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Are National Socialists Sworn Enemies of Child Traffickers?



Goglin King Bowie

Image of David Bowie in portraying Goblin Kin Jareth in the film Labyrinth furnished courtesy of pdxmonthly.com 

A Word About Goblin Kings

In the 1986 film named  Labyrinth, the now-deceased rockstar named David Bowie played a character named Goblin King Jareth. David Bowie put in a very memorable performance in this film, and the character he played was known to abduct children and spirt them off to another reality where these kidnapped children would be turned into goblins over time and they would never seen or heard from again. The Goblin King Jareth was confident that he could kidnap children because he had a safe pocket dimension to return to which made retrieval of missing children very difficult.

The creators of this film never say it openly, but Jareth’s kingdom is what might be called a “pocket dimension,”  and such places do exist within the quantum matrix of our multiverse. Pocket dimensions exist outside of our main physical reality, and many of these pockets dimensions might be more similar and relatable to our world than people might imagine; however, the laws of physics within such pocket dimensions might be different from what we experience here on a day-to-day basis. Given that pocket dimensions certainly can exist with the framework of quantum mechanics and hyper-dimensional physics, the existence of realms like the one imagined in the film Labyrinth are not as far-fetched and fantastic as it might seem at a glance. The basic plot of this film centers around a 16 year old girl who was played by the actress Jennifer Connelly who must travel into the Goblin King’s pocket dimension to rescue her infant half brother. The Goblin King can be thought of as an archetype for those who steal children then spirit them off to realms where they will never be seen again, kind of like Jews and Muslims are known to do.



Child Trafficking is a Key Component of World Trade

 The most important components of global foreign trade in order of monetary value:

 1st – Arms ⚔️ 💣🧨

 2nd – Children (close second) 🧸

 3rd – Drugs💉 💊 🚬

 4th – Oil 🛢


Principal Nations and Regions Engaged in the Trade

For sex slaves:

➤ Israel

➤ United States of America (The Zio-American Empire)

➤ Wealthy Arab oil Kingdoms

➤ Indian Subcontinent

➤ Sub Saharan Africa

For Forced Labor:

➤ Sub-Saharan Africa

➤ Indian Subcontinent


The Races of Trafficked Children (the Merchandize)


Trafficking in kidnapped children is a similar business to trafficking in kidnapped young women, so in the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and Europe the racial statistics that reflect missing women tend to mirror those of trafficked children.

 Aryans – Preferred, but not the most numerous of trafficked women and children. White children are rarely trafficked for forced labor, but they are preferred for the purposes of pedophilia and ritual sacrifices.

 American Indians/First Nations – Numerous

 Hispanics – Numerous

In America, Hispanic women are the most likely to go missing in terms of sheer numbers as well as by percentage for their population. Hispanic women and children do not fetch high prices on the black market to the same degree as European children and women, but Hispanic women and children tend to live in poorer communities and poorer nations, so they are generally more vulnerable to kidnapping and trafficking than children of European descent.

 Blacks – Rarely

As groups, Black women and children are the least likely to go missing anywhere outside of Sub Saharan Africa. Black children are also the hardest to place in foster homes or adoptive families anywhere outside of Africa. Black women and children are not the most desirable group for sex trafficking, but Sub-Saharan Africa still has a huge problem with male Black children being trafficked and sold into brutal working slavery on plantations, factories, and in mines. Young Black female children are also sold by the score as domestic servants and sex slaves across Sub-Saharan Africa, but they are rarely sold for sex slavery outside of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Jews – Never

 Native Hawaiians – The 8th most sought after

South Asians: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka – Numerous

Although women and children of Indian Subcontinental origin are not as sought after as sex slaves when compared to European children and women; none the less, the largest source of adult female sex slaves and child sex slaves in the Arab oil kingdoms is still India and Pakistan. Boys, girls, and adult females are also bought, sold, and kidnapped in alarming numbers all across the Indian subcontinent for the purposes of domestic sex slavery, but outside of the Arab oil kingdoms and the Indian subcontinent South Asians are not the most desired sex slaves.

Others – Unknown




Uses for Trafficked Children 

Unethical people will do absolutely anything you can imagine with trafficked children, but here are a few of the more common uses for stolen children.

Save the Children’s website notes that around 27% of all enslaves persons worldwide are children, and about 66% of all abducted and trafficked children are girls, but girls are more frequently forced to become domestic servants and prostitutes and boys are more often abducted and used for labor or instrumental violence.

Half of all trafficked children on a world level are abducted and trafficked within the boundaries of their own nations. Given this statistic, it is important to keep in mind that domestic trafficking is not a small issue. 


Pedophilia (Sex Toys)

Jeffrey Epstein
Image of Jeffrey Epstein furnished courtesy of law.com

International Jewry cements and fortifies its control over political systems and other institutions in many nations by deliberately financing the campaigns of aspiring politicians who are pedophiles. Pedophiles are often chosen as politicians by Jews because the sexual tastes of pedophiles serve as a potent tool for blackmail, plus pedophiles make great political puppets because anyone who partakes in such deprived sexual activities as pedophilia has a broken moral compass anyway. It takes a person with a broken moral compass to do what pedophiles do, so it logically follows that pedophiles will do whatever is asked of them by corrupt the Jewish interests that put them in office once they assume positions of power or influence.

Aside from the issue of blackmail, pedophilia is always going to be a proclivity of the rich and powerful for a more than one reason. First, if a person is rich and powerful and if they are rich and powerful and they have any type of inclination at all towards pedophilia, then they can indulge their taste with a lot less fear of reaping the consequences of their bad behavior. It is worth noting that in places such as rural Mexico men who are found partaking in pedophilia are typically given “frontier justice” which is pretty brutal, so in many places the prospect of facing extra-judicial punishment for pedophilia deters many who would partake in such activities if they were free of practical accountability. Likewise, in more developed nations people who are not very wealthy or connected often forgo any practice of pedophilia because they fear legal consequences as opposed to frontier justice, so the fear of consequences reduces the number of active pedophiles outside of elite circles.

