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Belgian Waffles, Brussel Sprouts, and Illegal Aliens

Alien/UFO Disclosure Has Already Happened!

Back in the 1980’s there was an interesting article that appeared on the back page of our local county newspaper. At that time, I was living in Gadsden, Alabama; therefore, our local newspaper was called The Gadsden Times, and our little rag of a paper was published by a subsidiary of the New York Times. The article of interest reported on a rift within NATO’s Military Council that was meeting in Brussels.

The governments who were members of NATO in the 1980s had all gone through a lot of trouble to convince their citizens that UFOs and aliens do not exist; however, among themselves, the governments of NATO nations hammered-out a verbal agreement that outlined how NATO would deal with these supposedly non-existent outsiders. None of the high governmental officials who worked within NATO back in the 1980s were willing to put their national policies concerning extraterrestrials into writing because such policies would countermand all of their public denial that aliens exist.

As noted in the article mentioned earlier, a rift within NATO developed because the Belgian government was concerned that any exclusively military response to a visit from aliens just might provoke an unnecessary war that NATO had no chance of winning. NATO’s lack of self-confidence concerning the alien question stemmed from factors such as nobody being able to down a single UFO. Despite being consistently unable to match alien technology in a meaningful manner, there were still military personnel who were determined to prove their military superiority to the aliens, even though these visitors had never been proven to pose an actual threat.

One of history’s greatest Belgians.

The specific actions of the Belgian government that provoked other members of NATO included this country removing any military responsibility for dealing with UFOs and aliens and instead choosing to transfer the process of contacting aliens to their Foreign Office. The Belgians also angered many NATO officials because they encouraged other members of this organization to regard dealings with aliens as a diplomatic matter as opposed to a matter of national defense. By contrast, the rest of NATO was led by Israel, and this camp of officials was vehemently opposed to the idea of treating contact with extra-terrestrials as a matter of diplomacy instead of a case for war, so the Israelis and their cadre of lackeys accused the Belgians of breaking their military agreements with other NATO members.

No discussion about Belgium is complete without mentioning Belgian Waffles.

Red Diaper Babies

When Medvedev headed the Russian Federation instead of Putin, a most curious thing happened; namely, Medvedev announced that the Russian Government was going to publicly release what they knew about UFOs and aliens. 

Not long after Medvedev made his public announcement concerning the Russian government’s knowledge of aliens, a very experienced and long-serving fighter pilot who was a member of an elite interceptor squad within the Red Air Force/Russian Federation Air Force came to the United States and made an interesting television appearance. This senior Russian pilot arranged to make his television appearance on one of America’s major television networks in order to share what his country knew about UFOs. The Russian pilot’s television appearance logged relatively few viewers because it aired late on a Saturday afternoon; none the less, this show was still broadcast.

The Russian fighter pilot who appeared on that Saturday afternoon television program was a member of a squadron that was specifically tasked with defending the Kremlin itself. The pilot from the television show had become a member of his elite interceptor squad during the Soviet era, and his career continued after the Soviet Union changed into the Russian Federation. The pilots who were members of the Kremlin’s dedicated interceptor group were the best of the best during the days of the USSR and the Russian Federation. At that time, the Soviet Union had some of the most capable fighter jets in the world as well as some of the best combat pilots, so the military force sent to greet these alien tourists was about as good as anything planet Earth had to offer.

During the time of the Soviet Union, there had been numerous UFO flights in the airspace above the Kremlin. In light of the numerous overhead flights, yet a lack of registered attacks, the Soviet government finally concluded that UFOs posed no real threat. However, the government of the Soviet Union was angry about what they considered to be disrespectful behavior from the visitors; therefore, the Kremlin’s dedicated interceptor squad was ordered to shoot-down one UFO to serve as a warning.

After orders to down one UFO were issued, the Soviet air force planes that were assigned to guard the Kremlin got close enough to the UFOs to use their air-to-air missiles on a number of occasions; however, no attacks on the UFOs ever saw any success. When Russian pilots confronted a UFO, or a group of UFOs, the routine usually went as follows: First, each Russian pilot turned-on his fire control systems and identified a UFO(s) on his radar screen. Next, each Russian pilot assigned to the Kremlin’s interceptor squad would work to secure a radar-lock from a guided missile onto a selected UFO. The problem was that as soon as a radar lock was secured, the alien vessel under attack would suddenly flit-away with unheard-of speed and execute airborne maneuvers that defied the laws of known physics. Russian offensives against UFOs were always rendered useless because as soon as a pilot had his missile-lock on a UFO the alien craft would be gone before he was able to pull the trigger and launch a missile.

In light of just how easily the UFOs evaded their attackers, both the Russian pilots and their superiors eventually arrived at the conclusion that these aliens were just toying them and showing off. According the Russian pilot who spoke on the American television show, it appeared that the aliens were buzz-bombing the Kremlin to let the Russians know that they possessed technology beyond human comprehension.

After entirely too many unsuccessful attacks against the UFOs, the Kremlin determined that there was no earthly power that could pose a threat to aliens who were that technologically advanced. The big-brass at the Kremlin also concluded that the aliens could have easily taken-over all of planet Earth if that was what they wanted to do. Given the undeniable superiority of alien technology, the leaders in the Kremlin decided that the best course of action was to simply live with the embarrassment of having UFOs puttering around the airspace above Russia’s capital city.

The kremlin.

My Comment Here

It is my conclusion that Washington/Israel are the ones who cannot stand to admit alien superiority. By contrast, the Russians concluded that the best policy concerning alien activity was to simply live with it. As I recall from the interview with the former Defense Minister of the UK, actual alien encounters in Russia tend to be with the Nordics in the European part of Russia. On the other hand, the Reptilians tend to prefer taking vacations to the Asiatic portion of the Russian Federation.

Disclosure: “The release of such information would make it much more difficult for the masses to be manipulated by the ruling elite.” – S. C.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. From my 30 years of research i have concluded that asians are the aliens. Some like japan and korea have evolved to what they are today, however the chinese esp CCP are the all consuming aliens. Prove me wrong.

  2. We love this observation, especially how well he nailed the Jew personality of pride and vengeance. Wow! Exactly so. – Well, what else would one expect of the Devil’s children? Without them, the Aliens and we would be friends. Maybe that’s what they are afraid would happen.

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