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Jewish Gaslighting Techniques Part 3.

Written by Imperator Alber


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Executing False Flag Attacks 

A false flag attack is an ancient battle strategy where one group of men disguises themselves as an enemy unit in order to approach their adversaries without fear of attack, then the next step in this process is spring a surprise attack when those in disguise are close enough to their unsuspecting enemies. In contemporary years, the term ” False Flag Attack” has come to denote a scenario where one group of people, or a single person, carry out a military attack or more commonly carry out an act of terrorism with the intention of having their actions attributed to their adversaries. In more recent times, Jews have disguised themselves at their opponents and then gone out and committed terrible acts in hopes that these bad actions will be blamed on their enemies.

False Flag Attack
Image courtesy of metal-archives.com

The gaslighting tactic of “Scapegoating” has been discussed previously; however, the tactic of creating False Flag Attacks is a little different than Scapegoating in the sense that when Scapegoating happens it is a single person of perhaps a small group of people that is usually blamed for bad things that Jews have done; whereas, a false flag attack represents a situation where the Jews deliberately plan an event in advance and carefully work to ensure that the blame will fall upon a larger and more abstract group of people. Another key area of difference between the tactic of Scapegoating as opposed to launching False Flag Attacks is the fact that Scapegoating is often used as an ad hock defensive measure after bad actions on the part of the Jews have been uncovered, whereas, by contrast False Flag Attacks must be planned in advance.

One pertinent example of a false flag attack happening is the case of Jews disguising themselves as German soldiers during the Third Reich’s invasion of the Ukraine during World War II, then proceeding to deliberately commit horrible atrocities against rural Ukrainian people with the goal of having these crimes attributed to advancing German soldiers. Most official history accounts of the German arrival into Soviet territory during World War II fail to mention that the Communist government of Russia was so bad at that time that the arriving Germans were seen as heroic liberators, so it comes as no surprise that something (like false-flag mass killings) had to be done by the Jewish Communists to alter public opinion against the incoming German army.

Indeed, the Third Reich did make strategic blunders concerning the prospect of winning the hearts and minds of the Russian people when they actually had the chance to do this, but this failure to play for public sympathy can largely be attributed to the fact that the idea of a pan-European empire was still ahead of its time in the 1930s and 1940s because no pan-European ideas of identity had developed at that time. National Socialism began as more of pan-Germanic idea, but by the end of World War II, the idea of a new pan-European ideology and pan-European empire had finally taken root; however, by the time this new mode of thought had arrived, the Third Reich was facing military defeat on all fronts. National Socialism is now making a comeback, and this time National Socialism is arriving as a devoted pan-European ideology.

A recent article published in the Guardian on December 10, 2022 blames “White Supremacists” for a recent power outage in North Carolina as well as attacks from firearms on electrical grid transformer stations in Oregon and Washington. In all of these recent cases of attacks on American power grids, no actual list of suspects has been offered, but none the less, “White Supremacists” are still officially implicated in these capers the Jewish-controlled mass media. It seems that attacks on the power grid now present Jews with a truly golden opportunity to carry out false flag attacks then to publicly finger some group of fake “White Supremacists” with their controlled mass media.

Image courtesy of u/chris5129 on reddit.com

Committing a false flag attack on power grids seems to be a winning option for Jews if they are seeking to keep public opinion squarely against any White people who do not tow their Kosher party line because the general public may be horribly disengaged and apathetic, but they would sure hate to be inconvenienced by some group of purported “White Supremacists” with the temerity to shut off their electricity for a while. Truth is, many people have theorized about the troubling consequences attached to terrorist attacks against power grids for many decades now, and yes, central power grids are certainly an attractive target for terrorist of all types and stripes; therefore, Jewish false-false attacks on power grids present a troubling but likely possibility.


A Randall Lee Hilburn Anecdote Concerning the Jewish Use of False Flag Attacks


 One morning last year, a Swastika was discovered painted on the door of Temple Beth-El on Highland Avenue which is situated on the south side of Birmingham, Alabama. Temple Beth-El also happens to be the oldest and largest synagogue in the Birmingham Metropolitan Area. I would give you the precise date for this incident; however, I have not been able to find any information about this event on the internet. (Surprise, Surprise!) At the time of this swastika incident, an abandoned backpack was also found on the sidewalk in front of Temple Beth-El.