Mexican Lynching

The image above shows “frontier justice” in rural Mexico. Image furnished courtesy of mexicodailynews.com 

If a man is rich enough and if he has enough connections on high places, then he is above worldly laws in a practical sense, so people who have no fear of punishment for their bad actions are inclined to do some pretty rotten things, and these bad things extend far beyond simple acts of pedophilia. Aside from having virtual immunity from the police, the courts, and the judges, the very rich tend to live in large walled compounds that stock extensive security measures, so these types of living arrangements give people a lot of seclusion and privacy which opens the door for all sorts of depraved behavior taking place away from public notice. The very rich also have channels to purchase missing children that offer a high degree of secrecy and privacy because bottomless wells of money ensures a continuous supply chain of disposable children one way or another. This bought-and-paid-for screen of privacy that the rich have for acquiring children to indulge their appetites for pedophilia definitely worsens the problem of child abductions.

Jimmy Saville
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Another issue to consider concerning the rich and powerful that relates to their proclivity towards pederasty is boredom and novelty seeking. Truly rich and powerful men can have sex with all of the beautiful women they wish any time they want, but as time passes, these men often get bored with their usual sexual fare, so they eventually begin to seek new sexual novelties and stimulations; therefore, all sorts of experimental sexual journeys typically begin. It turns out that men are not the only ones who fall into this trap because women from elite and aristocratic backgrounds have also been known to become quite depraved if they are bored and have no real accountability for their bad actions, Jeffrey Epstein’s female partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell is a case in point on this subject.

Ghislane Maxwell

Image of Jeffrey Epstein and his beau Ghislaine Maxwell furnished courtesy of tatler.com 

Another factor to consider about the riche and idle is the fact that when people are exempt from the pressures that come with earning a living, they are able to toy with all sorts of vices without having to reap the true consequences of such immoral behaviors; therefore, such people not only experiment with twisted sexual exploration, but they also experiment with occultism, sorcery, and drugs of all types. For men of elite means, their experimental sexual journeys often begin with an exploration of sex with women, then they progress to having sex with men, next they segue to having sex with children, and eventually animals enter the equation. The final destination in the pursuit of sensory stimulation is pain and torture of oneself and others. So, having ample time on your hands can be a blessing because it gives a person time to read, to write, to think, to make art, to make music, and to philosophize, but having too much empty time can also be a very real curse if a person does not have a strong moral compass and a tempered soul. As the old saying goes, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground.”


Tom Hank's Dinner Party

Image courtesy of twitter.com 

Yes, the wealthy and powerful are inclined towards eventually experimenting with pedophilia because they do not fear the consequences of such actions, but boredom and an endless search for amusement and novelty often drive the rich and idle to do things that they would never do if they were kept busy with things like jobs and normal worldly duties. It has been well-known for millennia that royals and other elites suffer from boredom to such a degree that they will toy with all sorts of vices just to try and get some stimulation which their daily lives do not provide. The 1995 film titled Angels and Insects is worth watching because it illustrates how boredom becomes an oppressive force in the lives of rich and idle people, and in turn this boredom and isolation drives these people in all sorts of bad directions.  Roman emperors were notorious for their perversions and sadism, and the Roman emperor Tiberius is rumored to have sexually molested, tortured, and killed thousands of child slaves at his seclude palace in the island of Capri.

portrait of ancient roman manportrait of ancient roman man

Image courtesy of freepik.com


Organ Harvesting

Adults are often kidnapped and their internal organs are harvested with the intention of being sold on illegal black markets; but sadly, children are also abducted plundered for the same reasons. The American National Library of Medicine’s National Center for Biotechnology Information publishes several entries about this exact subject, so this matter is well-documented and real. And yes, the business of international organ trafficking is a disproportionally Jewish affair, a 2009 Newsweek article even mentions that Israel is the chief brokerage nexus for off-the-books organ purchases (Imagine my shock!). Yes, organs from children are often transplanted into aging but wealthy adult organ buyers.

organ harvesting

Image furnished courtesy of freepik.com


 Illegal and “off-the-books” “Adoptions” by Wealthy Individuals

The market for illegal adoptions is growing due to rising fertility issues for more couples across the developed nations and increasingly in poorer nations as well. The causes of increased fertility problems vary, but the most immediate cause of fertility problems is women waiting ever longer to begin having children. Women are waiting longer to have children because they are pursuing ever higher levels of education during their most fertile years, then these same women finish school and begin focusing on their careers for a number of years.

Women are also increasingly being encouraged to seek novelty and excitement by having many sexual encounters and short relationships during their peak fertility years, so for many modern women the idea of settling down and having children typically is not given much real consideration until they are well into their thirties, after that, having children becomes a race against their biological fertility clocks. Feminism teaches women that they are happiest when they seek meaning in their careers, and feminism also young teaches women that fulfillment and satisfaction can be reached by chasing the ultimate sexual pleasure by experiencing sex with a variety of different men. So, the women who take feminist teachings to heart often send their most fertile years studying in school, traveling, drinking, taking drugs, partying, and having sex with many different men; however, many of these women wind up childless in their 30s and pressed for time if they wish to have children before infertility sets in. True, some women manage to beat the clock and have children in their thirties, but many do not beat their loudly ticking biological clocks.

