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February is Black History Month. Are Any Blacks Worthy of Our Respect?

Good Morning All…



It was understood even back in very ancient times that the Men of the North (Europeans) were incompatible to live in close proximity with the Men of the South (Africans). This difficulty of sharing living space between Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans was especially prevalent between the Germanic/Celtic/Baltic Race of far northern Europe and the Bantu (which is aSub-Saharan Black African race) that originated in western Africa. Indeed, these two groups are totally incompatible to live together, but there are individual exceptions to this general rule. The problems between the true men of the north and Bantu Africans really arrives when one tries to forcefully mix these two very different groups together, and the Jews are perfectly aware of this fact. That is why they are always trying with all of their might to forcefully mix Nordic Whites with Bantu Blacks by way of both coercion and deception.

More divided

Image above furnished courtesy of 9gag.com

The Jews want the Whites and the Blacks to engage in a full-blown Race War both in Europe and in North America, but for the Jews it is a matter of indifference who would win such a race war. The goal for the Jews when they foment race wars is to leave one side completely wiped out and the other side so decimated that the Jews can easily move in and take over. Drawing an analogy from the game of chess, the Negro is the pawn, while the Jew is the King. I will do what needs to be done to preserve My Folk from negro aggression, but I will not let this desire to protect my people from immediate danger distract me from noticing the main (((Enemy))) who is responsible for the situation.

The Black Africans were originally brought to the South against their wills by JEWISH SLAVERS. This well-documented fact needs to be shouted from the rooftops in every nation on Earth. Conversely, a large portion of White European settlement in the American South was brought about by the doings of these same Jewish slavers. Many of the Whites who came to live in the American South arrived from Europe as slaves just like the Blacks arrived from Africa. Many of the Whites who wound up being deported from Europe to either North American or the Caribbean were forcefully relocated to work without pay. These unfortunate European people who were sold as slaves in the Western Hemisphere were also taken as prisoners in the wars that were fought by the British Crown to conquer Ireland and Scotland.

cope harder
Image courtesy of EtreaShop on redbubble.com

In the times of Scottish and Irish subjugation by the British Crown, The Crown sold prisoners to groups of Jewish slavers who were bankrolled by the House of Rothschild. Also, the British Crown would solve the frequent unemployment problems of the British Isles by having their army round up the unemployed then sell these captured people to Jewish slavers. Many Whites from the British Isles also involuntarily came over to the Western Hemisphere as a result of the Land Clearances (expulsions) in Ulster (which included my mother’s people), that cleared the way for the Crown’s establishment of the Ulster Plantation. Yes, the British Crown expelled many Whites from the Ulster province which is in the northeastern part of Ireland, but the crown also expelled huge numbers of Scottish Highlanders to North America after the Battle of Culloden.

scottish pepe
Image courtesy of premiumpepes.tumblr.com

The first slaves in the Americas were Native Americans who died at such a prodigious rate that the Jews started bringing in White slaves. The Jews only slowed down their trade in White slaves due to their fear of a widespread White slave revolt (In this case, a White slave revolt would have happened in partnership with the Cherokee nation of the southern Appalachians). Only as a last resort did the Jews start bringing Black Africans in as slaves. After the British Crown took Acadia (now Nova Scotia) from France, they then expelled the French population from that area and put them on “death ships.” Those that survived the nightmare journey out of Nova Scotia were dumped off in the swamps of South Louisiana to become modern-day Cajuns. This story too needs to be shouted from the highest mountain worldwide.

Cajun Pepe
Image courtesy of opensea.io

I wish somebody would write a book titled: SLAVERS – WHITE GUILT, JEWISH CRIME.


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


The mainstream Jewish-controlled media and entertainment industrial complex leaves out those Blacks who are the true heroes and martyrs in Black history. 


George Washington Carver

George Washintong Carver in 1910
The photograph posted above shows George Washington Carver in 1910. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

George Washington Carver was kindly, humble, and filled with genius and intelligence. He loved nature, and would choose to sit in the woods and contemplate the cosmos as the Fairy Nymphs visited him there in this enchanted forest because they had no fear of this man. These faeries visited and socialized with Mr. Carver much the same as the Fairies of Nature who live at Findhorn, Scotland. Carver was the very definition of a saint, so the great Divine Spirit showed him over 300 uses for the peanut, which is amongst Carver’s many other discoveries that have benefited humankind.

george washington carver by ai visions dfo923l pre
Image furnished courtesy of AI-Visions on DeviantArt.com

The old Catholic Church went through a lot of trouble erasing the Faeries from human consciousness, up to and including killing anybody knows how many people. Very often, people like George Washington Carver who spoke with Faeries were killed by the Catholic church by burning them at the stake for witchcraft. But those pesky Fairies have proved to be far too stubborn and resilient to be thrown down the memory hole. Originally, the Catholic Church tried to convert the Faieries to Christianity, but after the Faieries refused to convert to Christianity, the Catholic Church then declared them to be Demons. The Faeries refused to take the whole Jesus thing seriously, like they knew it was all bogus. Eventually the Catholic Church would try to wipe the memory of Faieries out altogether.

