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Searching for the Past with Randall Hilburn and Devadasi


An essay by Janice Boldt (Devadasi)


Once upon a time, The Great One said…paraphrased… “I’d rather not to have been born, if I thought I would wind up in the skin of a Buddha.” This statement means that The Great One never wished to be worshipped — period. The Great One did not wish to be worshipped for any reason, and he certainly did not wish to be worshipped as any sort of deity. As Alfred Rosenberg, who is a National Socialist Philosopher,  explained so well in his book “Myth of The Twentieth Century,” Aryan Religion is not an organized religion because it has no priests or hierarchy. The Aryan religion is not an organized religion because the Aryan man does not require such things as formal organizations because he is, or he is becoming, the masters of his own spirit.

Alfred Rosenburg
The image above shows Alfred Rosenburg in 1939. Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.com

Adolf Hitler is a higher Spirit who lived in a human body. As with Earth-dwelling Higher Spirits who took human form in ancient times, Adolf Hitler also refused worship from others because he came as an elder, just as other great spirits like him had come before. As A Divine Father personage, like Odin the All Father, Hitler found the idea of being more-or-less worshipped as a “God” within the context of an organized religion to be quite distasteful. No greater honor can we his children show our Father than to emulate him to the best of our ability, and that is all that Hitler asks of us who are his children. To insure the Renaissance of our Collective Folk, we must be the best National Socialists that we can be, which means following the example of our National Socialist Elders. Following the best examples of our National Socialist Elders is what natural and organic Aryan “Religion” has always been about deep down. Thus, Aryan Spirituality naturally springs from the Higher Self of The Aryan, rather than arising from something that is imposed from the outside. What unites us as Aryans is not “One Religion” but “One Spirit.”

Hitler and Helga Geobbels
Image courtesy of rarehistoricalphotos.com

Unlike true Aryan spirituality, the organizations built for worshipping a Great Buddha, a great Mohammed, a great Jesus, or a great Yahweh, are all endowed with the principles of binding Judaic control through their core beliefs. We National Socialists and Thuleans have our own awareness, which is the highest awareness that is within each of the spiritual children of Adolf Hitler, within each Aryan, within every noble spirit, and we as Aryans all carry this spirit within us. All that hangs us onto a “religion” weighs us down with “religiosity,” so what we need is National Socialism that guides us and brings us to what we are meant to be. (The world religion simply means to bind.) The energy that “The Great One” brings helps us manifest our higher selves — this is our initiation!

➤  The inner energy of each Aryan present at the Nuremberg Rallies brought awareness of our collective racial oversoul and allowed us to truly know who we are.


Heil Hitler deva! Heil! 

National Socialists of today are what is left of the Nuremberg Rallies, and today’s living National Socialists still have the Divine presence of these glorious past events living within each and every one of us!  Sure, I have been a halfway Buddhist in the past because I was born to Buddhism by way of praying to a little Buddha statue at the foot of my bed when I was just four years old. When I prayed to my little Buddha statue during childhood, I did this because I had no knowledge of any outside influence, but I am a true National Socialist today. Also, at that same age, when I sat in Christian Sunday school, I loudly declared in a deep voice, “Bull,” in response to what I perceived to be an obvious brainwashing attempt from a story that my teacher read.

bullshit smelly

Image above courtesy of tenor.com

This story in question was written for us little Sunday school kids in an attempt to get us youngsters to believe that our teacher had just revealed a “Christian miracle.” Even back then, I knew what miracles were, and I knew that the Divine would never try to brainwash children with “miracles” in order to get them to believe in the higher realms. After that outburst, I was forever banished from Sunday School at that church, which actually turned out very well for me. From then on, I attended services upstairs in the gorgeous Gothic-era church that had the most beautiful stained-glass windows from a past era.

After being banished from Sunday school, I sat through many a Sunday in church with my grandmother, who furnished me with a sketch book and pencils. Due to my grandmother furnishing me with pencils and a notebook during Sunday church services, I became an art teacher/instructor.  Next, after starting my sketching during church services, I looked for Hitler in the hills near to where I lived because it was 1945 and my brother told me that Hitler was hiding out somewhere in those hills. After hearing that Hitler might be hiding somewhere near my home, I searched for Hitler across the hills near my house in vain, and I did this searching through the hills because I had no idea that what I sought was deep within myself, so when I went searching for Hitler in the hills I would always find myself feeling bewildered and lost, and I would also move around feeling like I did not belong there.


amen devil
Image courtesy of tenor.com
church ladies 1up
Image courtesy of tenor.com

Later, I faithfully attended lessons from Alan Watts of Mill Valley, California by watching his recorded TV videos. My next teacher, was a Buddhist named Roshi Kennett, who lived in Berkeley, CA and the Mount Shasta Abby in Mt. Shasta, CA; then, I studied Buddhism with Roshi Jakusho Kwong of the Sonoma Mountain Center near Santa Rosa, California.

