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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the ADL Wants to Ban Your Flag, Snuff Your Speech, and Control Your Mind

New York State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is far too stupid to realize that he is just driving the descendants of the Confederacy underground and making us stronger when he bans the Confederate flag. Cuomo is also going a long way towards causing the very thing he is trying to prevent when he tries to get the old Confederate flag banned, kind of like when The English Crown outlawed the wearing of Green in Ireland because green was the color associated with Irish independence. When it comes to standing up for the Confederacy, I am one of those who refuse to let myself become intimidated and/or guilt ridden.

“They are playing forbidden tunes on forbidden pipes.” (From the movie “Braveheart) They also tried to stop the struggle for Scottish Independence by outlawing bagpipes and the wearing of the Tartans.

It seems that “President” Joe Biden’s son Hunter knows a thing or two about forbidden pipes! For those of you who are not familiar with the story, Hunter Biden left his personal computer at a Delaware computer repair shop and forgot about his device, yet this computer contained a load of sleazy photos and incriminating information about the Biden family’s financial dealings. You can find plenty of articles about Hunter Biden’s notorious computer and what it contained at the New York Post. Image courtesy of thesun.ie

Image courtesy of Reddit.com

Hunter Biden has publicly discussed his misadventures picking through carpeting on a quest for lost bits of crack, and has also claimed that he even smoked parmesan cheese when in the throws of a true crack-jonesing episode. The practice of picking through the fibers in a carpet in hopes of finding long-lost bits of crack cocaine is called “Dust Busting” and “Rug Doctoring.” Perhaps we should call the “president’s son Hunter the “Rug Doctor” Biden.



The sale or display of Confederate flags, swastikas, and other “symbols of hate” on state property is banned in New York under a law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, despite concerns that this edict may violate the free speech that is protected under the Constitution. Ya Think? (Some “Symbols of Hate” are symbols of our religion, and some of these symbols reflect the divinity of the men who walk this earth.)  Maybe Cuomo should try to do a governorship in Idaho because they would get him over this tendency to suppress good people, and fast!

I have seen these suppression forces at work in the WWCOG, and the mainstream of what is called ‘Neo-Paganism” is heavily infiltrated by agents of the Jews and the American Federal Government as well. This is why we Traditionalists (those who are genuinely involved in a rebirth of The Original European Spirituality) have separated ourselves from corrupted Neo-Paganism. Actually, even in Ancient Times, in Egypt, Greece, and Rome, positive religion had been infiltrated. In fact, all three spheres of religion in Greece, Rome, and Egypt started on a very high spiritual plane, then over time all of these religions eventually degenerated in each society due to internal infiltration and sabotage by Jews and their agents. This sabotage of state religions is a very, very, old game that the Jews have playing for a long time, needless to say.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Censor Heads

Sacha Baron Cohen is an annoying Hollywood personality and Jew who holds a British passport, yet cleary hates England and has no loyalty to this nation. Barron Cohen now moonlights as a public frontman for the ADL when not defecating out his newest high-budget Hollywood flop. Baron Cohen now bides hist time continually pushing for ever more Jewish censorship, so know your censor! Image courtesy of timesofisreal.com

You can watch Barron Cohen’s whole rotten call for more suppression and censorship here…enjoy! Funny thing, this Jew claims that he stands against “bigotry” while he has made a movie called Borat that highlighted every last bit of Jewish bigotry against White Christians in America and Eastern Europe. Baron Cohen’s hypocrisy knows no bounds!

Presently, people across the Western nations are all having to contend with the issue of censorship to one degree or another, but two relevant questions are as follows: Who is behind this international censorship agenda? Who decides what will and will not be suppressed?

The answer to the previous question is that Jewish groups with a lot of money backing them are the ones who partner with really big media outlets like the American CBS, NBC, and ABC television networks and big mainstream online networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It turns out that the well-funded Jewish organization called the Anti Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, which is also commonly known as “The ADL“,  is the organization that formally decides what is and is not acceptable dialog on mainstream social networks, and Facebook has formally partnered with the ADL to determine censorship policies. The point to remember here is that it is wealthy and well-connected Jewish organizations that determine what can and cannot be said on mainstream social media networks, and it is these same Hebrew organizations that put pressure on politicians behind the scenes with the goal of getting their social and political agendas ratified into formal written laws.

When the issue of censorship arises, the idea of “Hate Speech” often gets wheeled out, but the notion of “Hate Speech” is so vague and so arbitrary that practically anything could be construed as “Hate Speech” by people with a political agenda in mind and an axe to grind. Whenever a discussion about the notion of ” Hate Speech” takes place, the question arises as to who decided what constitutes this arbitrary label on written, spoken, or visual content.