Liberal woman

Image furnished courtesy of freepik.com 

Aside from fertility issues that arise from waiting too long to begin having children, environmental factors such as increasing rates of obesity due to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets contribute to worldwide fertility problems. Exposure to chemicals that mimic female hormones via food and water supplies is also a contributing factor in increasing infertility. Most commercially manufactured plastics have chemicals in them that mimic female hormones, so these hormone-disrupting chemicals that mimic female hormones slowly leach into food products that are packaged in plastics and plastic waste products slowly leach hormone disruptors into the environment. The presence of synthetic female hormones in the water and food that people consume has negative effects on the reproductive health of both men and women, which only heightens the need for adoptions and fertility treatments.

Millions of women are also using birth control pills to avoid pregnancies during their most fertile years, but many of these same women eventually stop taking their birth control pills when they finally decide to have children; however, years of taking birth control pills often leave a women’s reproductive system damaged and compromised. Having abortions does not automatically make a woman sterile, but abortions often leave scar tissue inside a woman’s uterus, and a having a uterus that is scarred from abortions lends itself to fertility troubles.

Abortion photo

Image furnished courtesy of freepik.com

Every year the number of women seeking fertility treatments grows around the world, so there is also growing number of couples who wind up looking to adopt at some point. The problem with adoption is that there are always more couples seeking to adopt than there are suitable newborn babies who are up for adoption, so the market for illegal adoptions is growing. For example, a 2013 article appearing on the insightcrime.org website notes that Guatemala is the second most popular place for off-of-the books adoptions.


Ritual Sacrifices (The Room Where You Do What You Don’t Confess)

Sacrifice ritual

Image courtesy of freepik.com 

Stanley Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut dares to address the subject of Satanism amongst the rich and powerful in Western nations, and shortly after this film was released Kubrick died of mysterious causes. David Icke and other “Conspiracy Theorists” have been discussing Satanism amongst the highest echelons of Western society for decades, so Satanism amongst the rich and powerful is not a new or novel avenue of discussion and inquiry. Although tangible proof of Satanic human sacrifices is hard to come by, discussions about Satanic child sacrifice have been long-running, numerous, and consistent, so despite the rantings of nay-sayers, there is probably some truth to these assertions and rumors. Icke and others have asserted that ritual acts of pedophilia, torture, and sacrifice are performed on children in Satanic rituals, so it stands to reason that at least some of the children who go missing each year wind up becoming the fodder of macabre Satanic rituals.

Marina Abramovic

Image of Jewish “artist” Marina Abramovic furnished courtesy of modernreview.wordpress.com Some might dismiss abramovic’s “art” as just harmless expression, but there is a very real dark and troubling side to this woman’s body of work. 

Even when “Satanism” within an Abrahamic context is not being practiced, humanity still has a long history of ritually sacrificing children for religious reasons which dates back to the Aztec Empire and other ancient societies. For example, archeological digs in Iraq have unearthed giant clay urns that are filed with the skeletons of ritually sacrificed children from Babylonian times. Even to this day, pre-Christian cults still exist in Mexico , and these cults still practice human sacrifice, and children are often chosen as sacrificial subjects by these dark cults. The relatively recent rise of the Santa Muerte cult in Mexico has also sparked a renaissance in old Aztec-style human sacrifices, and some of this tradition is now making its way north of the Mexican border.

Mexico Lore

Image courtesy of mexicolore.co.uk

It turns out that pre-Islamic and pre-Christian cults still exit across the Middle East, and many of these cults are not “Satanic” in an Abrahamic sense, but they do involve making deals with dark astral beings in exchange for things like money and women. The Book called Trafficked: Slavery in the 21st Century also notes that cults in Haiti will kidnap children and sacrifice them to various snake gods in exchange for money, so human sacrifices pre-date modern Abrahamic conceptions of “Satanism”

Dark sacrifice

Image courtesy of freepik.com


Manufacturing of Adrenal Extract (Adrenochrome)

Image courtesy of audible.com 

Admittedly, this topic may represent more of an urban legend than anything else, but the internet has certainly been rife with talk about elites harvesting extract from the adrenal glands of children for quite a while now. Yes, but are these mutterings about the elite extracting adrenochrome from kidnapped children actually true? I personally would not put it past Jews and their Shabbos Goy lackey to harvest the adrenal fluid of children, so we will consider this particular use for kidnapped children to be a distinct possibility.

Adrenochrome entered the public’s consciousness first with Aldus Huxley’s 1954 book called The Doors of Perception, but the most dramatic appearance for adrenochrome was Hunter S. Thompson’s 1971 book called Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which then became a 1998 Hollywood movie starring Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro. Wikipedia mentions that adrenochrome was used in clinical trial to treat schizophrenia in the 1950s and 1960s, and these trials all saw limited success using adrenochrome to treat schizophrenia , but none of these old studies have ever compared the effects of adrenochrome to those of cocaine of methamphetamine, so it seems that the truth about this substance is probably a lot more pedestrian than the QAnon crowd might imagine.

Interestingly, Adrenochrome is for sale on the Aobios website for surprisingly cheap prices and Wikipedia mentions that adrenochrome is simply an oxidized version of the hormone norepinephrine.

Randall Hilburn’s notes on human adrenal extract:

Adrenaline Extract: It is used in the treatment of Radiation Poisoning. It also has temporary anti-aging properties, and it can act as a temporary semi-fountain of youth. This elixir can also be used to counteract the effects of some poisons.


Blood transfusions ( I want to be forever young) 

The Lost boys

Image of The Lost Boys furnished courtesy of ew.com In case you are not familiar with The Lost Boys, this was a hit 1987 film about a group of good looking male vampires who were determined to remain forever young and forever hip by being vampires. 

Unlike with talk about milking terrified children for adrenochrome, there is some solid literature discussing giving aging people transfusions of blood from children and even babies. The National Library of Medicine’s website notes that in 2017, a Monterey, CA startup company called Ambrosia sold blood plasma from children to aging adults for 8,000 USD per liter, and this young blood plasma was administered to the aging in the form of IV drips. Likewise, a May 2023 article from the New York Post notes that Bryn Johnson, who is a 45-year-old tech tycoon, is now experimenting with blood transfusions from around 30 young donors to fight aging.

