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What is Racial Socialism?












Special recognition goes to the following comrades

The Creativity Alliance, Mark Cotterill (Heritage and Destiny), Edward Fields (National States Rights Party)





She is a “rebel”.



And he was a REBEL





This writing is an attempt to explain through various lessons, among them many that life has given me, how Social Racism or National Socialism is not something we learn from books but from our own nature and personal experience.

If someone asked me how to be a social racist, I would answer with three simple words: “open your eyes”. Our doctrine of “Social Racism” because this doctrine reveals itself to us every day, and we do not doubt this doctrine because we see it tested constantly. It is my intention to let nature show us the way to follow the lesson contained in this writing.




Is our way of thinking only the product of the education or the environment in which we grew up, or did genetics play a role in this phenomenon?

When I was a child, I often spent summer days playing soccer or other games in the streets of my neighborhood. Sometimes myself and the other kids in the neighborhood were bored so often tried to find another diversion. My neighborhood was between two other neighborhoods. To the West was a very dangerous one, with high rates of crime. To the East was a residential neighborhood which was similar to mine. The West was, for us, a type of underworld, which aroused a wide range of sinister fantasies.

When we were seated on the sidewalk thinking of something to play or something to do, I always had the same idea. “Hey guys, do we dare to go to the West? Come on, let’s see how it is.” The other kids answered me with a re-sounding, “NO, YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY MAD!” The same thing happened when they said that a certain house was haunted. I wanted to enter that supposedly haunted house and see if there was a ghost or what else I might find, while the other kids did not even dare to pass by this supposedly haunted house, even on the sidewalk. Why was I attracted by everything mysterious, dangerous, and unknown, while the other boys just wanted to stay in their safe and comfortable little world? After I grew up, I started to be interested in politics.

When you are a teenager and you want to be a rebel, the fashionable and “cool” thing is be a leftist. All the “rebel” boys followed the mode of Che Guevara, who was anti-police and anti-government. The other kids who idolized Che Guevara were in favor of all kinds of civil rights for any and all types of people, except the curious thing was that we received those kinds of ideas directly from the TV music channels, like MTV. Even when I was a teenager, and I bought into the leftist ideology at that time, the “rebel boys,” who were also the “cool” boys never liked me. Something in me bothered them, it was as if they knew that I really did not believe in those hoaxes.

But there was something and somebody that both the “cool” boys and the school teachers hated with all their souls: National Socialism and Adolf Hitler.

I also grew up watching Hollywood movies, and I too believed the childhood tale of that “cruel and evil” man, who the allies saved us from. The “cool” kids did not like me, and the school teachers did not sympathize with me very much either, so I decided to find out for myself what the beliefs were for this man, who they all disliked so much. Thus, I read Mein Kampf. Suddenly, after reading Mein Kampf, I felt invaded by a peace of mind, which was a feeling that offered answers for all human issues. I felt that something drove me to discover that book.

A leftist would say, “The rejection of the other kids and your school failures were what made you a NAZI.” But when I was a kid, without contact with either other kids or school teachers, I was already attracted to all the things that were unknown to ordinary people, so I had this concern from the cradle. Perhaps I had something bad in my upbringing that compelled me to understand what people who are hated by humanity are thinking.

I will repeat the initial question. Is our way of thinking conditioned by genetics or is our way of thinking only influenced by our environment? Embracing the ideas that are the most rejected by human ignorance requires courage and daring, which I can find only in a person’s genes. The conformists, who do not think, but only accepting what is told to them without questioning, comprise the majority of any population. Surely, when we National Socialists finally triumph, the unthinking masses will come to our lines, but now they are like robots or parrots who only repeat what the leftists tell them to say.

To conclude, if we have embraced the National Socialist doctrines by our own initiative, then it was because something inside of our DNA moved us to do so. There are many people who are uncomfortable with leftist ideology; however, they generally dare not look “beyond,” leftist ideology because they remember the images of dead Jews in the Hollywood movies. For us, our task is to continually teach National Socialist doctrine in its true essence which is a movement of love for our race and our nature.



