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Are the Suburbs a Physical Manifestation of Our Collective Moral Failings?

An article by LOKI

The Bourgeoisie Pig Mind

Capitalis Pig
Image courtesy of @_Capitalist_Pig on twitter.com

Let us begin an analysis of suburbia by noting that the long-standing and inveterate drive to create suburbs was, and still is, urban decay. Some may argue that the earliest days of suburbia’s expansion, which were back in the 1950s, were driven by people’s desire to have more living space for their families by owning single-family houses with surrounding yards as opposed to living in more crowded townhouses and apartments within cities.

The early rise of suburbia was possible because automotive technology and cheap fuel supplies combined to make the idea of living in more spacious areas on the outskirts of large cities and then commuting up to 50 miles to work each way during the week an economically viable possibility. During the early yeas of suburbia’s rise, people began commuting from their far-away “bedroom communities” by car during the mornings, then working at their 9-to-5 jobs all day, and finally driving back to spend the nights in their distant homes before returning to work the next day to repeat the process. During the early days of suburbia, land on the outskirts of America’s large cities was relatively cheap and plentiful, as were cars and fuel, so many people were enticed by the idea of living a commuter’s suburban lifestyle because it offered more living space on an achievable budget.

One could argue that suburbia’s initial rise was driven by impulses beyond simple urban decay; however, by the 1990’s suburbia’s initial benefits were increasingly fading. Suburbia’s initial promises eventually faded because housing in suburbia was eventually no longer particularly cheap when compared to urban areas, and by this time, working commutes into urban areas had become long and unpleasant due to roadway congestion brought about by too many people using the road systems during the same peak hours. By the 1990’s the original benefits associated with living in suburbia were fading, yet most of America’s White population were still choosing to live in suburbia as opposed to urban areas, but why ?


bay area traffic
The image above shows a typical day of commuter traffic in California’s Silicone Valley area. Silicon Valley and other places across America are plagued by congested roadways during peak working commute hours. These days, it is not unusual to meet suburbanites and exurbanites who commute up to two hours each way every working day in order to show up at their jobs in urban centers. Image courtesy of marketplace.org

It seems that as time passed, suburbia became a means for White Americans to escape the blight of urban decay in the cities, and this trend began decades ago, yet this troubling societal sickness is still perpetuating itself with gusto to this day. With no end in sight to our society’s inexorable urban rot, we must ask ourselves: is our current and ongoing rash of urban decay is really a visible symptom of a deeper spiritual pathology?

Concerning the spiritual pathology in question, Nietzsche referred to the philosophy of Herbert Spencer and others including Bentham, Mill, Comte and all of the political philosophers of the British “Empiricists” and “Scientific Positivists” as “Pig Philosophy”. “Rationalism” and “Scientific Positivism” are just different names for the creed of materialism and rationalism which constitutes the contemporary worldview now known as “Western Civilization.” It is also worthy to note that values such as “Rationalism” and “Scientificism” are mercantile and bourgeois values at their core.

The animal characters in George Orwell’s famous novel named Animal Farm are called “citizens” because this term is a useful mechanism to mislead a gullible population into believing in their own illusory political power. Under the system of bourgeois “Democracy” and “Free Markets,” the masses are led into a state of materialist contentment where they wallow in the mire of their own vices, and this way of life is encouraged by our present parasitic bourgeois elite. The pig philosophy of modernity consists of a slavish devotion to all of the things that are temporal, and this means that our present society is governed by a concept of Time that is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet that is metaphysically linked with matter, density, and the material world, and it is the spiritual aegis of Saturn which is the True ruler of our present Kali Yuga. One could also argue that the Jewish religion is a Saturn worshipping cult at its core.

Jewish Saturn
Image courtesy of Esther Astro Healing on Facebook.com 

Jewish Saturn 2 copy.jpg

Image courtesy of tablet.com

The pig philosophy of today’s world manifests itself most assiduously in our current ruling mercantile class that has as an economically oriented consciousness. The bourgeois consciousness is subordinate to the transience that encompasses all things which are perishable and temporal. The bourgeoisie (meaning the rich mercantile class) especially find this philosophy of materialism appealing because it caters to their debased state of consciousness which is devoted to hedonism along with a rationalized means to minimize the fallout of their own excesses. This materialistic bourgeoisie mindset eventually leads to personal destruction through excess sensory stimulation and its inevitable burnout. The path of immersion in material excess is sought by the bourgeois because their present superlative economic power enables them to indulge in sensory excesses at the expense of their souls.

