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Will Polygamy Save the White Race?

Is Polygamy the Solution to Anemic White Birthrates?

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The prospect of polygamy rising in decadent and decaying Western nations is perhaps not as germane as much bigger family problems such as a high divorce rates and a troubling problem with single mothers; none the less, polygamy is an encroaching threat to the function of Western Civilization. As of now, the presence of polygamy amongst non-Muslim Whites is limited mostly to very liberal people living in very liberal metropolitan areas or even rather liberal semi-rural areas such as California’s Napa Valley region. Polygamy as it is now practiced amongst White liberals is typically unofficial and kept somewhat quiet, yet there is a growing acceptance of polygamy in very liberal places across the West.  As of now, Wikipedia.org notes that 58 out of 200 nations around the world officially recognize polygamy and in 14 American states polygamy is illegal but classified as a misdemeanor. Two American states, Michigan and Mississippi currently outlaw cohabitation between men and women, and the rest of America’s states list polygamy as a felony.

Inside Indonesia's controversial training seminars preparing Muslims for polygamous marriage - ABC News

The image above shows an Indonesian man who is attending a government-sponsored seminar intended to help polygamous Muslim and men and their multiple wives navigate the ins and outs of polygamous living. Image courtesy of abc.net.au

Indeed, for now, the West’s polygamy fan club is mostly limited to Muslims, throwback Mormon sects in Arizona, plus urban White liberals and Jews; however, there is a smoldering pro-polygamy sentiment amongst White Nationalists of all stripes who think polygamy is a magic bullet that will fix declining White demographics. These same same White nationalists who imagine that polygamy will mend the worldwide White baby drought also think that if exceptional men with the gusto were to father the next crop of White kiddos, then this arrangement would make the White race collectively more clever, saucy, and virile. It is important to remember that the Third Reich permitted polygamy and out-of-wedlock baby-making for Hitler’s band of merry men in the SS, and even old David Lane himself propounded the idea of reversing our perpetual White demographic slump by green-lighting polygamy. So, the idea of pushing for White polygamy is not something that is limited to shit-liberals and their stinky Jewish compadres in places like San Francisco.


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In September of 2022, a New York City judge named Karen May Bacdayan ruled in a civil court that polygamy should be legal in New York City, and she publicly wrote in her decision record that “the time has arrived” for polyamorous relationships to gain legal recognition along the same lines that same-sex marriages did a few decades earlier. Another recent article also notes that a 2022 Gallup poll on the topic of polygamy showed that a staggering 23% of all American adults were warm to the idea of legalizing polygamy for non-Muslims, so take note, my prediction is that polygamy will first become legally officialized in very liberal places across the West, then this practice will begin to spread out to less urban and more conservative areas as time passes. Interestingly, a new English language website now exists that is designed to pair polygamous women with high-status men, and this website seems to be targeted at urban White liberals.

Look for White liberals and Jews to promote polygamy on the platforms of “Personal Liberty” and “Civil Liberty” or something along those lines, but keep in mind, these liberal polygamy-promoters are the same people who are also justifying and promoting legalized gay marriage, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and sex changes for children. So, to put it another way, if a person will accept gay marriage, then accepting pederasty and polygamy will not be difficult. In summary, polygamy can simply be packaged together with a long list of other sexual dysfunctions that are promoted by Jews and presently running rampant across the West.

The Quote below is taken directly from an October 5, 2022 article published on the CBN News website written by Talia Wise called “A Green Light for Polygamy: NY Judge Rules ‘The Time Has Arrived’

What was ‘normal’ or ‘nontraditional’ in 1989 is not a barometer for what is normal or nontraditional now,” Bacdayan wrote in her decision. “Indeed, the definition of ‘family’ has morphed considerably since 1989. Specifically, many articles have been written about multi-person relationships in recent years, revealing a preference that for some has long been known.”

In 1989, New York decided that the surviving partner of a same-sex relationship counted as “family” in the Braschi v Stahl Associates Co case. Bacyadan claims it essentially paved the way for legalizing gay marriage in the United States.

Polyamorous Relationships Ruled In Favor Of By New York Judge Karen May Bacdayan - YouTube

The image above shows Judge Karan May Bacdayan . Image courtesy of youtube.com


Why Do Women Want Polygamy?

As the controversial Alt-media video blogger named Black Pigeon has noted in his landmark video titled “Why Women Destroy Civilizations,” whenever the female selection process for men is truly set free, then women will always choose polygamy. Obviously, not every individual woman will choose to have a polygamous relationship, but the over-arching trend is always towards women looking to standardize and legalize polygamy. The fact that women will always collectively choose polygamy as their preferred marriage and mating arrangement means that if loose sexual morals persist for any real length of time, then polygamy inevitably develops and begins to dominate mating patterns within a matter of decades, and that is where Western Countries are now. Think of the polygamy issue this way: polygamy is the default setting for the way men and women mate and marry.