Alan Watts
Image of a middle-age Alan Watts courtesy of shrinkwrapradio.com


Roshi Kennet
Image of Roshi Kennet courtesy of en.wikipedia.com
Master Kwong
Image of Master Kwong courtesy of en.wikipedioa.org

Next, I passed 50 years of my life as a Hindu, first I spent 10 years in SRF, then from 1975 onward I lived as a renunciate with vows of Brahmachariya (see the yellow outfits). Next, I took the Naya Swami vows with Ananda. Swami Kriyananda became a Jivan Mukta, (That title means “Freed While Living” — I mean really!). I was fortunate to learn that Swami Kriyananda and Yogananda would arrive at the time a true devotee was leaving their body, and they would be seen leading this newly dead soul who had just left their worldly body by certain very aware people. Those who were able to see this after-death guiding recounted that they saw the departing person with Swami Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda leading the way and one guru holding each of the departing person’s arms. Hari, Om, Tat, Sat!


Young Swami Kirananda

The image above shows a relatively young Swami Kriyananda in the 1960s. Image courtesy of Dave Bingham on Pinterest.com



The image seen above shows a photo of Swami Kriyananda in the 1960s with  a group of followeers. Image courtesy of Anandagarden.com


Yogananda Harmony.com 1

The image above shows Swami Kriyananda before his death in 2013. Image courtesy of  yoganandaraharmony.com

Swami Yogananda

The image above shows Swami Yogananda in 1920. Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org


Image of Swami Yogananda courtesy of yoganandaseva.org



“½ Dome” of Granite stone. But, where smoke there is fire, and that is smoke not a thunder cloud.



Nayaswami Brindey, the lady on the left, was seen being guided away by The Swamis Yognananda and Kriyananada, as she passed from this life. The Blue robes indicate Nayaswami Order.



1977 Devadasi, second from left on back row, with Ananda “Friends of God”

As Marlena Dietrich would say, despite putting in my share of hard spiritual work, I was still “All Schmuck” because I continued to live in ignorance. To my chagrin, each wonderful spiritual teacher that I studied with was filled with tales of profound experiences and promises, yet none of their teachings ever led me to any sort of “paradise.”

Then I met Sheikh Wayne through Brian’s videos, and (Sheikh) Wayne is a fine teacher. If self-importance, a title, or a degree temps you, or anything at all tempts you, then he will work with you until you to discover how far you will allow yourself to fall in order to reach your goals. A book called, “The Art of War” comes to mind when I recall what I learned from Sheikh Wayne — so, read it. Sheikh Wayne is a great teacher who allows his student to discover the “Self” by showing them choices. When you work with Sheikh Wayne, you discover what is most important. Not Shakespeare, but Sir Francis Bacon said, “To Thine Own Self be True.” The Sheikh, then introduced me to the ascended being and great Bodhistva named Chenrazig Miwo of Vajrayana Buddhism. I would say that my introduction to Chenrazig Miwo was the highlight of the two years plus that I spent learning Sheikh Wayne’s teachings. Then suddenly, Sheikh Wayne disappeared. (He reappeared two or three years later in March 2021.)


Image of Chenrazig Miwo courtesy of ravencypresswood.com

Adolf Hitler and Gordon Gollob.

Gollob was an SS Flying Ace that was an integral part of my adopted family which moved us to Austria.

I want all our friends to know that my parents, Florien Geyer (aka Randall) and Mama were hand-fasted in 1550. At that time, my dad was known as Florien Geyer of the well-known Florien Geyer Cavalry Corps. I was with my Daddy and Mama at the Culloden Massacre that followed the Battle of Culloden in 1746, and I was around 5 when this event took place. The Culloden Massacre happened because the King of England wanted our land. During that lifetime, I lost both of my biological parents in the Culloden Massacre, then I was so fortunate enough to be adopted into the MacGollob family. (The famous Gordon Gollob, was an Austrian fighter pilot ace and SS member with a long service that went from 1933-1945, and he was part of the family who adopted me from Culloden in 1774.)


Battle of Culloden Image

The image above is a painting by David Morrier titled: Highland Charge on Barrell’s Regiment: Battle of Culloden 16th April 1746 in the Jacobite Rebellion.  Image courtesy of britishbattles.com

The father of the MacGollob family from Scotland back in the 1500s moved everyone to Austria where our sir name became shortened to “Gollob”. It turns out that my Dad, Randall Hilburn, in his next life after being a Culloden who was once again incarnated in Scotland. In that next lifetime, he fought as part of the Gordon Highlanders at the Battle of Waterloo where he was very gravely wounded. In a later incarnation, he was an SS test pilot who lost his life in a 1945 crash while testing a sea plane.  My Dad, Randall, and I met on Brian’s Thule website — thank you Brian! Also, I met Sheikh Wayne through Brian. Thank you again Brian!  Wayne closed communications with Randall and I after approximately two, maybe three years, of his teachings.

The image above shows Gordon Gollob meeting Adolf Hitler in person. 

One day in 2015, while remembering The Great One and all the suffering he had endured for the German people, I very suddenly felt called to strongly extend my heart-felt compassion and love to the Adolf Hitler deva, whom the Jews, Winston Churchill, the USA, the USSR along with so many others had wronged so greatly! After I sent the Adolf Hitler Deva all of my love, I was instantly given His heart’s love and compassion in return, and each of these things was a great blessing from the presence of our true Fuehrer. So greatly requited was this energy from our Fuehrer that it went far beyond my little offering. When I received our Fuehrer’s full love, I verily evaporated into the ecstasy of that refined and extremely pure “blessing”. I wondered if it were possible to live through such a great transformation.