The pig philosophy of the bourgeoisie is not purely an economistic reckoning of advantages with an orientation toward maximizing pleasures, but instead, this philosophy rests on a foundation of ego which is continuously seeking impossible satiety, even at the expense of other people’s lives. Indeed, all social Darwinist justifications for the excesses of the wealthy are really rooted in wealthy bourgeois people’s abject failure to directed their wills toward proper ends such as helping their souls achieve harmonious unions with the absolute.

Image courtesy of Dr. Himanshu Shekhar on Linkedin.com 

The bourgeoisie pig mind’s vampiric will to power inevitably creates a society of individuals who are divorced from any higher principles of consciousness or any regard for Universal Order. Pig philosophy mirrors the consciousness of the pig in a mire because in such circumstances each pig is solely devoted to eating, fornicating, and lethargy along with any struggles for dominance and supremacy that exist amongst the rest of the pigs in the pen, “Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes”.

Social Darwinism is an aggressive bourgeois philosophy that is built upon shunning and excluding everyone who is not within their inner circle along with those who are not usable as economic tools (“animate tools” in the sense of Aristotle).

It was through undermining and revolution that the mercantile bourgeoisie class subverted and replaced the old traditional aristocratic class the captained society before the 17th and 18th century. The bourgeoisie tore down and destroyed their social and spiritual betters because their betters were fewer in number but not in quality. Despite their current and lingering bad reputation, the old aristocratic class was a higher caste than our current ruling merchant bourgeoisie elites in terms of their essence.

King and Queen
Image courtesy of playmobil.us

The Counter Currents website recently published two good articles that discuss how the bourgeois class subverts the will of the people. The first article discusses how the wealthy merchant class first instituted parliamentary and representative styles of government as a bulwark against their private property being seized by ruling monarchs. The second article then outlines how the bourgeois class proceeded to leverage parliamentary and “Democratic” systems of governance as a tool to keep the lower classes from instituting wealth redistribution plans that would go against bourgeois interests. The point to note about these two article is that both of them tells us who is really controlling our nations today — the merchant bourgeois class! Anytime a “Liberal Democracy” or a “Democratic Government” is in place, this state of affairs simply means that the nation in question is under the control of wealthy bourgeois plutocratic and Saturn influence interests, and these interest groups are either made up of outright Jew or at the very least they are extremely Jewicized.

This insecurity on the part of the bourgeois caste is the root cause of its ruthless nature. The paranoid nature of the bourgeoisie class stems from a subconscious recognition of their own inferiority, even if this understanding now only remains as a memory bequeathed by previous generations. The comparative low state of the bourgeoisie class can still be noted by studying contemporary revenants of the old aristocratic class which linger in architecture, historical records, and popular fiction.

Disney Castle
Disney World in Orlando, Florida still has a building that plays to peoples’ nostalgia for lost aristocracy and the cultural ways that went with it. Image courtesy of travelandleisure.com

Hence, our present bourgeois ruling caste overcompensates for their inherent shortcomings by arrogantly putting on a perpetual display of petty moralism which is meant to bolster and legitimize their social status. Bourgeois virtue signal and posture as a means of securing their social standing; however, such actions always ring a bit hollow because any social standing they have is based upon nothing more than money and a bit of black magic from the Hebrew Qabalah and its variants such as Free Masonry.

Black Lives matter
American corporations have used the “Black Lives Matter” political phenomenon as a platform to grandstand and virtue signal; however, when corporations such as Nike knowingly contract with companies who use slave labor any pretenses of a moral high ground inevitably ring hollow to more aware people. Image courtesy of newslaundry.com 

Unlike the traditional aristocratic class who earned their positions through valor in war, natural leadership abilities, and sheer force of will, the bourgeois caste has no divine right to rule, but instead, they are merely opportunists who used devious and slow-moving conspiracies to gradually undermine other power structures. Despite the bourgeoises’ new-found power and influence, from a spiritual perspective, this caste remains as nothing more than a second-tier collection of people who are just above the serfs.

Jeff Spicoli
Speaking of Surfs, let us not forget Mr. Jeff Spicoli. Image courtesy of hollywoodreporter.com 

This inability of the bourgeois caste to maintain their rightful place within a spiritually ordered caste structure owes itself to their greed and self-serving individualist natures; both of these characteristics are rooted in a lower consciousness that is based upon desire. The self-serving nature and greed of the bourgeoisie class will eventually lead to their destruction, and no amount of rational calculus or mercurial cunning on their part will save them.