In more than one video spread across his BitChute channel, Dr. Edward Dutton has made mention of the fact that only about 40% of all male lions reproduce, and anthropologists who have studied the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa note that only 40% of male Bushmen reproduce. Archeologists have noted that stone age hunter gathers who lived in Europe thousands of years ago also had a similar mating success ratio for males, so we can conclude that polygamy and a 60% reproductive failure rate for male offspring is the natural order of things across the animal kingdom, including bi-pedal primates such as you and I.

Both Dr. Edward Dutton and F. Roger Devlin have also noted that women are really designed to live in harems at a genetic level, so we can conclude that polygamy is the default setting for all people whenever the trappings of what we call civilization fall apart. Given the fact that polygamy is the default setting for relations between men and women, it stands to reason that if the Earth were to get hit by a comet, then polygamy would become the established standard living arrangement between men and women in the aftermath of that big event.

Immortan Joe
Image of the polygamous villain Imortan Joe from the film Mad Max Fury Road courtesy of warnerbros.fandom.com

Sub-Saharan Africa has been a long-running hotspot for polygamy because the women there have traditionally been able to take care of themselves without a day-to-day need for male assistance. The prevalence of polygamy in Sub-Saharan Africa shows outside observers that when the need for cooperation between men and women is limited to biological reproduction, then the need for marriage is also lessened. However, aside from female self-sufficiently killing the need for marriage,  female incentive to make children with men who are going to be involved fathers is reduced to a bare-bones and practically non-existent minimum whether reproduction takes place within the confines of marriages or not. Evolutionary theory postulates that monogamous and close marriages were needed in places such as Northern Europe and Northeastern Asia because the cold winters in these places necessitated high-investment parenting that is associated with monogamous marriages as opposed to the polygamous and casual mating arrangements that predominate in warm and sunny Sub-Saharan Africa.

The point to consider when examining sub-Saharan African mating habits is to note that there is a definite connection between living in warm and easy climates and practicing polygamy. Polygamy is more common in warm and easy climates because women can easily provide for themselves; therefore, females perceive less need for strong and committed marriages. Women in Western nations now have more ability to provide for themselves independently of men as a result of technological changes that have eliminated the need for a lot of hard physical labor, plus there has been a well-funded and long-running push on the part of Jewish oligarchs to get women into the workforce; therefore, classical African-styled “Mud Hut” polygamy is now a more sellable idea for White women who are living in developed countries.


Image of an African Zulu polygamist man in South Africa. Image courtesy of embracingsprituality.wordpress.com

Classical African-styled “Mud Hut” polygamy is based on man being married to several women who support themselves independently. The term “Mud Hut Polygamy” was coined by anthropologists because under these arrangements each and every one of a polygamist sub-Saharan’s lovely ladies in tow maintains their own household near their shared and well-melaninated Romeo. Outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, polygamy tends to be reserved for men who are very wealthy that live amongst many people who are reduced to grinding poverty.

Not surprisingly, glaring disparities in wealth lend themselves to polygamy because poor families will often look for ways to marry their daughters off to men who seem like they would be the most able to provide for the future children of their daughters. Sub-Saharan Africa also has an inveterate practice where wealthy men take multiple wives under the assumption that wealthy men are better-equipped to provide for their children; however, as mentioned previously, Sub-Saharan Africa also has a different type of “Mud Hut” polygamy that has been practiced for quite a while as well.

So, a classical African “Mud Hut” polygamy scenario in 21st-century America might play out as four or five women who make somewhat decent money working at occupations such as common office jobs or nursing that share a home with one very attractive but perhaps not overly wealthy man. In this same scenario,  our modern “Mud Hut” polygamist is relieved of the need to financially support all of the women he is living with, yet he is expected to have sex with every one of these women at least somewhat regularly.

A classic non-African polygamy scenario for 21st-century America might take the form of one very wealthy man who owns a modest software company that is legally married to two women who both have children with this same man. Under this arrangement, this wealthy software entrepreneur along with his two women in tow and all of their children live in the same large and luxurious home.

Here's what this throuple wants you to know about polyamory | Brut.

Example image of contemporary Western liberal polygamy furnished courtesy of brut.media


Rise of the “Incel Nation”

In recent times, the derogatory term “Incel” has entered the common English language lexicon. The epistemology of the term “incel” arises from the idea of a man being involuntarily celibate, hence the shorthand term “incel.” As Dr. Edward Dutton has noted in so many of his BitChute videos and others have noted elsewhere, there is now a sharp and notable rise in the number of your men across the West who are not in amorous relationships and not having sex regularly, but the root causes of this trend are debated.

