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Is the Media-hyped Menace of “White Terrorism” Actually Jewish Kabuki Theater?

Article written by Alba Imperator


the psychological operation of ‘White Terrorism’ and the Jewish Cabal

Cover image courtesy of worthpoint.com

A Note about the posted Links: Links are provided for a bit of extra information, but none of the material presented should be taken as completely true. Even if information presented by official sources is dubious, reading the (((official story))) about a person or incident can still furnish a decent overview of the topic.

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw an intensification of Satanic Kosher Culture, which is a sensationalistic culture of violent occultism that was designed to force the sheep back into their churches through fearmongering. The Jewish-controlled media and entertainment complex brought Satanic Kosher Culture into the mainstream through mass marketing and by selling a seemingly endless series of events that were designed to mind-control the populace through trauma and then cow them into submission. Even to this day, international Jewry still manufactures high-profile incidents to justify passing draconian laws that strip freedoms from the unsuspecting masses. These same draconian Jewish laws are also designed to send the masses fleeing back to their churches so that they may be fleeced for tithes and taxes by their parasitic priestly caste that is additionally backed by the Jewish police state.

This psy-op of false flags and mass manipulation which has been ongoing throughout all of Jewish history, has never ended, and in its greatest nemesis is the White Race, which they are still attempting to eliminate from the earth. International Jewry is determined to eliminate the White race because the continued existence of the Whites presents and obstacle for their plans to take control of the world for themselves. Much of the world’s populace had been subjected to the trauma of World War II, yet they eventually began to recover from this trauma; therefore, the cabal reckoned that it was high time to add some more traumatic heat to the mixture. Adding more heat to the cultural mixture is intended to drive the White populace back into their churches and into destructive lifestyles that are replete with casual sex and drugs.

The Church of Satan was founded by a Jew named Howard Stanton Levy who was publicly known as Anton LeVey. This man who called himself Anton LeVey worked with a Jewish Hollywood pedophile named Roman Polanski and the two of them created a movie called “Rosemary’s Baby.”  Rosemary’s Baby was a vehicle of trauma that was mirrored in real life by the Manson Family, which served as a means of inculcating the populace with the notion that art does not imitate life, but life imitates art. International Jewry used art and fearmongering to steer the public onto two courses: The “Moral High Ground” of Jewish slavery to various strains of Christianity, or a “Highway to Hell” that is marked by self-destruction.

all that is interesting.com

Old photograph of Anton LeVey courtesy of allthatisinteresting.com

Roman Polanski book cover

The image above is a screen capture of from a book cover. The book cover above is an authorized autobiography about Roman Polanski. Image courtesy of amazon.com

Rosemary’s Baby was followed by a movie called “Damian” or also The Omen, and a series of other horror and gore films such as “The Exorcist” and “Halloween” which ushered in a more extreme form of fear porn that was meant to drive the timid masses back into their churches. Apparently, the movie called “The Exorcist” was funded by the Catholic Church itself and served them well by swelling the ranks of their pews and making diehard churchgoers out of their milquetoast laity.  The Jews have also spread a gospel of false love by the “New Age” movement that serves as a justification for a new world order of tyranny that is built on a foundation of Jewish supremacy.

Scared emoji

Image above courtesy of vectorstock.com

Decades of Jewish horror film productions have now indoctrinated the masses with the idea that horror and acts of terror are something that is particularly White, and this line of reasoning also implies that White males represent a dangerous problem to all of society, when in truth, White men are one of the most law-abiding groups of citizens. However, despite the what true crime statistics indicate, Jewish oligarchs have simply portrayed White men as the biggest and most dangerous problem because they constitute the most critical obstacle against their complete conquest of White-created societies.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Jewish film and entertainment industry was producing a lot of content that attempted to humanize or glorify the culture and demographics of gangland while simultaneously and implicitly superimposing a Christian moral stigma that pandered to the Christian demographic. Examples of these gangland films include such movies as “The Godfather.” The Jewish horror movie industry has also paved the way for a Kabbalistic black magic theatre of the real where false flag operations that occur in real life are interwoven with Hollywood theatrics.