Fairie Forest
The image seen above is a painting by Angela Bowden that is featured on pixels.com 

Carver and his mother, Mary, were stolen and then sold, and I think this happened during the 2nd American Revolution. When young George Carver was finally found, he was in very ill health and his mother Mary was never found. Young George was returned to the Carver home, where he was born. After returning to his family home, young George was nursed back to health, then he left home at around the age of 12 to gain an education. And gain, an education he did get, George Carver received degrees and awards, so eventually he became a professor at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. As a professor, Carver was brilliant, so he received offers of large amounts of money to teach at other institutions, but money never interested him.

In 1942, while he was still teaching at the Tuskegee Institute, George Washington Carver signed up to do research at Ford Laboratories under the personal and financial sponsorship of Henry Ford. (Looks as though henry Ford had a perfected sense of human quality too!) After turning down Ford’s offers for research collaborations over and over, Henry Ford visited George in Alabama in 1937 and was able to sign Carver up for doing research. Ford and Carver began corresponding by mail in 1934 when both men were in their 70s.

george washington carver and henry ford bettmann

The image above is an old archival photograph of George Washington Carver and Henry Ford conferring in Carver’s laboratory. Image courtesy of Bettmann on pixels.com 

Ford turned an old and repurposed waterworks building in Dearborn Michigan over to Carver for research purposes, and this collaboration resulted in the Ford motor company beginning to use a new paint binder that was made from soybeans which allowed Ford’s cars to be painted in colors other than black and white. Ford and Carver also helped develop sources for raw latex other than tropical rubber trees during World War II, and the plant Goldenrod showed the most promise as a domestic North American source of raw latex rubber. The Ford Motor Company also developed an experimental car that had plastic outer panels which were made from soybean oil. Ford and Carver’s partnership was productive but short because Carver died in 1943 and Ford died in 1947. (Read Henry Ford’s book titled: The International Jew) After reading that book, a key into Henry Ford’s consciousness is recognized.


Professor Anthony ‘Tony’ Martin

Anthony Martin
The image of Professor Martin arrives courtesy of Kwesi848 on youtube.com 

I have noticed that Professor Tony Martin is not mentioned much in and discussions about Black history either. Dr. Martin is not mentioned much in official discussions about Black history because he has done much to expose Jewish involvement in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and Dr. Martin has also not been a big proponent of Blacks blaming their woes on people of European descent.

I cannot even look at the typical propaganda history that is being taught in public schools along with most universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges these days because it is all Jewlywood propaganda (not my term either). The evil ones (the Devil’s children) have an agenda that does not include those who would uplift people. Information about great people and true martyrs for good is suppressed by the children of the Devil because they cannot help doing such things, and this is a habit of no good. I saw this truth put into action years ago when Bill Cosby tried to uplift young people. As Cosby tried to uplift people of all races and from all walks of life, he was then attacked from all directions by Jews.

In Bill Cosby’s case, the Jews attempted to make life miserable and unlivable for him because they did not like the good he was teaching. Good grief, some kid might actually turn out well enough with Cosby teaching them “how-to-live.” The Devil’s children think, “Bill Cosby is preaching healthy and functional ideas, and he is not encouraging Black people to just blame Whites for all of their problems. We cannot have this now can we!” All of Bill Cosby’s public humiliation for supposedly drugging and raping various women was a Jewish plot to destroy the public figure of Bill Cosby — this practice of destroying a person’s public image is commonly called Character Assassination.

Jello Pudding Pops
For those who are old enough to remember, Bill Cosby used to do television commercials for Jell-O pudding pops.  In those old television commercials, Cosby used to say, “Theeeeeee Jeeeeee-lllllllll-oooooooooooo Puuuuuuuuuuud-iiiiii-nnnnnng Pop”  Image courtesy of tenor.com

The Jewish intention is to degrade the Black population so that they feel depressed and helpless – I would rather listen to Louis Farrakhan and the wonderfully transformed Malcolm X any day. The Devil’s children have not been able to control Louis Farrakhan that I know of, and the Zio-American Empire’s government murdered Malcolm X as soon as he found truth and started to teach divine love and respect.