Some people blame easy access to pornography for this growing “incel” trend, while others blame chemicals in our environment for destroying male testosterone levels which make men less attractive to women and also make men less likely to pursue sex, and others note that natural female selectiveness combined with increased financial independence for women has created the “incel” nation that we are seeing today. Increased financial independence for women on a mass scale is theorized to harm the institution of marriage because increased female independence eliminates women’ incentive to cooperate with men on individual basses or on a society-wide scale as was needed in the past. Whatever the causes of these troubling trends might be, polygamy is not really to blame for the “incel” problem because the actual number of formal and informal polygamists in America is still rather small, yet the slow growth of polygamy is sure to exasperate an existing problem. Dr. Edward Dutton also notes that from a historical perspective, any time there are large numbers of sexually, politically, and economically excluded young males, then wars and violent revolutions, and abductions of women erupt sooner or later.


A woman weeps in despair from her imprisonment. International Women's Day concept.

Sadly, the presence of excluded men leads to such troubles as women being kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder, so let us look for ways to preempt such circumstances. Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com


Why Women are More Selective When Choosing Mates

For men, the physical act of making children simply involves having sex with a woman; whereas, for women the physical act of reproduction involves months of pregnancy and childbirths that are somewhat risky and often quite painful. It is also the woman who typically takes care of any newly arrived children, at least until the children are in their teens, so it is almost always women who wind up footing the bill when it comes to caring for young offspring, even after the men who impregnate women have flown the coop long ago.

Given the heavier burden that females carry when it comes to physically making and then caring for their offspring while they are still very young, it comes as no surprise that women are for the most part going to be more choosey about who they make children with. Women not only carry a heavier burden when it comes to the physical act of making children, but they also cannot scatter their genes far and wide with ease in the way as men. So, if women have a smaller number of children they can potentially produce over the courses of their lifetimes, then females are going to be more selective about who they mate with on a case by case basis, and this means that quite a few men are not going to be seen as worthy mating partners.

Portrait of emotional young woman girl feel disgust look empty space dressed violet t-shirt isolated on pink color background

Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com

For many reasons, women are naturally going to be more selective about who they have sex with or who they choose to make children with than men, so women will look for men who are able to support women themselves and their children in the best possible manner. In the absence of any possibilities for financial support, women will look for the men who they consider to be the most genetically fit to mate with.

When women evaluate potential mates, male genetic fitness is factored in along with a combination of wealth and property ownership, so women typically look for a mixture of of good genes and wealth when selecting mates. This multi-factor combination of selection metrics that women use to evaluate men leads to many men getting crossed of the list as potential mates for not having good enough looks or enough money. The female inability to scatter their genes effortlessly combined with the heavier female burden of making and caring for children ensures that many men will not meet most women’s mate selection criteria. Huge numbers of men failing to meet female standards lends itself to women electing to mate with men they consider worthy within the confines of polygamous relationships.

To think of this situation another way: from the female prospective there just are not enough men around who they consider worthy to mate with in circulation at any given time; therefore, women will choose to share the small number of men who they collectively consider worthy to mate with.  The fact is, polygamy is the arrangement that women will always collectively choose if they are able. If polygamy is the default setting for sexual relations between men and women, then it is important to understand that “free love” or “sexual liberation” will always simply lead to polygamy sooner or later.

Track? !D. : Magical Scenes, hot girls, music weapons and art Installations at the Burning Man! (tracklist)

The image above shows women at the annual Burning Man festival that is held each Labor Day weekend in the Nevada’s remote Black Rock Desert. The Burning Man festival is one of many “transformative” festivals that happen around the world each summer which are marked by a loose and freewheeling culture of casual sex. The people who go to these festivals image that such environments of loose and easy sex are places of  great liberation, but in truth, environments such as these just lead to polygamy. Image courtesy of trackidblog.com


The Weirdos of Burning Man in Photos

Another photo of the Burning Man festival furnished courtesy of thedailybeast.com

85 Burning Man Photos That'll Blow Your Mind | Far & Wide

Image of the Burning Man festival courtesy of farandwide.com

spring break.jpg

The image above shows a group of college girls on spring break in Florida. The wild atmosphere at college spring break hot-spots such as Daytona Beach, Florida and Lake Havasu in Arizona might seem like nothing more than a lot of young people out blowing off some steam and engaging in a bit of harmless fun, but remember, anytime loose free-for-all sexual morals similar to those found in the later years of the Roman and Babylonian empires are normalized, then this state of affairs opens the door for polygamy. Image courtesy of rathbonemansions.com 


