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Did the Third Reich Run State-Sponsored Nudist Colonies?

Cover image is the painting Lichtgibet by Fidus.




First Part – Introduction to the Third Reich’s Naturalism and Nudist Practices

Every now and then, it is time to spend some time “Out in the Country” as per the song by Three Dog Night, which is one of my all-time favorite tunes

Often, I feel the world closing in on me, so I long to escape from the human race for a while. For me, escaping for a while means going back to nature so that I can recharge my batteries so to speak.

Another thought of the 3rd Reich: The “People in Nature Movement”. The Third Reich held the idea that people should periodically journey into nature to nourish and strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits, and also to reconnect with the soil that nourishes their blood.

THe baffler.com

Image of nude outdoor exercises during the Third Reich courtesy of thebaffler.com

World of Signs.com

The photograph above shows a group of men and women exercising nude in the outdoors in Germany during the 1930s. Image courtesy of wordofsigns.com


The photo above shows a group of German men doing group exercises during the summer in the 1930s. Image courtesy of Saddobop on Imgur.com


The image above shows more nude exercising during the 1930s. Image courtesy of worthpoint.com


Image of nude outdoor exercises courtesy of alchetron.com

Erma PHotograph

Photograph by Erna Landvia- Dircksen courtesy of books.openedition.com

True, the “People in Nature” movement had a strong nudist current; however, this nudist current was not associated with sexual intercourse. Within this context, people exercised and connected with nature in a “Skyclad,” i.e. nudist, fashion as the Ancient Celts would say. Moving about in a Skyclad manner was done by the old Celts to ensure that nothing stood between themselves and The Universe, but more specifically, going Skyclad was done so that the Sun could act as a more efficient conduit of life energy for them. (I suppose it is quite possible to get sun burned where the sun don’t shine.)

The Folk have an inalienable right to the practice of living Skyclad because doing so is essential to the wellbeing of the Folk, both individually and collectively.


Image courtesy of stocklib.com

Sacred Sex

Indeed, sexual energy permeated the movements of the People in Nature Movement, which most certainly did not deny the flesh; however, within this context nudity and sexual energy were raised to a higher plane.

Within the Thulean context, sex is viewed as a multi-faceted matter and a force of critical importance that permeates the entire Universe. When properly understood, “All Sex Is Sacred Sex!”. This includes sex that is for Love and sex that is for reproduction, whether this sex is mundane or whether it is mystical. The Universe sings with sexual energy, in body, in mind, in spirit, and in emotions, so sex is all of these things when viewed through the prism of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Being sacred in every facet of its existence, sex it is not to be profaned without paying a terrible price.

Alex Grey sacred sex on Facebook

Alex Grey painting courtesy of facebook.com

In a number of different ways, the act of having sex was created by the divine as a means to raise us to a higher plane of existence, provided that it is approached holistically.


Alex Grey Sacred Sex Image

Alex Grey painting featured courtesy of ebay.com


Unhealty Sexual Patterns of the 19th Centurey

Sex, being one of the primary constructive forces in The Universe, can turn into one of the most destructive forces if one becomes obsessed with it. What entirely too few people understand, and from what I have personally experienced as well, the fact that Sexual License, like what we have now in The West, and Sexual Repression, like what still persists under the auspices of Fundamentalist Christianity, both produce precisely the same results: an unhealthy obsession with sex. Victorian Morality (from Victorian England) is infamously known for putting on a strict outward show of Christian Morality that is juxtaposed against a private undercurrent of Libertinism. This juxtapose of repression and libertine sexual proclivities must be kept in mind to understand the origins and goals of the People in Nature Movement.

