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Who is Systematically Murdering Russian Pagans?

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I have been an avowed Pagan of the old school for many years, and as I have described myself as such for quite a while now. Long ago, I developed an interest in the modern-day Russian Pagan Revival, and I have an interest in genuine revivals for “The Old Religion” that are happening anywhere in the world, and especially the pagan revivals that are happening among my fellow Aryans of whatever tribe.

Pagan Festival Fire

Image courtesy of througheternity.com


Image courtesy of messynessychic.com

Farewell to Winter

Bidding farewell to winter in Slavic Pagan style. Image courtesy of reel.org

Russian Phalic Pagan Ceremony

Image courtesy of about-history.com

Beautiful Slavic Pagan Woman

Image courtesy of Radomir Rokita on pinterest.com 

Over the course of my explorations, I have encountered the existence of a Russian Pagan Revival in the Donbass region of what is commonly called the Ukraine these days. Concerning this new Russian pagan revival movement, I began to watch a number of this group’s videos and I read some of the articles that have been published by Russian pagan revival groups during times when there is an attempted genocide on the ethnic Russians who are living in the Donbass region of the Ukraine.

This is what I observed in one of the videos that I watched: A fair sized group of people had gathered for a certain ritual, and there was a large town surrounding a large market area that could be seen in the far distance. In this memorable video, once all of the pagan people had gathered at their meeting spot, all at once you could hear a bevy of loud thumping noise, which I immediately identified the sound of mortars being fired. The sounds of mortars being fired was followed by a chain of numerous explosions in and around the marketplace. After the barrage of mortar shells had landed, columns of thick black smoke were soon bellowing up from burning stores and warehouses; this mortar barrage went on and on. (That video was being narrated on the spur of the moment by an English-speaking ethnic Russian with the intention of letting the English-speaking world know what was really going on there in Donbass.)

Donbass Region Map

Map of the Donbass region courtesy of suffrage.org

This heinous mortar attack happened on a Saturday, which was the designated market day in the area that was getting bombarded. The destruction of property was indeed horrendous; however, this decimated marketplace was crowded with large numbers of people while this shelling took place. After a respite in the shelling, a car came flying up from the direction of town and skidded to a halt in the gravel around the marketplace, then a man jumped out of the car and started yelling something in Russian. After the man’s shouted words, the crowd deliberately scattered in all directions with some people half dragging children and the elderly along with them.

The narrator, translated some of what the man from the car had been yelling: “The barrage came without warning and hundreds of men, women, elderly, and children are being killed. Some being literally blown to pieces. Everybody scatter!” The narrator explained that everybody knew to scatter because large groups, including those performing the rituals, would soon draw mortar fire anytime that these things happened. Right on cue, more mortar rounds began to detonate close by; however, this unlucky group scattered to places of relative safety before the mortar gunners were able to calibrate the correct range, so luckily nobody else among the market crowd was hurt by further mortar barrages.

After the crowd had scattered in that video, the narrator continued — now this is when the story starts to get really interesting for our purposes. Fact is, such attacks as the one I witnessed on that video were being carried out by people claiming to be Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Militia; however, the narrator and her fellow Pagans did not believe that was who their attackers really were. We do not know exactly who these egregious attackers really were, but they were definitely not who they claimed to be.  Funny thing about these so-called Nazbol “militias,” in the Ukraine, they never show up when the Ukrainian self-defense forces are present,  and for some odd reason they only attack civilians. On the day of that awful mortar attack, the local Ukrainian defense forces had just left the area because of trouble elsewhere, and as soon as the national defense forces had departed, then the mortar attack began.

The really fishy thing about this episode where the marketplace in the Donbass region got shelled by mortars is the fact that anyone who actaully knows anything about National Socialist beliefs, or the “Nazi ideology” as it is called by layman, certainly knows that this outlook on life harbors a great respect and affection for European pre-Christian folk religions, so it seems very unlikely that real National Socialists would violently attack any Pagan gatherings. To put it another way, attacking Pagan gathering is really not something that actual “Nazis” would be inclined to do.