The Problems with Polygamy

As noted by F. Roger Devlin, an advanced society needs high-investment parenting to exist in the first place and to keep exiting. Libby Copeland also drafted a 2012 article featured on slate.com that chronicles all of the social ills hooked to polygamy such as increased crime and substance abuse from men who are left wifeless. In this same article, Copeland also notes that sociological studies that compared children living in polygamous versus non-polygamous household in Africa and amongst Mormons in the Western United States have noted that children from even very wealthy polygamous households do much worse in school and have far more health problems and emotional problems than children from much poorer monogamous households. Copeland also mentioned that polygamous Mormon households had much higher infant mortality rates in the 1800s and this same pattern still holds true in present-day Sub-Saharan Africa as well.

Mormonism and polygamy - Wikipedia

The image above is an archival photograph of an old-time polygamous Mormon in Utah. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

When examining infant mortality rates in polygamous households, one can conclude that wealthy polygamous men are still engaging in low-investment parenting whether they realize it or not. Neel Burton also noted in his January 4, 2018 Psychology Today article that the world’s 20 most politically unstable and violent nations are all rife with polygamy. PBS also published an article on their website that discusses how practicing polygamy on a societal level also lends itself to inbreeding whether this is intentional or unintentional. Polygamy leads to unintentional inbreeding generations after each polygamous papa has died because this deceased polygamous paramour’s descendants eventually wind up marrying one another without realizing their kinship connections, and even if descendants of the same polygamist are not unknowingly hooking up generations down the road, polygamy still shrinks the size of a population’s gene pool over time because fewer men are breeding.

When polygamy results in few men ever breeding and in turn creates a smaller gene pool, this state of affairs fosters more society-wide genetic disorders, such as lower collective IQs, poorer average appearance qualities, and more societal-level mental illness — any heavily Muslim country serves as exhibit A for this force in effect. Polygamous societies are also noted for having more terrorist organizations, more corruption, and more fraud. Polygamous societies are also noted for having more repressive governments because there is a stronger need to keep order, and of course, more heavy handed governments are needed in polygamous societies because polygamy produces more fraud and dishonesty in all areas of life. More fried and dishonesty fosters less social trust across the spectrum of society, which in turn necessitates harsher laws. Think of it this way, if National Socialists envision a clean, orderly, prosperous, and high-trust society that will build great things and explore the stars, then permitting institutionalizing polygamy will make all of these goals impossible.

UAE stops training Somalia's military after cash seizure

The image above shows clan fighters in Somalia. Somalia is poor, violent, and chaotic even by the standards of sub-Saharan Africa, and Somalia is also a hot spot for polygamy. According the the world Population review website, Somalia has a collective IQ of  67, which experts agree is partially due to polygamy creating a situation where men feel they must turn to crime and violence in order to gain the money they need to pay bride prices. If polygamy in Somalia tends to select for the most violent men as opposed to the smartest, most industrious, or the most conscientious, then polygamy is not helping this nation prosper. Image courtesy of defensenews.com

Yet another problem with polygamy is the issue of inheritance. When a wealthy polygamous man dies and leaves behind more than one wife and many children there is typically a huge amount of infighting over whatever wealth is left after this polygamist has passed away, and this fighting over leftover wealth is typically a very protracted and nasty affair. That being said, the biggest problem with polygamy and legacy wealth is the fact that posthumous inheritances tend to be spread particularly thin across polygamous households.

Yet another big problem that arrives alongside polygamy is a male incentive deficit. When men are locked out of chances for finding wives or having children, then excluded men are robbed of any incentive to work more than a bare-bones minimum. The arrival of loose sexual morals in the 1960s along with women entering the work force in huge numbers has led to accentuated selectiveness for women and polygamy slowly creeping into society over time, which in turn has led to the rise of excluded men across the West, and now this same social pattern is creating the same problems in places such as East Asia and Latin America.

The Sandman MGTOW video channel has discussed how the economies of Western Nations are now beginning to see real and building economic problems because single and childless men are increasingly unwilling to work 40 hours per week. It seems that men need to have wives and children, otherwise they will have no incentive to work more hours than are strictly necessary to survive, plus these same unfortunate men will be a lot less inclined to tolerate bad behavior from their employers because they do not have the welfare of their wives or families to consider. Admittedly, who wants to work long hours or tolerate backhanded treatment from an employer? Well, nobody really wants to work long hours or tolerate a bad working situation, except if men do not work 40 hours or more per week it appears that any modern industrial or post-industrial economy will slowly degrade as the most optimistic projections predict or a modern economy will sputter and eventually shut down in the most pessimistic projections.