Victorian Era Prostitute

The image above is an archival photograph of a working class London prostitute from the Victorian era in England. It should come as no surprise that prostitution absolutely flourished under the sexually repressive social environment created by puritanical Protestant Christianity in many Western nations during the 19th centurey. Image courtesy of medium.com


Interestingly, Victorian-era sexual morals engendered the same set of results in North America as it did in Europe. The image above shows an archival photograph of a prostitute in Atlanta that was taken shortly before the Civil War began. Image courtesy of  thevictoriantimes.blogspot.com

revisting Dickens

The above photo is an archival recording of prostitutes in a Victorian era London brothel. Image courtesy of revistingdickens.wordpress.com


The image above shows a prostitute that catered to more affluent clientele during the Victorian era. In Victorian times, prostitution existed on a level that could hardly be imagined by contemporary Westerners. In the 19th centurey, entire sections of every Western city were given over almost exclusively to prostitution, and such places catered to every budget range. One effect of the so-called sexual revolution that began in the 1960s is a marked decrease in the prevalence of prostition. As listed in the 2005 book by Disinformation Publishing called Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong, for all of its faults, the present sexual climate has greatly decreased the number of men who have ever paid for sex, and this simple fact has been proven through numerous interviews conducted with old men who came of age before the 1960s. Image above courtesy of pinterest.com 



One very notable downside to all of the Victorian era prostitution was the unchecked spread of many venereal diseases, including syphilis. During the 19th century, condoms were rarely used when visiting prostitutes, if at all, and ignorance about how to prevent the spread of venereal diseases also contributed to the problem in those times. During the 19th century, no antibiotic treatments for bacterial venereal diseases existed as of yet, so contracting any venereal disease back then was a bad thing indeed. The image above is an illustration recording an advanced case of syphilis for a 21 year old prostitute from the Czech republic. The illustration above was made in 1898 by Dr. Franz Mracek.  Illustration courtesy of brewminate.com


Syphalim face

The image above comes courtesy of warwick.ac.uk. The illustration seen above is a medical picture intended for physicians in training that dates from the 19th century in France. The image of advanced-stage syphilis posted above is very tame compared to many archival photographs and illustrations of this phenomenon.  Many people wonder if the old photos and illustrations of advanced-stage syphilis are real or not, but research indicates that these images are in-fact real, but they represent the worst cases ever recorded. 

The images of syphilis infections that result from prostitution are included here just to illustrate the point that sex can carry many nasty consequences when it is not practiced in a wholesome spiritual manner. 


Unhealthy Sexual Patterns of Our Time

Prostitution is Still Here


Although it is not as common or as prevalent as it was in times past, prostitution is still around in contemporary times. The image above shows prostitutes in Bangkok, Thailand. This image arrives courtesy of npr.org. 


“Hookup” Culture


The image above reflects a typical nightclub scene from pretty much anywhere these days. Many contemporary men scoff at the idea of paying for sex, yet these same men often frequent bars and night clubs in search of casual sex with people they do not know, which is not really much better than having encounters with prostitutes from the standpoint of contracting diseases or from a spiritual perspective. Our present society seems to encourage casual sexual encounters that originate in bars and night clubs; this trend does not reflect a healthy societal approach to sex. Image courtesy of downboston.com 



No contemporary discussion about unhealthy sexual practices would be complete without at least mentioning Tinder. For those who are not familiar with this smart telephone application, Tinder is ostensibly a “Dating App” but it seems to really be nothing more than an enabling mechanism for women to find attractive male sexual partners for casual sex on short notice. The selection mechanism for potential sexual partners on Tinder simply consists of seeing a photograph and then making a quick decision to proceed or not to proceed.

Researchers have noted that Tinder enables a relatively small number of very attractive men to have a lot of random and casual sex with many women; however, for most men, using this service is a waste of time. Women are the ones to take the real damage from this application because it enables them to find attractive sex partners with such incredible ease, but having casual sex with attractive men who will not make any commitment ultimately leaves the women who use this service feeling bitter towards men in general. Yet another danger associated with using Tinder for casual sex is the fact that having many sexual partners without much in the way of emotional content or commitment tends to simply reduce other people to a commodity.  


stock condom image

Luckily, condoms made from latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene are cheap and easily available these days, and practically every sex worker at this time knows how to use a condom and tends to be a real stickler about condom use.  Fortunately, modern condoms are an effective countermeasure against the spread of venereal disease, plus mostly effective treatments are still avialable for bacterial venereal diseases, so a lot of the old dangers associated with prostitution and casual sexual encounters have been curbed. Although much of the physical risks of prostitution and random sex from bars and night clubs are now manageable for the most part, the moral and spiritual and moral issues surrounding prostitution and promiscuity still remain.  Image courtesy of Adobe Stock Photos.  