I have been blessed by the best that humanity is able to produce, but when this blessing from the Great One arrived, The Great One sacrificed some of his own higher self and gave it to me right then and there — I have never been happier! After this blessing arrived, I went around in public yelling to all, “I love Adolf Hitler!” When I would go around in public loudly proclaiming my love for Adolf Hitler, people would just stare, with no questions, most likely, figuring, “Is this what the Kriya (Hindu) path does to people? She’s lost her mind!”

After I had been properly blessed by the Adolf Hitler Deva, the “good” church people of Swami Kriyananda’s Self Realization Fellowship or SRF, stood up against Swami Kriyananda’s truth telling about their own church (he had been their main service minister for 14 years!)  (They knew better than their Guru regarding many things, ya know!) These “things” became a $12,000,000 law suit against Kriyananda. (That lawsuit cost SRF at least $50,000,000.) The judge for that case finally said (paraphrased), “It looks as though you folks are trying to put Ananda out of business.”  All those millions were a true heap of money back in those days!

The people who sued Swami Kriyananda committed actions that proved they had been taken over by the evil of the Devil’s children; please see the Bible’s verse John 8:44 for more information about this issue. When the rotten members of Kriyananda’s organization took to shunning me for standing with Kriyananda, I discovered what shunning truly was. Shunning is a dark construct that is leveraged for control by Judaism. Shunning is a Jewish-imposed behavior that the Jews have used since ever they can remember. Shunning is a practiced control mechanism, and it is prevalent in all the churches that the Jews “own,” including the Christian outfits where ex-communications or shunning is commonly practiced.

Believe me, the Divine does not ex-spell, nor shun anyone! When I was experiencing that shunning from the SRF congregation, I realized that they too had been taken over by dark Jewish influences, just as the Baha’is have been with their main religious center that is located in Haifa Israel. Likewise, The World-Wide Church of God, which was formed by a Jew named Herbert Armstrong, and is commonly referred to as the “WWCOG.” The WWCOG, like the Bahais, loves to shun its errant members, so this organization is also built on false tenants.


Herbert Armstrong

Image of Herbert Armstong in the 1970s courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

The Mormons also practice the devilishness of excommunication. Remember, wherever there is ex-communication, shunning etc., this is a signal to clear out. Do not hesitate to clear out from those who practice excommunication my dears, because you are about to get some seriously detrimental treatment if you associate with those who excommunicate. Shunning is the mental and spiritual sadism of treating others whom you have previously known, or even known very well, as if they do not even exist anymore.  People who are brainwashed and practicing shunning will look right through you and never even acknowledge your presence if you have been officially shunned and excommunicated.

The Scarlet Letter

Image courtesy of walmart.com

In many cases, if you acknowledge the prescience of a shunner while they are busy shunning you, they will look stunned and look as if they are in terror. When you become officially excommunicated by the SRF, if any other still-active member of the SRF, which is a fake “spiritual” outfit, sees you talking with a still-active member, then that active member who is seen talking with you will also be ex- communicated from their temple/church.

I first learned about shunning, when attending an evening at a going-away party for a young Vietnam veteran who was leaving the next day for his second tour in Vietnam. The boy that was leaving for Viet Nam was a Bahai, and his mother was not. His mother, who served us at that gathering, was being shunned by the Bahai’s, so no Bahai present that day was allowed to tell her thank you for anything or to even say a word to her. No prayers for her boy’s safe return were ever said by any of the Bahais in attendance thay day either…nothing. It seems that prayers were in order for that young man who was departing for Viet Nam because the chances were good that he would not have returned considering the huge death tolls amongst the military people who were sent to the Viet Nam conflict for the cause of LBJ and Jew propaganda. I was disgusted by the scene with the Baha’is on that day so long ago, so as soon as I could arrange it, I permanently left the company of all Baha’is, whose base temple is in Haifa, Israel. (Wouldn’t ya know!)

Bahia Gardens

The image above shows the Baha’i world headquarters that is located on the side of Mt. Carmel in Haifa,  Israel.  Image courtesy of  touristisreal.com

Bahai World Headquaerters II
Image fo Baha’i World Headquarters furnished courtesy of timesofisreal.com 

Today, we who are in the Thule Society honor the American military’s noble Pagan Veterans. By this we mean the American veterans who officially note the Hammer of Thor (Mjolnir) on their grave stones with the military command. I assume Canada will do this also?  Today, the Jews use Holly-Wood witchery with Holly-hawk war propaganda coupled with aggressive nonsense to get the foolish American military establishment to do their rotten bidding; however, when The Great One returns “He will not be so nice as he was the last time.” When the Great One returns, those who would destroy our spirits will be shuttled off to one of the planets where they have already made their way, Mars comes to mind. When the great one returns, these cosmic parasites will be confined on their new home.

Heil Hitler deva!


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