Alt-media video blogger Terrance Popp also recently posted a video where he discussed how mainstream sellout politicians are beginning to excoriate men for being single and now these same sellout politicians are starting to hand single men collective invectives for viewing pornography and not going out into public spaces and looking for girlfriends. Right, but why would politicians who are clearly sellouts and obviously working for the Jews suddenly start to care about the welfare of single men? It seems that there is building concern amongst the elites and captains of industry that even waves of mass migration will not be enough to keep Western economies functioning in the coming years if native birth rates remain crashed and men are no longer motivated to work, fight, or innovate.

Senior hispanic man in hat sitting leaning back on chair sleeping in outdoor summer flower garden

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Women May Choose Polygamy, but Polygamy Does Not Liberate Women

So far, we have discussed the negative impacts of polygamy on men and on society at large, but we should also mention that polygamy may appear to be a good deal at first glance when looking at it from a female perspective, but polygamy will not liberate women over the long run. Sure, for a woman the idea of polygamy may seem great at first because she can live in luxury and enjoy visits to the local country club as the third wife of a prominent lawyer who is also a trust-funder as opposed to being the sole wife of a school teacher, but there is always going to be plenty of infighting and jealousy between the other wives.

It turns out that women who live in polygamous households are far more depressed and unhappy than those living monogamous households.   Women who live in polygamous households are also far more likely to experience domestic violence against themselves and their own children from the other wives and the household’s polygamous husband. Sub-Saharan Africa is more plagued by domestic violence than any other part of the world, yet domestic violence of all types is particularly bad, even by African standards, in polygamous households, and this applies in the Middle East and India as well. Women in polygamous marriages also have fewer children than women who are married to one man. 

Revealed: A surge in Domestic Violence during COVID-19 Pandemic | Post

Image courtesy of lundbennett.co.uk

As polygamy creeps into the fabric of Western societies over time, it stands to reason that women will also slowly become less safe in their own homes and they will also become progressively less secure in public spaces. Polygamy will make women less secure in public spaces because there will be an army of frustrated and angry men who will seek to abduct women or rape them.  If polygamy produces outcomes where many men cannot find wives, then sex trafficking also becomes more common and much more lucrative. Polygamy lends itself to increased sex trafficking and abductions because under such circumstances more men are not getting their sexual needs met within the confines of monogamous relationships.

In the Middle East, polygamy preceded Islam; therefore, well-known Arab cultural traditions such as living in walled compounds with mesh-obscured windows and the practice of keeping women veiled were common. Such traditional Arab cultural practices as living in walled homes and keeping women hidden under clothing when moving about in public arose because there was a perceived need to prevent females from being raped or kidnapped and then sold into sex slavery.

Arab Abayas And Burqas - Buy Arab Abayas And Burqas Online at Best Prices In India | Flipkart.com

Image courtesy of flipkart.com


Although more liberal White women across the West are slowly choosing polygamy over monogamy, this trend will eventually mean that these same liberal White women will no longer enjoy the same easy and carefree liberty of movement across public spaces that they enjoy today, and liberal Western White women will also become a lot less safe from abduction in their own homes if this trend of polygamy continues. If the trends of increasing Western polygamy and growing numbers of excluded males continues at its present clip, then Western White women, like their counterparts in poor and polygamous Arab countries will no longer feel free to just wear whatever revealing clothing they choose when moving about in public. It seems that rich liberal polygamist men will soon find themselves and their wives living in walled compounds that are really more fortresses than houses due to the threat of their wives getting kidnapped. When men live in walled homes and fear that their wives will be kidnapped, this state of affairs is not exactly indicative of a progressive, high-trust, and liberated society.

Women Of A Victim Tied Up With Rope Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 77518056.

Image courtesy of 123rf.com


What Should National Socialists Do Concerning the Polygamy Question?


Is everyone going to get married and have children?

First, we should mention that it is unrealistic to expect everyone to get married because some men and women will not want to get married for whatever their reasons and some married heterosexual couples will elect to remain childless for whatever their reasons. Some nod to quality control is also needed when discussing who will get married and have children and who will not, so by necessity, some people should not get married and have children because they have notably poor genes. That having been said, in the 1960’s around 68% of American White men were married without practicing polygamy.

