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The Connection Between Buddhism and National Socialism

The Connection Between Buddhism and National Socialism

Adolf Hitler taught that National Socialism follows natural law. The Buddha taught that his dhamma is truth and natural law.

From a Buddhist view the world is insane so the Buddha set up a system for monks and nuns to go beyond the world and reach nirvana.

National Socialism creates a sane world and good environment for the people to live and flourish. These two compliment one another.

Perhaps a “smoking gun” may be proving a link between Buddhism and NS Germany, in the form of a book, written in German.

There is a book in German “Hitler, Buddha, Krishna” which talks about the connection between National Socialism, and eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Apparently, many NS leaders were studying Buddhism or Hinduism, and finding ideas which resonated with them, and influenced them. https://www.amazon.com/Hitler-Krishna-unheilige-Allianz-Dritten/dp/3800038870  This huge book was written in German about it. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is in English. If any readers here know anyone who does read German though, if you could get them to read the book, and translate it, or even summarize part of it, or even translate the parts which deal with Buddhism, that would be very helpful. Do you know anyone who knows German, who might be interested in this project?

This link above seems to take some information from the book and is also useful.

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