The founders of the American Empire wrote a very sensible constitution that guaranteed future generations of American people the political right to voice their opinions and criticize the government if need be. This protection of speech and communications that was built into the new constitution also granted people the right to criticize politicians or public figures, and it granted people the right to generally express unpopular options if they desired; remember boys and girls, popular speech needs no protection.

The old American constitution was written with good intentions, and this old document was written with an eye towards the future; however, it seems that the men who drafted and conceived the American constitution did not build it quite well enough to withstand today’s attacks of Jewish subversion. For example, the “Founding Fathers” of America did not predict that Jews would orchestrate one mass shooting a week at times for years on end in order chip away at the institution of legal gun ownership. This Jewish plan to turn public opinion completely against lawful gun ownership operates by swaying public opinion against gun laws that are still enshrined in the constitution, and these orchestrated mass shootings do their dirty work by playing to gullible people’s emotions and encouraging knee-jerk types of reactions to the horrible acts that these Jews themselves have created. Neither did the “Founding Fathers” foresee Jewry using the excuse of a “plague” to enact travel bans and subvert the constitution.

Image courtesy of Linhallha on Pinterest.com

Credit where it is due for the Jews, the idea of “Hate Speech” is clever and effective to some degree, and pushing this agenda of “Hate Speech” will reap some dividends in their censorship campaigns. The concept of “Hate Speech” essentially says that if people are ever allowed to criticized Jews any any manner at all, then this criticism will lead to acts of violence against Jews by unthinking mouth-breathing haters; therefore, Jewish people will suffer and die whenever criticism is lumped upon them. The next logical step in the “Hate Speech” line of logic is to conclude that no criticism of Jews should ever be allowed because criticizing Jews is essentially tantamount to killing them. The old and tired “Holocaust” trope also adds power to the Jewish rational for suppressing any legitimate criticism against them because as the mythology goes, the evil and mean old baddie named Adolf Hitler supposedly killed 6 millions Jews in Europe way back when, so anyone who criticizes Jews is essentially a Hitler in waiting; thus anyone who criticizes Jews needs to be immediately silenced.

Image courtesy of lolwutburger on deviantart.com

Unfortunately, these Jewish ” Hate Speech” laws are a pretty formidable tool to short-circuit the protections on speech that are still legally guaranteed under the auspices of the American Constitution. So, will the Jews finally succeed in getting the American constitution’s guarantee of free speech tossed out on the grounds that criticizing Jews is essentially a lethal act of violence and murder? In answer, the fate of free speech in America still remains to be seen.

Despite the future consisting of unknown territory, one thing can be said for sure, and that thing is this: when the Russian people lost their legal ability to criticize Jews in the early portion of the 20th century, the Russians soon found themselves living under a tyrannical Jewish Communist government which killed untold millions of Russian people. Indeed, if the right to criticize Jews at all is ever lost, then any country that completely falls to Jewish control can expect to see millions of it people die in mass killings by guns along with deliberately engineered famines, plagues, and poisonings, so losing the right of free speech actually carries life and death consequences.

Image courtesy of memegenerator.com

Image courtesy of imgr.com

The Jews who now live in New York City and have Cuomo as their state governor are busy making laws that are designed to keep these “Hate Symbols” that represent our faith and love outlawed for either purchase or display. It is obvious that governor Cuomo is trying to align himself for the Jewish votes, Jewish money, and Jewish political backing by pushing to have certain images banned and criminalized.

Who are the Terrorists in Your Neighborhood?

For the record, it is Andrew Cuomo and his Jewish constituents who should be considered terrorists, not the Oath Keepers. Cuomo’s actions clearly show that he has not even researched what the Oath Keepers really believe and who they really are! No, it is not the Oath Keepers who are Terrorists, it is people like Governor Cuomo who spread Jewish lies that are the real terrorists!

Now people can expect to get attacked for wearing, owning, or displaying these symbols of their faith like runic letters, the Confederate flag, and the Majolinor, which is also called the “Thor’s Hammer.”  Additionally, those who do not wear Covid flu masks in public under Cuomo’s new Jewish-controlled regime will be attacked by those who believe in the Covid myth, and this state of affairs will make many people into self-appointed police who are thoroughly controlled by the Jewish-owned media and TV. Controlling the masses is exactly what the “flu” propaganda is all about, and the people who are always wearing the masks are all good little devils who follow the Communist agenda. Millions of folks are showing themselves to be compliant Communists when they dutifully wear their masks everywhere, and if they are always wearing masks, this means that they are being taken down with lies. I think that even Soros was surprised at how utterly controllable the masses have shown themselves to be.