Malcom X Pepe
Image of Malcolm X furnished courtesy of meatgoblet.com 



Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washginton 1905
Image of Booker T. Washington from 1905 furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Booker T. Washington was truly a great scientist and humanitarian. Washington’s work went a long way in helping to eliminate hunger and malnutrition amongst poor Southern farmers, both Black and White. Regrettably, Washington is now only very slightly mentioned during Black History Month. Like George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington also worked and taught at the Tuskegee Institute in Tuskegee, Alabama, yep, that one.

Concerning the famous story about the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, there is certainly a basis in fact to this story, but the actual accomplishments and heroism of the Tuskegee Airmen has been grossly exaggerated by Jews for ant-European propaganda purposes. For example, the recent 2012 Jewywood film titled Red Tails focuses on the Tuskegee Airmen however, this film is full of wild exaggeration that is intended to build Blacks up beyond their true worth while cutting Whites down as much as possible, this film really serves as a Jewish philippic against European people. By contrast to the tale of the Tuskegee Airmen which has been ballyhooed by the Jewish-controlled media complex, the life of Booker T. Washington has been almost erased from history by Jews. So, what was Washington’s great sin? Washington’s problem was that was constantly telling the poor Black farmers of the South that they should work on bringing themselves up, and Washington was also continuously telling poor Black sharecroppers in the South to stop blaming the poor White Farmers for all their problems because the poor White farmers of the South were suffering just as much from the same system as the Black farmers.

Current official & politically correct Alabama and Southern History would have you believe that ALL the Whites who were living in the South during Washington’s lifetime were well-to-do, while all the Blacks were poor farmers and sharecroppers who were always kept down by the terrible and racist Whites. In reality, as I said before, both Whites and Blacks suffered impoverishment due to the system in the Antebellum South as well as the social order and ecumenic system of the South during the post-war years. The most unfortunate Whites, and there was a large number of very unfortunate Whites in the South during Washington’s day, also had to resort to becoming sharecroppers in order to survive.

White sharecropper
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

Here is another interesting tidbit about Mr. Washington according to what he himself wrote and which is/was soon largely suppressed: There was a small but heavily wooded area on the Tuskegee Institute’s campus, and for some reason, Washington felt drawn to these diminutive woods to relax and meditate just as george Washington Carver was. Over time, Professor Washington started to meet beings he called Faeries there in the woods. He said he got the basis of his ideas from the Faieries who he had become friends with. He himself was always open and upfront about where he had gotten his basic ideas; however, the scientific journals that published his work, the publishers who distributed the textbooks he wrote, and all of the government publications where his work was printed would always refuse to print what he said about where he got his original research ideas. Talking about communicating with Faieries was yet another unforgivable sin that Mr. Washington was guilty of, so it should come as no surprise that the Jewish establishment is now seeking to erase any trace of this man and his life’s work.

Booker T. Washington’s writings invoke Shades of David Paulides! I wonder if Paulides is aware of what Booker T. Washington originally wrote? It certainly dovetails with some of the cases he has written about.


Sidney Poitier

Sidney Poiteir
Image of Sidney Poitier furnished courtesy of imdb.com

The movie To Sir, With Love was once considered one of the true classics of world cinema, and deservedly so in my opinion. This fine file has since largely been thrown down the memory hole of Hollywood history because the message it conveys comes out of the 1960’s, so it runs 180-degrees against the messages promoted in film and in school during the 2020s. The ideas conveyed in the film To Sir, With Love runs counter to the general degeneracy being pedaled by Jewlywood (not my term) these days. This fine film is rarely mentioned now, except to ridicule it.

In the 1967 film titled To Sir, With Love, the lead character is played so convincingly by Poitier that judging from my acting training, I would have to say that he honestly believed the message he was conveying in this film along with the words he spoke. To Sir, With Love is a film about a Black engineer from British Guyana who accepts a temporary job as a school teacher in the poorest part of London during the 1960s while he is seeking work as an engineer. In this film, the teacher played by Poitier gives his students moral lessons and a bit of tough love, kind of like Edward James Olmos does in his landmark film 1988 film titled Stand and Deliver.

