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Storming the U.S. Capital Building Parts 3-4: How to Engineer a Crisis


The Assault: An Engineered Crises with its Causes and Effects.

“Don’t Blame Me I Voted for Jeff Davis!” – Randall Lee Hilburn

On January 6, 2021; when the demonstrators began to draw close to the Capitol Building everything remained peaceful and legal; however, people still need to be reminded that this collection of marchers had in fact obtained a legal permit to march on that day. That being said, America’s Jewish-controlled mainstream media has thrown this inconvenient truth down the proverbial memory hole. That fateful day, everything was going just fine until several small groups of attendees broke off from the march and charged The Capitol building, and these Capital building chargers were part of Rent-A-Mob detachments.

Let’s not forget about the Springfield mob! Image courtesy of abc.net.au

Image courtesy of Donnie Fatso on Reddit.com

On that day in January, the emotions of all the marchers had already been raised to a fever pitch by  Donald Trump’s spirited rhetoric, so Trump should have realized the danger of something happening if he were to give an emotionally charged speech, even if this “something” was accidental. Trump should have known that he needed to keep the rhetoric cool so that things would never get out of hand and he would never find himself getting personally blamed for any subsequent disorder. As it was, whether Trump knew about the overall plan to start an incident or not, when the agent provocateurs made their move, that was when mob phycology took over for a good number or the march attendees and all hell broke loose soon afterward.

Above image of protestors pushing into the Capital Building courtesy of aljazeera.com

Two general groups of people joined in on the Capital Building party at a spur of the moment on that day, and one such group had been vowing to do such a thing as storm the Capital Building for decades, since long before Trump ever went into politics. These people who had been planning to storm the Capital Building for so long actually had no real plan beyond just taking the Capital Building and bringing the “traitors” there to justice — and so what if they had to wreck the place to do it. Those who just wanted to storm the Capital Building formed a major segment of the “lunatic fringe” department within Trump’s larger camp of supporters. These “Lunatic Fringe” Trump supporters have always been just talking for a long time, but the excitement at the Capital Building on January 6th had finally given them a chance to actually live out their long-cherished fantasy of making a stand in the real world. I have known a number of people like Trump’s lunatic fringe supporters over the years, and believe me, foresight, planning ahead, and thinking things through, is just is not their cup of tea.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

The other group that stormed the Capital that day were just tag-alongs who had come to the Capital protests in hopes that something would happen which would give them the opportunity to bust some heads and tear some shit up — such phycological types are always attracted to volatile situations. Other participants on that day just unthinkingly joined in the storming procession just because they thought everybody else was doing it, which is a large part of classic mob mentality.

One must realize this: Mobs. Do. Not. Think!



For sure, history shows again and agin that mobs do not think at all; in fact, mobs of people are just purely driven by the emotions that come from a rapid and constantly changing set of physical stimuli and wild circulating rumors. Best estimates are that not much over a thousand individuals actually took part in the storming of the Capital Building on January 6th, and the vast bulk of these demonstrators had no understanding of what was going on, so they just milled about in confusion, then finally went home. There was no insurrection on January 6th 2021, and I seriously doubt that Trump really thought that he could change anything at all by giving any type of speech on that fateful day. This entire “Storming the Capital” fiasco was all done for another purpose, which I shall get to a bit later in this blog entry.

The Chief of Police for Washington, D.C. at that time was a black woman who never even came to the Capital Building on that day, nor did she ever try to exercise any kind of command and control over the Capitol Police, so individual police officers and small groups of police were left entirely to their own devices that day. A few police officers did end up assisting and palling around with the mob; yet, the vast majority of the law enforcement personnel who were present on on the 6th of January just stood around in confusion or wandered around the area without any direction like casual observers would do. A small number of law enforcement personnel did try to resist the mob, but they were more or less overwhelmed and forced to retreat by the unruly crowd. Not long after the mess on the 6th of January, the mayor of Washington D.C. resigned from her office, then she was quickly replaced by another black woman.

