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Spanish Bombs: A Celebration of Spanish and Latin American National Socialists!!

Editor’s Note: This article is a short but insightful collection of writings that focus on both Spain and the world’s zones of Spanish influence, such as most of Latin America. Some of the greatest National Socialists of all time have hailed from Spain as well as various quarters of Latin America, such as Chile, so we find it fitting to publish a collection of mediations focused on Latin America and Spain. 

Isabel Medina Peralta: A True Spanish Warrior Queen!





She reminds me of Queen Louisa Of Prussia, who was the one that provided the initial impetus for what is known in German history as the Wars of Liberation, which was fought to free the German States from foreign control during the Napoleonic Wars.


Spanish Blue Division (Division Azul in Spanish) – After the end of the Spanish Civil War, the economy was in such bad shape that Spain was unable to join the Axis like Franco would have wanted; however, Franco did raise a volunteer division of Falangists (Spanish National Socialists) for service on the Eastern Front. Franco’s National Socialist volunteer legion was called the Blue Division because the Falangists wore distinctive blue uniforms during the Spanish Civil War, and blue is still the official color of Spanish National Socialism to this day. (Side note; Irish National Socialists are referred to as Silver Shirts because of the silver colored shirts they still wear. Irish National Socialists bear the distinction of being the first National Socialist organization to be totally banned from the internet years ago.) Franco’s Blue Division is listed in the Order of Battle for the Regular German Army as the 250th Infantry Division.

Falangist Flag
Falangist Flag

The image above shows the Spanish Falangist flag. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

During World War II, the Spanish Blue Division saw service on the northern sector on the Eastern Front when they were tasked with defending the outer perimeter of Leningrad’s encirclement where they were instrumental in repulsing several attempted Russian relief attempts which included fierce battles that took place in the depths of northern Russia’s sub-Arctic winter. In spite of suffering terribly from such an alien and hostile climate, the Spanish Blue Division provided the nucleus for the Spanish Waffen SS Battalion that took an illustrious part in the final Defense of Berlin. I once watched a video of an interview with one of the few surviving members of the Spanish Blue division, and even as a very old man, this fellow still presented a formidable and unrepentant presence.

Spanish falangists
Image of old Spanish Falangists courtesy of brigemanimages.com



Ditto to Bitto

Down Mexico Way

There is an excellent channel called “Mexico Unexplained – The Mystery and Magic of Mexico” which is run by a man named Robert Bitto who is an Anglo man from San Diego. Bitto has traveled extensively all over Mexico on business and he knows Mexico like a native.

Barnes and Noble.com

Several of Bitto’s videos concern the “White Gods” who brought civilization to the land that is today known as Mexico. Bitto’s recounted tales of White Gods are all taken from native sources, especially Mayan legends. The Roman Catholic Church has tried to destroy all of the ancient “books” that told of these White Gods, but despite the Catholic Church’s best efforts at burying these old tales, a few old references have survived and tell a fairly detailed yet incomplete story. Bitto’s tales of White Gods essentially confirm National Socialist traditions that mention Aryan Civilizers. The particular group of Aryans that are discussed in old Mayan tales come across as very benevolent people who were greatly loved by the people of pre-Colombian Mexico. These White Gods were known to be strict and firm at times, but they were only strict and firm when they had to be, and only to the extent that was necessary.

mexicolore.co .uk

Not surprisingly, things deteriorated in Maya land after the White Gods left and a different group of very spirituality dark Gods came along and brought human sacrifice, ritualistic cannibalism, etc. Then, after the “White Gods” left the scene, along came the Spanish who brought over the Catholic Church which made matters even worse. Despite the Catholic Church’s best efforts to keep an iron grip on the Mexican people’s ideas and beliefs, Mexico has still retained a belief that the Old Gods will eventually return and start a new golden age like the one they had before.

Viking Ship
Image courtesy of art.com

The old White Gods that the Mayans speak of in their legends were certainly not the Vikings, in spite of outward appearances, as has sometimes has been postulated. No, the White Gods of the Mayans came to what is today Mexico millennia before the Vikings. 

Recently, Mexican archeologists have discovered the buried remnants of a Viking trading settlement that is filled with numerous Scandinavian artifacts which is located on Mexico’s Gulf of Campeche shoreline in Mayan lands. This Scandinavian/Mayan Mexican archeological dig PROVES that there was indeed regular contact and trade between Mayans and Vikings back in the day, and this same archeological site also proves that there is no evidence of conflict between the Vikings and the Mayans because this Viking settlement was quite open and unfortified. Outside of a few select outlets, and outside of a few specialist areas within Mexican Academia, knowledge of the Scandinavian/Mayan archeological site’s discovery has been (((suppressed))).