Bryan Johnson
Image of Bryan Johnson and his son courtesy of me.mashable.com 

The Guardian also ran a February 2020 article that talked about more than one startup selling “young blood” treatments for the aging, but this article mentioned that in 2005 Stanford University did studies where the circulatory systems of old and young mice were connected together and the old mice saw reversals of their aging by being connected to a younger mouse’s blood system. This same Guardian article also notes that human blood plasma alone contains more than 20,000 proteins, so nobody truly understands all of the functions that a person’s blood fulfills. Considering how complex a person’s blood is from a chemical standpoint, it stands to reason that it is hard to simply isolate the chemicals in a young person’s blood that would rejuvenate an older person; so logically, the thing to do is to simply perform full blood transfusions between the old and the young.

vampire pepe
Image courtesy of stickerscloud.com 

If even mainstream media outlets such as The Guardian are openly discussing the medical possibilities that arise from old people getting regular blood transfusions from young people, then it stands to reason that the very wealthy are already practicing regimens of youthful blood transfusions. That having been said, these very elite and wealthy but aging people are not publicizing what they are doing, and they would probably have no qualms about milking trafficked children for their blood.

vampire image
Image courtesy of freepik.com


Unwilling and Involuntary Test Subjects for Medical, Psychological, and Assorted Scientific Experiments

coomer scientist
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

The American government has a history of using military personnel as test subjects in some pretty terrible experiments, but the Samantha Williams website also features an article that discusses how the Canadian government used Native American children who were living in government-run boarding schools to test the effects of treatment drugs on Trachoma eye infections. The American Department of Defense also conducted experiments where they exposed around 400,000 military personnel to varying degrees of radiation between 1946 and 1962, and the survivors of these awful experiments are referred to as Nuclear Veterans. Some of these Nuclear Veteran experiments were pretty horrendous, such as placing solider at intervals during surface nuclear detonations in Nevada and New Mexico, and some of these experiments involved simply subjecting soldiers to varying degrees of radiation for set amounts of time without their knowledge or consent. Given what the Zio-American government has done to soldiers in various tests over the years, it stands to reason that the elites would have no problem subjecting trafficked children to a few questionable and cruel experiments.

The most famous of all questionable medical experiments is the infamous old Tuskegee Study or as it was formally named: Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male (TSUS). The Tuskegee study tracked the course of syphilis amongst Black men who were living in Tuskegee, Alabama from 1932 to 1972, and this study was performed and funded by the United States Public Health Service. What made the Tuskegee Study so infamous was the fact that treatments for syphilis were cheap and readily available in the 1940s when penicillin arrived on the scene, but these government-funded researchers wanted to study the long-term effects of untreated syphilis.

I love science
Image courtesy of redbubble.com

When speaking of historical cases of really bad medical experiments being performed on unwilling test subjects, the Imperial Japanese Unit 731 gets an honorable mention. Unit 731 was based in the Chinese/Manchurian city of Harbin and this clandestine unit was run from 1937 to 1945. Unit 731’s Wikipedia entry lists around 15,000 prisoners dying in this notorious facility and another 400,000 or more Chinese people perishing as a result of the biological weapons that were created at this facility then used across China. Unit 731 used abducted Chinese men, women, and children as their test subjects.  The Tuskegee Study and Unit 731 are both mentioned here because they serve as examples of how unethical medical studies and experiments have been a fixture of modern society for more than a century now.

The elites are interested in developing drugs that prolong life through genetic manipulation, but they are also interested in creating trans-human cybernetic people, so the elites will need a few unwilling test subjects to advance the science in these areas. Rumor also has it that the elites are interested in creating human hybrids that are commonly known as “chimeras.”

lizard pepe
Image courtesy of r/pepethefrog on reddit.com 

Chimeras are human hybrid creatures that have genes from plants, other types of animals, and even fungi inserted into their gene codes. The exact reasons for creating chimeras are varied and unclear, but the elites are probably interested in creating genetically engineered not-quite-human slaves and soldiers when they run medical experiments intended to further the development of chimeras.

lizard man
Image courtesy of freepik.com 


Sourcing Sicarios and Mercenaries

Admittedly, making trained assassins and mercenaries out of abducted male children is probably not the most common fate for the kidnapped, but it does happen. It is worth noting that the Mexican drug cartels groom and then deploy abducted and orphaned boys as mercenaries, assassins, and enforcers, as do Latin American drug cartels operating in Colombia and Ecuador.  Using kidnapped boys as soldiers is not a new idea, the Ottoman empire used to kidnap European children, then proceed to indoctrinate them with Islamic brainwashing, and eventually the Ottoman Empire would deploy these brainwashed White youth as expendable battle-bots against their own people. These unfortunate European boys who were brainwashed with Islamic mind programming and then sent out against their own people were called the Janissaries.

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Sub-Saharan Africa is also a place that is rife with child soldiers being used by various warlords and crime syndicates, and in Sub-Saharan Africa child soldiers are typically seen as completely expendable by those who kidnap these boys then groom them for killing. The UNICEF official website notes that between 2005 and 2020 an estimated 105,000 children were abducted and made into child soldiers, but that number cannot be correct becasue the real number has to be much, much, higher. South Africa’s ACCORD non-governmental organization or NGO published a 2002 article that listed the number of child soldiers worldwide to be around 300,000, and in Sub-Saharan Africa they estimated the number to be 120,000, but both of these sets of numbers were acquired in 2002, so even back then the real number had to be much higher. Indeed, abducted boys being turned into child soldiers is a world-level issue, but as Al-Jazeera’s website noted in a November 2021 posting, Sub-Saharan Africa has the most child soldiers per million inhabitants.

