natural cathedral that would have provided Spiritual Nourishment for the German Folk to whom Hitler was devoted. According to Adolf Hitler’s plan, all other nations were not only free to copy the great divine truth found in Germany, but they were encouraged to follow in Germany’s footsteps in ways that suited their needs.

Hitler had a working model and a solid vision for a better world because Germany went from being the poorest nation in Europe during the worldwide “Great Depression,” to being a happy nation of well-fed and culturally enriched people. Under Hitler’s Guidance, it took only 12 years for Germany to change from being abjectly poor and broke into a nation that had its own cruise ships and the highest standard of living in the entire world! Not surprisingly, in the years before World War II, German cruise ships were not allowed to dock at any ports in the UK because this nation’s evil Jewish-controlled government did not want the English people to see just how prosperous and happy the German people were when Hitler was their Chancellor.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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