Fake Bomb Threats Fake Bomb Threats Everwhere - Fake Bomb Threats Fake Bomb Threats Everwhere Buzz Lightyear

Image courtesy of quickmeme.com 

Not too surprisingly, the first people to be notified of this swastika incident by the Chief Rabbi of Temple Beth-El was the news media: television, radio, and newspapers. After the media had been notified of this incident, the next people to hear from our dear and esteemed rabbi were the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) and its offshoot the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).

Starting immediately, the Temple Beth-El swastika incident produced a deluge of hysterical reports and warnings about the dangers the Jewish community around Birmingham faced from dreadful “Neo-Nazis”, terrible Anti-Semites, and ghoulish White Supremacists, and this hysteria spun the Jewish media’s hamster wheel for quite a few days following the Temple Beth-El incident. As usual, after the media had a wicked night out on the town reporting about this world-ending swastika and backpack caper, the news media immediately followed their prized story with a deluge of Chicken-Little-inspired warnings about the vile and unwarranted dangers that Jews were facing all over the country.

The Birmingham swastika and backpack who-done-it was also claimed to be the inevitable outgrowth of dirty old racist attitudes Southern Whites still harbor towards Blacks, and our intrepid media watchdogs also likened what took place in Birmingham during the Civil Rights Era of the Early 1960′ to what was happening in present times, and of course, such statements were made without offering any proof of the Jell-O pudding. The take-away from all of this Hebraic screeching about the Birmingham Swastika Shoah was a reminder from Birmingham’s Jewish community that old-time Southern Whites like myself allegedly still cling to this liver-spotted old habit of trying to blow up everybody that we do not like.

Stains are the worst...

Image courtesy of imgur.com 

After all of the proper authorities were duly notified about the arrival of Temple Beth-El’s new swastika modern art exhibit, the temple’s raging rabbi-in-chief finally got around to notifying the Birmingham Police Department and their Bomb Squad. (What can I say, a Jew has to have his priorities in line.) After taking care of the first-thing’s-first stuff on the part of Temple Beth-El’s perspicacious rabbi, the Birmingham PD immediately dropped everything including their donuts to rush to the defense of Birmingham’s oppressed Jewish community. Now this rush to rescue Birmingham’s Jews-in-distress included calling in every off-duty piglet in the pen.

After the cavalry had arrived, the bomb squad quickly determined that this backpack of the apocalypse contained nothing but doomsday clothes and shoes. Detectives were also able to determine within a day or two that the avant-garde swastika mural that was so artfully spray-painted on the door of the synagogue was a masterpiece finished by a none other than a man who just happened to be an upright member of the Temple Beth-El Synagogue. As this farcical game of Clue ended it tenure, Birmingham’s finest were fixing to charge this painter-of-the-ages for vandalizing his own synagogue; however, Temple Beth-El’s cavelier Rabbi stepped in and magnanimously insisted that no charges be filed against his wayward congregation memeber. It is worth noting that this rueful 4H club skit from the rubber room was documented by the media while it was unfolding.

Welcome to Clownworld
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

 As if Birmingham’s home-grown episode of Life in Clown World was not nutty enough, the news media continued to use this bogus incident as proof that the Jews of Birmingham and of the entire country as well faced unspeakable threats from malodorous knuckle-dragging “Neo-Nazis.” According to Temple Beth-El’s virtuous rabbi, “There may have been no bomb planted in front of Temple Beth-El, and the vandalism may have been committed by a Jew, but the threat to Jews is real. These incidents were actually beneficial for the Jewish community because they focus public attention on the persecution and dangers that Jews around the country continue to face.” Following the Temple Beth-El incident, numerous clarion calls from the media and Jews living all over the country loudly proclaimed that enough was enough; thus, the US Government finally needed to start cracking down on “Neo-Nazis” in order to prevent a repeat of “The Holocaust,” which is always a looming and sleep-depriving threat to Jews.