Our present dark reign of the bourgeoisie will inevitably find itself brought down, (that is assuming that anything remains of what is conventionally referred to as “civilization”) and after the demise of our present bourgeoisie ruling class, a new caste of spiritual rulers will arise and begin the Satya Yuga. This new ruling class will perhaps be less gifted in some ways, such in intellect, yet this new group of rulers will be oriented toward a physical embodiment of spirituality. The arrival of this new spiritual ruling class will represent the end of our current (Piscean) age and reflect the beginning of a new (Aquarian) age.

Best Hippie Girl GIFs | Gfycat

Age of Aquarius GIF courtesy of gifcat.com 

When the new Satya Yuga arrives in earnest, the philosophy of the bourgeoisie will end and find itself  replaced by a resurgence of occult science working in tandem with physical science. A new more comprehensive and occult-oriented science will arise to compliment what we call “science” today because our current notions of “science” are limited to strictly materialist musings. Unlike present Jewish and bourgeoisie concepts of “science” National Socialist concepts of science incorporate materialist factors along with spiritual principles and “occult” modes of thinking.


The Rise of Suburbia

Soulless suburbia
The photo above shows a home listing in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in a township called Yukon. Image courtesy of trulia.com

By its very nature, suburbia is a hyper-conformist environment where each individual is shunned and condemned as “immoral,” then cast out of paradise and denied a means to function within the Elysium that they were born into if they deviate from expected bourgeoisie norms.

Edward Scissorhands Neighborhood
Image from the 1990 Hollywood movie Edward Scissorhands furnished courtesy of hookedonhouses.net Interestingly, the film Edward Scissorhands operates as a sort of two-hour-long acerbic screed of White America’s suburban lifestyle. 

If a person is not born into the suburban dreamscape of illusions, then they will lack the capacity to properly adopt to the behavior of those who dwell in this environment. The suburbs exist as a bourgeois compromise between the archaic and properly rural realm of yesteryear and the Traditional aristocratic society that accompanied it against our contemporary hellish urban wasteland that serves as a physical representation of rapacious and vacuous bourgeoisie impulses.

Suburban Sprawl

Image courtesy of think.kera.org

As of today, suburbia actually represents an escapist cowardice for those who are unwilling to stand and fight against the beastmen who now fester and lurk across the scorched earth of bourgeois-fueled urban blight. These urban Mordors and badlands which are wrought by bourgeoisie excess and rampant materialism are now a true no-man’s lands and a veritable living hell! Contrary to the claims of Judeo-Marxist spin doctors, the suburbs were built so that Whites could escape the problems that Jews and their White bourgeois co-conspirators created in the first place.

suburban pool scene
The suburbs offer sanctuary, safety, predictability, and order where the decaying cities have none of these things to offer. Wanting a bit of peace and seclusion is not a crime. Despite its list of appeals, suburbia is still fundamentally a place of atomization that operates on an “every man for himself” type of ethos. Alienation and personal atomization in suburbia are aggravated by the fact that suburbs are almost entirely built around the automobile and entertainment technologies such as television and the internet do not encourage people to interact with their immediate neighbors or to develop close-knit communities. Image featured courtesy of the New York Post. 

Before American cities were forcefully desegregated by Jewish subversion, such locales were characterized by minimal crime. In their earlier forms, American cities such as Detroit and Philadelphia, were good places to live for White people, but this state of affairs has changed due to bourgeois plundering and Jewish connivance. In the not too distant past, European cities such as London and Birmingham in  England, Paris in France and Berlin in Germany were also veritable paradises where the buildings were made of solid and beautiful brickwork and stone and young White women pushed their baby strollers through the streets without fear of molestation. After being forcefully desegregated, America’s once-great cities are now crime-ridden hellholes. Europe never had a history of segregation in its great cities, yet the recent arrival of beastmen by the millions has created a set of economic, political, and social dynamics that mirror what North America has been forced to contend with for centuries.