Stand and Deliver
Image furnished courtesy of Jake Goss-Kuhn on pinterest.com 

At the end of To Sir, With Love, Mr. Thackeray, who is the teacher played by Poitier, decides that he will remain a teacher and not seek a position as an engineer because he wishes to give his students as much moral guidance as possible. In spite of being one of the greatest actors in his day, Poitier is never mentioned during Black History Month these days. As of now, the only Black entertainers who are officially held up for emulation by young Blacks by our current crop of ruling Jewish elites are no-talent whores, thugs, and other specimens of assorted trash that do a terrible disservice to the entire Black race.

In absolute contrast to most of the Black public figures who the Jews promote these days, Sidney Poitier, both on the movie screen and on the playhouse stage, as well as in his personal life, always tried to conduct himself with absolute class. Poitier originally came from somewhere in the West Indies as I recall. The Jews sure as hell do not want anyone such as Sidney Poitier setting the standard for young Blacks to follow because the Jews wish to keep everyone in a low state in both a physical and a spiritual sense.  And oh yes, Sidney Poitier never ran around all the time blaming Whitey for everything, unlike the current crop Black public figures who are heavily promoted by Jews such as former “United States President” Barrack Obama, Abram X Kindi or Ta-Nehisi Coates. Not blaming Whitey for every problem under the sun, as I have observed, is the quickest way for a Black entertainer or public intellectual to get himself/herself cast into outer darkness and sent to an ultimate oblivion by the ruling Jews, regardless of their talent or character.

Ibram X. Kendi
Image of Ibram X. Kendi furnished courtesy of news.okstate.edu

Te Nehsi Coates

The above image of Ta-Nehsi Coats is furnished courtesy of msnbc.com 

As Janice Boldt (Devadasi) has noted, in present times entirely too many young women and teenage girls behave like sluts, or at least they conduct themselves without much modesty, then they get angry because all the men in their lives treat them like cheap sex objects as a result. Well, these same young women should try dressing and acting like ladies, then they will be surprised to learn that they will start attracting a higher class of men. In his film To Sir, With Love, Sidney Poitier admonished a wayward female high school student by saying, “No man loves a slut and only the worst sort of men will marry them.” Not surprisingly, statements such as these run in stark contrast to the social messages encouraging full-tilt and wanton female sexual recklessness that are conveyed by the likes of many popular female pop music personalities such as the aging pop star Madonna Siccone or younger pop divas such as Katy Perry , Miley Cyrus, or Billy Eilish.

Madonna 2021
The photo seen above shows Madonna Siccone in 2021. This image is furnished courtesy of Silvie on pinterest.com 

Katy Perry

The image above shows Katy Perry back in the 2010s. Image courtesy of frillsandthrills.blogspot.com 

Miley Cyrus
Image of Miley Cyrus courtesy of pages.com 


Image of Billie Eilish furnished courtesy of Edmundo.es

The Jewish Bolsheviks that seized control of the old Russian empire during the 1920’s used promises of “Free Love” to promote sexual excess. As Aldus Huxley noted in his famous book A Brave New World, promiscuous sex is an effective tool for keeping populations distracted and enslaved, E. Michael Jones has also repeatedly noted that people are as free as their vices and appetites allow them to be. What E. Michael Jones is saying is that people are enslaved by their appetites and passions whenever they cannot reign them in, so it should come as no surprise that Jews would dislike the sorts of social messages conveyed in the film To Sir, With Love.

Roman Orgy
The image above shows an old Roman orgy. This image is a painting by Thomas Couture that was finished in 1847 and titled The Romans in their Decadence. Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

In the film To Sir, With Love; the character played by Poitier also espouses a credo of people taking personal responsibility for the choices they make and this film also encourages people to take full responsibility for the circumstances where they find themselves; however, this sort of thinking tends to preclude the possibility of people being manipulated by playing to their resentments. Manipulating people by stoking feelings of victimhood and resentment is one way that Jews divide and rule their subject populations, and weaponizing resentment is also a long-standing way that Jews gain and exercise power for their group, so when a character such as the school teacher played by Sidney Poitier in the film To Sir, With Love advocates for people to accept personal responsibility for their lives this tends to monkey-wrenches Jewish manipulation schemes.

Jewish Communism is built upon a foundation of stoking the fires of envy and resentment, then directing the cultivated resentments onto targeted groups; essentially, communism is a weaponized blame game. Because Communism is built and resentment and blame that is focused on a group that is specifically targeted by Jews, any talk about people helping themselves and taking personal responsibility for their circumstances stands against communist principles.


Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell courtesy
Recent image of Thomas Sowell furnished courtesy of mississippifreepress.org

Thomas Sowell deserves an honorable mention here because although he is not White, and he is certainly not a National Socialist, nor nor is he a White Nationalist by any means (for obvious reasons). Sowell is getting a mention here because despite being Black, his quotes  still appear quite frequently on White Nationalist and “Conservative” online forums. So, why is this Black man who is is now 93 years old as of the time of this writing still so frequently quoted by acknowledged White “racists”? It seems that Sowell is often quoted by those who would seemingly dislike this man because his quotes resonate with National Socialists and White Nationalists regardless of who wrote these statements. So, what kinds of quotes is this man know for? Sowell is if nothing else a realist, so his quotes simply discuss how people need to be grounded in reality as opposed to ruminating on idealistic and foolish notions of “equality” which are always being proffered by idealistic but dingy White liberals and Jews who are just looking to manipulate others.

Sowell is an economist by training and his doctorate in economics was earned at the University of Chicago in 1968. After earning his PhD in economics at the University of Chicago, Sowell became an economics professor at other prestigious American universities. Besides being a university professor, Sowell has also worked as a researcher in various “conservative” think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute. In his later years, Sowell appeared as a regular guest on the Rush Limbaugh show and was a regular lecturer at many “conservative” political conferences.  Sowell was also a frequent guest on William F. Buckley Jr.’s televisions show Firing Line and Sowell was additionally hired as an economic advisor to president Ronald Reagan’s cabinet of secretaries. It seems that Mr. Sowell was associated with all of the usual milquetoast sorts of civil nationalist “cuckservative” ( as in the words “cuckold” and “conservative” being combined) types that National Socialists seems to hold in such high disregard. (While he was still living, George Lincoln Rockwell is well know to have really detested  “Chamber of Commerce” types of “conservatives,” or “Cuckservatives” as we call them today.)

George Lincoln Rockwell
The image above shows George Lincoln Rockwell standing in front of his Arlington, Virginia home in 1965. Image courtesy of library.arlingtonva.us

It seems that those who we might call “Cuckservatives” these days are European people who tend to lean towards the political right, but they lack a proper sense of European racial identity and then tend to value their money more than their genetics, cultural heritage, or “blood.” Despite his associations with old “Boomer Cuckservatives” or “Paleo Conservatives” such as Rush Limbaugh, we must also remember that although Sowell is still alive as of this time, he was also a man of his times earlier in life, so we should not expect him to have stood with the “Dissident Right” back in 1975 because the Dissident Right was not really much of a thing back in those days.

Sowell in 1963
The image above shows Sowell in 1963. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org

It seems that Sowell can be regarded as a realist first and foremost, but he can also be thought of as something close to a Libertarian and perhaps he can be thought of as a “Conservative” as well. Many others have called him a “Classical Liberal” in the ancient Greek sense of the term because he is willing to let anyone express their ideas; however, all ideas that are expressed are also subject to harsh scrutiny within a classical liberal framework. Sowell is well known for being a vicious critic of affirmative action and he was also a harsh critic of many well-known “Civil Rights” figures such as Martin Luther King. In his later years, Sowell emerged as a strident critic of “Social Justice” and what might be considered “Woke Ideology” as evidenced by the publication of his 2023 book titled Social Justice Fallacies. Sowell has also been a rather stalwart critic of the concept of “Systemic Racism.” Some people say that Sowell is and has been a traitor to his people because he is against entitlement programs for Blacks, but other say that Sowell is simply a man who values truth and objectivity.


Here are a few great Sowell quotes, but remember, there are so many great Sowell quotes that we could do this all day…


Sowell Quotes on Envy

Sowell quote furnished courtesy of Daniela Showley on pinterest.com

Sowell Quote #2
The Sowell quote furnished above is provided courtesy of  Mindpose on Pinterest.com 

Sowell Quote #3

The image above is furnished courtesy of wonderfulquote.com 


Sowell Quote #4

The Sowell quote furnished above arrives courtesy of wonderfulquote.com 

Sowell Quote #5

The image above is furnished courtesy of the ThomasSowellTV channel on youtube.com 


Who Shall Decide
The image above is furnished courtesy of dailybrightside.com

Things Today

The image above is furnished courtesy of the r/QuotesPorn forum on reddit.com 


T Shirt Quote
Yes, the writing on this t-shirt is yet another great Thomas Sowell quote. Image furnished courtesy of ultrabasic.com 

Moral Superiority

The image above is provided courtesy of the r/QuotePorn forum on reddit.comMoral Monopoly

Yes indeed, a moral monopoly is indeed a form of tyranny, tell this to the Jews. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of alluphere.com 

wimps vs. barbarians
Image courtesy of internetpillar.com 
Accept Barbarism
Image furnished courtesy of graciousquotes.com



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