Image courtesy of toxic_ideology on reddit.com

The Jewish media establishment has made a “hero” out of a black policeman for allegedly distracting the mob away from the Senate Chamber, but what actually happened was that this policeman had very stupidly, and likely quite deliberately, been left completely alone to guard the Senate chamber. When a large group of rioters approached him along the hallway, and they saw that this lone black policeman was hopelessly outnumbered, that was when this policeman withdrew up a nearby staircase where he later swung a large nightstick at several individuals who followed him. The black policeman swung his stick at some of the rioters in order to keep them at a distance while the vast bulk of the mob entered the Senate Chamber after he had pulled back.

In a related story, the official account of the woman who was shot that day, allegedly by a policeman, is grossly inaccurate. First off, there was no justification for her to be shot, and it was actually not a policeman who shot her. No, the man who shot the woman who was part of the protest mob was actually one of the Secret Service bodyguards for the vice president Mike Pence. This security detachment of Secret Service personnel who were in the Capital Building on that day clearly should have been with Mike Pence instead, but interestingly, while all of he chaos was taking place Pence was still in the building taking it upon himself to confront the rioters alone as other police and security people milled about in confusion.

Image courtesy of amazon.co.uk

The woman who was shot that day helped other rioters break through a door, and she was unarmed when she stepped through the door before getting shot by a Secret Service man who was standing across the room from her. The protestor woman was wrongfully shot because she was already all but encircled by police and security personnel at that moment, and these security personnel could have easily taken her into custody if they wished. One of the policemen who was nearby during that shooting incident almost shot the murdering secret service agent because he believed that he was being shot at himself. I am also thinking that this guy who shot the protester woman may have just wanted to experience the thrill of killing somebody when he shot that woman, but it is quite likely that he also wanted to kill someone without having any fear of punishment. This woman who was shot did have an interesting background because she was a former US Army officer who had also served multiple tours in the Middle East. This same woman had additionally spent most of her time traveling around the country attending Trump rallies with her husband during the months before her death.

NOTE: It is not truly clear if  Mrs. Babbit actually died that day because seeing is not believing when receiving any information from our fine Jewish-controlled media. The death of Babbit could be a public manipulation ploy of some type; it is hard to be sure of anything that the mainstream media tells the public at this time. Many videos have been made which allege that this shooting was staged, and they could very easily be correct.

Ashley Babbit was the woman shot in the Capital Riots in January of 2021, but she is not to be confused with Lorena Bobbit.

Image courtesy of foxnews.com

There was another individual who was killed that day, and this death supposedly happened when police personnel threw this man off the top of the steps in front of the Capital; however, this storyline was yet another hyped up media lie. In actuality, the soon-t0-be-dead man was trying to climb up the side of the steps to get around other members of the mob who were blocking protesters from entering the Capital building, that was when this unfortunate fellow slipped and fell from a considerable height and broke his neck. Many times, I see the Jewish media fibbers showing one thing on the television set while saying it is something else altogether. (Just to be polite, the Jewish media make up stories and lie to suit their “Agenda 21” plan which is always on their collective mind.)

Now for the Reason Why

The whole “Storming of the Capital” event was orchestrated by the Jews to justify a crackdown on what they perceive to be particularly dangerous “Enemies of the State.” Future crackdowns associated with rounds of mass arrests are planned for Trump supporters, and the justification for these rounds of forthcoming arrests are furnished by precariously linking Trump and his supporters to a supposed insurrection or putsch. In the aftermath of the Capital Hill incident, the Jewish power structure is now claiming that it was Trump and his supporters alone who are responsible for the happenings at the Capital Building on January 6th, 2021.

The Jews are admittedly using the same sort of procedure that they used during the farcical Nuremberg “Trials” to convict the losers after an epic and bloody contest for political power had ended. The Jews are also pushing a plan to charge people with crimes for being influencers or “instigators;” but ironically, these same people who are getting railroaded by Jewish-controlled court rooms for being “Instigators” have never actually ordered any actions themselves; therefore, many of the people who participated in the Capital Hill events on January 6th, 2021 are effectively getting convicted for crimes committed by somebody else. The implications of convicting one person for the crimes committed by another person, or even the crimes committed by a different group of people, is sinister in the extreme because this state of affairs creates a set of conviction criteria that is so nebulous and malleable that pretty much anyone can be convicted for anything that the Jewish establishment does not like.