Randall Hilburn’s Notes on Children being Forced into Committing Acts of Violence:

(1) Child Soldiers: A typical example. During the Cold War, there was a Pro-Russian Government in Mozambique, so the CIA instituted an ultimately unsuccessful program to destabilize this country with a guerilla movement. As the CIA sought to destabilize the government of Mozambique, they kidnapped a large number of children in the country in order to train and use them as child soldiers. The CIA was fond of using children as soldiers because they discovered that children are easier to manipulate than adults. Children as young as eight were utilized as soldiers by the CIA because children younger than eight were still too immature to train and use. These CIA-trained child soldiers were renowned for their viciousness to the point that it was not always possible to retrain them if they were ever captured. Although groups other than the CIA would eventually start using many abducted child soldiers in Africa, it was the CIA operatives who were working in Africa that pioneered their use. I find it most interesting that the CIA figures prominently all over the world in discussions about child trafficking.

Chid soldier
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

On a personal note about sourcing assassins from James Rousse:

Many years ago, I remember watching an old video that was sold on the Tools for Freedom website that consisted of hours of testimony by Kay Griggs. In her series of videos, Kay Griggs discussed the sordid world of military intelligence operations and how these activities relate to the CIA and the NSA, but she also mentioned that these same sordid organizations still purchase male children, then train them to be assassins. Griggs noted in her series of videos that these young boys are basically seen as expandable by those who buy these boys and then proceed to train them to become assassins, so the average career of these young assassins is typically just a few years. These young men are typically killed after fulfilling a few years of service simply to tie up what might constitute loose ends; in other words, these young men are eliminated after a few years because they know too many things that are meant to be kept secret.

wojak assassin
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net


Forced Child Labor in Plantations and Factories

The World Counts website notes that one in four abducted children wind up in a forced labor situation, and this same source estimates that at any given time there are around 30 million child slaves working in factories, mines, and plantations around the world. The World Counts website also notes that in 2023 the cost of a male child at a Sub-Saharan African slave market is around $37 USD, which is the same price as a cow. The Worldvision.org website notes that Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest percentage of child laborers of any place on earth with an estimated number of 79 million child laborers in 2023. This same source also notes that worldwide 70% of all forced labor for children and enslaved adults is agricultural work, and this same reference notes that around 22,000 child labors die in agricultural work across Sub-Saharan Africa each year.

african slave
Image courtesy of wojakpardise.net

Although Sub-Saharan Africa is the worst offender in terms of the absolute number of trafficked and enslaved children who are working as forced laborers; on the other hand, the Indian subcontinent is not too far behind Sub-Saharan Africa in this sordid set of statistics. The International Labor Organization’s website notes that in the nations of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, there are an estimated 30 million children who are living with their families that are working, along with an estimated 17 million abducted and enslaved children who are working against their will.  This same source states that there are an estimated 50 million children across the Indian subcontinent who are not working, but neither are they enrolled in school. This same website also notes that 26% of all children in Nepal are involved in commercial work of some type.

The UNICEF website states that there are approximately 10.2 million children who are living in forced labor conditions in India alone, but eight million out of those 10 million children are forced to perform agricultural work in rural areas. As bad as the previous statistics might be, an Indian website called theprint.in published a June 2019 article which mentions that the 2011 census performed by the Indian national government found that 259.6 million children in India were performing some type of commercial labor, and this same article notes that as of 2019 India ranked 113th out of the world’s 176 nations in terms of overall child welfare.

indian wojak 2

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Randall Hilburn’s Notes on Children who are Forced to Work on Plantations and Farms:

(2) Slave Labor (meaning “Wage” labor, or very often literal slave labor) on plantations and in factories is a popular practice because it all amounts to the search for the cheapest labor available, so sometimes children are kidnapped, while at other times they “voluntarily” submit to working because they see beginning to work as the only way to survive. Those who submit to wage slavery are very often just trying to help support their families. It is common to use the children up (malnutrition, sickness, injury, or general exhaustion) and then abandon them to their fates because it is cheaper to replace these forlorn children than to maintain them.



Across what we might call “the Third World” children are found working in quarries and mines of all types, and Afghanistan has recently seen an unbelievable explosion in the number of child laborers in its crude but growing coal mining industry. Afghanistan’s coal mining industry has grown by leaps and bounds since the Zio-American Empire recently packed up and left after more than 20 years of military occupation, and this recent Zio-American departure inevitably put the Taliban back in charge. Mining coal by crude manual labor methods is one thing that Afghanistan can do at this time to generate quick export cash, so there is a strong incentive to expand this dirty humanitarian crisis of an industry. The Taliban has a long record of using abducted children as child soldiers, so this organization is not averse to enslaving children to mine for coal. India and Sri Lanka also have tens of thousands of children working in sheet mica mines. Many of these children who are working in the mica mines of India and Sri Lanka are forced laborers.

Child Coal miner

The image above shows a child coal miner in Afghanistan. The image above is furnished courtesy of ft.com.

Other parts of the world may have children working against their will in mining operations, but once again, Sub-Saharan Africa is the reigning champion when it comes to the number of children toiling in mining operations, and the PBS.org website notes that at least one million children toil at rural artisan gold mines across Sub Saharan Africa. African mining operations that involve children are typically referred to as “Artisan” mining operations because such mines typically operate in rural areas and these outfits make use of minimal industrial equipment. A lack of capital forces small “artisan” mining operations in Sub-Sharan Africa and other poor nations such as Venezuela to perform almost all of their work with basic hand tools and to source the energy needed to mine from human or animal muscle power.

miner wojak
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Despite their primitive nature, small-scale gold mines often keep the economies of very poor nations at least somewhat solvent, but these operations are also very polluting because mercury is used to extract gold from the soil. For example, the economy of the small African nation of Gabon receives $1B USD per year from its artisan gold exports, so this industry is not going away any time soon despite the fact that these rough-and-tumble mines are so polluting and inhumane. Not surprisingly, if there is money to be made from unlicensed and “artisanal” gold mining operations, then many of the children working in these mines will be enslaved. The Unites States Department of Labor’s website also notes that between 30% and 50% of the workers in artisan gold mines in the African nations of Burkina Faso and Niger are children, and many of these mine-working children are forced laborers.

