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What is Meant by the Word “Socialism” within the Context of National Socialism?


Preface: Jews & the Jewicized

Rosenburg in his book invented a new word, “Jewicized”. The meaning of this word is a non-Jew who has taken on the Jewish way of thinking and has also become partners with and indistinguishable from his Jewish masters. The Jewicized are not Jews by blood, nor do they necessarily accept all Jewish ideas, but they do work closely with Jews in mutually exploitive sorts of relationships. Non-Jewish Corporatists are Jewicized in the sense that they operate in exactly the same manner as actual Jews. The Jews and the jewicized tolerate each other because it is more profitable to work with one another than against each other — that is actually all that there is to it. All non-Jewish billionaires in the present-day Western nations are all Jewized to some degree. The only exception to this standard of Jewicization amongst European billionaires was a man from Switzerland who died of a (((sudden illness))) some years back after he vowed to bankroll European New Right movements in their struggles against International Jewry including Jewish Finance, and Multinational Corporations without asking anything in return.

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Jordan Peterson is a great public example of a White man who has been truly Jewicized. Image courtesy of ifunnybrazil.com

Mussolini’s downfall came about because of his betrayal by Italian industrialists (Corporatists) whith whom he had made an alliance. Mussolini thought that because these Italian corporatist were not Jews but ethnic Italians that they could be trusted. However, Signori Mussolini did not realize that these Italian industrialists had become thoroughly Jewicized. Mussolini’s crew of Jewicized I-Tallions were supporting him only because they thought he was on the winning side, so they turned on him within a split second once things started going against Mussolini; thus, they showed their true colors. These jewicized rich Italians were the ones who overthrew Mussolin twice and then turned him and his girlfriend over to the communist partisans to be tortured and executed. Mussolini’s excessive stubbornness blinded him to the mortal danger presented by the traitorous Italian industrialist when his true friends tried to warn him not to make any deals with these people.

Mussolini caricature | Characters | Unity Asset Store

Image of Mussolini furnished courtesy of assetstore.unity.com

What happened to Mussolini should serve as a cautionary tale for all of us…never ever trust Corporatist types whether they be Jews or not. (Corporatism =The merger of state and corporate power with the latter being in the driver’s seat, like how the USA has been since Lincoln’s War of Aggression.)

boss hogg

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Part One: True Socialism

For those who may not be familiar with the name, Anton Drexler wrote a book called “My Awakening – The Story(sic) Of A German Socialist Worker.” Drexler was a machinist and a trade unionist who was the original founder of the NSDAP which he initially financed from his own limited funds in addition to teaching himself many subjects related to his movement which he christened National Socialism. Hitler came in as Party Member Number 8 a few months after Drexler founded National Socialism. Hitler rapidly rose to lead the party while Drexler voluntarily stepped aside. However, Adolf Hitler always insisted that he be retained as Honorary Chairman, while showing him the greatest honor and respect.

Anton Drexler at desk.jpg

Image of Anton Drexler furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Was Hitler's distinctive mustache a popular style in the 30s, or was his a unique look? - Quora

Image of Adolf Hitler in the 1920s  furnished courtesy of Quora.com

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All three men: Hitler, Drexler, and Rosenburg always identified themselves as Socialists while also insisting that the movement they represented was True Socialism as opposed to Jewish/Left Socialism. Essentially, National Socialism is True Socialism. To Hitler, Drexler, and Rosenburg, Socialism meant that the Welfare of The Folk took precedence over the desires of individuals. Under National Socialism, the state of the workers was improved because improving the lives of workers improves the collective welfare of The Folk. The state of business dealings was also improved because better business dealings also increases the welfare of The Folk.

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1969-067-10, Alfred Rosenberg.jpg

The image above shows Alfred Rosenberg in 1939. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

What National Socialism offered was an alternative to a constant and destructive atmosphere of conflict (aka Class Warfare) between Management and Labor which in turn fosters an environment where all members of The Folk strive to work in unison. National Socialism works against Class Warfare from the top downward (A term Rosenburg himself sometimes used.) Within a National Socialist context, workers are not permitted to strike, but in exchange, employer are required to provide whatever income is needed for workers to have decent lives. Under National Socialism, excessive demands from either workers, owners, or managers are forbidden and everybody prospers together. National Socialism offer the prospect for both Labor and Management to work without exacting undue expense on the other.

The Folk being referred to was of course seen in terms of The Blood, or The Race if you will. National Socialism =Blood Socialism. In principle, National Socialism extends the right for each Folk to choose their own particular pedigree of National Socialism, except for the Jews who were considered to be outsiders that represent nothing but a dire threat to all other Volk.