In the video linked above, Edward Dutton talks about the recent rise in veneraial  diseases that has been plaguing the West since about 2015. Ironically, despite the widespread availability and effectiveness of condoms, the urban poor across the West are starting to see a stark rise in venereal diseases, including syphilis. Dutton blames falling IQs and a culture that produces a complete moral vacuum concerning matters of sex for this alarming trend. Mass use of meth amphetamines also contributes to this dangerous increase of old bacterial venereal diseases these days because tweeters tend to not be very mindful about using condoms, or any type of birth control for that matter. 


Your Friendly Neighborhood Abortion Clinic

Abortion Clinic

First, it is important to note that infanticide is a truly ancient practice, and infanticide typically happened because a baby was deemed defective after birth. Modern abortions are really nothing more than a more refined form of infanticide, yet the sheer number of abortions happening in America and Europe these days is staggering. The Giving Compass website notes that around one in four American women will have an abortion at some point in their lives, so this practice is actually quite common. 

Indeed, the topic of abortion is a raging social and political issue, but some basic facts have to be acknowledged when the topic of abortion is discussed. First, a very small portion of all abortions across America and other nations are performed due to rape, incest, or molestation, so most abortions happen because the women who are getting them simply do not want to truly accept the consequences of their sexual indiscretions. Logically, if a woman does not want to have a man’s baby for whatever the reason, then she should not have sex with this man in the first place. Likewise, if a woman feels that a pregnancy is not wanted, then she should either not have sex or at least use some other form of preventative birth control which is widely available across the developed world these days. The bottom line is that any society that performs a huge number of abortions per year is not showing healthy sexual morals. Image courtesy of 19thnews.org


The Pornography Industrial Complex

Porn Hub

Pornography is not really a new phenomenon because graphic artistic rendering of sexual acts date back to the Roman Empire and before, and  sexually explicit works of art have existed in a very cross-cultural manner all along. Not surprisingly, as soon as the photograph was invented, sexually explicit pictures of women appeared, so pornography in one form or another has been around for a while. However, the difference between now and the 1860s is the availability of pornography. In contemporary times, pornography is more readily available then ever before because the internet has opened the door for access to pornography in a manner that was never possible in the past.

In present times, pornography is available for free in limitless quantities and in countless varieties, plus pornographic viewing can now happen within the medium of very life-like and high-definition still images and video clips. Contemporary pornography that is both high-definition and free is available from the privacy of peoples’ homes, so it should be no surprise that the problems which have always been endemic to pornography can now exist on a level that would have been unimaginable in the past.

Pornography does not significantly contribute to the mass spread of venereal diseases like prostitution has in the past; none the less, the presence of free and unlimited internet pornography is presently causing a host of social ills. A full discussion about all the social ills that are either caused by pornography or intensified by pornography goes beyond the scope of this present reading, so no further details about this matter will expatiated here, yet let it be said that mass consumption of pornography does not reflect healthy sexual patterns.  Image courtesy of insidehook.com


Mass-Market Transgender Madness

transgender industrail complex

Since the very dawn of time, there have always been some people who felt a bit of confusion about their gender identity, and there have always been a certain number of people who have felt that rigid ideas about gender roles were stuffy and confining, but these people have always been a pronounced minority. Men dressing in drag is certainly not a new thing, and ancient Babylon is known to have hosted a cult of goddess-worshipping men who ritually cut off their penises and testicles and then grew their hair long, wore makeup, and even donned women’s clothing, so transgender madness is not actually as new as people might imagine. Thankfully, the old castrating goddess cults of ancient Babylon were never a very mainstream thing back in those days; however, in our present times, we are seeing transgenderism pushed and promoted on an industrial scale that has never been seen before. 