Randall Hilburn’s Notes on Forced Child Labor in Mining Operations:

(3) Children working in mining: The same thing can be said here that was said in (2). In addition, I want to discuss the use of child slaves in Lithium mining which has rapidly become the most valuable minerals used in foreign trade around the world. The excessive exposure to Lithium that one encounters when mining Lithium Ore (usually Lithium Quartz), can cause cancer; therefore, children are often utilized in some countries to actually gather up the pieces of lithium ore once it has been uncovered and broken up by dynamite, etc. The children who work in lithium mines do not last too long, but they are easily and cheaply replaced.

Apparently, it is the countries who export lithium ore to the United States where one sees the use of child slaves, but Chinese lithium mining operations are quickly acquiring a reputation for unethical conduct as well.

Cobalt is another somewhat rare metal this is also an integral component of the lithium ion batteries that now power much of our world, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo now produces 70% of the world’s cobalt. Cobalt is considered to be carcinogenic and mildly radioactive, so these crude “artisan” mines in the Congo basin constitute an epic environmental mess, but the people who work in these mines also tend to get sick and die rather quickly. High levels of exposure from the dust of cobalt ore dust is linked to heart problems and early lung failure, so mining cobalt is a dirty business.

Child cobalt miners
Image courtesy of ethicalsystems.org

It is worth mentioning that as hybrid automobiles increase in number, the demand for cobalt and lithium inevitably increases, but smart phones and personal computers are also powered by lithium ion, so as you read these very words at this very moment, please keep in mind that the device where you are reading this text right now most likely contains metals that were mined by trafficked children that were working as slaves. Do not feel too guilty if your phone or computer contains materials that were unethically sourced; we are just trying to raise your level of awareness about this issue by publishing this article. The point to consider is that more pressure needs to be put on ethical supply chain sourcing, and we must also collectively realize that using modern conveniences such as electric cars, computers, and smart phones comes at a price that someone must pay.  The Democratic Republic of the Congo obtains its cobalt ore from thousands of “artisan” mines that are scattered across the country, and yes, these off-the-books “artisan” mines are big consumers of enslaved children. Indeed, one could say the same sort of things regarding the mining of any intrinsically hazardous mineral.

In at least one case that I know of, the villain actually turns out to be France rather than the US or the local government. France still occupies the uranium ore producing region of Mali in West Africa, and the French occupiers make use of child slaves in their uranium mining operations. Since uranium ore is highly radioactive and thus carcinogenic, working in these mines is a veritable death sentence over time. Working enslaved children to death in uranium mines is very unethical, but this practice persists because using child slave laborers is still vastly cheaper than doing things properly.

nuclear france
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Rather than paying the Malians for their very valuable uranium, the French government is just stealing it and using Malian child slaves to mine it. Very often, these impoverished African children are lured to the mines by the promise of a little income, but these children very rarely live long enough to collect whatever meager earnings they may have earned while working in these terrible the uranium mines. Those running the French government want France to be a nuclear power, and France still gets most of its electricity from nuclear fission plants, so this is why the French want cheap uranium so badly. When one considers that France gets most of its electricity from nuclear fission plants, one must also understand that “Nuclear France” exits at a continual cost in suffering, death, and blood.

readioactive wojak
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net


Domestic Servants

The website antislavery.org lists the estimated number of enslaved domestic servants below the age of 16 to be around 17 million worldwide, but the real number has to be much higher. Not surprisingly, the Indian subcontinent and Sub-Saharan Africa account for the largest number of enslaved and trafficked domestic servants, but wealthy families in the Middle East are also known for keeping unpaid, abused, and sequestered young females in their homes as domestic servants. Not surprisingly, female domestic slaves also double as sex slaves in many instances.

Muslim doomer girl
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

As noted in the WalkFree.org website, the 14 sovereign countries that constitute the Arab nations of the world have the highest number of people enslaved outside of Sub-Saharan Africa. The prevalence of slavery in the Middle East is partially a result of conflict and poverty within this region, but an easy and tolerant attitude towards servitude and slavery still persists across the entire Islamic world, and this Muslim proclivity towards practicing slavery is rooted in religious doctrine and old cultural norms.


The Begging Mafias

Admittedly, the possibility of a child getting abducted then deliberately crippled and subsequently forced to beg for money on the streets of large cities is very remote for children living in places like Europe or North America, but this problem is very present across the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and even in China.

Child Beggars
Image of child beggars in India furnished courtesy of dhelipostnews.com 

Present-day China does not fall into the category of “Third World,” but China still has a problem with children being abducted, then being deliberately crippled and disfigured and finally being forced to beg on the streets of large cities. It turns out that Mexican drug cartels also employ gangs of women who beg on the streets and keep children with them on their begging work shifts who are not their own. Yes, when begging women are present on the streets in many poor countries, the children that are with these women are not theirs, but instead, these children are just being used as begging props in hopes of garnering more generous alms. Many observers have also noted that the children who are present with female street beggars never cry or move around, but they simply sleep all day or sit in a lethargic stupor, and this is the case because children who accompany begins women are kept drugged and sedated to make them easier to manage during a working shift. Yes, it is a real shame that these children spend their early years drugged out of their minds and sedated, one has to wonder what becomes of these children later in life.