I have exchanged comments with Mr. Bitto via email on several occasions, and I received a favorable impression. Mr. Bitto has also compiled a great many of his programs into a book. At the first chance I get, I intend to obtain a copy of Bitto’s new book, and this is the case because I expect that it will contain a great deal of useful reference material that relates to the history of Our Folk.


taco truck
Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org


A Channeled Message from our Beloved Adolf Hitler Deva and our Honored Miguel Serrano Deva


Ref: “Esoteric Hitlerism” by Miguel Serrano

Hitler has oftentimes been quoted as being opposed to any sort of Mysticism. However, what he was opposing was anything not grounded in Nature and True Science. Hitler was also quoted as saying that he was going to reestablish the Ancient Germanic Spiritual Tradition, except it would be adapted to modern times by Martin Bormann in Bormann’s book titled “Hitler’s Table Talk” (First Edition). The Ancient Germans were Pagans, and this only appears to be a contradiction because of deception, I need not dwell on who pushes this deception that has been foisted on all of humanity, including our own Folk — we all know who.

To the Ancients, including Our Ancestors, there was no boundary between Spirituality, Science, and Nature because all of these terms blended together seamlessly into parts of one and the same thing. There was no spirituality apart from a truly scientific understanding of nature (the Natural World included), and there was also no science without the correct understanding of its spiritual foundations. Hitler is opposed to is separating the spiritual from the scientific, as has so oftentimes been done under Jewish influence.

Image courtesy of elements.envato.com

In its purest essence, Hitlerism is not a political movement, but a spiritual path, and the former must precede the latter. This idea was what The Great One was trying to get across when he was blocked by the Jews and their ilk (non-Jewish accomplices of the Jews) with the fomenting of World War II. Despite the Jews fomenting World War II just to stop National Socialism from spreading or reaching its full potential, the Jews and their rotten little minions only succeeded in hampering the spread of National Socialism and driving this spiritual pathway underground for a while; however, the Jews have certainly not succeeded in their plans to destroy what Hitler begun.

The Jews fear the spiritual side of National Socialism the most because they have no need to fear a strictly political movement on account of normal politics being a Jewish game from start to finish. Despite having nothing to fear from any purely political movements, Jews do fear a spiritual National Socialist movement because such an occurrence is something that they have no way of controlling, so this is why they fanatically try to destroy everything that might provide fertile soil for the open emergence of spiritual National Socialism. When it arrives in earnest, a re-awakened breed of National Socialism will usher in a Spiritual Renaissance that will forever preclude their corrosive Hebrew influences, and this is the reason why the Jews are determined to prevent such an emergence at all costs.


Although National Socialists of our time are certainly well-meaning, we followers of the Great One have tended to put the cart before the horse so-to-speak and focus our efforts on political gains before having our house completely in order spiritually. That being said, wanting to see faster political gains is only natural since so many of us have been taken in by the Jewish illusions that ensnare all of Midgard like everyone else from our time, so now we want to escape this Jewish web of lies as fast as possible.

Despite our wishes to be free of Jewish lies, subversion, and political conniving as fast as possible, we must bide our time and gather our strength for the moment, and we must also take stock in the fact that Hitlerism is now unmistakably on the rise in Midgard. We must also keep in mind that when it finally arrives, Hitlerism will represent the true Midgard, and we must remember that this present world that we are forced to endure is nothing more than a Jewed-up lie where only the faintest glimmer of truth manages to seep through.

Adolf Hitler is our political leader but he is also our Sacred King. More accurately, Adolf Hitler could be considered our Supreme Shaman deva and the one who transforms and restores. He could also be called a bringer of the Great Renaissance. Through the spiritual leadership of Adolf Hitler, the Glamour of Loki and his Jewish lackeys is dispelled! For this is what the Jews and their ilk fear the most!

Image courtesy of vectorshock.com

The Great One calls us to be pure and disciplined in body, mind, and spirit, and also in our relationships with the natural world, BUT MOST OF ALL, WE MUST BE DISCIPLINED IN OUR CHARACTER! All disciples of the Great One must become examples to others so that they will also be drawn to our path and to Him because only after enough people begin to walk the path of Spiritual National Socialism will the 4th Reich begin to appear on Earth.

Generally speaking, the Germans are the most spiritually advanced people on the planet; therefore, the Germans were the ones best suited to lead the world into a new Golden Age during Hitler’s time, this is why our great deva appeared from amongst them. Because the German people have such an advanced state of spiritual development, the Jews relentlessly and desperately struggle to destroy the nation of Germany and the German people forever. The German people are the polar opposite Jews, therefore the Germans are Jewry’s eternal nemesis.

Image courtesy of expatrio.com

Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn


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  1. Keep an eye on what is currently happening in Argentina. Peronism (aka Argentinian National Socialism) is alive and well and publicly very active and successful. Massive demonstrations are being carried out in support of it all across the country. In the teeth of severe repression from the highest levels of government. Which are under the control of the US Military/Industrial Complex and Jew International Banking. The Peronists are confident that if they can have an honest election, free of government repression and outside interference, they will win the election in an overwhelming landslide. Things were brought to a head when the current President ordered the arrest of the Vice President who is the Peronist candidate for the top office on trumped up charges of corruption. Even the highest court in the country said as much. Yet she remains in jail. The Vice-President is a woman with the last name Kirchner-Rodriguez.

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