The image above is a screen capture of a book by Scott Howard that is for sale on the Barnes & Noble website. Howard’s book exposes the contemporary transgender madness for the racket that it is and he names the people who are promoting this destructive trend. The transgender industrial complex is being mentioned here because the sheer prevalence of people undergoing some type of medical sex changes is now too large and widespread to ignore, so the transgenderism phenomenon of our time constitutes a mass-scale sexual neurosis. 


America’s current Biden presidential administration has appointed a Jewish transgender circus sideshow attraction named “Rachel” Levine as the assistant secretary of health. Transgenderism worming its way into the halls of power is not a sign of good societal health. Image courtesy of mcclatchydc.com 


Pro-Homosexual Propaganda on an Industrial Scale

Gay Pride Parade

The image of a large gay pride parade in San Francisco that is posted above arrives courtesy of wbur.org

Homosexuality is certainly not a new phenomenon, and historians know that homosexuality was openly practiced in the twilight days of Ancient Greek city states, Ancient Babylon, and Ancinet Rome. However, as the author and psychologist Camille Paglia notes, when a society is openly practicing homosexuality on a mass scale, this tends to portend that such a society is soon to be relegated to the scapbook of history. The mainstreaming of homosexuality is clearly linked with any society’s downfall, but what is not clear is whether homosexuality is a root cause of a society’s downfall or an aggravating factor that speeds up an already failing society.  

Homosexuality will always happen to some degree in any society, but when it is promoted throughout propaganda aimed at children plus supported by powerful institutions such as it is today across the West, then this is a surefire sign of an unhealthy pattern of sexual conduct. 

Pro homosexual progaganda aimed at children

The image above is furnished courtesy of bbc.com

In the contemporary West, it is now common for gradeschool children to be hit with pro-homosexual propaganda in public school classrooms. Now, it is also not unusual to see public high schools and even middle schools that openly host campus homosexual groups, and classrooms in public schools now frequently fly gay pride flags. Indeed, homosexuality is nothing new, but to see it promoted so brazenly to the young and impressionable and on such a mass scale constitutes a definitive societal sickness concerning sexual matters. 


A Timeless Sexual Proclivity: Sex with the Genuinely Unwilling

Outright rape and coerced sex are both nothing new, but any time one person is being outright violated or truly pressured into having sex with another against their will, then this is not a good state of affairs, and such circumstances definitely constitute what Buddhists would call “Sexual Misconduct.”

Rape Image

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock Images. 

Second Part – Lineage of the People in Nature Movement

One of the by-products of the period of time from the American and French Revolutions up until the end of the Napoleonic Wars was the rebirth of the Ancient Native Nordic Spirit among Germans and Celts, which was concurrent with the serious erosion of The Christian Churches’ controls over the Nordic Mind.

After the end of the Wars of Liberation, which are called The Napoleonic Wars in German history, a movement to reclaim the primordial essence of Germaness from the dustbin of history began in German Academia in general, and Prussian Academia in particular. Among German academics and intellectuals, the Wars of Liberation metamorphosed from a struggle for political independence, led by Prussia of course, into an initiative to reclaim and preserve True German Culture.

Wars of Liberation

The image above is a famous painting of Germany’s Wars of Liberation that was made by the artist Eduard Kaempffer. Image courtesy of  wikipedia.org

While Academics were becoming increasingly aware of the real German Spirit, they were not allowed to broach the subject before either the public or before any students in university classrooms; they were only allowed to discuss such topics among themselves in private. All of this secrecy surrounding a revisiting of pre-Christian Germanic ways lasted as long as it did because Prussia did not have religious freedom until well into the 1820s.

Before the 1820s, the Lutheran Church wielded enough political clout to have their particular version of Christianity enforced by the state as the only legal public religion. This state of affairs had become increasingly unpopular until the point was reached where religious freedom had to be finally guaranteed by law. This newfound official freedom of religion only affected a very limited number of people for a long time relative to my present discussion because only the wealthiest members of society could afford a university education that would expose them to differing religious ideas; however, history would change this state of affairs in time. (The idea of the state granting the public religious freedom would soon spread to academia in the British Isles as well, where a similar outcome resulted.)