There are a number of groups who now find themselves getting labeled as of enemies of the state by the Jewish establishment, and these groups can be identified by the flags that they were carrying on the 6th of January, 2021:

The flags in question for those who Jewry has labeled “Enemies of the State”

Image courtesy of cagelcartoons.com

(1) Blue Lives Matter. It was exceedingly strange to see individuals carrying this flag who were also assaulting police officers during the Capital protests. The Blue Lives Matter flag is now associated with enemies of the Jewish-controlled Zio-American Empire because this banner represents conservative and traditionalist thought which is also associated with a different way of thinking than Jewish Communism. At this time, any traditionalist thought that differs from “Wokeness” or other permutation of  Jewish Liberalism/Communism is a threat to their New Order in one way or another.

Image above courtesy of The Boston Globe’s website. 

(2) 2nd Amendment. The old Rattlesnake “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag from the days of the American Revolutionary War. This flag is now considered to generally be the flag of America’s gun rights activists, and Jewish Communists hate the idea of Conservatives and particularly White Conservatives having any means to resist their planned Talmudic New World Order, so there is now a mad push to disarm Whites in particular and the public in general .

Image above courtesy of utdailybeacon.com



Image courtesy of the ma5terofth3verse account on deviantart.com


Don’t tread me, and don’t on my lawn either!! Image courtesy of starecat.com

(3) Republic of Texas. Represented by the state flag of Texas. The state of Texas is notable because, by law, Texas has maintained the unique and unusual right to succeed from the United States, which no other state has the legal right to do, and their case for secession and independence is pretty clear-cut these days.



Image courtesy of i.reddit.it

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

(4) National Socialists. The Swastika Flag was all to conveniently emblazoned with the names Trump and Pence during the Capital Protests (conveying to the public Bull). It is also worth noting that the Swastika flag was flown at the Charlottesville, Virginia fiasco back in 2017; however, it is very clear that many of the people who were displaying Swastika flags at the Charlottesville events were agent provocateurs and actors. At this time, flying the Swastika flag at public protests is a common planned move executed by the Jews in order to discredit the event organizers for a troublesome public gathering on a personal level and to subvert their intended social message.

The above is a questionable photo from the Charlottesville events. This photo is questionable in the sense that the man seen in this image is likely to be an actor or an agent provocateur. Image courtesy of Buffy the Psych Professor’s account on twitter.com

If one pays close attention some of the film footage men who showed up at the Charlottesville protests back in 2017, it is easy to notice that the Swastika flag they are flying is still wrinkled in the way it would be when freshly removed from a box or packaging bag, and it is also clear on close analysis that these same “Nazi” uniforms that were worn by the men who flew these emotionally grabbing flags were also fresh from a costume box. It is also notable that this unknown group of men dressed up as old time “Nazis” and flew their flags while cameras from all the big television networks were filming them; one just might wonder if this event was a planned pageant that was targeted at television viewers. It is also worth noting that no real National Socialist in either America or Europe who watched this television footage had any idea who these supposed evil “Nazis” were. In other words, no real American or European National Socialists recognized any of the “Nazi” men who were seen at Charlottesville and then shown on big television networks, which is pretty odd considering that these fellows were supposed to be active National Socialists.

The point to remember is this: In today’s world, whenever a conservative-oriented public protest is held, there is a good chance that the Jews will plant agents within the crowd who will fly Swastika flags, or even go so far as to dress in “Nazi” costumes, and these low tactics are done to shut-down debate and silence critics.

The Jews will plant agents who are decked out in “Nazi” garb in order to cast any protest events that they dislike in the worst possible light for the public; the Jews are well aware that most normal or “Normie” types of people as well as Left-leaning types completely lose their ability to be objective when Swastika flags are flown or when they see men marching at public gatherings who are wearing costume “Nazi” outfits. Indeed, decades of intense Pavlovian social conditioning by Jews has stigmatized the Swastika symbol so heavily that most of the general public presently reacts with hysteria whenever this symbols is seen, so when the Jews want to create a packed and conditioned outrage response from the public they will predictably wheel out a few costumed men who are dressed as “Nazis.”

