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Are You Prepared to Survive the Axe Age?


(Being A Preface to My Soon Coming Article “Towards A Classless Society with Adolf Hitler”)


Introduction – What is the Axe Age?

Norse Seer
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According to my Norse Seer Predecessors, the Battle of Ragnarok takes place just as The Prince of Darkness and His Armies of Darkness finally succeed in overrunning all of Midgaard. There are three “phases” which in schematic (not necessarily literal) sequence lead to the overrunning of Midgard.

That is, these phases pave the way for Midgaard to be overrun by evil:


A heating of the Earth that causes worldwide crop failures and starvation which then eliminates most of the world’s population.


The “Axe Age” is a time of universal conflict and slaughter which is the subject of this article.


The Fenric Winter or the Wolf Winter. The Fenris Wolf is a Rakshasa (Evil Spirit) of immense proportions and limitless Evil. This being brings about a Mini-Ice Age that kills off most of the world’s population that has survived the first two phases. I will henceforth focus on just the Ax Age in this blog; however, I just needed to briefly place the Axe Age within its proper context.


Part One – The Axe Age & the Kali Yuga

Viking Pepe
Image courtesy of Viking Pepe on medium.com

 Norse prophecies of the Axe Age are almost identical to Hindu prophecies concerning the end of the Kali Yuga.

Hindu – In those days people will become so depraved that the slightest irritations will become the cause of the greatest explosions.

Norse – In those days there will be no honor to be gained in combat anymore,  for men will be routinely killing each other over the slightest offense or misunderstanding.

Further details are essentially identical in both.

During the Axe Age, comrades will not be loyal to comrades. Friends will not be loyal to friends. Lovers will not be loyal to lovers. Husbands and wives will not be loyal to each other. Parents will not be loyal to their children and vice versa. The list goes on and on from the smallest groups to the largest groups because during the Axe Age people are so selfish, self-centered, and easily offended; this is the spirit of the Axe Age by whatever name you choose to call it.

Divorce Pepe

An internet search for “Divorced Pepe the Frog” led to this image posted above that represents the concept of divorce. Mass-scale divorce is certainly one key aspect of the Axe Age. Yes, divorce has always happened and it must be permitted for many reasons, but vanity and narcissism drive divorce rates to unprecedented highs during the Axe Age. Image courtesy of the r/memes forum on reddit.com 

There are of course legitimate reasons for some of the conflicts between people, and this goes without saying, but this is not at all what I am talking about here. Instead, I am talking about far too many people living their lives caught up in their own selfish egos to the point where they are totally unable to bear even the slightest offense, whether this offense is real or imagined.

Almost nobody has any spiritual understanding relating to the spirit of the age in which we now find ourselves because this is the spirit of ego and anger that are being broadcast into our minds from outside, then this spirit of ego and anger is consistently reinforced by the Jewish-controlled media industrial complex through highly propagandized news, sports, and entertainment. During the Axe Age, people are negatively responding to impulses that they only think are coming from their own thought processes.

NPC entenna head
Image courtesy of imgflip.com

Although the Jews do control mass “entertainment” and whatever passes for “news,” I do not know whether or not they can broadcast specific thoughts into our minds, or create false memories, but it would not surprise me if they can.

Even if I am not sure whether Jews can implant false memoires into people’s consciousness, I am at least sure that they can alter peoples’ moods because I was part of a group of people who it was done to. For this group, they experienced specific moods being piped into their minds in a matter of a few seconds. For example, this group experienced an alteration that made everybody extremely irritable and almost combative for no reason whatsoever. Fortunately, in my case I realized what was going on, and I was able to say to myself. “I will think my own thoughts! I will not think the thoughts that are being broadcast into my mind.” I focused every ounce of my mental and spiritual energy into gaining control of my thoughts, emotions, and moods, and as I did this, just as fast as the thoughts streamed in, the mental pressure went away. Other people around me were now looking at each other in complete bewilderment and not understanding what they had just gone through. I overheard a number of apologies that all went something like this. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I don’t know what came over me.” One thing is now perfectly clear. The Axe Age has not come about through the operations of chance.

MInd Control meme
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Part Two – American Society and the Ax Age

American Society has long been the most violent and crime ridden among those of the major developed nations. Mindless violence is endemic to American culture, including almost daily mass shootings happening somewhere in the country with too many of them lacking any clear motive. People kill other people, and in many cases the guilty parties cannot remember doing so or they simply cannot ascertain why they did what they did, or at the very least they can provide no logical rational explanation for their actions. In light of these odd mass shootings, I am convinced that a lot of mind-controlled and mind-influenced killers are being created.