Part Two: Jewish or Leftwing Socialism

Most people think of Leftist Socialism when they hear the word “Socialism.” Unfortunately, Leftist Socialism always ends up with the Jews being in charge, thus, Leftwing Socialism can simply be called Jewish Socialism. In the Weimar Republic, the Folkish Workers were terribly oppressed, so the Jewish Communists came along to lead the Workers in a struggle for a better world.  However, what many failed to recognize at first, and some never realized, was that the Workers were just swapping one master for another master when they chose to follow the ideas put forth by Jewish socialists. The Bolsheviks (almost all — like always — were Jews) had no interest in actually improving the lot of the Workers, but instead, what they were trying to do was simply cause so much turmoil that the country would collapse into revolution and the ensuing chaos would enable Jewish Bolsheviks to seize complete governmental power. However, the Jewish Bolsheviks had to keep the German Workers of the Weimar era continuously stirred up in order to accomplish their plans for a governmental coup.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The image above shows Karl Radek the Jewish Bolshevik in Moscow 1930. Image courtesy of tablet.com Yes, the Jews were heavily involved in early Russian communism

This pretty much describes Leftist Socialism in a nutshell. It is really not anything really like true Socialism at all because it simply serves as a tool for Jews to gain crushing political power. Jewish leftwing socialism operates by stirring up false hopes that are made under false promises as a way to navigate a real crisis, but these fake Jewish socialist movements always end in a Jewish police state. Unless what is called Socialism actually works to improve the plight of the Worker, it is only pseudo-socialism.


Socialism artiticle cover jpeg
State welfare is yet another manifestation of Jewish leftwing socialism that is fundamentally unsustainable because it rewards inactivity and fosters resentment from hardworking tax-payers over time. Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com


Part Three: Jewish Materialism

There simply is no such thing as one hand clapping because you must have two hands to clap; likewise, the Jews cannot guarantee the existence of a revolution that they can ride to power unless they provoke that revolution in the first place. Revolutions must be deliberately manufactured and provoked because people never revolt unless they have a very real and good reason. Thus, if a revolution is to succeed, then this revolution must begin by manufacturing real problems before people can be trapped by false solutions. This may very well be the most difficult aspect of our struggle to grasp because the Jews must always be in a position to manipulate both sides in a revolution and never just one.

The philosophy of Materialism was introduced to this long-suffering Earth and Humanity along with the founding of Judaism, which took place perhaps 3,000 years ago. In spite of all of its protestations about being spiritual, to the contrary, the religion of Judaism has always been primarily concerned with very earthly matters. The same thing applies to its derivatives of Christianity, Islam, and Marxism. The name Jewish is attached to the term Materialism to indicate who invented this insidious philosophy. Materialism basically preaches that there is nothing beyond the physical world, or at least nothing of any importance. The idea of Materialism rather than empty rhetoric about a God is what actually governs all Jewish behavior.

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As lined out by Jewish thinking, there is nothing other than physical forces that can be called to account; thus, Jews adopt the idea that the end justifies the means. When a group of people believe that the end justified the means, then the next logical step is to regard winning at all costs as the only thing that matters. As the Roman Empire fell, Judeo-Christianity burst forth “un-souling” a world that has always been ensouled to some degree anyway. This process of materializing and “un-souling’ our world is one of the things that Rosenburg takes great pains to explain in his book. National Socialism was meant to return to The Folk what had been taken from them by Christianity so long ago: their Germanic Spirit!

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Whether a Worker is forced to endure Capitalism or Communism, it makes little difference because his lot under either system is exactly the same. The lot of a worker under Capitalism or Leftwing Socialism never changes because the same people are in charge of both systems. Even Hitler, Drexler, and Rosenburg all stated that the exact same super-rich who were the most successful Capitalists were the same people that funded Bolshevik Communism. Also, these mega-rich hucksters who funded Bolshevik revolutions were almost all Jewish, and this fact has not changed since the NSDAP began. Ironically, the turmoil of the 1960’s was bankrolled by the same mega-rich Jews that the benighted hippies were publicly railing against!

Hallucinogenics aren't just for hippies: new studies research the aid of ' acid' – North Texas Daily

Image courtesy of the North Texas Daily’s website. 

Capitalism has only one goal in mind, and always has: constantly maximize profits $$$$$!!! Hitler, Drexler, and Roseburg all understood the nature of Capitalism quite well, and this is why they were always so quick to condemn Capitalism and declare themselves to be Socialists. All three early founders of the NSDAP clearly understood that unrestrained greed is fatal to The Folk unless it is stopped. No, none of the NSDAP’s original members were opposed to private ownership for the means of production; they were simply against the out-of-control greed of the Jews and their jewized henchmen that would destroy humanity and the rest of the Earth’s life along with it if it were to remain unchecked.