One of the most successful and popular social reforms instituted by Bismarck after German Unification was two-fold. First, Bismarck raised wages for the average German worker and lowered the costs of a university education. German universities were already world-class when Bismarck instituted his changes, and after Bismarck’s changes, the prominence of German universities only increased. Bismarck’s political and economic reforms were profound, and soon the entire population benefitted from these initiatives. Being a Proto-National Socialist, Bismarck primarily concerned himself with matters that were good for the Folk as a whole. One of the effects of Bismarck’s plan to expand university attendance was the children of German workers finally gaining exposure to an Ancient Nordic Spiritual Revival which soon began to seriously spread.

Otto Von Bismarck

Image of Otto Von Bismarck courtesy of wikipedia.org

Kaiser Bread

Kaiser bread was quite the thing during the time of Germany’s Kaiser Reich. Image courtesy of boundbybuns.com

Bismarck’s Wars of Unification, first against Denmark, then against the Habsburgs, and finally against Napoleon III (Franco-Prussian War), were fought to finally end all of the foreign interference in Germany’s internal affairs that had kept Germans at each other’s throats for far too long. The rank-and-file of King, then later Kaiser Wilhelm I’s, victorious army consisted primarily of German workers. In a great many ways, Bismarck’s genius had given his soldiers a real stake in the outcome of each war.

Bismark State Capital

The state capital of North Dakota was named Bismarck in honor of the German Chancellor. Image courtesy of planetware.com

Bismarck Map

Map location of Bismarck, North Dakota courtesy of eachtown.com

Bismarck Battle Ship

No mention of Otto von Bismarck is complete without a nod to the famous World War II battleship that was named after the great German Chanellor. Image courtesy of thoughtco.com

For the Birds

big bird

Image of Big Bird courtesy of muppet.fandom.com

Many of the now university educated children of Bismarck’s veterans developed a movement called the “Vonder Vogels,” or the “Wandervogels” which both mean “Wandering Birds” in German. The Vonder Vogels were the direct forerunners of the People in Nature Movement. The Vonder Vogels believed that in order to revisit the wisdom of their ancestors, they had to be physically tough, so these young people wandered the countryside camping out at old sacred sites and performing old Pre-Christian rituals to the best of their knowledge. The Vonder Vogels swam in lakes and rivers, composed folk songs on guitars, and created folk dances in their spare time when they were not exercising, working to pay their own way, studying, or performing rituals.


The image above shows an all-girls group of Wandervogels. The initial groups of Wandervogels were all male, but later, all female groups joined in the fun. Despite the addition of females, the Wandervogel tradition never integrated males and females into the same groups. Image courtesy of nomanregarded.blogspot.com

Girls Vondervogel

Image of a girls Wandervogel courtesy of aka-images.co.uk


Wandervogel Image

The archival photograph of a male Wandervogel group is furnished courtesy of wandervogeldiary.wordpress.com



The image above is an old archival photo of a typical Wandervogel. Image courtesy of br.de

Mighty Bohemian

The photo above shows a group of boys who are part of an early Wandervogel. Notice how these youths look mighty Bohemian, so it comes as no surprise that what we would call “Hippies” in today’s world owe at least some of their origins to the old German Wandervogels. Image courtesy of historyplace.com

Wandervogel postcard

The image above shows an old German Wandervolge-themed summer issue postcard from 1910. Image courtesy of eBay.com

Even after Prussia had guaranteed religious freedom to the people by law, the hierarchy of the Lutheran Church still grew increasingly angry with the burgeoning pagan revival. Thus, certain officials concocted a plan to trick the German police into suppressing the new pagan revival movement by making it appear that any rejection of Christianity constituted a threat to law abiding citizens and the state. However, the Lutheran Church’s hierarchy did not exactly get what they desired.