It is a little hard to believe, but sometimes life teaches us lessons which prove that we National Socialists are not as wrong as we are often told, and these lessons only strengthen our faith in the Fuhrer’s word.

One January afternoon, I met a young woman who seemed beautiful at a glance. She had hair that was blonde like the sun; however, her hair was dyed blonde and she spent large sums of money to maintain that color and some of her physical features were typical of Eastern Europe. I did not know her last name nor her origin because she was very sweet and her personality captivated me, she was also rather wealthy, so she was always dressed elegantly.

I started a relationship with this Eastern European woman, and I was very happy because I had fallen in love with her charm. One day, her personality changed abruptly and from being sweet and affectionate to being extremely rude and unpleasant and she told me without any consideration that she wanted to leave me. I asked her why she made that decision to leave me so suddenly, and she answered: “it’s what I want, and that’s it!” I felt deeply hurt after she said those words, so I returned home.

Two weeks later, she appears again with her same sweet initial personality, and at this time, she said that she loved me, so I forgave her for hurting my feelings. I was still in love with that girl, so I accepted her back once again; however, a few days later she returned with the same coldness that she did before, and this time she broke the relationship again laughing and saying that she had found “someone better than me.” I asked her why she did these kinds of things, and she answered: “that’s how I feel.” She left my life, and some time later, when the social network known as Facebook appeared, out of curiosity I searched for her by using her email address, and it was here that I finally learned of her last name and her real racial origin. It turns out that this woman was not European, but she was from the non-White Tartar-Turkish people who changed their religion to Islam.

As the fable of the scorpion and the frog explains, some people are evil by nature and these people cannot change their habits of life; therefore, contact with these people inevitably causes us harm.

Was this relationship with a Tartar woman a message that the path I was following was the right one? I am sure it was, and I believe without a doubt that an unknown force operates upon us teaching which teaches us the doctrine without books but with life lessons. Learning without books is the best way to learn anything because this is the only method of teaching that will never be abandoned or exchanged for another. You will never stop believing in that which you yourself have proven to exist. Books will make you know things, but life experience will make you believe.

Finally, the girl grew aged a bit, so her true racial nature emerged and today she is just as ugly inside and out.



We know that one of the reasons why the great civilizations of the past perished was because their founding races mixed their blood with non-assimilable or genetically distant races. True, many empires parish because their founding stock mixes out with other races; however, there are also cases where a people preserves its racial purity, yet still falls into a prolonged state of destructive and poisonous decadence, which we will discuss below.

In the animal kingdom, each species is shaped by the forces of natural selection, and if a species has no means to alter its exposure to harsh natural selection pressures, then this species benefits from the constant improvements that this selection pressure brings.

In human societies, things would be the same, except that men, or rather some men, have the capacity to create artificial factors that can actually alter the course of natural selection. Altering the factors of natural selection may create what are apparently positive results in the short term; however, any time the forces of nature are artificially altered this inevitably leads to disastrous the long-term results.

How could we explain the current decline of Europe? Colored immigration. Yes, that is one cause, but who opened the door to these immigrants? Well, other Whites, but it begs the question, why would those Whites do something that would harm their societies? In answer, these malevolent and selfish Whites do things that harm their societies because they think more of themselves than they do their own people. How can this be possible? This is possible because these whites are the product of reverse selection, which means that these people are the biological waste that would not survive in harsh situations, nor would they be able to inflict the harm that they do under harsher living conditions.

In the past, White men had to face the most adverse environmental conditions in the continent they inhabited, so these conditions forced them to collaborate with each other to survive. This hostile environment exerted a natural selection which chose the most creative, intelligent, and noble of people. However, the amazing creations that were made by the most intelligent and noble of men improved living conditions which in turn allowed other men to avoid the hard tests that the environment of Europe imposed on life. This improvement in living conditions was received with immense happiness by the people, but with the passage of time some “not so noble” individuals appeared, multiplied, and then began to derail and hinder European people’s path towards continuous improvement.