60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From The '60s

Image of a typical White American newly married couple from the 1960s courtesy of buzzfeed.com

John Hajnal also did a study on marriage rates among women in Europe in 1965 and he noted that in Southern and Eastern Europe only 5% of all women remained unmarried until the age of 50 and 75% of women age 20-24 were married in these same areas. Hajnal also noted that 90% of English women were married in the 16th century and this number fluctuated over time, but this percentage remained at more than 80% over until well into the 20th century, and these figured existed without polygamy. Hajnal’s archival research also notes that in 1620 around 90% of all women were married in Sweden despite an absence of polygamy. Yes, there are still single adults who are part of the Amish communities that are scattered across America, but the Amish have a very high marriage rate like all traditional societies. Hajnal also studied marriage patterns in South Korea in 1965 and he noted that it was downright rare for any Korean woman to reach 50 years of age without getting married, likewise around 99% of Chinese women were married in the year 1900. The point to remember here is that if National Socialists go about their business correctly, then there will still be single adults, but the number of unmarried men will be much lower than what we are seeing in current times.

Night wedding ceremony with candles, lanterns and lamps on tree. Bride and groom holding hands on background of baulb lights, back view. Beautiful young couple standing under a tree at night

Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com


A few Possible Things that National Socialists Could do to Reduce Polygamy

 As of now, National Socialists have very little institutional pull because the Jews and their White communist lackeys have basically completed a multi-decade march (or slither) through every key institution across the West. Now that the Jews and their minions have secured most institutional power across the West, these same rotten groups now keep a very close watch on who enters any institution in hopes of preventing perceived enemies from trying to unleash the Jews’ own strategies against them. The upshot of having Jews and their lackeys holding institutional power across the West is that, for now anyway, the only thing National Socialists can do to combat the spread of polygamy is to refrain from practicing it in their own communities. That being said, National Socialist will eventually hold political and institutional power once more, so now is a good time to codify plans for future governmental policies concerning polygamy.

Place formal prohibitions on cohabitation between men and women who are not immediate family    members and clearly explain to children, teenagers, and young adults who are in their 20s why these rules are in place. There must also be diligent enforcement of these anti-cohabitation rules and there must also be punishments that have teeth for those who ignore or subvert these rules.

  1. Outlaw anything close to legally recognized polygamy and make sure that every effort is made to explain and clarify to younger people why this prohibition exists. It is also very important to clarify why polygamy is outlawed by providing scientific studies and evidence as proof. We must also make sure that bigamy laws are enforced and those who disregard these laws are handed stiff reprisals.
  1. Encourage men and women to get married and teach younger people about the documented and practical reasons that marriages are important for both society and individual people. This measure may seem overly simple-minded, but in contemporary America and other Western nations young people are not being formally encouraged to get married, nor are they presented with any scientifically gathered clinical evidence that illustrates how getting married is  beneficial for individual people and society as a whole.
  1. Use scientific research to back assertions that polygamy is a harmful institution and monogamous marriage is a good practice because strictly appealing to authority or religious dogma to discourage bad behavior has its place in the order of things, but providing rational reasons for doing certain things also has its place. For example, preaching against smoking cigarettes on religious grounds is probably less effective than taking children down to a morgue and having them see the difference between a dead smoker’s lungs and a dead person’s healthy set of lungs.Yes, I had this experience in grade-school, I went on a school field trip and everyone in my class got to see and even hold the lungs of dead smokers as well as people who died but never smoked. I clearly remember seeing a huge and very noticeable difference between a healthy set of lungs and those of a deceased long-term smoker, so that field trip effectively turned me off to smoking permanently. On this same trip, we also had a change to get a look at cross-sections of healthy lungs and a smoker’s lungs that were both run through a deli slicer, and the differences seen between these sets of slices served as a profound demonstration for why smoking is bad. The point here is that it is always best to provide rational and demonstrable reasons why people should not do certain things as opposed to resorting to institutional authority or moralist finger-wagging.

Himmler's procreation order to the SS (1939)

The image above shows a young SS solider with is new bride. Image courtesy of alphahistory.com


The SS Question

CHAD MEME" Sticker for Sale by gin3art | Redbubble

Image courtesy of redbuddle.com 

At some point it is worth addressing the topic of whether National Socialists should make exceptions to the policy of forbidding polygamy for a select few men as the Third Reich did with the SS. In answer, the idea of permitting a carefully selected group of “ubermensch” types of men to practice polygamy on a limited scale for the good of the White race might seem like a good idea at a glance, but this idea does not look so sound upon closer inspection. One problem with this “SS Polygamy Scenario” is the fact that polygamy is still polygamy and the same problems will still develop whether this mating practice is followed by Somalis with IQs of 67 or Volksdeutch with average IQs that hover above 100. If polygamy is practiced by carefully chosen White “Ubermensches” or “Chads” as they are called now, this mating strategy will still lend itself to inbreeding later down the road as well as a shrunken gestalt gene pool, and neither of these outcomes is  beneficial.