The godfather

Image from the Godfather film courtesy of theguardian.com

In Jewish horror movies, the villains are always White males; a prime example of the White male psychopath trope is the movie “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock. The main character in this film was actually played by a Jewish actor, yet this character was putatively White, and he was presented as the average-everyday American White male. Jewish Hollywood movies sell the idea that every White male is a powder keg of berserker fury who is just waiting to erupt at the slightest provocation because he has loose screws in his mental machinery, like all of his kind. International Jewry has used their pull within the entertainment industry to drive the idea that White males are a menace to society. The intention of this Jewish attack against White men is to generate mistrust, ill will, and stigma against White men who the Jews seek to curse and demoralize.

Bates Motel

The movie Pshycho did give the public memories of the iconic home perched behind the Bates Motel. Image courtesy of blog.caldwellbanker.com

This cryptic Jewish assault against White men in mass-market film and entertainment is designed to psychically emasculate all White men, especially Christian White men, while also driving them back into churches where they will be emasculating even further or enticed into self-destructive behavior outside of churches.  While the Jews are defaming White men, they are also intensively pushing a feminist agenda onto White women that encourages a rebellious and troublesome way of living which diminishes White mens’ collective natural instinct to protect the women of their tribe.

This Jewish mass-media psy-op of White terrorism was initially introduced in the 1960s with the University of Texas’s campus sniper incident, which was followed by a Jewish plot to portray the publicly named assassin of president of John F. Kennedy as a “White supremacist.” These false narratives that the Jews painted against White men in the 1960s was a preemptive strike against the militia movement which was apparently beginning to react to the obvious creeping erosion of the status quo by a set of powers that did not reflect the will of the people.

Jewish false flag attacks invert all of reality and push their agenda by portraying Jews, assorted non-Whites, and White liberals as the “good guys” who are working against the “bad guys” that are portrayed as “White supremacists” that are intent on enslaving all non-Whites. Hence, we see this narrative of bad “White supremacists” played out by the story of James Huberty, who was the alleged San Ysidro California shooter. This event was designed to embed the idea of White terrorism into the public’s collective consciousness, even though America was still an overwhelmingly White society during the 1980s.

James Huberty

Photo of “James Huberty” courtesy of xwhos.com

Jews have been trying to boost the population of Mestizos from Mexico along with other non-Whites as a means to replace Whites as America’s predominant ethnic group. In order to move their agenda of White replacement further, the Jews must first point their fingers at Whites and vilify them so that replacing Whites can be sold as a virtuous matter. Another thing to consider is the fact that Jews never feel like a part of a society when Whites are an ethnic majority, so they must bring in as many other groups as possible in order to hide the fact that Jews are really invaders and thieves who only seek rob the Whites of their territory and resources. Jewish campaigns of White vilification are also necessary because they are designed to convince non-Whites that when comparing themselves to Whites they are if nothing else at least morally superior to Whites, and these same initiatives are also designed to fill Whites with a sense of guilt that demoralizes them and weakens their desire to assert their own group interests.

The James Huberty incident publicly presented the figure of James Huberty, who was ostensibly a real individual; however, the practice of manufacturing seemingly real White extremists is an old Jewish trick at this time. The story character named James Huberty supposedly held “right wing views” and he was supposedly fraught with “psychological problems” that were caused by traumatic childhood experiences and working as an embalmer.

Huberty’s inevitable “blow up” is based on a narrative that he had fallen on hard economic times, so he wanted to blame the all of San Diego’s Mestizos for his troubles. Huberty’s story states that he took out his pent-up frustrations on San Ysidro’s Hispanic border-town residents. Huberty’s fishy story was meant to sell a list of ideas to the bovine and television-addicted public: 1. Huberty’s aggressive irrationality 2. His hatred of non-Whites 3. His threat to public safety and security 4. His obsession with personal socio-economic status 5. His willingness to throw his life away. Such is the list of messages that this event broadcast into the trauma-based mind control agenda of the Jewish-controlled media which merged the theatre of the real with the theatre of Hollywood.

At the exact same period of time when the San Ysidro shooting took place, James Mason(free-mason?), who is supposedly a prominent “Nazi,” came out with a magazine called “Siege.”  A real evaluation of Mason’s magazine reveals that it was designed to link White people with terrorism in the sludgy public psyche. Mason’s suspect periodical also endorsed and lauded other events which allegedly happened around the same time as Huberty’s mass shooting that shared a similar nature. Huberty was portrayed as an embalmer who just happened to developed a dark necrophilia fetish from his work with corpses. This necrophilia tagline was inserted into this story to craft a false association in the public mind between so-called “right wing extremist” values and psychopathology, deviant psychology, and violence. Conflating a host of mental malfunctions with holding pro-White and conservative ideas was intended to sends an implicit message that people like Huberty should be viewed with a suspicious eye.