Mexican Beggar Woman

Image of a Mexican bigger women with a drugged child furnished courtesy of quiora.com 

Like their counterparts in China, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, Latin American mafias have a proclivity to deliberately maim and mutilate children in order to make them more sympathetic to tourists and regular citizens who have soft hearts. Mexico and other poor Latin American countries keep begging gangs in operation at well-known tourist destinations such as Mazatlán and Acapulco because so many wealthy foreign tourists pass through these areas; therefore, it turns out that begging is a surprisingly lucrative racket.

When abducted children become too old for begging, the female ones are typically sold into prostitution and the males are harvested for their organs if they are very disabled, but many other terrible fates await these kidnapped and enslaved children. In China, adults are still used as street beggars until they reach old age, so children who are kidnapped and maimed by begging gangs are typically fated for lifetimes of nothing but begging on city streets. We are focusing on abducted children for this article, but it turns out that the elderly are also used as street beggars by organized begging mafias.

A Personal Note About Begging Mafias from James Rousse:

Years back, I was in a relationship with a woman from Romania named Ana (a pseudonym), and at one point we traveled back to visit her family in Romania. During my stay in Romania, I rented a car in Bucharest and the two of us traveled around and did a bit of sight-seeing across the southern parts of Romania. I loved this trip and I saw some really beautiful mountains, plus I visited the “Dracula” castle, but I do also remember driving past many large and stately homes in the Romanian countryside that had peculiar onion-dome roofs with shiny metal roofing. The onion-domes on these peculiar homes looked like what might be seen on the tops of Orthodox churches.

Each of these large homes looked like a castle in the sense that they typically had four turrets, one on each corner of the home, and each of these turret towers had what looked like an Orthodox Christian church’s onion dome at the top. The roofs of these homes were covered in shiny metal tiles, as were the onion domes on each corner turret tower. I asked Ana about what the roofing of these homes was made of, and she told me that these homes were roofed with tiles mad of pure zinc. Anyway, these homes all had a strange and fey appearance compared to all of the other buildings around, and I came to find out that these large homes with zinc roofs and onion domes were the houses of gypsies or the Roma as they are sometimes called. These odd rural McMansions were dubbed “Las Casas Suganyas.” (The Romanian word for gypsies is Sugania, which is pronounced like “Tsu-gan” or “Tsu-gan-ya” in the local parlance.) For those of you who are not familiar with it, Romanian is a Latin language that is most closely related to Spanish or Italian.

Gypsy house

The gypsy houses I saw looked a bit different than the one pictured above, but the image featured above provides a basic idea of how these houses look. Image courtesy of mirandalovestraveling.com 

After surveying these odd but fancy houses, I asked what these gypsies did to get the money they would need to build their little zinc-roofed palaces. In response, Ana told me that the gypsies got their money by running gangs of child beggars in the wealthy cities of Europe such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, and London. I was pretty surprised to see learn that the racket or organized child begging was that lucrative. It turns out that Gypsies also deliberately maim a certain number of their own children to make them more profitable as beggars, but luckily gypsies do not abduct children outside of their own ethnic group. For gypsies, the begging racket is an ethnic in-house affair, which is actually a fortunate thing for outsiders.

Bight gypsy house

The image above shows a rather extravagant gypsy home in Romania that was bought and paid for by begging money. Yes, fuck giving money to begging gypsy children. Image courtesy of ft.com 

Well, needless to say, if the money that you give to gypsy street beggars in Europe is building opulent but unusual homes in the Balkan countryside, then by all means belay giving any money any child street beggars that you might see in Europe. For that matter, if you see children begging on the street in Thailand, China, Mazatlán, India, or anywhere else for that matter, then it is best not to give them money because whatever you are gracious enough to provide to these forlorn street urchins is likely to just wind up in the pockets of wealthy mobsters. 


Examples of How Trafficked Children Are Obtained:

(1) Gaza – Israeli Snipers will pick-off Palestinian Children with head shots. The bodies of these sniped children are then immediately seized and taken away for organ harvesting. The organs of these dead children are sold on very lucrative international organ markets which are run by Jews. Afterward being shot by the Israeli Defense Forces. The bodies of these shot children may be, but usually are not, returned to the parents.

(2) Mexico – Children, especially girls, are purchased from corrupt orphanages. The Mexican Government seriously cracks on these corrupt orphanages if or when they are exposed, but most of the time corrupt Mexican authorities take their chunks of sliver and purposely look the other way while profitable child trafficking takes place.

(3) Canada – Large numbers of First Nations children are abducted, and these abductions receive little if any investigation by authorities.

(4) United States – Current “Official” total of children that go missing each year is 60,000.

(5) Iraq – The Zio-American military occupation of Iraq which began in 2003 is a typical child-harvesting operation. For example, the CIA created a choir composed of Iraqi Preschoolers (100+). These Iraqi children who were members of this CIA-sponsored “Choir” were then gathered to entertain an assembly made up of their families and US Officials who had gathered in a reserved auditorium. When the concert was over, these unfortunate children were hustled backstage where US Army personnel were waiting to spirit them away.

After the concert, these Zio-American military personnel then loaded the Iraqi children onto armored troop-transport buses through a back door in the auditorium building; following these bus-boardings, these unfortunate children were taken away and never seen or heard from again. These Iraqi choir children were taken away through the back of the auditorium while their parents waited for them in front of the auditorium’s stage. None of these unfortunate Iraqi children were ever seen again, except some of them were later briefly used as a human shield for a CIA-connected facility in Iraq before all of them disappearing for good.

(6) Township of Lahaina, Island of Maui, Hawaiian Islands – Before the wildfire swept through this town, the local children were at school and their parents were at work. After the fires started in Lahaina, the local elementary schools closed and the children were sent home without their parents being informed. Just ahead of the wildfire entering Lahaina, buses driven by US Army personnel came through the native neighborhoods loading up many of the local children. These children were then taken to a US Army facility just outside of the town where they were seen by motorists who were passing by the base. When the parents learned where their kids had been taken, they came by to pick up their children.