Some “not so noble” people have always been around, but there was an established way to deal with these people, and it was the death penalty. But one day, one of these “not so noble” individuals invented this strange idea that everyone is “free and equal,” then this “not so noble” individual proceeded to spread his ideas by deceiving the population. With the masses in their favor, the sub-humans managed to overthrow their natural leaders and establish their own order which existed in stark opposition to natural laws. It was the introduction of this new order that sat in opposition to natural laws which has led to human waste reproducing at alarming levels until this day.

So how do we deal with the problem of biological waste reproducing too much? Creation is the essence of the White man and it is creation which differentiates him from other races; therefore, White men must solve the problem of sub-humans breeding too much by creating a new order which is based on natural laws. White men must solve the problem of sub-human proliferation by applying the policies that are necessary to promote the survival and advancement of the best individuals, and by favoring policies which oppose the proliferation of those who cause racial degeneration.



A few years ago, I decided to travel to London and visit the British Museum. My intention was to make a simple sightseeing visit. But little did I know that I would receive an important lesson.

At the British Museum, I was dazzled by the works of art that the White race has created throughout its history. For example, the perfection of the Greek sculptures was such that these works of art seemed not to be human creations, and this was just a sample of what the White race can achieve.

While walking through London, I began to notice the enormous number of people of color that were flooding the streets of that beautiful city, then I immediately visualized a warning message: if this migratory current does not stop, and if the repatriation of the allogenic elements does not take place, then the wonders which I contemplated in the British Museum will eventually be seen as the works of extraterrestrials or gods of some type. Even today, some idiots cannot understand that man has created Stonehenge, so they assign its authorship to forces from outer space.

The only force capable of such a marvel has been the White race, which is the supreme race of the planet today, but the White race is now facing a risk of extinction due to miscegenation and involution.

We still have time to be amazed again by works similar to those of our ancestors, but to do so we must avoid mixing with colored blood and we must avoid the equally pernicious forces of involution.

We need to create a White world nation where there is no danger of miscegenation that also has the necessary conditions for the biological ascent of our race.

That has been the message: White civilization or colored barbarism.



When I was in high school, my group of close companions consisted of four boys, two were Jews, and two Gentiles; I was one of the latter.

One of them had an extremely unpleasant habit; he was rude and he was always threatening that he was going to kick me out of this group (he was considered the leader because of his good grades). The other, who frequently quarreled with the aforementioned one, would come to me to ask me for favors when he quarreled with his racial compatriot, then find any excuse he could not to return the favor, in other words, he was a con man and a liar.

That is the lesson about the behavior of this race: when they have power, they show their true essence, when they do not have power, then they resort to deceit by pretending to be victims. When Jews pretend to be victims, the often receive help, but once they get what they want, they go back to their usual bad behavior.

Two individuals, but one race.



One day I met a beautiful girl, who to my surprise, since that doesn’t happen very often, was very interested in me.

We had a date in which everything went well, and during this date, I kissed this beautiful girl as much as I wanted. On this date, she told me that she was a catechist and that she had sympathies for nationalism and anti-communism, and this revelation of hers gave me the confidence to tell her about my beliefs about race. She did not seem to mind at the time, but the next day, she said that she did not want to see me anymore. In response, I asked her why she did not want to see me anymore, so she told me that she had never seen a person who had as much faith in my race as I did. She then told me that I was “unrecoverable,” and she proceeded to tell me that she did not want to date a racist.

This girl was a nationalist, anti-communist, and anti-racist, so she loved her country but didn’t mind seeing it overrun by millions of immigrants of color, she loved a territory but not her race and if the race is lost, the territory, no matter how rich, is nothing but infertile land.

The political nation is an artificial entity that can be modified without major problem but the race is a natural entity whose modification causes serious consequences for the whole humanity, therefore, it is useless to be a nationalist and an anti-communist if you are still anti- racist. There is no worse disaster than what is brought about by racial degradation, whether this degradation happened because of degeneration or miscegenation.

So, that pretty girl rejected me because she thought I was an irretrievable racist, but looking back, I am actually flattered by her rejection.