Welcome to Birmingham England
Welcome to multicultural and vibrantly diverse Birmingham, England! Image courtesy of birminghammail.co.uk

Indeed, it was Jews who dismantled segregation in American cities, but why did they do this? It seems that Jews have been intent of getting Whites to breed with Blacks as a means of destroying the White race, so it comes as no surprise that it was the Jews who devised all manners of legal chicanery to desegregate White neighborhoods across America for decades. Back in the 1950s and 1960s perspicacious Whites warned that desegregating cities would lead to their demise, and history has proven them right.

Of course, suburbanite Whites are not the only ones who have created the endless miles of sprawling soulless suburbs and their concomitant urban dead zones — no indeed! It was the Jews who originally brought these beastmen to Europe, Oceania, and North America. To their partial defense, White flight from America’s and now Europe’s  urban areas has happened because these places are ruined by the bourgeoisie so they now stand inhabited by beastmen.  In light of the blight and decay of once-great urban centers, White flights is best understood as a survival mechanism that persists because most individual Whites lack the means to effect large-scale social and economic changes; therefore, they are forced into safer and saner territories that lie out in the soulless sprawls of suburbia.

Image courtesy of stronggo.com

Despite their seeming prosperity, the “goyim” who live in suburbs still represent a slave caste for the Jews and their White bourgeoisie accomplices. Although the suburbanites generally represent a mid-tier sect, they often condemn the true slave caste that dwells in the urban wasteland who are not really all that far beneath suburbanites on the socio-economic ladder. Suburbanites instinctively sense that there is actually a rather thin border that separates them from their lower caste affiliates, so most suburbanites tend to react in a defensive way when they must deal with true urban slaves.

Some people argue that the ethos of suburbia is built upon snobbishness and exclusivity, yet the very existence of suburbia truly rests on a need for physical safety from beastmen and an overwhelming, yet subconscious, need to live in a world with order. Life in suburbs may be relatively safe and orderly, yet it is also characterized by an ethos of drab conformity despite its basic ethos of atomized and selfish individualism.  Unfortunately, at least outward conformity constitutes a necessary condition for functioning within the suburban hive mind. Aside from smothering its denizens with an ethos of materialism and conformity, life in the suburbs is also plagued by ennui which is often managed by empty hobbies such as golf and even prescription drugs such as common antidepressants.


Image courtesy of  knowyourmeme.com 

suburban gold

Image courtesy of NJSGA.org

Aside from implicitly forcing a culture of conformity upon its denizens, suburban sprawl is built around automobiles; therefore, people living in these areas typically do not walk around their neighborhoods very much, and living this way means that people residing in suburban areas often interact with their immediate neighbors very little. Given the transportation structure of suburbia, it is not unusual for people to not even know their immediate neighbors. In many suburban areas, people live in housing areas with no businesses or even parks close by, and this is the case because all movement and travel in such places is built around the automobile as opposed to travel by bicycle or by walking. Because suburban areas are almost entirely built around movement by automobile, the people who live in these places typically have very few opportunities to get to know their neighbors or to build strong communities. In short, life in suburbia is conformist, yet paradoxically isolating and alienating at the same time.


The expert posted below is included to illustrate how isolating life in suburbia can be:

Several years ago, as a young married couple, we began to think about where we were going to raise our children. What kind of setting would allow us to best combine our professional careers with child rearing? Already our lives were hectic. Often we would come home from work exhausted and hungry, only to find the refrigerator empty. Between our jobs and housekeeping, where would we find the time to spend with our kids? Relatives lived in distant cities, and even our friends lived across town. Just to get together for coffee we had to make arrangements two weeks in advance. Most young parents we knew seemed to spend most of their time shuttling their children to and from day care and playmates’ homes, leaving little opportunity for anything else. (MacCamant, Katherine, and Durrett, Charles (1988) Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, Ten Speed Press, California, p. 9.)



sprawling suburbs near detroit
The photograph above shows an agile view of suburban sprawl outside of Detroit, Michigan. Suburban areas such as the one seen above are often built without a central grid pattern for the streets, which in turn poses a problem because “arterial” street patterns make a lot less efficient use of exiting land than networks of crossing streets aligned in a grid format. Arterial street configurations also discourages walking or bicycling around the neighborhood, which in turn fosters less community cohesion. Notice that the housing area pictured above not only has an arterial street setup, but the homes in this area also have no businesses that are within walking distance. Walking and bicycling around a neighborhood not only fosters more community cohesion by allowing pope to interact with one another more regularly, moving around neighborhoods by bicycle and foot also lends itself to better health than moving around by automobile. Image furnished courtesy of detourdetroiter.com


