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Flight of the Valkyries



By Randall Hilburn


My very ancient ancestors once intermarried with the inhabitants of Alfhiem who once lived in much closer proximity to the world of mortals then they do presently. So, I have the blood of the Light Elves in my veins, and it is to Alfhiem that I will return once I have finished working through my karma here in Midgard, yet in soul-flight I will once again walk through the fields and halls of Valhalla.


Presently, what is known of Valhalla is heavily influenced by accounts written down in Judeo-Christian times, so this information is very corrupted. The original traditions that described Valhalla and the kingdoms of elves were passed-down in an oral format, not by the written word. Despite not having a strong tradition of recording religious tales in a written format, we still see a few original written religions records from the Celts that have survived into modern times because the Druids wrote down a few of their traditions towards the end of their time as a people, and these stories can be compared to their later Judeo-Christianized versions.


True, many of the old tales of the Druids had their similarities with later Judeo-Christian stories, yet the contrasts are also remarkable. The latter  Judeo-Christianized versions of old Druid tales are really nothing more than propaganda that is intended to discredit the Old Religion as much as possible. One big facet of the process associated with attacking the old religion of Europe on the part of Christians and Jews was to write everything down that pertained to the old religions, except in a corrupted form, then to destroy the original writings to the greatest degree possible. The campaign to destroy and malign the old religion was not 100% successful, nor was any attempt to kill all of those who knew the original oral traditions successful either. A big part of the plan to destroy the old religion was to pass the revised versions of the old Druid religious tales as the original tradition, then to force this material onto later generations in hopes of discrediting the Old Religion. There is also absolutely no reason to think that anything different happened among their Norse/Germanic kindred.

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A note on Christianity: What I mean by Judeo-Christianity is the versions of old tales which have been corrupted and then written down by Jews with the intent to establish their dominance over the Goyim. What most have been misled into thinking is the authentic version. The original and authentic version of the old Druid tales was talked about during the days of the 3rd Reich, and these tales were referred to as “Positive Christianity” and these tales were considered compatible with the German Spirit.


The original Christian tale was the tale of the old Germanic god named Baldur, who was the Germanic Christ, or the first-born son of the All Father Odin. As such, the old tale of Baldur should be considered as a branch of the Norse/Germanic Spiritual Tree which is perfectly acceptable if an individual wants to devote themselves especially to this particular and firstborn Son of God. The brothers and sisters of Baldur also had their own devotees too, yet they all come together in homage before the All-Father Odin, and let us not forget about Mother Frigga the wife of Odin as well (God the Father & God the Mother).

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The first thing that needs to be established is that Valhalla is in reality a truly family affair. Consider the following which is the Viking prayer spoken right before going into actual combat.


Lo, There

Do I See My Father

Lo, There

Do I See My Mother,

And My Sisters,

And My Brothers

Lo, There

Do I See The Line Of My People,

Back to the Beginning!

Lo, They Do Call To Me.

They Bid Me Take My Place

Among Them,

In the Halls Of


Where the Brave

May Live



The idea that the days of Valhalla are spent brawling, and the nights are passed in gluttony, drunkenness, and sexual license is just a pack of Judeo-Christian propaganda and lies. The ideas that people have about Valhalla are actually based on old but corrupted written sources.


Those chosen for Valhalla are the best warriors of the Germanic Folk from the most ancient days to the present, including warriors from the days of Herman the Cherusci right up through the Waffen SS of World War II fame. The Germanic warriors who are chosen to enter Valhalla are not just selected for their skill and bravery, but they are selected for their character just as much as anything else. What gets overlooked is that fact that the warriors who enter Valhalla are chosen by families very often, perhaps most of the time because many things tend to run in families. Because the lineage of family is so important, certain families are closely watched from generation to generation by the Valkyries.