When members of the Lutheran Church tried to sell the idea that paganism constituted a grave risk to public safety and well-being to senior police officials in more than one German state, they were shocked by the response. Everywhere they went, the response from senior police officials went something like this, “We know that they are neither criminals nor a threat to the state, and The Reich Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, so you had better not interfere with them or you will be arrested. Besides, the only reason we do not join them ourselves is that we are too old. Only healthy young people in their primes can live that lifestyle.” The latter sentence in the previous quote reflected a sentiment not uncommon amongst the older generation back then. After receiving less than enthusiastic responses concerning their proposals to have the state police execute their political agendas, the Lutheran Church finally realized that times had decisively changed, so they were forced to backed off from their plot.

The strenuous physical conditioning of The Wandering Birds served as the inspiration for the rugged and exacting physical training done by the Waffen SS. The physical training regiments of the Waffen SS also served as a functional blueprint for the tough physical training done by the US Army’s Green Berets during the Vietnam War.

I have seen old photographs of the Wandering Birds from just before WW1, and they appear to be a fine-looking and obviously very happy group of young German people. The Wandering Birds did resemble hippy types a little bit, and this is no accident because the hippies were a HIGHLY CORRUPTED counterfeit version of The Wandering Birds.

dirty hippy

Specimen of a dirty hippie courtesy of logan9a on imgur.com

take a bath you dirty hippy

Image courtesy of Amazon.com


The Bird is the Word

Hans Joachim Marseille was the Luftwaffe’s top fighter pilot ace against the Americans and British with over 150 confirmed kills. Marseille had apparently been connected with a Wandering Bird group before the war, which made him a bit of a Bohemian, so he did not fit the stereotype of an ace fighter pilot. Marseille was very often referred to as “The Star of Africa” because so many of his recorded kills happened while flying over either North Africa or the nearby Mediterranean. Marseille’s extraordinary kill count was verified by friend and foe alike.

Hans Joachim Maselle

The man, the legend, Mr. Hans Joachim Marseille.

Maseille PHoto in North Africa

Image of Hans Joachim Marseille in North Africa courtesy of warbirdresourcegroup.org

The original People in Nature Movement, which had begun independently of the NSDAP, yet developed at about the same time, was essentially a very toned-down version of the Wandering Birds, and it had a much more widespread appeal. The People in Nature phenomenon was voluntarily absorbed into the NSDAP fairly early on. It is interesting to note that nudism played a considerably more significant role in the latter movement than in the former.

In closing, I must point out one more thing. Neither the Wandering Birds, nor the People in Nature Movement, ever practiced “Free Love.” Although the Ancient Teutons were very open about matter of sex, they were also very moral about it in practice. The Church officials I referred to earlier had tried to convince the police that the young people were having orgies, but the police officials knew better.

Wandervogel Today

Wandervogel Logo

Even to this day the old Wandervogel logo still symbolizes the practice of having groups of teenagers walk through rural areas in the summer months without adult leadership. Image courtesy of wikimedia.org

wandervogel pin

Image of a contemporary Wandervogel pin courtesy of whirlingsun.com

Something of the Wandervogel tradtion still survives in Germany to the present day, but the tradition of having groups of teenagers wander throught the rural areas of Germany during the summer months without any adult supervision is clearly not what it used to be.  After World War II, the German tradition of wandering youth groups who traveled with their musical instruments has faded into virtual obscurity, but hopefully this tradition will make a comeback in the near future.

2016 girls wondervogel

Image of a 2016 girls wandervogel in Germany courtesy of madchenwandervogel.de

In 1935, the Japanese ministry of Educaion started their first Wandervogel club at Rikkyo University, and soon several other universities followed suit. Wandervogel is still a popular outdoor hiking and mountaineering club that is associated with universities across all of Japan that still has tens of thousands of young participants.

Japanese Wandervogel

Image of a Japanese university Wandervogel club out on a long hiking trip is furnished courtesy of samisinjapan.wordpress.com

Heil Hitler deva!

Heil the Folk!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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