Dubia Suburbia
The photograph posted above shows a new suburban housing development on the outskirts of Dubai in the United Arab Eremites. This photograph proves that the spread of soulless suburban sprawl is not strictly an American issue, nor is even a Western issue. The neighborhood pictured above is bland, uniform, and soulless, and living in a place such as this would constitute its own unique type of hell. Image furnished courtesy of wired.com 

The residents in a typical suburban neighborhood typically work far from their homes and when they arrive home after long days of work, their leisure activities typically consist of activities such as watching television, surfing the internet, and playing computer games, so this way of living does not encourage a lot of interaction with one’s immediate neighbors, which in turn is not conducive to forming strong communities.

doome with computer
Image courtesy of new grounds.com


Urban Gentrification

Despite the perks associated with suburbia, many suburban residents still find themselves trapped in a particular type of hell where they must make long commutes to and from their 9-to-5 jobs in the cities out to their overpriced homes in the suburbs; therefore, many of these people eventually begin to reexamine the idea of living closer to where they work. Despite the promise of living closer to their workplaces, the phenomenon of “gentrification” owes its origins to Jewish-owned banks and their usurious banking system. The process of gentrification is fundamentally driven by rising housing costs in suburban areas which renders living spaces in these areas every less affordable; thus, some desperate Whites, particularly young married couples, become willing to brave the dangers associated with living in an urban wasteland so long as they are able to acquire cheaper living space plus the financial benefits that accompany property ownership.



The image posted above captures a typical street scene in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The image above is furnished courtesy of the New York Post. Williamsburg is a well-known gentrification zone where White urban professionals have moved into what was once a downtrodden but inexpensive Black neighborhood. Like in Williamsburg, White gentrifiers bring such such blights as yoga studios, bistros, and elevated conviction rates for non-White thugs who go before increasingly White juries.

When Whites begin moving into a formerly decaying urban wasteland, this state of affairs inevitably lends itself to rising rents and increased property values within the area, which in turn gradually pushes the beastment out. When beastmen are gradually shoved out of a gentrifying urban area, they inevitably howl in protest, yet as the beastmen are slowly priced out of a gentrifying urban area, the Jews are always leveraging such situations to attack Whites and virtue signal for themselves. When gentrification happens, beastmen wail because they are losing their homes, but the Jews join in with the beastmens’ lamentations in order to shift attention away from their own complicity in such matters.

jentrification blues

Image courtesy of JsheistyDiety on gab.com 



Admittedly, living in suburbia is a bit stale and boring, and yes, suburbia is also downright atomizing and alienating, yet ironically, there is also a strong and somewhat stifling culture of conformity despite the hyper individuation. Suburbia still offers relative physical safety along with an ordered environment, so despite its shortcomings, living in a bland and soulless suburb is still a damn sight better than living in an urban hellscape populated by beastmen. So, if you have a choice, then suburban living is preferable to living in a dangerous and chaotic urban environment.

LA city homeless camp
The image above shows a contemporary homeless encampment in the Los Angeles area. Urban crime is now skyrocketing in America’s urban areas, but so is homelessness, extreme squalor, disease, filth, pollution, and egregious levels of execrable addiction to hard drugs. ( A link has been included to a startling video that shows life in a contemporary American urban area that is blighted with drugs such as the synthetic opiate named Fentenol.) Today, American and European urban areas are not only growing ever more dangerous, but they are now terrible dens of misery and suffering that assault the conscience of spiritually inclined people, so urban areas are becoming ever less appealing places to live. Image courtesy of cbsnews.com


los Angeles daily news
Urban homeless encampments are so squalid that they serve as breeding grounds for leprosy, typhus, and even the Bubonic plague. It should come as no surprise that the men charged with clearing out homeless encampments feel a need to don biohazard suits when executing such tasks. Image courtesy of losangelesdailynews.com


Black Neighborhood in Baltimore
The image above shows a nice urban neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. What a lovely place to call home! Image courtesy of numama.ru 


Despite the goblin horde of troubles associated with living in modern urban areas, urban living can actually be tolerable; however, if you still wish to live in an urban area, then you will need to have enough money to buy your way out of the problems that accompany such arrangements. Urban living can work well enough if you are able to send your children to ritzy private schools and if you can afford to live in a gated community with paid security guards.

gated community

Image courtesy of vitalsecurity.com 

Luckily, the private security business is a rapidly growing industry thanks to the proliferation of equity, inclusion, and vibrant diversity, so living in a walled compound that has paid private mercenaries guarding the place is becoming more economically viable; however, most of us still do not have the means to make this happen. It is worth noting that many private “security” companies now offer more than services to staff by low-paid people in uniforms who are instructed to just keep a watch over a place and call the police if they notice anything out of the ordinary. By contrast, many “security” companies now train and equip mercenary soldiers who are employed for private protection duties in housing areas that have undergone company training and equipping that is on par with older state militaries; however, effective military-grade security personnel do not come cheap.

