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Adolf Hitler Deva on The National Socialist Conception of Currency

Installment #1, The German Experience

When the First World War commenced, the exchange rate between the American Dollar and the German Mark was 4 Marks to the Dollar. When our Fuehrer came to power it was something like 24,000,000 Marks to the Dollar. In between that point and when the two countries broke off diplomatic relations late in 1941, Hitler’s reforms had balanced the exchange rate back to 6 Marks to the Dollar.

By the time he took office, to Germans and their businesses of various sorts, the Mark was totally worthless and unusable.

When he took office, he was incredulous to learn that there was even an exchange rate at all.

As the time approached Jewish Bankers had started to flee Germany to take up positions with the Jewish Banks in New York City. Their banks and such funds as were still in their vaults were siezed by the Government of the 3rd Reich.

A most interesting item was found in their vaults, among other things. Great bundles of Mark Notes in the denomination of 20,000,000.

It had been determined that these bankers had been engaged in a highly lucrative, for them, system of  currency speculation and manipulation including the Mark and the Dollar.  Vast fortunes were being made off of it as the German Folk were starving and their businesses unable to operate due to lack of funds.

German Agriculture, able to feed the whole country at the beginning of WW1 had been near totally destroyed by the inflation resulting from the currency speculation. The Jewish Bankers had foreclosed on German farms which were now idle. Thousands of destitute Germans, including ex-farmers were now literally starving to death.

The authorities in the 3rd Reich seized the farmland controlled by the Jewish Banks and distributed it back to the farmers who had originally owned it. Up until the time that they were back in full production, Hitler was able to keep Germany fed through a system of international barter that completely cut out the need for Jewish Bankers. Yet another reason they wanted him dead. Germany traded coal to Sweden for Iron Ore. Then manufactured agricultural equipment which they traded to Argentina for grain to keep Germans fed. No money changed hands, so there was now no need for loans.

I imagine most everyone knows that the problem was the German Mark had become a currency based on debt, much like the current U.S. Federal Reserve Notes. Debt in both cases owed to the Rothschilds.

After the passing of Bismark who had kicked the Rothschilds out of Germany, the 2nd Reich had very unwisely gotten deeply in debt to them. So it was easy to engineer Germany’s defeat in WW1 by calling in the debt and causing Germany’s economic collapse, along with the hyperinflation of the Weimer Republic.

Adolf Hitler deva decided to issue a new Debt Free Currency named the Reichmark, as well as kicking the Rothschilds out of Germany.

He was soon approached by the American Bush Family, of presidential infamy, with offers of loans, the Bushes being a wealthy banking family. However, The Fuehrer had been warned by his agents that they were fronting for the Rothschilds and he refused to meet with them.

Our Fuehrer was approached by sometimes well-meaning people with the recommendation that the new currency be based on Precious Metals. The well known Gold and Silver, and the less common Platinum and Palladium. Something thought of as ‘Solid’, in other words. Hitler rejected the idea very quickly. It is far too easy for Super-Wealthy people like the Rothschilds to manipulate the value of Precious Metals through creating artificial shortages.

He also knew that trying to retain the Old Currency and introducing financial reform would be a fatal mistake.

This is a point most people didn’t fully understand. Even if they had never borrowed another penny from the Jewish Bankers, they would still owe them what was already owed, and with interest.

He had to disavow the existing currency and remove it’s status as legal tender. Then destroy what had been printed. Individuals and businesses had to turn in the old currency so it could be burned. It being replaced by an appropriate quantity of the new Reichmark. He refused to recognize foreign holdings of German currency unless they were legitimate, not based on speculation, and they agreed to exchange them for the new currency. This is why actual Bank Notes from the Weimer Republic are such real collector’s items nowadays The plates used to print them were all seized and destroyed as well so no more could be printed.

The actions of Adolf Hitler deva now starts to show some elements of what is meant by the Socialism in National Socialism.

The new currency would be based on the value of what was produced by the 3rd Reich. Initially by the economic value of the autobahn System and later by other things as industry and agriculture began to recover. Money spent on military production is lost to the program of the nation’s  economic growth. Weapons don’t produce, instead they destroy and consume wealth.

While the means of production were left in private hands, speculative Capitalism was Outlawed. It is a parasite which soaks up vast wealth while producing Nothing. Weakening the productive elements of society of what they need to be productive. Speculative Capitalism is the specialty of Jews and the source of their power since Ancient Times.

Very well aware of the American experience of trying to institute economic-monetary reform while leaving Banking in Domestic Private hands, Adolf Hitler deva Nationalized banking in Germany. Bringing it all under the Reichbank which was made part of the government and answerable to him. So he could insure that it always operated for the Common Good of the Folk, and not for private gain at the Folk’s expense.

The genius of Adolf Hitler deva in this can be illustrated by a simple observation Germany was defeated in WW1 because the Rothschilds were able to cause the economic collapse of the 2nd Reich as I have already stated. In marked contrast the German economy never collapsed in WW2 and to the last day of the war the 3rd Reich never ran out of money. Even as they were being overrun.

The next and final installment will be titled, “The American Experience”, which I have become very convinced strongly influenced Adolf Hitler deva’s thinking, as well as what happened in Germany.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. Love this clarifying article!
    This is so clear. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t wondered just how did Adolf Hitler deva straighten out the financial mess in Germany? Yet, here it is plain and straight! – I recall finance “advisors” clear back in time saying, “What is it that National Socialists don’t understand?” – Back from the jungle, now Dr. Michael Savage, “Socialism is socialism!” This message may have come out in the late 1950s, after Michael had studied and lived in the Amazon wilds for twenty years. (He had produced the most comprehensive book, probably, ever written on human nutrition!) After the University of California had denied him entry into the doctoral programs, because he was “white”. Michael was/is a Jew. That refusal of U.C. was a terrible blow to Michael. – Just as it was to Adolf Hitler deva having been turned down by the-Art academy, probably because his work didn’t show any sign of the Jew promoting ‘abstract art’ which was currently in vogue due to jew influence.

  2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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