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Why the Assassination of General Soleimani Matters for White America

Howdy Y’all (Not you-all !)


Trump was and still is merely Bibi’s sock puppet, and Bibi is the Israeli prime minister. Trump vowed to keep maximum pressure on Iran as long as he was in office as the American president as per the wishes of Bibi. Now, Biden also supports “That Shitty Little Country in The Middle East.”  Before leaving office, Trump did his best to provoke war with Iran, and the Trump Administration claimed that Al Qaeda moved its corporate headquarters to Iran; however, it was Israel that started the story about Al Queda moving their main office to Iran not too long ago. Trump & Co. have also claimed that Iran was actually the country behind 9/11, and Trump had additionally moved US naval forces to the waters off the Iranian coast before being removed from office. Trump and company also called the Houthis (Iran’s friends in Yemen) international terrorists because they resisted aggression from America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.


And Our Iranian (Aryan) Brothers?


(1) Hezbollah, who is Iran’s ally in Lebanon and the surrounding areas, is vowing to attack Israel if Iran is attacked.

(2) The Iranian armed forces near their coastline have been put on full alert.

(3) The Iranian navy has just commissioned a new helicopter carrier and several new guided missile boats.

(4) The Iranians just revealed that they have established a large underground missile base that will be able to control the strategic Straits of Hormuz.

(5) The Iranian parliament has just unanimously passed a promise to end Israel by 2041.


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Thoughts Today on The Blood of a Martyr

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It was Soleimani who was murdered in cold-blood while successfully and famously fighting against the Evil Zio-American Empire in a proxy war that was taking place in Syria between 2011 to around 2017. Soleimani was assassinated in a drone strike that happened near the Baghdad airport on January 3, 2020 at around 1:00 in the afternoon local time. Soleimani was taken-out near the airplane that brought him to that spot by the US Military under the orders of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump was acting under the orders of Benjamin Netanyahu who is the Anti-Christ.

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Soleimani was in Baghdad the day of his death as part of a diplomatic envoy that was arranged to smooth the strained relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Solemani was killed for many reasons, but one certain reason is that he stood a good chance of greatly improving the relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran over the course of the scheduled talks, and less conflict in the surrounding areas is something that Israel does not want. Israel wants as many other Middle Eastern nations as possible to be against Iran, and Israel does not want peace in the region because peace will mean partnerships between potential adversaries in the region. Israel does not want any partnerships between the neighboring Middle Eastern nations because Israel is dead-set on expanding their territory northward and eastward until the borders of Israel eventually encompass all of present-day Israel, all of Jordan, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, the entire Sinai Peninsula, and the northern half of Iraq, so with such ambitious expansion plans in the works, the last thing that Israel wants to see is unified opposition.

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Soleimani is a martyr of sublime blood, and a higher spirit who dwells with the true Allah in paradise. This paladin and true warrior now exists in the realm of song and legend. This exemplary man also forfeit his life and embraced his death to further the struggle for truth and justice by defying the Jewish devils and their craven minions.


Soleimani stood up against the devil Zionists in Syria and stood up for the poor and downtrodden in the Middle East and further afield; he was also a spiritual giant who strode about in a world dominated by base and worthless copies of genuine human beings. This man whose praises I sing today is none other than General Soleimani Of Iran who was THE PERSONIFICATION OF ARYAN NOBILITY WHOM WE SHOULD ALL STRIVE TO EMULATE.

As mentioned earlier, Israel wanted Soleimani dead for a variety of reasons, but yet another obvious reason was because he was a key figure in the process of convincing the Russians to intervene in the Syrian civil war and bolster the military forces loyal to Syrias head of state, Bashir Al Assad.  Soleimeni even traveled to Russia and had a meeting with Vladimir Putin himself, and Putin was quite impressed with this man’s presentation as well as his general character; however,  Putin had heard much about Soleimani even before meeting him in person. Fortunately for Syria, the Russian president immediately agreed to commit to a Syrian military campaign and to back Assad after meeting Soleimani in person.

The Jews wanted to kill Soleimani because was also the mastermind behind the larger military campaign agains the Jewish-backed “Isis” forces that were trying to destabilize Syria and depose Assad. Soleimani was not only a superb mastermind behind the coordinated war efforts against “Isis,” who were Israel’s proxy soldiers, but he was also an inspiration because he led from the front and showed nerves of steel in combat situations. Part of Soleimani’s coolness in combat stems from the fact that he saw eight years of military service during the Iran- Iraq war between 1980 and 1988, so this man had seen his share of real combat and he was decorated for showing incredible bravery in combat on many occasions. Interestingly, Soleimani began his military service as an unremarkable foot soldier whose previous career consisted of working as a laborer in the construction business, but his courage in combat and his superb leaderships skills got him promoted quite rapidly to astounding heights despite never having attended a military academy.

Solemani’s messiah-like leadership was witnessed by thousands of ordinary soldiers during the Syrian war campaign, and word of his calm and soft-spoken personality and legendary courage in combat traveled like a swift wind. Indeed, Solemani’s inspiring courage was just as instrumental in defeating the American and Jewish backed forces of disruption as the Russian intervention or any logistical planning, tactical acumen, or strategic savvy.


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General Soleimani typically never wore any insignias or even a military uniform while the Syrian civil war raged, but he was always right in the middle of things wherever the fighting was at its worst. The photo above captured the general out at the front lines of  the battle field in Syria. 


In his martyrdom, general Soleimani has become more powerful than The Evil Ones can hope to comprehend. Now that he has been freed from the constraints of a physical body, Soleimani has become a Higher Spirit and a demigod who stands shoulder to shoulder with all of those who hate and oppose what he always hated and opposed.

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The Evil Ones recognized him for what he was and mistakenly thought that they could solve the problems that he posed by just killing him, but killing the general by a drone strike has just enabled him to come into his own as a spiritual figure who now dwells everywhere in the hearts and minds of people who love truth and justice.

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On a final note, the death of Soleimani should be seen as a portend for White America because the Jews have already publicly spoken about using drone strikes to target “White Supremacists” in America and Europe, so the death of General Soleimani will be mirrored by White men who choose to stand-up for their people in the coming years. The situation with Syria and the oppression of the Palestinians will soon resemble the situation that White Americans and even Whites living in Europe will face in the coming years, so take note.


This video discusses how Christians and other White dissidents will soon be treated as terrorists by the Jewish establishment here in America. Once officially labeled as terrorists, any White men who try to resist their own dispossession will not get any due process of law and they will be looking at such pleasant prospects as having genetically modified soldiers sent to kill them as well as the prospect of getting hit by drone strikes and guided bombs. 

It is not publicly well know, but the Syrian military campaign saw some really awful things happen, such as the butchering of Christians which included women, old people, children, babies, livestock, and even pets. Indeed, entire towns of Christians were systematically murdered by “Isis” and other horrors befell Syria such as genetically modified soldier being deployed, chemical weapons being used, and small tactical nuclear weapons being dropped by Jews during the course of this conflict, and soon these same horrors will be unleashed on White people as well. The use of genetically modified soldiers by Israel was particularly unnerving because these huge 7-foot tall men were able to butcher Christians without the slightest bit of remorse or empathy, and breeding soldiers who will do the most awful things without question or feeling was part of the reason for embarking on this project in the first place.




Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


The Lesbos take a stand against the Persians!



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  1. Beautiful video of truth telling and of enormous to help those who still don’t ‘get it’, to begin to know they are in peril – it’s past the time to wakeup!

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