James Mason

Image of James Mason courtesy of historica.fandom.com

Thus, it can be seen that the whole James Huberty story was a manufactured incident that was designed to undermining White demographics psychologically and physically. These Jewish false-flag attacks are also designed to induce Whites to turn against their own identity and associate themselves with violence and disfunction. These same Jewish attacks against Whites are intended to induce Whites to associate any other Whites who espouse pro- White values. Jewish plans to associate pro-White sentiments with crazed behavior are also intended to steer “respectable class” White people away from anything that smacks of pro-White sentiments.

It is worth noting that Christian churches have not improved the situation for White America, or Whites in Europe for that matter. Christianity bills itself as an egalitarian camp that also classifies non-Whites as “good Christians” who are constantly being hurt by evil Whites. Concerning their policies towards non-Whites, Christian Churches may have noble intentions, they may have bad intentions, or they may just harbor foolish intentions; none the less, their behavior patterns are certainly intensifying existing problems for their White followers.

The incident of Frank Spisak, who was an alleged homosexual, “neo-Nazi,” and serial killer was brought forth at around the same time as the Huberty incident in order to introduce another false operation. The Jewish Spicak operation was designed separate White Christians even further from any type of pro-White thinking, especially that of Hitler and National Socialism.

Frank Spisak

The courtroom photo of Spisak posted above comes courtesy of murderpedia.org

The Jewish pattern of affixing some type of sexual neurosis onto their perceived enemies was further played up in the case of a supposed Nazi party member named Joseph Paul Franklin. Franklin was publicly named as the man who shot Larry Flynt; at that time, Flynt was the publisher of a well-known pornographic magazine called Hustler. Supposedly, Franklin’s motivation for shooting Larry Flynt arose from his goyish “neurosis” of sexual inhibition. Thus, the Jews played an angle of sexual deviance in the form of inhibition by spreading their story about Joseph Paul Franklin, and the Jews also played the angle of sexual exhibitionism by manufacturing a story about a cross-dressing homosexual character in the case of Spisak. In short, the Jews have been trying to associate any and every form of disfunction and deviance they can imagine with National Socialism and European people in general.

Colonbia Moussourian

The image above shows Joseph Paul Franklin at his trial on the left and while interned on death row on the right-hand side. Image courtesy of colombiamoussourian.com

A further production was added to the Jewish theatre of the real circuit with the case of Joseph Christopher, who was dubbed the “Midtown Slasher.” Christopher was sold as an ex-military man that was afflicted by a completely irrational and unfounded hatred of Blacks; therefore, he would murder Blacks without cause by cutting out their hearts. There was also the Jewish media-hyped case of Fred Cowan, who was portrayed as a disgruntled blue-collar worker that attempted to take out pent-up aggression against his Jewish employer and his non-White co-workers because he was passed over for a promotion. Thus, the meaning of these psy-ops can be inferred: Associate the White male worker, who is the backbone of American society, with violence, bigotry and hatred, which in turn reduces his value in his own eyes and in that of society.

Joseph Christopher

Image of Joseph Christopher courtesy of gravereviews.com

Fred Cowan

1977 image of Fred Cowan courtesy of nydailynews.com

All of the characters mentioned previously were lauded by James Mason for being heroic White men who were struggling against an oppressive system. Mason also sold the idea that these characters should be held up as exemplars to emulate.  Mason, who claimed to be a quasi-Christian, was attempting to draw a false association between Christianity and National Socialism, which Mason claimed to both embody a “universal order.” This “universal order” which Mason describes in his book called Siege, was claimed to originate from Charles Manson (man-Sun, son of man), who Mason claimed was a “Nazi.” Mason’s claim that Manson was a “Nazi” was an attempt to draw another parallel between National Socialism, Kosher Satanism, and terrorist violence.

In reality, the wholesome Weltanschuang, or “World View” as this term might be translated to in English, that was promoted by Adolf Hitler was based on the laws of nature and not “hatred and violence” as the Jews claim.  Jewish claims that Adolf Hitler promoted an ideology based on “hate and violence” has been pushed to condition the Christian masses to shun, avoid, and condemn National Socialism. Given the evidence, it seems clear the Mr.  James Mason is really a disinformation agent who works for America’s Jewish ruling cabal, and it seems quite likely that Mr. Mason is actually a crypto Jew himself that pretends to be White.