EES -Portal

Image courtesy of eessecurity.com


For today’s National Socialists, the best living options is to reside in an intentional community located out in a rural area, so we encourage everyone who has the means to found a National Socialist intentional community in a rural area. If living in a rural intentional community is not an option for whatever the reason, then we recommend buying rural acreage and living off of of any centralized electrical and water grids if you are able. Ideally, your intentional community or personal homestead will be as self sufficient as possible.

co housing
Image courtesy of counter-currents.com 

Rural living offers a lot more peace and tranquility than living in an urban or suburban environment, but it is also important to remember that living closer to nature now carries an increased levels of danger. In times past, people generally did not just go out into nature very often because there were dangerous animals such as packs of wolves and bears, but there were also dangers from roving bands of brigands and highwaymen. Even to this day, traveling in rural parts of the third world is hazardous due to brigands, diseases, and dangerous wild animals. For example, present-day travel in the Amazon basin can be quire dangerous due to the presence of large roving packs of feral pigs, and now travel in some parts of Europe is becoming more hazardous due to the growing threat of large wolf packs.

30 50 wildhogs
Image furnished courtesy of popbuzz.com 


Worlf pack
Indeed, wolves are quite beautiful, intelligent, and captivating animals, and yes, there is something quite noble and striking about them; that having been said, wolves still pose a terrible danger to livestock and humans who are walking about in the woods. The photograph posted above depicts a present-day wolf pack in the state of West Virginia. Image courtesy of wvexplorer.com 

In the coming years, both North American and Europe will be seeing in increased presence of feral pig and wolves along with growing packs of wild dogs, so walking in forested areas will become ever less safe. In many parts of North America, Lyme Disease is a growing problem in forested areas, so living closer to nature does carry its downsides.


The Return of Land Pirates

Lastly, both North America and Europe will see more roving packs of bandits and brigands stalking the countryside in the coming years, and the presence of highwaymen will increase as economic and governmental systems begin to collapse even further. In the coming years, living in the countryside will require awareness of many dangers including how to deal with bands of raiders and brigands.


The image posted above shows members of a Mexican bandit gang. The photo above was taken in the 1880s. Mexican bandit gangs rode horses around the border regions of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is important to note that Mexico is far from the only place with a history of roving and armed packs of men who live by plunder. Image furnished courtesy of eacourier.com.


german highwaymen 7189001
The image above is a charcoal drawing that depicts highwaymen robbing travelers in 13th century Germany.  Let it be said that roving and armed gangs of men running around and terrorizing the countryside is not a new thing; that being said, the time-honored institution of highwaymen and bandits will be making quite a comeback as things break down further in the coming years. Image courtesy of media storehouse.com.au


Image of the foumous English Highway man
The image above is a drawing of the famous English highwayman named Dick Turpin who made his fame robbing road travelers in Somerset County back in the 1700s. Image courtesy of amgouldsomersetuathor.com

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  1. The problem with setting up Intentional National Socialist Communities I am sorry to say is that they will be quickly infiltrated and undermined by undercover agents of the CIA, FBI, and Mossad. The latter acting through their ADL (Anti-Defamation League Of B’nai B’rith) Front Group. The ADL itself acting through the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) primarily, but also the JDL (Jewish Defense League).
    The Most Extreme Care Must Therefore Be Taken In Deciding Who To Let Into Such A Community.

  2. A good article. Kudos.

    Also, @Randall Lee Hillburn: you are of course right about infiltration. A related problem and maybe more insidious concerns White flight itself. Time and again, Whites flee urban rot only to cluster in some safer spot THEN vote to implement the very policies that destroyed their old homes towns. Witness the recent Californication of Texas politics. Perhaps one should call the individuals who perpetrate this WINO’s: White In Name Only. But, yeah. The decay has gone too far for cutesy nicknames to matter much.

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