Image courtesy of meme-arsenal.com

(5) Confederate Battle Flag. Implying that anybody who flies this flag is automatically a supporter of Donald Trump’s Insurrection and perhaps worse things (more Bull). In today’s political climate, the old “Stars and Bars,” which is another name for the traditional flag of the Confederacy, is closely linked to the idea of  “White Supremacy,” even thought the Confederate army had many commissioned officers who were Native Americans, and the Confederate military also had many full divisions that were made up entirely of Native Americans.

Image courtesy of fredericksburg.com

Historical analysis also reveals that the American Civil War was really fought at the behest of international banking cartels as a means of preventing a wider confederacy of nations consisting of  the American South, the countries of Central America, and the Island of Cuba, so the Confederate flag never really stood for “White Supremacy” back in the times of the American Civil War, nor does it today. In the days before the American Civil War ever started, big international Jewish banking cartels chose to use slavery as a wedge issue to further their aims of preventing a wider Caribbean and Central American Confederacy from ever developing. The Jewish banking cartels also pushed for an American Civil War because they wanted to cement their economic control over the Southern states of America, but it is important to remember that the American Civil War was not really fought for the preservation of slavery.

Image courtesy of rarepepesdaily.tumblr.com

Concerning the South’s Peculiar Institution, which is another word for slavery, the Southern states had offered peace concessions prior to the American Civil War that offered to phase out slavery over a 20 year period of time with compensation given to slave holders in exchange for avoiding a war. It also turns out that the Knights of the Golden Circle, who were the Old South’s true rulers, knew that automation would soon render slavery morally unjustifiable and economically unviable with or without any war to end the Peculiar Institution, so waging a massive and bloody war to liberate the slaves in the Old South was never really necessary.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

Regrettably, the Peculiar Institution is still used as a Jewish instrument of political power in our present times, regardless of the historical facts, so decades of Jewish social conditioning through K-12 schools, universities, and mass entertainment has burned a negative association with the old Confederate flag into the minds of many uninformed and gullible citizens around the world. Sadly, the Confederate flag now elicits a Pavlovian conditioned emotional reaction rivaling that of the Swastika banner for many White Liberals and socially conditioned non-Whites, and Jews now seek to leverage the emotional effect of this flag to further their rotten political ends.

At this time, subversive Jews are likely to have their agent provocateurs arrive at protests that they dislike, then proceed to fly both Swastika banners and Confederate banners alike in hopes of discrediting their critics and leveraging mindless conditioned emotional responses as a crude bludgeoning tool that will quash any real dialog or rational debate concerning the issues that are being publicly highlighted. To put it another way, the Jews have applied their control over entertainment and schooling to demonize the old Confederate flag to such a degree that the mere sight of this symbol now elicits powerful and very negative knee-jerk types of reactions in many people, and these emotional reactions completely short-circuit any rational analysis of a street demonstration where either the Confederate flag or a Swastika symbol are seen.

So, remember this, whenever a demonstration that the Jews dislike is happening, there is an excellent chance that the television cameras will be rolling, then men will show up carrying Confederate banners, yet this whole episode will be an attempt at public manipulation.

Image courtesy of ballmemes.com

Puttanesca Sauce 

Image courtesy of cltampa.com

The same nasty old cadre of Jewish Trotskyites are also linking January’s run on America’s capital building to Putin and the Russian Federation, and they have gone so far as to say that Trump is a Russian intelligence asset and Putin personally ordered him to call for insurrection. The asinine concept that Trump is working for Vladimir Putin can be easily understood as part of the justification for a desired future war between the Zio-American empire and Russia (and more under-handed Bull they hope you believe).

A war between the crumbling Zio-American empire and the Russian Federation is desired by Jewish Trotskyites because such a war would remove Russia as an obstacle (if you believe their bull) to the planned world-ruling Zionist Empire. A war between the Zio-American Empire and Russia is also desired by the Jewish Trotskyites in order to exact revenge on the Russians for not kowtowing to the Jew in the past (which is actually quite true). American Militarists also desire a big Biblical-scale war between the Zio-American Empire and the Russian Federation so that they can prove their superiority over their Russian rival who they thoroughly despise. (The American Militarists have no reason that is legitimate for wanting a war against the Russians, other than the fact that American Militarists are themselves Communists who hate everyone else!)