 Now let me close this bedtime story by making one more point perfectly clear: The Jewish community around Birmingham is large, exceedingly wealthy, and has immense political power, so while the news media was out running their laps after the Temple Beth-El incident, not one voice from the Birmingham community was raised in protest against what was going on. As far as I am concerned, their very silence speaks volumes!

 NOTE: “The Neo-Nazis are Jews and The Jews are Neo-Nazis.” – Kevin Barrett (American born Shiite Islamic Scholar.) This says it all in a nutshell. NEO-NAZISM IS A FALSE FLAG! This fact can never be overdressed.

 Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


Using Gradualism to Push Harmful Agendas


yellow snail
Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com


The strategy of Gradualism entails the introduction of (near) imperceptible change that creates desired circumstances which an opponent of the Jews would never allow if they were aware of what was happening. This strategy may also be referred to as a ‘Surreptitious Slippery Slope‘ or ‘the Leaven of the Pharisees‘. This tactic is characteristically Jewish due to its subterranean and tenebrous nature, which can be likened to a person sliding a poisoned knife into another person’s the back in the dark.

An example of the strategy of gradualism being put into action was the normative inversion of Aryan values with a substitution of Semitic ideas in the form of Christianity from its “Advent” to its decline in contemporary society. Christianity was slowly imposed upon the Romans through a bottom-up revolution fomented by Jewish agitators, and the introduction of Christianity gradually fermented, decomposed, and destabilized the Roman Empire. Despite Aryan values seeing some redemption throughout the ages, such as during the rise of the Holy Roman Empire; none the less, Aryan control was still subtly subordinated to the lunar-Semitic spirituality of Semitic interlopers. Europe’s adaptation of Christianity fostered a spiritual essence that ultimately dragged European people down to the level of a hybridized and contaminated collective soul, and this new collective consciousness that was introduced into Europe created a cultural backdrop which was part Aryan and part Jewish that gave European people a subtle will to serve Jewish interests.

Brainwashing Funny Brain Humors Pun Sarcastic Saying Gift for Christmas present Digital Art by Mordey Masa - Pixels

Image courtesy of pixels.com 

One quite relevant recent use of this strategy has been the Hart-Celler Immigration act of 1965. The Hart-Celler Immigration act was signed into effect by then-president Lyndon B. Johnson on October 3, 1965 at the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. Not surprisingly, this piece of legislation was drafted by a Jewish congressional representative from New York city named Emmanuel Cellar and this piece of legislation was supported in the senate by a non-Jewish but very liberal senator from Michigan named Philip Hart, but this bill was backed by every known Jewish organization, so there was a lot of money and media support for that bill. What the Hart-Cellar act did was abolish immigration quotes that were established in the 1924 Johnson-Reed Congressional act which set strict immigration quotes for America and heavily favored immigration from Northwestern Europe including places such as Germany, the British Isles and Scandinavia. The Johnson-Reed act was also designed to deliberately restrict almost all immigration from Africa or Asia.

Even before he became president, John F. Kennedy had adopted a very liberal stance on immigration and he was officially credited as the author of a popular 1958 book called “A Nation of Immigrants” which in truth Kennedy himself barely even read, much less wrote. The real author of Kennedy’s famous book was none other than a man named Myer Feldman who was a member of senator Kennedy’s personal staff of assistants.

Formal ratification of the Hart-Cellar may not have seemed like a sea change at the time it was signed, and of course, proponents of this legislations — who were mostly Jewish — assured the public and members of congress that this piece of legislation would not significantly alter the nature of American society; however, any claims that the Hart-Cellar act would not alter the ethnic makeup of America are downright risible to anyone hearing these things today.

Trojan Horse Blank Template - Imgflip

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The Hart-Cellar act serves as one shining example where the principle of Gradualism is applied because the Jews who pushed this act knew if effective restrictions that were placed on immigration numbers from Non-White nations could be eliminated or reformed, then the Jews would be able to gradually increase the number of migrants over a period of decades while hoping that the greater masses of White Americas would never really notice their own ethnic displacements due to the gradual nature of these changes.

