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The Origins of Evil


Good vs Evil 1

Part I.

One of the hardest problems that philosophers have faced over the millennia is explaining the existence of Evil in the universe. What follows is my contribution to this ongoing discussion.

The Days and Nights of Vishnu:

Beautiful Sunset

Spring Meadown

Summer Meadow

Fall Colors

Winter Wonderland

There is an exact parallel between the days of Vishnu and the seasons of the year. In a temperate climate, the four seasons of a year are the exact parallels of the Four World Ages contained in each Great Year of Vishnu, whose length is 26,000 years. 26,000 years is the time it takes for our solar system to complete one orbit around the center of our galaxy. A day and a night of Vishnu also contain a specific number of such galactic Great Years, and there are innumerable cycles within cycles in our multiverse.

Spring = planting;

Summer = maturing;

Fall = harvesting;

Winter = rest;

before the cycle begins again. The price of existence in the Physical Realm is living through cycles of time, and Spring is not morally superior to Winter — all seasons are equally essential!

Good is that which creates and sustains, and all four seasons are part of the process of creating and sustaining and therefore must be counted as Good. For example, a fruit tree blossoms in Spring; its fruit matures during the Summer; the tree’s fruit is harvested in the Fall; then this same tree lies dormant and rests during the Winter so that it can begin the process all over again in the Spring.

Over the course of the days and nights of Vishnu, our spirits are always changing and always remaining, like the one who imagines all of us into being: We have no beginnings and we have no ends.

There is no evil found in any of these lateral patterns of change, just limitless natural loving and life-giving cycles; therefore, we are fruit trees in the garden of Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the garden and Vishnu is the keeper of the garden.

Vishnu, Lakshmi, and the Coming of The Evil One:

When Vishnu awakens, he beholds his consort and feels love, and it is through this great love of Vishnu’s that the universe comes into being. A Day of Vishnu can be envisioned as two lovers, Vishnu and Lakshmi, who stroll down a country lane arm-in-arm and make a garden paradise spring into being as their feet pass.

Other eyes behold the strolling lovers during the day of Vishnu, and the eyes of these viewers burn like coals of fire with envy, jealousy, and covetousness. With an all-consuming lust for his Vishnu’s beloved, the wicked man stands proud and greedy and it is this same unrighteous man who is a bystander and must watch as Vishnu and Lakshmi walk past. In his misguided jealousy, this covetous man will only desire to possess the body of Lakshmi, and this same man will never concern himself one whit with Lakshmi’s sacred spirit.

The die is cast, and as the ages roll-by, the man who is a jealous bystander that watches Vishnu and Lakshmi stroll together plots to steal the love that calls the Universe into being from Vishnu and Lakshmi. Naturally, Lakshmi will always refuse the advances of the unrighteous man who watches with jealousy as she strolls with Vishnu. Lakshmi will always politely decline the advances of other men who want her because it is only Vishnu who is her true beloved and sole desire. Out of frustration, the jealous man hates Lakshmi and Vishnu because he cannot be part of their program, so he sets-out to destroy all that they have created together.


Something Wicked this Way Comes:

Where lies the abyss where this Devil of Devils originated? It is absurd to think that Vishnu would have called into being such a foul abomination, so this jealous devil had to come from other place. Indeed, the jealous devil who envies Vishnu and Lakshmi had to have come from somewhere beyond the Universe that the love of Vishnu and Lakshmi has created and then sustained. This is the only explanation that makes sense.


Perhaps, like a vampire, this devil of all devils has sucked the life out of one universe and now he has gone in search of another host. It should also come as no surprise that the minions of this jealous devil are parasites as well. Evil is not that which comes from the natural ebb and flow of life in this universe; no, evil is that which threatens the very existence of our universe for all time.


Love is ultimately the only thing that can rid the body of our universe from the parasitic infestation of evil.  All of our actions must be done with love in mind, or else we do nothing except give openings to evil parasites. Love resists evil, but love does not allow itself to be consumed in the process. When one kills, the act of killing must be necessary, and killing must only be done to protect that which Evil threatens. Acts of killing or violence must only be done for self-defense, but never from a place of rage. However, failing to defend that which is good when we are capable of defending good things makes each of us an accomplice to evil. Deliverance and enlightenment can never come from a place of cowardice.

Unhappy Dr. Evil

Heil Hitler deva!

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