One day, a pregnant cat had chosen my house to live in and have her kittens, and her kittens were very fearful of humans. So, I decided to do an experiment and put out the food I usually gave them and then stand next to the dish. Previously, they always waited for me to leave before approaching the food dish; however, this time I stayed to see how they would react.

At first, they all stayed in the same situation, meaning that the sat looking at me from a distance waiting for me to move away from the plate. Eventually one of them came closer and ate more than his brothers who decided to wait for me to leave.

That is the law of life: Only those who have the courage to face adversity will have the right to live. Life belongs to the bold.




Our worldview is based on natural order, yet we are all related to individuals who have nothing to do with the natural order, even several comrades may think of these people who reject the natural order as “model comrades”.

For a while, I attended gatherings of “Hollywood Nazis,” and meetings with these people always ended with conflicts of some type. Some of the people attending these meetings were also alcoholic individuals who were out of their minds, among other delights.

I was always struck by two particularities of these Hollywood Nazis: their desire for violence, and the hostility between them. I asked myself what their behavior had to do with the natural order, the family and the community.

The answer is none.

The Hollywood Nazis are a gang united by their love for the Hollywood-constructed image of National Socialism.

So, in what way does their behavior represent the White race?
The answer is nothing, when you attend events with Hollywood Nazis you witness a spectacle akin to a documentary politics in Liberia.

At many Hollywood Nazi gatherings, a musical group intones a song and the audience members jump and hit each other while emitting screams. The frequent fights are due to common divisions among the members of these groups. Within this dysfunctional scene, there is really no camaraderie but a constant struggle for power. Being interested only in violence and power, it is not surprising that man of these people eventually come to “regret” having been National Socialists, but despite their claims, these people never actually never regret being National Socialists. These people may claim to “see the light” and then convert to leftism and commence to helping our enemies directly.

In conclusion, Hollywood Nazis are White people who behave like black people. Hollywood Nazis often act just like White rappers and therefore they do not represent the essence of National Socialism, nor do they represent our race or our worldview.



I worked for three years in a drugstore with three women; two colored and one white, the latter was my boss.

Some would say that I was lucky to work among women, but it was one of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever had, although this time taught me a valuable lesson.

The two colored women did not stop mistreating me, humiliating me, nor accusing me of being “privileged,” on the other hand, my White boss, in response to this, decided to support my colleagues and join them in their mistreatment of me.

When I could no longer tolerate this situation and I decided to put a stop to the abuse, I was taken to the Human Resources office where another White woman reprimanded me by telling me that I was a man and that I worked with women and that because I was a man I could not respond to her aggressions.

Here is the effect of leftism on the White world, these are the new social norms:

  • Colored races are worth more than Whites.
  • Women are worth more than men.
  • Colored women are worth twice as much as White men because they are both women and colored.
  • The White woman has more in common with colored women than with a man of her race; therefore, in the face of conflict, she should side with colored people.
  •  The White heterosexual male is the enemy of the world, so he can be treated as a second-class citizen.

I believe that my bitter experience working at the store was no accident. It was a clear message:

Progressivism is trying to destroy the White male, who is the creator and driver of civilization. For its objective, it uses the colored men and women who put themselves at its service for the favors given to them by leftism. Without White males, there is no civilization and no future for White women, who are dragged down by the privileges afforded to them by feminism. Therefore, as White males, it is our duty to fight for the survival of our race and civilization against progressivism and the forces that direct it.



Are all Whites Aryans?

Historically speaking, the Aryans comprised the tribes of Indo-European origin who possessed the most developed and perfected physical and psychic qualities of all White peoples.

These people, as we well know, spread throughout Europe and the Indian subcontinent, and when the moved in, they brought their superior genes to the populations they encountered along the way. But these early Indo-Europeans could only survive when these early Aryans found racially related peoples such as the natives of Europe.

Therefore, biologically speaking, we can define all whites in Europe as Aryans, but even so, not all whites are Aryans.

Which whites would be considered Aryans?

