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Apologize to Adolf Hitler – Part 2 – In the Street video with Brian Ruhe

Hello Thule Society,

Tony and Dave and I went out and made both these videos, below on the same day. These are real examples of how people can work together. I couldn’t have done these videos without their bravery. For the first time too, the video included the post demonstration debriefing, where Dave has a lot of insight into the machinations behind the scenes with the zombie protesters who are controlled by globalists who want to create confilct in Canada with this pipeline and global warming hoax, nonsense.

Apologize to Adolf Hitler – In the Street with Brian Ruhe – Part Two

In-the-Street. Fake News Demonstration Against Lame Issue Pipeline Already Approved by Indian Bands

My Bitchute followers have been asking for more of the Apologize to Hitler videos so Tony and I did it! A big thank you to Diane for doing all the meticulous editing work.

If anyone else is interested in joining me or donating money, I plan to go back into the streets more often!

I have seen all kinds of views on the Coronavirus. I will soon release a video I made with Venerable Pannobhasa

about being calm during this. My focus is not on current events as others devote their intelligence to that. My focus is on the big picture for humanity, historically. David Icke talks about the big picture of humanity and how an Orwellian global agenda, is being furthered with this deliberate coronavirus. He has the best take on the coronavirus I have heard, in this video he relased today:

Coronavirus And The Global Orwellian State – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


To give myself some comic relief I listen to the mainsteam media’s fear porn about how this was some kind of bat soup accident!

Be calm, well and happy!

Brian Ruhe


Thule Society

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