Cuomo must realize that folks will use this illegal law of his to beat and murder their fellow Americans, so, Cuomo is inciting their deaths, never mind the ones who already died in the the state of New York’s nursing homes!


Protecting the Good Guys

How can we protect Hezbollah? Hezbollah represents the real Semites in Palestine who are already traumatized by the Jews and are suspicious of pretty much everyone, so how can we protect the Palestinians from the crisis ahead?

The Archives” of the ADL now consider the Confederate flag to be a symbol of hate along with the Black Sun symbol and any letter in the old Germanic runic alphabet; plus, any images of The Great One — Adolf Hitler — are now “Hate Symbols” along with any Swastika flag.  It is the ADL who now officially label things as “Hate Symbols” along with their lackeys at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  Now, it would be great if we the people could get more of this type of exposure because these supposed “Hate Symbols” are now becoming more popular than ever, and I like seeing these symbols gaining popularity!

The ADL’s website officially lists the ancient Thor’s Hammer pendant as a “Hate Symbol,” so know that the Jews are planning to use their money and behind-the-scenes influence to bully and entice politicians to pass laws making it criminally punishable to display the Thor’s Hammer symbol in public or even to own a pendant with this symbol. Watch out!

The Jews also want to officially outlaw and criminalize any displays of the “Runic” or Futhark alphabet that was used in pre-Christian Germany, France, and Scandinavia. The ADL’s website is now unofficially classifying any and all letters in the Futhark alphabet as “Symbols of Hate,” but soon it looks like these symbols will see official legislation leveled against them some time soon.


The ADL’s website also lists the ancient Germanic symbol of the Valknot as a “Hate Symbol,” so it seems that anything to do with pre-Christian Germanic culture will soon face Jewish-funded legislation that will attempts to ban these old cultural images.

The Sonnenrad or “Black Sun” symbol is also on the list of the ADL website’s  “Hate Symbols.”


So, if you want to fight the Jewish censorship agendas, and even go so far as the subvert Jewish plans on genocide, then proudly fly every symbol that the Jews hate!




One point of good news is that Andrew Cuomo, who the censorious governor of New York state, is finally seeing opposition building against his crummy behavior, and we would like to see more resistance against censorship and Jewish agendas build in the future. Not too long ago, we saw that Governor Cuomo is getting nailed from all angles with a wide variety of accusations, #1 the suit regarding the nursing home scandal, and #2 he is getting publicly skewered for harassing a woman in the work place; it looks as though his statement regarding at least one of these accusations just might hold true. Concerning his scandals with deaths in nursing homes and sexual harassment, Cuomo stated on mainstream news, “This could destroy me.”  We could have told him, “No symbols, no flags; no governorship.”

Andrew Cuomo also has pierced nipples What a guy! Image courtesy of Windsurfing with Sting in Montserrat on Twitter.com

Also, those who refuse to believe the teachings of National Socialists are foolish because they think that the Jews are their friends and they think that the Jews will somehow save them from bad outcomes. Jews have already caused 99%+ of all the grief and pain in this world, and within the last 130 years the Jews have been responsible for over 66 million deaths by way of deliberate starvation through confiscation and deliberate destruction of crops in the Ukraine, Germany, and India. Millions of people also died during the planned world-wide starvation that happened during the infamous “Depression” of the 1930s. Look, the Jews are planning to execute planned campaigns of mass starvation again with Bill Gates (Monsanto’s friend) buying up fertile farmland right and left. Remember, Gates is the one who advocates for ridding the world of 90% of humanity along with pushing for Agenda 21 on behalf of Soros and the Jews.


Heil Hitler deva!


Yet another viral photo of Andrew Cuomo’s pierced nipples. Image courtesy of bingepost.com



Let us also not forget about Andrew Cuomo’s village idiot brother who is a network news talking head on CNN. No doubt, both Andrew and Chris Cuomo achieved their positions on personal initiative and merit, and the fact that their father was a three-term governor of New York has nothing to do with anything.




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  1. “ADL” is a hate symbol, The Talmud is nothing but hate.
    The followers of these ideas are the haters in this world who cause troubles for everyone. They believe that deception is the way to do everything. They lie and get people involved in their cult or repelled by it. They, the “ADL” and Talmud followers are from an antithetical universe and its time they went back.

  2. Keep up the gr8 pious work..me too on my end where David duke left off over here in Europe. Satan and lucifer lovers must be stymied at all costs.paul

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