Meme Generator Nazis

Whatever the truth may be, “Nazis” are sure convenient villains, and “Nazis” also serve as the perfect crew of scapegoats, so it makes sense for trouble makers to dress up as villainous “Nazis” when going out and committing atrocities and acts of terrorism. If anyone is to get blamed for atrocities committed in the Ukraine, why not just blame ” Nazis?” When in doubt, just dial 1-800-blame-a-Nazi.  Image courtesy of memegenerator.net

Nazis Holy Fuck

Image courtesy of memegenerator.net


Ukrania Neo Nazis

Say what you want about these cats, but “Nazis” sure make for great boogey men and the idea that there just might be some terrible “Nazis” lurking out there in the bushes somewhere provides a justification for all sorts of neighborly pastimes, including military invasions, mass jailings, and other fabulous recreational activities. Image courtesy of Hromadaste Internatioinal on Medium.com

Ukranian Nazi Soldier

Fact is, for many “normal” people the mere sight of a swastika short-circuits their brains and makes them lose all sense of logic and proportion (or dimishes what little there was to begin with), so wheeling out the idea that “Thar be Nazis out yonder” is a polically useful tool to justify pretty much anything (think of Joe Biden on that one), and this is why Russia’s President Putin never misses an opportunity to brings up the idea of “Nazis” lurking in the western Ukraine and then use this ploy as a justifcation for invading the Ukraine. And yes, the Ukrane is massively corrupt dumpster fire of a place that is under the thumb of kleptocratic Jewish oligarchs, so the whole situation in the Ukraine has a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of gray areas lingering around it. Image courtesy of  the-sun.com

Nazi Zombies

“Nazis,” these folks are the eternal monsters, boogie men, and comic book villains, in addition to serving as the perfect crew of scapegoats. Image courtesy of bloody-disgusting.com

Soon after watching that startling video of mortar rounds hitting a city marketplace in the Ukraine’s Donbass region, I read another online article that was posted by an ethnic Russian pagan. In this Russian pagan’s article, a photograph showed a group of women dressed in very traditional old Russian attire who were performing a ritual around an altar. These women who were dressed in in traditional Russian clothing were surrounded by a number of men who were also dressed in tradition Russian clothing, except the men were all armed with Ak-47s. In these photographs, the men with guns were all former members of the Russian army who were standing guard over the women to prevent an attack, as it was explained. It turns out that similar gatherings to the one documented in this article have also been opportunistically attacked when these people appeared to be an easy mark.

As for the mortar bombing on the Saturday market in the Ukraine: so who done it? It is hard to say who actually carried out the attack, but Jews would be the usual suspects; however, there seems to be ample motivations for the Russian Orthodox Church to do something like this as well.

Possible Jewish Motivations for Murdering Russian Pagans

For starters, Jews are currently trying to destroy any sense of rootedness and cultural identity that European people living anywhere might have, and paganism gives European people a strong sense of identity, community, and family ties, so it makes sense that Jews would want to see any pagan revival put down immediately.  To say it another way, a rise in paganism acts as a bulwark against White genocide, so Jews will inevitably dislike any rise of paganism. Secondly, every Abrahamic religion, including Judiasm, Christianity, Islam, and Marxism all believe in a strong separation between the celestial worlds and the earthly plain, or Midgard as it is called in Old Norse; therefore, paganism’s belief in the divine qualities of nature puts it in opposition to Abrahamism on general principle; and for this reason, Jews will feel a certain loathing for paganism in any form. Paganism also has a certain flexibility and playfulness to it, and this sits in stark contrast to the hidebound and rigid worldview promolgated by the book-based permutations of Abrahamism, so any true adherents to Abrahamic franchises will take a strong aversion to the free-spirited nature endemic to pagans.

The other side of the coin when considering Jews as the likely culprits for the Donbass marketplace bombing is the fact that although Jews dislike paganism, they hate Christianity a whole lot more. The Jewish hate for Christianty means that they are far more likely to focus their energies on destroying and undermining the Russian Orothodox Church than they are to devoting any time and energy to killing a few pagans who are gatherd for an odd ceremony or festival. Another item to consider is the fact that Jews intend to genocide European people in a racial manner above all else, so they are really less concerned with what Euroepan people actually believe and more intent on simply eliminating their bloodlines once and for all. This Jewish focus on genetically eliminating European people makes Jews a lot less likely to concern themselves with bombing a few pagan gatherings in Russia.

Possible Russian Orthodox Church Motivations for Murdering Pagans

It seems that the Russian Orthodox Church would be motivated to attack pagan gatherings because they stand to loose a lot of their money and political power within Russian society if paganism continues to gain social momentum. Now imagine if all of those high-ranking Russian Orthodox bishops were forced to own one fewer home, have one less Mercedes, or perhaps be forced to diddle one fewer mistress, and now also imagine if these percieved outrages happend because their church was tallying fewer roubles in the donation boxes on account of Russian people defecting to paganism in large numbers.

Not very many Americans have acutally traveled to the Orthodox Christain nations of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria, Serbia, and Moldova; however,  for those who have traveled to these places and spent time in these locales, the power of the the Orthodox Church is quite clear. In the Orthodox nations of Eastern Europe, the national Orthodox Churches basically function as another type of government ministries, so the sepeartion of church and state really does not exist there to the same degree that it does in the West.