Image courtesy of quinrollins.com

Trump, for his part, has blamed the Chinese for infiltrating his demonstration on the 6th of January and causing the riot at the Capital Building. Trump has claimed that the Chinese fomented the disturbance at the Capital Building to discredit him after first having rigged the election for Biden (Does Trump actually believe his own lies?)

Actually, neither Trump, Chinese Communists, Jewish Bolsheviks, nor the legion of American Evangelical Christian Zionists who blindly and stupidly support Trump has fully cornered the market on lying, skullduggery, and just plain retardation.


Further Notes on Perceived Enemies of the Jewish-Controlled State

(6) Oath Keepers. They are being portrayed by the special Communist authors of the Agenda 21 (Trotskyist) media and by politicians who have sold out to the Jews as a fascist anti-government White supremacist Trumpist militia. The Trotskyites are also quite insistive that the Oath Keepers are bent on overthrowing any constitutional government, then installing Trump as a clownish “Nazi” dictator, as opposed to a real National Socialist leader, as I have to add.

Image courtesy of claytoonz.com

Regrettably, the Oath Keepers have actually conducted themselves in a manner that tends to give credence to the charges that are leveled against them by Trotskyite Jews. However, there are still so many things that are seriously wrong with the way that Jewish Trotskyites paint the Oath Keepers, and this I know from direct personal experience, which I will now relate. Around twenty years ago, when the group that is now known as the Oath Keepers was first organized, they staged a perfectly legal march in some city in the Pacific Northwest which I cannot recall, and this is where they encountered an Antifa mob and a big street brawl erupted after that encounter. After this street brawl with Antifa, the corporate Jewish Media portrayed the Oath Keepers essentially as I have already described, except without Trump, because this incident took place long before Trump went into politics.

At the time when this Oath Keepers versus Antifa street brawl took place, I was the First Lieutenant Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp in Birmingham, Alabama. Back then, we had several members of our organization who were also Oath Keepers, so we felt a need to learn more about this organization because concerns about subversive activity were present within the ranks of our leadership.  After the Northwest street brawn, our Camp Commander in Birmingham and myself contacted the national headquarters for the Oath Keepers, then we conducted an internal investigation that would determine whether harboring suspicions about our members who also held memberships in the Oath Keepers was justified.  This investigation against select members of my local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans carried some significance because if any of these members were found guilty of belonging to a criminal or ideologically subversive organization, then they would have to be expelled from the SCV for life. As a part of our investigation, we interviewed the members of our camp who were also Oath Keepers, and this is what we learned.

Image courtesy of groovyhistory.com

First off, as I have already said, the Oath Keepers had a legal permit to march on the day of that street brawn in the Northwest, and the Oath Keepers were marching peacefully on that same day when they were unexpectedly set upon by an Antifa mob who began to physically assault them. After being assaulted, the Oath Keepers then fought back to defend themselves against their Antifa attackers until order was restored when the police intervened and separated the two groups. We further questioned our members who were also part of the Oath Keepers about just what the basic philosophy of the Oath Keepers was.

This is where things start to get interesting vis-a-vis the assault on the Capitol Building in January because when we conducted our Sons of the Confederate Veterans investigation, the Oath Keepers were still simply an organization made up of White Christian men, and this organization was only made up of White men because no non-white Christian men had ever petitioned to join at that time. The eponymous Oath that this organization refers to, and which all member of this organization must take, is just a simple promise to get baptized as a Christian, to get married in a Christian church, and to have children within the confines of a marriage. The real Oath that forms the basis of being an Oath Keeper is the oath to be a good Christian husband, a good Christian father, and to uphold traditional family values with the traditional family structure. SO, THE TRUTH IS THAT THE OATH KEEPERS WERE ABSOLUTELY NON-POLITICAL AND NON-VIOLENT.

