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Did the 3rd Reich Support Irish Independence?

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Bright Blessings to All!


Deutschland Go Bragh (“Go Bragh” is Gaelic for !!!NOW!!!). A thunderous shout of protest erupted from a meeting of Irish immigrants and their descendants in Boston upon the announcement of the United States government’s Declaration of War Against the 2nd Reich in 1917. Federal Authorities came to break up the meeting that took place on the night or America’s World War I declaration of war against Germany; however, the authorities scuttled their plans when they realized that they were about to start something which they were not going to be able to control.

Keystone cops

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As a result of this unexpected show or rancorous resistance to war against Germany, American citizens who were immigrants from Ireland or descendants of recent Irish immigrants were exempted from the draft (aka Conscription). An Irish American exemption from any World War I draft arose after leaders from the Irish-American Community warned Wilson that if he tried to make them fight for The Crown they would instead choose to fight for the German side.

Besides being the leaders of Germany, what did Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler have in common? Well, both men had crazy mustaches, and they were both staunch supporters of Total Irish Independence, even though both men knew that the Irish were committed to a Republican form of government.

Kaiser Wilhelm

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Harley Handlebars

No doubt, the Kaiser’s mustache has since inspired generations of Harley Davidson accessory designers. Image courtesy of Julian McPeters on Pinterest.com

(A suppressed bit of WW2 history: The 3rd Reich’s ally Finland was also a republic. Von Mannerheim, who was the Finnish president during World War II, was democratically elected. Leon Degrelle, who was a well-known National Socialist politician from Belgium, once said words to the effect that the 3rd Reich was what a True Government of, by, and for The People actually looked like. The US being a counterfeit.)


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Leon Degrelle

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It is also worth noting that Germany rendered significant material help to Ireland’s Easter Rebellion of 1916.

Easter Rebellion

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Germany’s Second Reich not only supported the Easter Rebellion, they also supported the later Irish Revolution, except this fact has been (((almost entirely erased from history.)))

Irish Revolution

Archival image of Irish Revolution fighters courtesy of irishexaminer.com

the new statesman

Artwork from the Irish Revolution furnished courtesy of newstatesman.com

Hitler also commissioned the production of several militantly Pro-Irish movies, some of which clearly illustrate the assistance Germany rendered in the Irish struggle for full independence from the British Crown. As a result, these German movies supporting Irish independence have all been (((suppressed))) and you cannot see them anywhere, yet I have managed to see one of them before it was suppressed. This suppressed German movie that supported Irish independence was called “My Life for Ireland.” My Life for Ireland told a story about the Easter Rebellion’s principle leaders who were executed by The British Crown. A movie about these brave Irish patriots was produced by the 3rd Reich because these men were seen as heroic examples that National Socialists should emulate.


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 Given Hitler’s pro-Ireland stance, there should be no surprise that so many Irish IRA members served in the Waffen SS, although they did not serve in separate units; none the less, they did also render assistance to Germany in other manners.


Erin Go Bragh

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Irish Mist

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paddy O Furniture

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4 Responses

  1. Regardless of Hitler’s Irish opinions fact remains that the bastard philosophy of fenianism is deeply rooted in freemasonry & a greater number of Irish fought for the republican side in the Spanish civil war.

    Modern Irish nationalism is wholly Marxist and with other leftists in Wales & Scotland seek to destroy the British nation/state.

  2. Sorry for the late reply.
    There is a recently published book titled “Hitler’s Irishmen” which tells the story of two of the Irish Volunteers in the Waffen SS.
    Since the Irish, unlike some other groups, didn’t serve in specifically Irish units it is difficult to tell exactly how many there were. I ran across an a researcher some years ago who had identified over 100 Irish serving in various “Germanic” units.
    The leadership of the IRA recognized that there were major divisions in the rank-and-file membership between Marxists and National Socialists. That was why the IRA as an organization took a neutral position during the war. They left it up to the individual members what they would do. There ended up being IRA members on both sides in the Spanish Civil War. I recently ran across on the internet an Irishman whose grandfather had proudly served under Franco.
    Most Irish who supported the 3rd Reich did so as part of various clandestine operations in the British Isles according to some researchers.
    I was surprised to see how often one runs across Luftwaffe fighter pilots with Irish, and Scottish, sounding names. These were descendants of people who had long before fled Ireland and Scotland for Germany in order to get away from The Crown.

    The fairly new at the time SNP (Scots National Party) was as a tactical, rather than ideological, matter supporters of the 3rd Reich. The founder of the SNP went to prison for refusing to be conscripted into the British military. The SNP considered Scotland to be an independent country and The Crowns occupation and conscription be illegal. They were primarily Scottish Nationalists rather than being National Socialists.

    The WNP (Welsh National Party) was at the time a different matter altogether than the IRA and SNP. They were decidedly National Socialist and Pro-Third Reich. All during the war they operated clandestinely in support of the 3rd Reich. The Churchill Government constantly tried to eliminate them but was never successful.
    During the Battle Of Britain they created ground markers to help the Luftwaffe bombers locate their targets at night. Whenever possible they would rescue and smuggle out of the country downed Luftwaffe air crews as well.

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