It is erroneously believed that Aryans are all of the Whites who originate from a certain region of Europe or a certain branch of the White race. The reality is that Aryan genes are found in every corner of the old world, these genes are manifested in every individual who possesses these extraordinary qualities.

Therefore, the Aryans comprise the biological elite of the White race who composed the creators and doers which Vacher de Lapouge spoke of, and they are also those who collaborate to forward the biological ascent of the White race and the progress of civilization.

Which Whites are not part of the Aryans?

The answer to this question: The Whites who are not Aryans are biological waste of white-collar criminals and the anti-social criminals and dregs of society. It is these sub-humans who contribute to the lowering of the qualitative level of the White race and to the degeneration and destruction of civilization.

What about the Whites who are in the middle class, i.e. the assimilators?

In a healthy Aryan world order, at first, all racially and genetically healthy Whites will be accepted in the Aryan nation, then the state will watch over the reproduction of the most perfect and of superior persons and the distribution of their genes throughout the population. Dissemination of superior genes will raise the qualitative level of the entire society, including white assimilators.

Finally, who do we include when we speak of Aryans today? As we have just mentioned, we include all genetically healthy Whites, who will eventually be perfected by expanding eugenic policies.



When I was a teenager, my search for a group to belong to led me to join a leftist organization, but I failed in my objectives.

I have always used my common sense when analyzing a phenomenon, and I have always drawn my own conclusion. My habit of analyzing ideas and happenings infuriated my red “comrades”, because my conclusions contradicted their beliefs.

While I was associated with this leftist group, I learned that these progressives told you how you should think and told you what your opinion on a given fact was going to be, and I learned that these party-line opinions could not be questioned, in other words, if people were to be members of this group, then they had to think as a mass and not as individuals. Ironically, these people were all supposedly “rebels,” yet they were only following a set of rules telling them how to be a correct and proper “rebel.” Not surprisingly, my manifestation of individual thought and behavior contradicted their “good rebel manual” and this infuriated them.

I could not accept this group’s lies, so my relationship with these people deteriorated and ended.

The reason for their displeasure was that leftism can only triumph when there is an unthinking mass-mind in place, but an unthinking mass cannot create civilization, because civilization is only created by individuals. What would our planet be like today if men had not been born who decided to question established beliefs and follow their own theories? We would still be in the caves.

Therefore, the triumph of leftism is the death of the individual and its concomitant replacement by a mass no-mind; therefore, the rise of leftism can only mean one thing: the death of civilization.



Many comrades are obsessed with the political and economic programs of fascism and National Socialism, but they often forget and neglect the main element of our world view, which is race.

Political and economic measures are successful only if they achieve their objective, and this objective is the preservation and advancement of the White race.

A policy may be successful with one race and a failure with another, or within the same racial group the result will be different if the measure is applied to a racially healthy people or to a degenerated people.

The function of the social racist state is to be the breeder of the race and to apply measures in accordance with that end. If a policy is favorable to this aim, then this policy will be positive and it will be adopted, and if it is not positive, then it will be negative and discarded. Therefore, National Socialists have no dogmas or doctrines, but we do have one goal: the preservation and rise of the White race. We must preserve the White race because our race will determine our future, whether this future is filled with civilization or savagery; therefore, we can make any kind of mistakes except one: we must never break the racial laws, and these racial laws are only two, and they are very simple:

  • Keep the race pure.
  • Avoid racial degeneration by avoiding unions with biologically degenerate individuals or with behavior that degrades the essence of our race.

If we act according to these two simple rules, then our future will be guaranteed. And always remember, we are what we are, we were what we were, and we will be what we will be because of our race; therefore, preserving our racial purity must be first in our priorities and race must be placed above all else.



When I was young, I was very angry because I felt that nobody understood me, including my leftist “comrades,” and this was the case because, as I have told you, I was a leftist for a short time during my teenage years. My former leftist “comrades” turned their backs on me because, according to them, “I was not like them, nor was I one of them,” at least they were right about something. Out of curiosity, or out of anger at my “comrades,” or for some unknown reason, I wanted to know what the man who everyone said was the enemy of humanity thought about things, and this man was none other than our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. So, I read his infamous book, which I finished in only three days.