Even if polygamy is only permitted for a select few men and enacted for seemingly noble and sensible reasons, such practices will still undermine societal social harmony to some degree. If National Socialists are to prohibit the practice of polygamy, then this policy cannot have exceptions, even small ones. Allowing even a relatively small and select group of carefully chosen men to practice polygamy is not a good idea because such institutions will undermine public trust and foster resentment amongst men who are excluded from polygamy.  Any exceptions to polygamy prohibition laws will inevitably be perceived as hypocritical by masses of less favored men and serve as a shining example of the  “Do as I say, not as I do” principle; therefore, such practices should be avoided for the sake of social cohesion.

An issue to consider when pondering the subject of permitting a small and elite group of men to practice polygamy is this: which women will these lucky men mate with?  Allowing a group of carefully chosen Casanovas to go forth and randomly impregnate teenage girls, random single women in their twenties, and married women in their twenties and thirties is not a recipe for true eugenic improvement because quality men need to mate with quality women for true genetic improvement to occur.  If any worthwhile eugenics program is to occur, then equal selective scrutiny must be applied to both the men and the women who are chosen for such a program.

Søren Falby | Great beards, Inked men, Muscle men

Image courtesy of Abhishek Ganguli on pinterest.com 

Jess Coughlan

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In light of the importance attached to selecting fitting men and appropriate women for eugenics, it seems like the best practice would be to encourage the fittest men and women to pair off in monogamous relationships and then produce as many children as possible. Also, if polygamy-certified supermen were to go about randomly puffing up teenage girls and single women in their twenties and thirties, and even banging up the occasional married woman, then such actions will certainly create a fair bit of socially destabilizing ire amongst the lowly “untermensches.”

One viable option for creating eugenically improved children would be fertilize top-quality sperm and eggs in a laboratory and then have married post-menopausal women who have already borne their own biological children carry these fertilized embryos to term. After such surrogate-born eugenic children arrive in the world, they can then be placed with willing adoptive parents who are married and raising children of their own. Using surrogate mothers to produce genetically selected children offers the possibility to practicing eugenic without incurring the public resentment and genetic problems that accompany polygamy. Aside from the prospect of using surrogate mothers to birth eugenically chosen children, the possibility of growing improved children in artificial wombs is also on the horizon.



Randall Hilburn Shares Ancient Germanic Marriage Practices

The section posted below was written by Randall Hilburn at my request because the topic of polygamy is now becoming more pertinent as time moves by. As of now, what we might call ” The West” is decaying morally on a huge scale, so if those of us who are of Nordic European descent, such as myself, wish to see any future for our people, then we must start to have more children today. However, we must also produce children within the confines of marriages between one man and one woman.

According to Roman writers, the women of the Germanic Tribes were the most virtuous women the Romans had ever encountered. As recorded in the Roman records, German women were strictly monogamous and absolutely loyal to their mates, and the men were the same. During Roman times, German society maintained and standardized the practice of strict monogamy between one man and one woman who both kept their sexual activity contained within a formally recognized marriage as citizens, just as the people of the Early Roman Republic had once done as well. Roman writers and historians set the German women up as examples for Roman women to emulate as they tried to encourage the Romans to return to their well-known “Ancient Virtues” that had once made them so great.

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During this same time, German families were well known for manifesting the values that had once set the Romans of the Early Republic on their path to greatness. These Roman-era Germans were neither puritanical nor prudish in their sexual attitudes, and as a matter of fact the Germans were actually quite open about matters of sex, but this sexual openness was strictly limited to matters between husbands and wives. For the early Germans, homosexuality was considered to be a crime against the Gods, and for this reason homosexuality was a capital offense. Capital punishment that was doled out for homosexual activity was always finished quickly so that the crime of tolerating homosexual activity did not bring a curse upon the entire tribe.

Unlike in the more decadent Mediterranean lands, venereal disease was totally unknown among the tribes of Free Germania. The NSDAP frequently made it perfectly clear that they were trying to bring about the return to the sexual values common to the German Folks’ ancient forebears.

All organized human societies are ultimately based on the marital relationship between men and women; however, marriage customs have varied enormously across time and among various peoples. For example, some ancient Celtic tribes allowed polygamy while others did not. But even among those old Celtic tribes that did permit polygamy, a monogamous marriage was still considered to be the highest form of marriage.

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Some isolated populations, such as various groups of Polynesians, once practiced a type of group marriage which actually seemed to work well enough for them; however, these old traditional Polynesian group marriages were only workable so long as the people practicing this tradition remained fairly isolated. Despite a few cases of polyamory working out well enough, the point to remember is that some type of marital institution which is treated in a sacred manner must be present for any type of stable and functioning society to exist. Historically, societies that seek to abolish the institution of marriage between men and women always disintegrate rather fast, which is precisely what we are now seeing across the West and especially in the United States.