The Oath Keepers are a conservative Christian organization that is at the very least implicitly against any Jewish Trotskyite agenda, so it is quite obvious why Jewish Communists want to misrepresent and essentially outlaw this group. As a result of our investigation, all of the members of my Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter that had ties with the Oath Keepers were cleared of any wrongdoing by our national headquarters. When this episode relating to an Oath Keepers investigation had concluded, everyone who was involved in this case against the Oath Keepers had learned another valuable lesson about how deceptive mainstream media is in the United States. The presence of the so-called Oath Keepers as part of the mob that assaulted the Capital can mean only one of two things, either the Oath Keepers have COMPLETELY changed their organizational character, or the “Oath Keepers” that formed a significant portion of the mob on the 6th of January were IMPOSTERS! I have no doubt that it was impostors who showed such bad behavior at the Capital Building on January 6th, and this bad behavior was carried out to discredit the Real Oath Keeper and to justify a more intensive government crackdown on this organization.

Image courtesy of cagelcartoons.com


COVID19, The Reason Why

Image courtesy of archives.4plebs.org

As the term is commonly understood, Covid-19 is most assuredly a hoax, but not a simple hoax.

In reality, the whole Covid-19 episode is any number of things from various strains of the flu, totally unrelated illnesses of various kinds, biological weapons, (Developed by the Pentagon at the behest of Israel for use against China, Iran, Italy, Russia, and North Korea.) and of course, in a great many cases, the Cover-19 was really nothing at all. “They are calling everything Covid-19.” (A quote from my niece who is a senior US Army Nurse.)

But what is the point of this whole sorry Covid-19 business? I know you are wondering. It is my firmly held conviction that there are, generally speaking, three purposes being served by this grand-scale Covid-19 Illusion:


(1) The reengineering of the US Economy to make it more usable to the Communist/Corporatist cabal that has actually ran the United States ever since the establishment of the Federal Reserve and its associated Income Tax.

Image courtesy of reddit.com

(2) Fighting Covid-19 is being used to justify constant and detailed monitoring and micro-management of every facet of a person’s life, including instituting plans for a massive transhumanist agenda. The transhumanism agenda is not really new, but any transhumanist agendas pushed by the Jews will get a really big boost by the Covid-19 agenda because such initiatives will be pushed and justified under the guise of halting the spread of the Covid-19. Also, rest assured that Jewish transhumanist agendas are not being put in place to uplift the masses of humanity, no, these plans are being pushed to help the Jews to more effectively enslave and control the world’s population.

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

(3) This next reason for the Cover hoax admittedly requires some effort to wrap your brain around, and it will eventually be used as a smokescreen to implement a program that is designed to reduce the world’s population back to 500,000,000. As a misdirection, to use an old American football term, various biological weapons will be deployed against the world’s population as a means of cutting back the number of people who are living on our planet.

When the first phases of the depopulation agenda are executed, the vast majority of the population will fail to recognize what is being done to them because the agenda will be submerged under the hype of the Covid-19 hoax, and these engineered biological weapons of depopulation that are unleashed onto the public will also be targeted against individuals with a specific genetic makeup. Releasing viruses that only attack people with specific genetic profiles is being done to protect the perpetrators from being “Hoisted by their own petard”. (An old naval expression referring to someone being sunk by their own weapons.) What we now see happening in the area of biological weapons of depopulation being used against the public is the phase of operational testing. Operational testing is a necessary step when one is developing a new and not-yet-perfected weapon system because performing trial runs to determine what bugs need to be worked out is always a necessity in the early stages of a weapon system’s adoption.

Concerning the Covid-19, there are some things that just seem a bit fishy to me. For example, why is there no talk about how Covid-19 was being spread by all of the Communist/Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, etc. as they went home? Remember, all of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters who were running amuck across America in the summer of 2020 were not wearing masks nor were they maintaining social distancing. Paradoxically, entire small cities have been put on virtual lockdown because some rinky-dink bar did not follow the rules about social distancing and wearing masks in public; this very thing happened in Tuscaloosa, Alabama more than once. It sounds to me like somebody forgot to shovel some bullshit into the hole that developed in the Covid-19 narrative, and it looks like this country is in really sad shape when the ruling elite cannot even carry out a decent hoax without screwing it up!

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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