Emanuel Celler - Wikipedia

Image of Emanuel Cellar furnished courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Sadly, the Gradualism tactic has proven itself to be effective, provided that whatever the Jews have in mind is carefully pushed over a period of decades or even centuries. It is worth noting that the Jews began to push for immigration reform for America as soon as anything beyond a token number of Jews were living in America. As has been stated many times before and in many different places, Jews will always seek to make a place they inhabit as pluralistic and devoid of a common culture as possible in order to make themselves and their rotten activities less conspicuous.

Yet another example of Jews using gradualism is the changes in public opinion concerning homosexual marriage. A 2015 article published in the San Diego Union-Tribune notes that support for homosexual marriage can largely be traced back to television shows such as Will and Grace which featured a main character who was very openly gay as well as “Coming Out” episodes on television situation comedies going as far back as the 1970’s, including a gay-acceptance episode of All in the Family, plus other “Coming Out” episodes for other situation comedies such as Cheers in the 1980s. Another notable event that pushed public acceptance of homosexual marriage was the 1997 official coming out as a lesbian “Coming Out” of Ellen Degeneres in her situation comedy show called Ellen. (For those old enough to remember this event, it was not like everyone did not know that Ellen was a lesbian anyway — the fact that Ellen was a lesbian was just glaringly obvious to everyone, including the very non-observant; none the less, Ellen’s official “Coming Out” back in 1997 still represents a significant cultural shift.)

Ellen - Rotten Tomatoes

Image of Ellen television show case furnished courtesy of rottentomatoes.com (Ellen Degeneres pictured at center) 

The point to note is that it is the Jews who have controlled American entertainment content for decades now, so it has been the Jews that have pushed agendas which were designed to slowly break down the public’s natural and understandable distaste for homosexual relations. As noted by Kirk Doolittle of the Natural Law Institute, a bias against homosexuality exists universally because parents spend a lot of resources on their children and proud parents typically subordinate their own interests and well-being to that of their offspring, plus parents make these sacrifices in hopes of seeing their bloodlines continue; however, homosexuality represents a dead end for bloodlines and thus a waste of resources on the part of the parents and extended family, so it should come as no surprise that most people have a natural dislike for homosexuality.

To put it another way, homosexuality is generally disliked because it imposes a cost on society and individual families. The early pushes for increased acceptance of homosexual activity by the Jews that happened within the content of popular entertainment may have seemed noble and innocent enough at the time to the general public, but the public was actually walking a slippery slope of gradual indoctrination and gaslighting concerning their attitudes about homosexuality, and this gradual shift in attitudes about homosexuality has eventually lead to 2022 Gallup Polls noting that almost 80% of the American public now support homosexual marriage. Let it be said that the Jewish push to normalize homosexual marriage has always been an indirect attack on the integrity of marriage in general and an assault on the concept of families in particular. Jews are seeking to weaken the integrity of White families because they know that the destruction of the families is the destruction of people and nations.

Gallup Polls on Same Sex Marriage
Image courtesy of gallup.com 


Misuse of Trusted Authority

hacked by who - YOU HAVE BEEN HACKED! Evil Plotting Raccoon

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This tactic is a variation of the ad verecundiam argument (‘argument from expert opinion’ or authority; ‘veracity’) for many types of issues. More generally a tactic of false authority is employed, when applied to the communication of ex cathedra statements coming from those placed into a position of power, i.e. “scientists,”etc. to persuade the populace to submit to agendas that are not in their best interest.

In order to persuade the “goyim” to support or allow harm to be done to them, the use of all manners of rhetorical tactics that appeal to authority through a menagerie of media (sounds; visual representations, etc.) are employed.

The Jews are certainly aware that most people are willing to defer to the advice of those who they believe to be “experts,” so this natural esteem that supposed experts are given by the public can certainly be misused by Jews for their own rotten ends. The Jews tend to work as a cohesive group that helps one another as much as possible, so these networks of mutual help and support act as useful mechanisms for Jews to help place other Jews into positions of power of influence, even if such Jews are not qualified to hold the offices which they occupy. To phrase this phenomenon another way, the Jews leverage their carefully built networks of collective ethnic self-interest to hijack institutions where the public places their trust, and once control of trusted institutions has been achieved, the Jews then use these corrupted institutions that still hold a lot of public trust to mislead the public as they see fit.