The overall problem is predominantly among the Black population and to a much lesser degree, even though it is still significant, this problem persists among Latinos. That having been said, the White population of America is by no means immune either. This assertion is based on a statistical study that I made some years ago of violent felony convictions in the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area. During my study, I noted that there were no convictions among American Indians, Middle Easterners, nor amongst South and East Asians and it was Jews who specialize in high-dollar crimes of the white-collar variety for which they were never prosecuted.


white collar crime distribution
Image courtesy of zippier.com 

Society may not view white-collar crime in the same negative light that it does violent and bloody crime, but white-collar crime is not victimless . For example, defrauding thousands of people out of their pensions is actually far more damaging overall than one case of murder. Moreover, a company executive who devises ways to illegally dump thousands of tons of toxic waste into the environment is actually causing much more damage to society than one Haitian thug who rapes, murders, then cannibalistically consumes one young White woman.

Black Cannibal
Image furnished courtesy of stock.adobe.com

Among Blacks, the slightest argument very frequently ends in gunplay which leaves many innocent bystanders, including children, among the casualties. Sometimes these Black killings are for no reason whatsoever. (Chicago, Illinois year after year has the most murders of any place in the country, except for one year back in the 1990’s when Birmingham, Alabama that is a much smaller city, took the number-one spot, which takes tremendous community involvement. Almost all of these senseless homicides were Blacks gunning down other Blacks.) Obviously, such violence is deeply ingrained in American Black Culture, and during the last few years, the Zio-American Federal Government has been importing large numbers of Haitians into the metro area, then providing them with places to live, and putting them on the dole.

Not surprisingly, as the number of Haitians across the Birmingham metropolitan area has increased, the rate of violent crime has also skyrocketed, and metropolitan Birmingham’s rate of violent crime was of course bad to begin with before any Haitians began arriving in mass. The Haitians have set up a veritable reign of terror in a number of Black neighborhoods, but so far anyway, their victims are mostly other Blacks. (This Haitian reign of terror includes taking body parts from the dead as trophies and practicing ritual cannibalism as a means of intimidation, but Haitian ritual cannibalism is also practiced due to a belief that eating a vanquished emery brings strength to the gourmet diner.)

Devil Haitian
Image courtesy of Fantom on deezer.com

When I analyzed all of these awful, savage, and truly pointless Black-on-Black murders around Birmingham, the question I asked myself was why the Blacks are so prone to such savage behavior? According to Arthur Rosenburg, Bantus (The classic Negros) are the most immature and emotionally governed of all the races of men. This characteristic of childishness is certainly not universal; however, the unusual level of childishness that is found in Blacks makes them particularly susceptible to the spirit of the Axe Age. I am not trying to paint the Blacks as innocent victims here, for they most certainly are not, but there has to be a logical reason for things being the way they are.

Image courtesy of the skeeter account on TikTok.com

Zio-American statistical studies of violent crime nationwide have established the following statistics based on percentages. (The results of these studies have been just as one would expect: suppressed.)

(1) Violent crime is overwhelmingly perpetrated by Blacks.

(2) Latinos come in at a very distant but still significant second.

(3) Whites perpetrate a considerably smaller percentage of crimes, but the overall numbers are actually not all that small.

(*) Other groups are statistically irrelevant because the numbers are so small.


The USA sets the societal standards which all other Western nations go by, as also do many non-Western countries like Japan for example.

Japan SOyjak
Image courtesy of ifunny.br

The USA thus leads the world in the spirit of the age, so the Zionist-American Empire, which is commonly called “America” or the “USA” is currently dragging damn-near everybody else down with them as time passes. Anybody who is not willfully blind can see that the United States is a puppet state of Israel. Indeed, the Zionist-American Empire has been a suzerain of Israel since the 1963 assassination of president John F. Kennedy. Once again, the Great One is proven right. “Dig deep enough into any problem of any significance and there you will find at least one Jew in a prominent position.” We are experiencing the self-immolation of this so-called American Civilization in the context of the Ax Age. With none of it being by accident.

Hitler Wojak
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 


Part Thee – National Socialism and The Ax Age

The Great One defined intelligence as, “The ability to engage in independent analytical reasoning.” That is the short answer concerning the question, “How to resist the spirit of the Ax Age?” Basically, to survive the Axe Age properly, we must collectively analyze a long list of problems rationally and logically, then we must respond to these problems in a rational and logical way. Never trust your emotional responses for they can easily be manipulated and your emotional responses are presently being manipulated by Jews for their own foul ends. To manage over the long term, National Socialist must collectively and individually think things through and not let others tell us what to think.