If it had been a Hollywood movie I would have become a hooligan, but instead, I became an exceptionally good man after reading Hitler’s book. Whoever becomes a hooligan after reading Mein Kampf does so because he did not understand the message of the Fuhrer. Hitler is not just a leader, but he is also a friend — the best friend you can have. For every concern you have, he has an answer. If you had a bad day, then he will comfort you, if you feel like you do not have the strength to go on, the he will give it to you. Hitler walked the darkest paths you can imagine, so if you need a word of guidance, then he will have one for you.

He is always there, you just have to listen to him.



I once had a comrade who was, or at least he claimed to be, a stalwart fighter for the cause of our Fuhrer and the White race and now he is a Marxist and Muslim, but here is the curious thing, he still claims to be a National Socialist. How is this possible?

This fellow told me that one day he began to have strange ideas; he then proceeded to tell me that the places in the world held by Germany and Italy in the 30’s is now held by Venezuela and the Middle East. So according to this man’s logic, he converted to Islam to help fight Zionism; however, he did this without realizing that if he were to convert to Islam he would also be confronting the West and the White man, and to support Venezuela, he adopted a pro- Marxist position of “national socialism.”

He explained to me his new ideological position, and he claimed that the neo-Marxist socialism of the 21st century, which is the main enemy of the White race, is the new “National Socialism.”

I was sad to lose this man to such bad thinking because he was actually a rather good and hard-working comrade, but there was no other choice, we cannot allow Marxists into our movement, and to avoid such deviations we must always remember our goals: THE PRESERVATION AND ADVANCEMENT OF THE WHITE RACE.


(A film we should see and know how to see it)

I was in my last year of high school and the history teacher told us that we would see a film that would make us understand the consequences of “totalitarian regimes”, the film was “The Wave”, which is based on an experiment carried out by teacher Ron Jones at Cubberly High School in Palo Alto, California back in 1967.

The experiment was a success, the students were individualistic and disorganized and then through discipline and a sense of community they became a small “ideal society,” where each individual had value for the role they played. When the “Wave” took place, there was no violence or bullying among this group’s members, and there was also respect among the members of this group. Those who were members of the Wave saw their grades improve considerably and as this experiment progressed, more and more students wanted to be part of the Wave movement. Finally, Professor Jones decided to disband his controversial experiment.

This film (I mean the American version directed by Alex Graschoff, as opposed to the German remake from 2008 which is a free version that includes with murders and suicides in order to create as dirty an image of this experiment as possible) may have intended to sully the image of National Socialism, but ironically it winds up inadvertently demonstrating the benefits of National Socialism. Yes, it is true that this film captures the lost sense of individuality that resulted from joining the Wave, but we know that in reality this trope is completely false because the Fuhrer attached vital importance to the individual as the engine for the advancing civilization.

It goes without saying that Professor Jones, in an attempt to be neutral, invited members of the American Nazi Party, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Communist Party of America, so that his students could hear these peoples’ ideas from their own mouths. And as we know, when we are actually given freedom of speech and a level playing field, victory is on our side.

This film gave me my first lesson on National Socialism and further nourished my curiosity for the movement and the figure of our Fuhrer. (When I first saw this film, I was still on the left, but my relationship with leftism was already very deteriorated and on the verge of collapse anyway.) This is a film “allowed” by the system, so I recommend that every comrade see it and recommend it to those who do not know more about our ideas.

He wanted to teach National Socialism to his students and he did so. Thank you very much Professor Jones.



What is biological socialism?

Is it an ideology?   No.

Is it a doctrine?     No.

Is it a dogma?        No.

Then what is it?

Biological socialism is the order in which each member of the community performs the work for which he or she is best qualified and receives a just reward for it. In other words, biological socialism is the natural social order.

What is the role of the state in biological socialism?

The state must see to it that biological socialism can develop without any hindrance or disturbance, and therefore will not intervene in the lives of citizens except in the case of a disturbance, and then we will only intervene to restore the lost equilibrium.