St. Goerge Cathedral

The image above shows the Cathedral of Christ the Savior which is an Orthodox Christian church located in the city center of Moscow that was completed in the year 2000 and holds 10,000 worshippers. A photo of this church is included to illustrate that the Orthodox Church is a huge, politically powerful, and wealthy institution in Russia and other Orthodox countries. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org 

What may shock many Westerners is the fact that the men who occupy high positions within these Orthodox church estaglishments typically live in mansions and ride around in cheuffered limosines with cadres of bodygaurds in tow. These same priests also typically have lavish summer homes, and of course, they are known to have collecions of mistresses and broods of unofficial children. This may seem a bit odd to people living in the West, given the fact that these priests are supposedly “men of God” and given that these men are supposed to be devout Christians who lead by moral example; yet the populations of these Orthodox countries quietly accept such things as they are.

The people living in Orthodox countries accept the hypocracty of Orthodox priets because they quietly expect men of high status to have wifes and many children from their wives; however,  there is also an unspoken understanding that “big boss” types of men will also have collections of unofficial mistresses, and within Orthodox society high-ranking Orthodox clergymen fit into the slot of “Big Boss Men” in the same manner as gangsters, oligarchs, and military brass. It is also worth noting that in Orthodox societies there is a concept that the woman who a man is married to is not necessarily the woman who he is having sex with regularly, so in these societies men of power are expected to have mistresses.

Besides simply living lavish lifestyles, those who are high up within the Orthodox priesthood also wield considerable politcal power and social influence within their societies, so it stands to reason that any rise in paganism will be percieved as a very real threat to the power held by Orthodox priests. Sure, there are certainly some Orthodox priests who genuinely believe that paganism is not the way to roll, and these same folks will understandably oppose the spread of paganism with whatever tools are at their disposal; but still, the motivation to keep hold of political influence and money on the part to the Russian Orthodox Church cannot be overlooked.

So, why does the population in these Orthodox countires tolearte the bad behavior of their Christian priesthood? The answer to that question is that for many people being an Orthodox Christian is a strong part of their identity, plus it is what they know. For many people who are living in Orthodox Christain nations such as Bulgaria or Russia, adherance to Orthodox Christianity is seen as an integral and essential part of their ethnic identity, so to them there is no seperation between being a Russian and being and Orthodox Christian. To the defense of Orthodox Christianity, for many people, their religious faith gives them a coping mechanism to sooth life’s difficulties, plus church memership provides a strong sense of community cohesion. Another point of moral defense for Eastern Europe’s state-sponsored Orthodox Christian churches is the fact that most Orthodox priests do not live lavish lifestyles and many of them are actually pious men who are dedicated to their communities and congregations, so the Orthodox churches of Estern Europe endure becasue they offer valuable social benefits; however, the rise of paganism is challenging this state of affairs.


Russian Pagan Gathering

Image courtesy of themoscowtimes.com


The Moscow Times Pagans

The imag above is a screen capture from an article posted on the Moscow Times website. 


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hiburn

2 Responses

  1. The best treatment of Russian Paganism I have found is in the documentary Pagan Novosibirsk available for free online. A must see for anyone interested in Slavic Paganism in general and Russian Paganism in particular. Putin’s part in all of this is also clarified for anyone interested.
    While Poles and Russians have historically hated each other a great deal. This hatred does not extend to Polish and Russian Pagans. Who view each other as sort of close Slavic cousins. As I heard a Polish Pagan explain once the conflict originated when a number of Slavic Tribes were forcefully converted to Roman Catholicism. The region they inhabited became Poland. Other tribes were forcefully converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and became Russia. Then the two ‘denominations” went to war with each other over who was the true church and who was the church of Satan.
    Slavic Paganism while certainly distinct from Norse Paganism is actually significantly influenced by it due to far ranging in the east Swedish Vikings such as the Russ.
    The leader of the Greek Orthodox Church claims to be the Archangel Michael and he has instigated a veritable reign of terror against the relatively large Greek Pagan Revival. Due to the Greek Orthodox Churches tremendous wealth and political influence they have been given a freehand by the Government.
    Just an added note on the Russian Orthodox Church. The most senior Priests in the church during services wear vestments made of spun gold. This has sometimes caused a problem when the peasantry was living in impoverished and malnourished conditions. The Jew Bolsheviks were able to exploit this resentment. The Czar Alexander the father of the last Czar Nicholas did work to at least improve things for the Peasants, the former Serfs. But he was assassinated by Russian Jew Anarchists in order to insure the continued festering resentment. Czar Nicholas if left alone may have been inclined to continue the reforms, so they decided they had to head that problem off at the pass.

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