The concept of a leaderless resistance punctuated by lone-wolf-styled activism was started at around the same time as the staged Huberty incident took place. The idea of a leaderless resistance movement was passed to the public in order to further associate White identity politics with violence and irrational hatred of the “other.” A purported Klansman named Louis Beam further amplified this “Lone Wolf” and White terrorism narrative wherein individual people or small terrorist cells take out targets and foment chaos as a means to bring the oppressive anti-White system down; however, this lone wolves and small cells concept of terrorism seems to have actually originated in William Pierce’s novel called “The Turner Diaries.”

louis beam

Image of Louis Beam courtesy of inamericanhistory.blogspot.com

During the 80s, another probable operative of MI5/6 was an alleged ex-Catholic priest named David Myatt who formed an organization which espoused a philosophy of “Neo-Nazi Satanism” called “The Order of 9 Angles.” This dubious organization explicitly called for culling of anti-White operatives as a necessary form of “revolutionary praxis.”

The handbook associated with “The Order of 9 Angles” was titled “A Practical Guide to the Strategy and Tactics of Revolution.” This questionable publication encouraged its readers to advance through the organization’s grade system as part of the “Aryan Liberation Army.” Advancing through the different grades of the “Aryan Liberation Army” involved committing acts of sabotage and terrorism while giving notice of party affiliation to the Jewish media complex in hopes of inspiring copycat incidents. Myatt, or quite possibly his Jewish handlers, had introduced the notion of “Neo-Nazi Satanism” around the same time that James Mason and the “satanic panic” in mass culture drew a “nexion” connection between the terrorism, occult practices, and National Socialism.  Obviously, attempting to make tenuous connections between Satanism and National Socialism is downright puerile to the more aware; however, this Jewish campaign of pubic deception still caused some harm to White men by linking them with psychopathology in the moronic public eye.

David Myatt

Archival image of David Myatt courtesy of alchetron.com

image of David Myatt 2

Image of David Myatt also courtesy of alchetron.com

At this same time, movies were released that portrayed the villains as Neo-Nazi psychopaths, and one such the movie is “Cobra,” which starred the Jewish actor Sylvester Stallone and was produced by two Jews named Golan and Globus.  In this fine work of cinema, the villains were a group of Neo-Nazi Satanists who were also terrorists. The typecast “Neo-Nazi” villains in the movie Cobra operated both within and outside of the system and they carried out random strikes against mainstream society while billing themselves as “Heroes of the New World.” In this idiotic film, this cadre of evil “Nazi Satanists” could only be subjugated through extra-legal force on the part of a rogue police operative played by Jewish Sylvester Stallone. The movie Cobra was made to reinforce the notion of “moral right” in the popular consciousness and it was made to entice the public into accepting a forthcoming Jewish police state.

Sylvester Stalone

Image of Sylverter Stalone at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival courtesy of wikipedia.org

Further escalating this theme, Tom Metzger, who was a presumed crypto-Jew, stepped into the public limelight and introduced the concept of the “Lone Wolf” White terrorist/freedom fighter once again. As the Satanic Panic that was ramped up by Jewish media in the 1980s neared its end, along came a chain of high-profile murder cases which included the likes of the Menendez Brothers, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, and Jeffrey Dahmer. The Jeffrey Dahmer event was hyped by the Jewish media complex to perpetuate a false association between White male psychology and violent irrationalism, and this propaganda exercise included using prosthetic heads from Dahmer’s alleged non-White “victims.”

Tom Metzger

Image of late-life Tome Metzger courtesy of reallifevillians.mirahese.org

According to the official story, this character named Jeffrey Dahmer had also allegedly tortured and executed his hapless non-White victims during Satanic rituals. In recent years, researchers have discovered that Dahmer is actually a Jew and his ghastly crimes are really a put-on. It seems that the whole Jeffry Dahmer media circus was never really anything more than a public ploy by the Jews to vilify White males. The Dahmer story serves as a tool to justify more censorship, build more of a police state, and to portrayal of non-Whites as innocent victims of endless White aggression.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Image of Jeffrey Dahmer courtesy of britanica.com

Most of these events discussed previously undoubtedly had a Kabbalistic nature and Louis Beam’s categorization of racial traitors into groups and allocating points for their assassination in his “Letters from a Klansman,” further attempted to reify and legitimize the notion that White terrorism is a huge public menace.