Within biological socialism, the state is somewhat small in size and it shrinks further as the genetic health of the race increases because state interventions will be less and less necessary as the population improves.

In conclusion, biological socialism is the way through which the race develops its qualities in the service of its genetic progress and advancement.




Recently, a female Argentinean journalist was accused of “anti-Semitism” for the crime of exposing eight prominent individuals who are behind leftism and the New World Order. This intrepid journalist included the names and surnames of these saboteurs in her report.

Notably, this journalist never offered the slightest reference to the races of these leftist subjects she exposed; none the less, members of a very particular ethnic group tend to be associated with leftism and the New World Order to an unusual degree. Not surprisingly, after this journalist in question exposed disproportional Jewish representation amongst leftists and New World Order types, a gaggle of Jewish leftists and New World Order types immediately launched a high-profile and scurrilous public relations campaign against this truth-telling journalist; but alas, none of these Hebrew vultures could do much against this brave journalist because she was provably correct in her assertions.

What does this event teach us?

This event proves that Zionism is afraid of being exposed as responsible for the present rotten situation across the White world and this evet also proves that Jews are guilty of the charges leveled against them because such extreme Jewish reactions to reasonable accusations of wrong-doing only proves their guilt.

The things that happened to this journalist I have described have filled me with expectations that Whites will soon become aware of who their real enemies are. If White people act like the journalist I have been describing and expose Jewish crimes without mentioning the race of each perpetrator, then it will be very hard for the Jews to build countermeasures against this type of information warfare. To phrase this concept another way, we should attack and expose bad behavior while consciously choosing not to mention the race of each perpetrator in question. Not mentioning the guilty party’s race is a suboptimal way to handle things, but focusing on the bad behaviors in question ultimately has the same intended effect in the end, so it is best to let the public connect the dots and realize that there is a recurring pattern of bad Jewish behavior.

I am very grateful to this journalist, regardless of whether or not she intended to expose the real enemies of civilization. We are on the right track.




When we watch a film or a TV series, one message is constantly repeated: “The white man is privileged”.

Is this true? Let’s see for ourselves.
-The white man has no laws or organizations to protect him, unlike the colored man.

-The white man must tolerate being attacked and despised by the colored man without being able to react. If he does so, he will be accused of being a “racist”.

-The white man must tolerate being mistreated and humiliated, because doing this to a white man is not considered “racial hatred” by the system.

-The white man must resign himself to the fact that the colored man will take away his job or his place in a university when the latter is less qualified than he is, under the pretext of “reparations” or a supposed debt that the white man owes the colored man for having freed him from savagery and given him civilization.

-If the white man has no money, he is worth absolutely nothing to the woman in the present system, regardless of her genetic endowment. According to the system, “discrimination” against him is not an act that deserves any condemnation or social sanction.

-The white man can be killed by a colored man and the world doesn’t care.

When you are told of “white privilege” think of what I have just told you, when you are called upon to help the causes of the colored man remember what I have told you. The system has lied to you and has inverted reality, the white man is the true pariah of modernity, and it is to him that humanity owes all its progress, therefore, if you really want to fight oppression, defend the white cause.



What is more important, the color of the train or the place where goes? The answer is very obvious, is it not? If we can easily solve this dilemma in our daily lives, the why are we unable to solve this problem for our cause?

There are many comrades who refuse to work with other comrades or with like-minded movements because they do not openly claim to be National Socialists, they also refuse to work with other people because they have mere aesthetic differences. I ask again, when you take a train, do you look at its color or its destination?

What is our destination? Our destination is the natural social order. If we have a chance of reaching our goals, then it matters little what the means of getting there looks like. Many people believe that if we ally ourselves with individuals who share goals but who do not openly proclaim themselves to be National Socialists, then we would be diverting ourselves from our cause, but the truth is quite the opposite, it will be our undeclared National Socialist allies who will end up joining our ranks. Remember well this lesson that I have already stated in a previous writing:

Anyone who wants to bring order to the world will sooner or later meet Adolf Hitler.





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