One really pertinent example of Jews hijacking institutions of authority for their own rotten ends is the career of the Jewish “Anthropologist” named Franz Boaz. Interestingly, Kevin McDonald devotes an entire chapter in the revised 2023 edition of his luminal book The Culture of Critique to the gaslighting career of Franz Boaz. McDonald has also noted that American academia is very hierarchical in nature, so after Boaz was awarded a teaching position at Colombia University’s Philosophy department in 1899 he was in a position to place his students at countless lesser universities. It is also worth noting that Boaz held his teaching position at Colombia university until 1942.

Franz Boas - Wikipedia

Image of Franz Boaz furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

McDonald notes that American Academia has apex universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton within the humanities fields, so any university professor who trains protégés at these institutions ultimately determines the direction that other huminites departments at lesser universities will follow. The point to remember here is that some prestigious universities such as Harvard and Yale are institutions that the public looks up to for intellectual and moral guidance, so big problems can result when bad actors hijack these organizations. It is also worth mentioning here that universities seem to be the worst source of corruption in contemporary Western nations, and it has been Jews who have hijacked and misused the trust that people place in universities for rotten ends. Aside from universities, Jews have also made tremendous institutional inroads into the public school system, and of course, the Jews have also weaponized the authority of public schools to drive their own bad agendas. Recent disputes about teaching “Critical Race Theory,” which is a totally Jewish creation, in public schools serves as one such example.

To make a long story short, Boaz spent his entire career leveraging his academic position along with a façade of scientific respectability to advance Jewish tribal interests. Boaz also trained hundreds of proteges that eventually earned teaching positions at American universities who continued to spread his misinformation.


bs, kim, jong, un, attends, ivy, league, university, learn, new, brainwashing, techniques

Image furnished courtesy of funny.com 

Boaz was a well-known opponent of any scientific study of racial differences, yet Jews have opposed any academic study of racial differences from the very beginnings of these inquiries because they do not wish to be easily identified by others when they are carrying out their bad business, Jews also oppose racial science because any notions of biological race tend to foster a sense of group unity that the Jews cannot easily undermine.

Many researchers have theorized that one reason the Jews hate any disciplined and scientific study of racial differences is because attributing racial differences to factors of “Culture” undermines a natural and solid group of peoples’ senses of group unity and replaces this strong and natural sense of tribalism with a much weaker and more mutable sense of group identity based on “Cultural Factors.” Identities based on “Culture” as opposed to biology rest on a notion of “Culture” which is external to all people and thus fundamentally arbitrary and subject to manipulation and deconstruction by Jews.


Editor’s Anecdote:

Back in 2014, I got into a debate with my supervisor at work concerning the issue as to whether the terrorist attacks that happened on September 11, 2001 (911) were all inside jobs which were planned by people other than the Arabs that were publicly blamed for these events. At this point in time, only people who are older than about 30 can actually remember this event, but the Jews are now seeking to memory-hold this event as fast as possible because evidence that 911 was a Jewish-orchestrated inside job is so easy to uncover and so blatant. Countless books have been written that completely destroy the official narrative for what happened that fateful day, yet as time creeps by, this event becomes ever less socially and politically relevant.

I forgot Something Ah - Tough Spongebob (I'll have you know) | Make a Meme

Image courtesy of makeameme.org

In response, my supervisor recommended that we all sit down and watch a 1-hour television special that supposedly “debunked” all of the “Conspiracy Theories” surrounding “911”. In response, I and my co-workers agreed to sit down together and watch a recording of this episode that was steamed on the internet. The thing about this television special that stands out the most was the way that the creators of this television special made appeals to authority. Looking back, it seems that the whole television show rested on the authority of a group of men who claimed to be “experts” from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It is worth noting that the name MIT was referenced here because the Jews who put this television episode together knew that the general public believes that anyone who claims to be from MIT must know their stuff. This television special’s appeal to the authority of MIT is worth noting because it illustrates how public trust in notable institutions can be twisted and misused by unscrupulous Jews.

Brainiac Memes - Imgflip

Representatives from MIT. Image courtesy of imgflip.com


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