Floating brain wojak
Image courtesy of Wojak Feels Guy on opensea.io

We must also strive to live at peace if at all possible. We must also negotiate when we can fight and when we must fight, but when we must fight, then we must fight to win, and we must also fight to win as quickly as possible so that peace can be restored as quickly as possible. Prosperity for the Folk comes from peaceful development, not constant warfare as Alfred Rosenburg is paraphrased. Whether the conflicts are between groups or between individuals, always do as the Great One did by standing up for what you yourself have determined to be true and right according to the verifiable facts as they relate to the matter. We must also always act with an eye on the just, enduring, and realistic peace that will follow in the wake of a conflict. As Rosenburg stated, “Be kind when you can, and be hard when you must.” Remember, always maintain your balance and act in proportion.

Our feelings are of course a perfectly natural and essential component of our beings, but we are also National Socialists, so we must never let ourselves be governed solely by our feelings. A Worldwide National Socialist Confederation, like what Adolf Hitler envisioned according to Leo Degrelle, is the last and best hope for survival of life on Earth, both for humans and other beings that live on our planet as well. Therefore, we as National Socialists must always do our best to avoid unnecessary divisions among ourselves, but when disagreements do occur, as they sometimes will, we should always strive to settle such disputes in as amiable a manner as is possible. We must always keep an eye on the future.

Peace Pepe
Image courtesy of Grace-Cop on redbubble.com 

Almost nobody understands how a Confederation of independent and sovereign nations actually works, but Adolf Hitler knew, so did Leon Degrelle, and so do I. In order for a better world to exist at all, everybody must live in National Socialist states in order to prevent International Jewry from taking complete dominance of everything everywhere, then continue to foment constant warfare among the various peoples of the world which always ended up benefiting only the Jewish quest for ever more wealth and ever more dominion over others.

Yes, we must all live within sovereign and independent nations, but we also cannot simply leave independent states to themselves or else there would be constant conflicts over first one thing and then another. If a world that is made up of independent and sovereign nations is to function, then these nations of the world need to find ways to resolve their differences without needing to constantly go to war with one another. Conflict and war must be avoided when possible, but we must also acknowledge that each sovereign nation must be free to and true to its own racial identity while also being free to run its own affairs. Under such a system, all nations of the world would be National Socialist in nature, each nation and Folk would have certain core values in common, although precise details would vary from Folk to Folk as necessary.

Spanish Pepe

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

To make a long story short, it was recognized by the Great One and other venerable National Socialists that carefully regulated trade among various sovereign and independent nations states would be to everybody’s benefit; however, that is as long as trade is conducted in such a manner so as to insure the racial integrity of each Folk plus the perpetual integrity of each independent nation. Also, trade must be beneficial if the previous two criteria are met and disruption of this trade would end up being detrimental to everybody involved to one degree or another.

The Great One understood that a worldwide confederation of National Socialist states would be the only means to achieve his envisioned goals. This confederation of independent and sovereign National Socialist nations which Hitler envisioned would be led, but not dominated, by Germany. As Hitler and others saw things, Germany would lead a worldwide federation of independent National Socialist nations for the very simple reason that the Third Reich was the most highly developed National Socialist state at that time.

German Space Shuttle
Image courtesy of slashgear.com 

Under such a system of National Socialist governments, Germans would provide both the best moral example along with firm but benevolent leadership for the others to follow, and the Jews would be completely isolated from everybody else by necessity. For the Jews, strict quarantine would be required to prevent them from continuing to cause problems for everybody else, but especially for the Aryans.


Conclusion – Moving Beyond the Ax Age

As I have mentioned at the beginning, my next blog will be titled “Towards A Classless Society with Adolf Hitler.” The best way to overcome the spirit of the Axe Age is age is to prevent this age from taking root in the first place. If National Socialism cannot prevent the Axe Age’s arrival, then National Socialists must at least ensure that when the Axe Age does sow its fetid seeds that are intended to produce evil crops of utterly senseless violence. National Socialists must ensure that such bad seeds will find no fertile soil in which to germinate their evil crop. That is, we must eliminate any cause for unnecessary conflict in advance of the Axe Age whenever such a course of action is possible.

This was a critical part of what The Great One was aiming at when he sought to renew the German Folk and open up a way for them to achieve their full potential. Hitler wanted to give the Folk something greater to strive for and he wanted to provide the people with a set of higher ideas that would bind The Folk together in order to counteract the disintegrating influence of our present age. The goal of National Socialism to be create a way of life that benefits the entire Folk above all else as opposed to just benefitting one portion of the Folk at the expense of all others, especially if those parts have no natural reason to exist in the first place. Exactly like Hitler himself did, we must ask ourselves, “What is best for My Folk?” In every situation, we must ask ourselves this question, then we must make our decisions accordingly, just as our ancient ancestors once did. Aryan Nobility is the perfect antidote to the Spirit of The Ax Age.

German People
Image courtesy of giganet.samper.br

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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