The portrayal of the “Order,” or the Silent Brotherhood as it was also called, as a legitimate organization was really a Jewish attempt to associate Christian identity, the Ku Klux Klan, and a constellation of related ideas with White terrorism.  This Jewish campaign to equate White identity politics with terrorism was designed to render any discussion of White identity a taboo topic. Interestingly, David Lane, who was the man that coined the famous 14 Words, was actually a member of The Order.

David Lane 1488.com

Image of David Lane courtesy of davidlane1488.com

At the time of this writing (2022), the cabal and perhaps reality itself have entered into an acceleration phase where White identity has become inextricably bound up with the notion of the deviant, the criminal, and the “Other.” As of now, for National Socialists and other White advocates, the cards have been dealt by the Jews and one must simply play one’s hand from this point forward. Whether Whites are being attacked simply because they are not going to just bow before the Jewish New World Order is not fully known. It is also unclear if other forces are working in partnership with Whites to resist worldwide Jewish tyranny.

All of this being said, one can conclude that the Jews are now desperately attempting to accelerate their agendas and perhaps they are trying to bring about a race war as the CIA operative Charles Manson had tried to do by murdering Sharon Tate. It is also notable that Charles Manson’s murder of Sharon Tate mirrored the Hollywood film “Rosemary’s Baby” which was produced by Anton LeVey and financed by the Vatican. Although it is hard to guess what is happening inside the planning rooms of Jewish elites, it does seem like they are trying to engineer circumstances where Blacks will violently genocide Whites.

Today, James Mason espouses Christian identity, and he is still a staunch proponent of Charles Manson being a harbinger of “Universal Order” by creating a race war or a “Helter Skelter.”  Mason has also done other questionable things such as publicly endorse the false-flag and fake organization called Atomwaffen Division. The Atomwaffen Division is really just the latest version within a chain of Jewish-created fake White Nationalist organizations which have preceded this one. The Atomwaffen Division has worked in conjunction with myriad other false-flag operations such as Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof, plus Anders Breivik, which have all become associated with a constellation of ideas related to White people and whatever Jews dislike.

Charles Manson bool cover

The image above is the cover of a biographical book about Charles Manson called Charles Manson: Biography of the Helter Skelter Murderer. Screen capture courtesy of amazon.com

Brenton Terrant

The image posted above was plastered around media feeds after “Terant’s” alleged mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand. On closer inspection the whole media narrative surrounding this story falls apart, but this whole exercise was really nothing more than a made-for-television movie. Image courtesy of apnews.com

dylan roof

Image of Dylan Roof courtesy of apnews.com

Anders Brevik

Image of Anders Breivik courtesy of washingtonpost.com

So, what do Jews dislike? Well, just to name a few things…environmentalism, racial separatism for anybody other than Jews, absolutely any criticism of Israel, any talk of boycotting Israel, any words concerning about mens’ rights, any mention of race realism, any sound about gender realism, any exposure of Jewish crimes from the past, shining any light on present Jewish misconduct, discussing the extend of Jewish power, and the list goes on….

As of this time, the White man is being scapegoated for legions of Jewish crimes, and Whites are also being led to the slaughter in the theatre of the real, while the Jews hide behind their police state. As of now, the Jews are thrusting conditions onto the Palestinians which are calculated to make it impossible to exist, so these circumstances qualify as acts of genocide by any U.N definition. Like the Palestinians, Whites are now becoming backed into a corner both legislatively and physically through territorial invasion by non- White masses. Soon Whites will have no choice except to step up and play their part on the Theater of the Real’s main stage. Whether the final act in the European man’s play will be one marked by tragedy or one that is marked by triumph still remains to be seen.



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Information about false flags:

“Anatomy of a False Flag” by Ole Dammegard
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Cobra (1986) produced by Golan-Globus

Helter-Skelter (1976) produced by Gray

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  1. Thank you to Alba Imperator for your first blog with our Thule Society!
    I want to find out more about David Myatt. I thought he wrote all kinds of great literature of Adolf Hitler. Was he just a psyop?
    Brian Ruhe

  2. Hello. I am certain David Myatt was an operative a possible MI6 agent. He was a former catholic priest who first created the ‘nazi satanist’ movement, then converted to islam to associate pro-whites with jihadism then reverted again to catholicism after his psyop was complete. More deception on the part of the jewdeo-christians seeking to vilify that which outshine them.

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