When the local patents arrived at the military installation to pick up their children, the US Army claimed that these missing local children had never been there and they had no idea what happened to them. FEMA eventually ordered a halt to reporting of deaths in Lahaina, and FEMA also ordered a halt to any further searches for more remains, even though a considerable portion of Lahaina had yet to be searched {At that time only around 40%? of the town’s remains had been searched.}. There are still approximately 1,050 children who went missing from the Lahaina fire of Maui in August of 2023. How many local children actually died in the fire and how many were kidnapped is unknown. Based on eyewitness accounts, the vast majority of Lahaina’s missing children were no doubt kidnapped.

(*) Note the key role played by US Army Personnel in (5) and (6).


A  Cautionary note about Islamic Goblin Kings 

Bad Muslim

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Westerners in general, and National Socialists in particular, should take note that wherever Islam is present, then servitude and  slavery is going to be a persistent problem. The website AnsweringIslam.org also mentions that Muslims see non-Muslim populations as ripe pickings for harvesting slaves of all types, particularly sex slaves, so there is always a troubling problem with children being abducted whenever Muslims are present in any notable numbers.

As Muslim populations grow across the West from New Zealand to Sweden, these burgeoning Muslim hordes tend to establish their own exclusive enclaves which are commonly called “No-Go Zones” in Europe. These No-Go Zones pose a terrible problem to European populations for many reasons, but abductions of White children are one really big danger. These isolated Islamic No-Go Zones are effectively places that exist outside of common law once they are established, and these realms also serve as a screen to hide all sorts of terrible behavior by Muslim populations. Some of these bad behaviors obviously include kidnappings, but incest and high levels of domestic violence, unemployment, and homosexuality also belong on this list. So naturally, by their isolated and walled nature, No-Go Zones make for great places to hide and imprison abducted European children and women. No-Go Zones can be likened to the Goblin King’s pocket dimension real in the movie Labyrinth because both places represent alternate realities where retrieving abducted children constitutes a stiff challenge.

Muslims basically have a back-handed contempt for anyone who does not share their religion, as do the Jews, and Islam teaches its adherents that anyone outside of their religion is simply there to be taken as slaves, just like the Jews. Islamic hatred and contempt for differing populations also promotes situations where Muslims will sexually abuse women and children from outside groups as a means of waging psychological and spiritual warfare against their perceived enemies, so European people must be exceptionally diligent about protecting their young women and children from abduction, rape, and sexual abuse whenever Muslims are present.

Muslim NPC
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net


A View from the Inside of CPS (Child Protection Services)

Circa the late 1970’s, a relative of mine had recently retired from the Alabama Child Protection Services (CPS) agency after a career that spanned 30+ years. This relative of mine worked in this service back when Alabama’s CPS still actually cared about the welfare of children.

From my relative, I learned that large numbers of children, even back then, were being abducted all over the country with the majority of these abducted children being White and most of the others being American Indians; however, very rarely were Black children abducted.


My relative also told me that the Zio-American government which is headquartered in Washington D.C rarely allowed investigations into all of these missing children, and when investigations were permitted, these investigations only happened when was impossible to publicity prevent the federal government from totally suppressing a case. Even then, the Zio-American federal apparatus still acted to limit the scale and scope of any investigation into missing children as much as possible. This was the situation all over the entire country back then; the state CPS departments all over the Zio-American empire were not allowed to pursue investigations into massive numbers of missing children, and investigations into missing children by local law enforcement agencies were typically stymied by the Zio-American federal government .The Zio-American federal government also prevented the news media from properly documenting all of the missing children on top of hindering almost every official investigations into why so many children were going missing in the first place.

The National Socialist Response to Abducted Children

 “Dig deep enough into any serious problem and there you will find at least one Jew in a prominent position.” – Adolf Hitler.

Most of the doctors who harvest organs from trafficked people, and most of the brokers who sell these stolen organs in worldwide markets are Jews, and this rotten line of business is disproportionally  based in Israel(sic), the correct name for “Israel” is “Occupied Palestine.” These rotten Jewish organ traffickers certainly would not be able to get away with their deplorable activities without the willing assistance of their associates in the US Government and the Jewish-controlled mass media; therefore, we National Socialists must take a loud and active public stand against this plague of child-trafficking that is besetting the Earth.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com

First, we National Socialist must make a loud and very public stand against all child-trafficking operations without exception, but we will assign the highest priority to halting the trade in children of our own Folk of course. But in reality, we must also make a load and public stand against the trafficking of All Children, regardless of their blood. Advocating for the welfare of all children is the only honorable path for a Noble Aryan to take in the face of such a mortal threat. The future of our Folk is at stake in such a battle, and if this problem is not decisively dealt with soon, then it is only going to keep getting worse.


The kidnapping and trafficking of Aryan children is an evil which can be very openly, easily, and straightforwardly pinned on a specific group of Jewish individuals who have clear connections to the US Government and Occupied Palestine. In this case, it would be a grave mistake to speak in terms of Jews in general because such talk will only serve to discredit us; however, we should name names and make sure that we make it plain to everybody listening that all of the principal culprits in this sordid business are Jews. So, let it be said that not everyone involved in international child-trafficking operations is Jewish; none the less, this racket still remains a distinctly Jewish affair.

Evil Jew
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Taking a strong and decisive stance against pedophilia and child trafficking will help people to see that we are the exact opposite of what international Jewry accuses us of being. We must make a loud and open stand against international child trafficking and demonstrate that it is the Jews who are the Real Devils not us, and it is the Jews who are guilty of projecting their sins and bad deeds onto National Socialists.

Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn

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