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Lads, never ever tie your life with single mother. I was there, ignored red flags and

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The strength of a Folk ultimately rests on love between a man and a woman who are united in marriage that produce children who are healthy in body, mind, and spirit. It is a well-known sociological fact that culture is passed down primarily through female lines, so women are the primary bearers of any culture. By contrast, men are the warriors who protect the women in order to insure the survival of their Folk. The loss of a few men, within reason of course, may not matter much, but the loss of the women will quickly prove fatal.

A final note dealing with the question of morality. Once the Germans were forced to accept Christianity, at the edge of the sword let us never forget, then homosexuality became common and venereal disease, especially gonorrhea, ultimately took on what we would call pandemic proportions. Homosexuality and venereal disease spread along with Christianity not only in Germany but all over what was formerly Pagan Europe.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn



(The source of what follows is the oral traditions of the Iroquois.)


This addition to our writing is furnished to illustrate that ancient pre-Christian Germanic peoples were renown for their excellent morals and honor, and they were certainly not polygamists. 


The city of Saguenay in Quebec, Canada is named after a Viking Kingdom by that name which was located north of what is now Montreal. The name Saguenay has come down to us by way of the Iroquois. The Iroquois’s physical description of the inhabitants of Saguenay clearly identify them as White Scandinavians, Saguenay being the name that these early European inhabitants of North America gave to themselves. The Saguenay were ruled over by a king, and the Iroquois always got along quite well with the Saguenay; therefore, a large and mutually beneficial system of trade developed between these two peoples. Metals were traded from Saguenay in exchange for animal skins from the Iroquois.

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The actual behavior of Vikings can be quickly summed up as “Trade when you can, Raid when you must.” The Viking practice of raiding was spawned by overpopulation in the Scandinavian countries, and excess farming populations were forced to look for some other way to survive, and also to find other places to settle so that they could once again take up farming.

 The Iroquois description of the characters of these Vikings I find most intriguing. Great warriors? Certainly. But the thing that impressed the Iroquois the most about the Vikings was their trustworthiness which enabled these two peoples to develop a relationship based on mutual respect. Vikings were never one-dimensional people.

These early North American Vikings were renowned for their morality, their uncompromisingly ethical behavior, their truthfulness, their honesty, and their integrity. The early Vikings were also very family oriented, and they were ferocious in battle when defending the honor of their folk and folkways; however, they did not believe in combat for its own sake nor did they believe that might makes right i.e. the strong taking from the weak just because they can. The morality of the Saguenay is what made the friends of the Iroquois. (This dove-tails precisely with the NSDAPs description of the Pagan German Tribes of the Teutoburger Wald [German Forest]).

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The Norse set great store in accumulating honor through combat as we all know; however, few people are aware that this combat had to be Honorable Combat. Honorable Combat was generally defined as combat that is forced upon you; however, if an individual’s Honor was threatened, or the honor of their Family, Folk, and Folkways, then avoiding combat marked a man as a coward who was without honor. To the old Vikings, being a coward was to desere an ignoble death that was followed by a fast track to Helheim, which was the World of the Dishonorable Dead. However, according to the Iroquois, there was yet another land in the area of the Saguenay (I am sure that I am butchering the spelling of this name, and I am also sure that I would butcher the spoken name of this land as well.) That land was called “Augajuda” (Iroquois for “The Land of the Bad People.”). Although they were also described as “White People”, their characters were the exact opposite of those of the people of Saguenay.

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Protected by Armor and armed with Iron Weapons, they believed in preying on any and everybody weaker than they were, so there were many battles between the Auguajada and the Iroquois, as well as other First Nations Tribes

It is unclear what happened to Saguenay and “Augajuda” (I can’t help pointing out the last four letters, but I am not mistaking the sound.). The Iroquois oral tradition has been very much suppressed and distorted. I wonder why? The French Explorer Cartier was one of the first acknowledged White Men in the area and he picked up the story of the Saguenay from a Chief of the Iroquois nation named, Diatona.

I smell a ten-ton rat here. Obviously, somebody or bodies, does not want people to know about the existence of Saguenay and the “Augajuda” and certainly there are people who do not want us to know what eventually happened to both of these groups. Incidentally, It is not the Iroquois who are doing all of the suppressing in this case.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. I knew about this, “It is important to remember that the Third Reich permitted polygamy and out-of-wedlock baby-making for Hitler’s band of merry men in the SS and even old David Lane himself propounded the idea of reversing our perpetual White demographic slump by green-lighting polygamy.” But, this article overturned other assumptions I had about polygamy. Another thorough, in depth essay.
    Thanks James and Randall!

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