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In contrast to spending their days brawling and their nights in drunkenness, when in Valhalla, the warriors who have made the grade pass their days in the Fields of Valhalla performing military exercises, practicing scrimmages, and perfecting battle maneuvers in preparation for the day Heimdahl sounds the call to Ragnarok on Mojner. It takes time to weld such a diverse and constantly growing group of individuals into an effective army and then to keep them in fighting trim, so at the end of each day the chosen warriors are left tired, stressed, hungry, and more than a little banged up, and some are sorely in need of a few of these imagined nights in the Halls Of Valhalla.

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The first type of Valkyrie:  The chief among them are a group of Odin’s daughters who bear the title “Choosers of The Slain”. The Choosers of the Slain select the warriors that are chosen for Valhalla. It also must be understood that just because an individual has not been chosen to enter Valhalla, this does not mean that this person automatically destined to rest in a bad place. Not getting chosen to enter Valhalla only means that a person is not qualified to join the elite Valhalla Corps; however, they may otherwise by acceptable as warriors. Unlike with their Celtic cousins, there are no authentic accounts from ancient times of German or Viking warriors who were female; however, the great majority of Valkyries tend to be women that are the wives or the betrothed women of Valhalla’s chosen warriors.

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The Second Type of Valkyrie: Whether married in Midgard or married in Valhalla, many wives of Valhalla’s chosen have followed the men they love in death in order to serve as Valkyries in the Halls of Valhalla. To illustrate the point, the wife of a prominent figure in the 3rd Reich’s SS, whose name I have forgotten, took her life after her husband was hung after the end of World War II under bogus accusations of war crimes. This particular woman took her own life after her husband was hung, and she left a note saying that she was going to willingly give her own life so that she could faithfully serve her husband as a Valkyrie in Valhalla in accordance with the ancient traditions of the Folk.

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Under the overall direction of Odin’s daughters, there is a great feast held in Valhalla each evening for the heroes, and at this feast, each warrior is waited on by their own Valkyrie who also tends to any injuries that they might have suffered during the day. Afterwards eating the at the feasting table, the warrior and his Valkyrie may have husband and wife relations with each other in their chambers if they are married.


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The next two things require a bit of explanation: First, the tales of Valhalla are not meant to encourage the consumption of either meat or alcohol on the part of those who do not consume either of these things because Adolf Hitler did not consume alcohol or meat. I will also try to explain that a very special and sacred purpose is being served here.


In Valhalla, the warriors feast on the meat of wild boars from the herd which belong to the God Freyr. The boars of Freyr are themselves powerful supernatural beings who are reborn every morning, and the length of a day in Valhalla does not equal the length of a day in Midgard. So, the feasting and drinking that takes place in Valhalla each night is not nearly as debauched as people have been lead to believe. The boars of Freyr also give of themselves freely and they voluntarily lend their sacred bodies to sustain the warriors of Valhalla, and the sacrifices made by the sacred boars are their way of transferring their power to theses warriors by providing them with supernatural nourishment for what lies ahead. Contrary to what people may have been told, no gluttony is permitted at the tables of Valhalla.

The Celtic Boar. Is both my fathers emblem, and my horoscope sign :D | Celtic art, Viking art, Celtic artwork

The other thing of note is that the chosen warriors of Valhalla drink mead at the feasting tables, and mead is made from a mixture of water and fermented honey. It goes without saying that no drunkenness is permitted either. The warriors of Valhalla drink mead at their sacred tables because mead is considered a sacred drink, and mead is believed to help prepare warriors for what is to come. The chosen warriors drink mead because it enhances their warrior powers and this drink helps to replenish them. In the halls of Valhalla, profaning the sacred substance of mead by abusing it automatically results in terrible curses for the guilty.


After Ragnarok, the chosen warriors and their loyal Valkyries will be able to move on to a higher plane of existence.


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  1. Brian,
    I love what you have done! I have become not only a serious student of Esoteric Hitlerism but also a serious practitioner of the Armanen Tradition. Im here if you need me, though it has been a long time since we spoke. Email me if you would like to talk. Wayne Newton

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