Communism, which is the other face of Jewish Materialism, was seen as essentially just a con game by Rosenburg, Hitler, and Drexler because Communism is always run Being by the same ones who perpetuate Capitalism. As far as Drexler, Rosenburg, and Hitler were concerned, the main difference between Capitalism and Communism is that with Communism is just not as open and obvious who is running the show. In the minds of the three key founders of the NSDAP, any public contests between Capitalism and Communism are nothing more than hose and pony shows that are acted out to divide and conquer the public. (More like a classic Tijuana Donkey Show than a horse and pony show!!)

Creepy Condescending Wonka Meme - Imgflip

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Part Four: Why is there is No Real Difference Between the Democrat and Republican Political Parties in the USA?

The Zio-American Empire’s Republican Political Party began as a Corporatist Party and has remained true to its foundation without wavering ever since. The Slavery Question that arose around the time of the American Civil War was merely used as a smokescreen to conceal the reality of what was going on: a Corporatist seizure of power and the establishment of a Zionist-American Empire. Business and Empire remain the watchdogs of the Republican Political Party, as they have always have been.

Originally, the core members of the Republican Political Party were banking and commercial interests that principally operated out of the northeastern states. The aforesaid banking interests, though not exclusively Jewish, were nonetheless aligned with Jewish interests that lurked behind the scenes and traced back to the Rothschilds and their headquarters in the City of London. The commercial interests of the early Republican Political Party, though not normally operating directly under Jewish ownership, were still interwoven with powerful Jewish financial institutions. The early Republican Political party was founded to serve the interests of a cartel that was made up of Jews and the Jewicized as you might say. Nothing substantial has changed since the founding of the Republican Political party, except things operate in more of a global arena on a day to day basis than they did when the party was formed.

An attendee wears a yarmulke with the word

Image courtesy of whyy.com

Trump makes historic visit to Western Wall | CNN Politics

Every major republican politician pays homage to Jews and Israel, the image above shows Donald Trump (r/thedonald) in Israel making the rounds at the Wailing Wall.

The Democratic Party was started by Thomas Jefferson and this party was originally formed to defend the interests of the Common People against the monied interests that were beginning to gain control over the nascent Zionist American Empire. The Democratic Political Party has long ago betrayed its founding principles and gone the same way as the Republican Political Party. Both the Republican Political Party and the Democratic Political Party are now both Corporatist parties; however, these parties may not each represent the exact same Corporatist interests.

In 2016, the Zio-American Empire’s grade-school skit of a presidential election, noted Sheldon Adelson as Trump’s principal financier, but Adelson still gave a lesser amount of money to Hillary Clinton. Next in importance for El Trumpolini’s list of financial donors during his farce of an election campaign were the Koch Brothers, and the Koch Brothers also gave a lesser amount of money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. In the 2016 sham American presidential election, George Soros was the principal backer for Hillary Clinton, but he still gave a lesser amount of money to Mr. Donald J. Trump. When analyzing the 2016 Zio-American presidential election, we see here the quasi-conflict between the two faces of Jewish Materialism; Soros and the others do not like each other, but they all still represent the same Materialist philosophy, so they keep at least a foot in every door.

Funny Anti Biden Liberals George Soros Playing Puppets Biden Meme Jokes T-Shirt | eBay

Image of George Soros’s relationship with the Zio-American Democratic Political party furnished courtesy of  ebay.com

On the surface there seems to be a difference between the social programs proffered by the two asinine factions that dominate the Zio-American Empire’s public political circus factions, but any real differences between these two mainstream public-facing Zio-American political franchises are really for show and more apparent than real. The real differences between the Democratic Political Party and the Republican Political Party are more a matter of rhetoric and political theater than substance, while in reality things actually remain on the same social trajectory regardless of whichever political party happens to ostensibly be in power at the moment.

For the Folkish Worker living in the present-day Zionist-American Empire, their constantly accelerating downward trajectory is maintained by both mainstream Corporatist and Jewish-owned political parties. The current plight of our Folk across the Zionist-American Empire mirrors the same conditions that manifested in Weimer Germany before The Great One came to power.


Part Five – Blood, Soil, and Deep Ecology

As Adolf Hitler made abundantly clear in Martin Bormann’s presence, and as Rosenburg makes clear in his book, the Third Reich’s intention from a spiritual standpoint was to restore the Ancient Germanic Traditions in a format that is suitable for modern times. This goal of the Third Reich centered on restoring the Primordial Germanic connection to their Land (Soil) because Blood & Soil stand and fall together as part of a single whole. Soil reflects the political boundaries only to the extent that such boundaries reflect where a given Folk actually lives. When a given plot of soil truly reflects where a Folk actually lives, then these boundaries became sacred.

It is understood by many, even if this understanding not often spoken of aloud, that the Modern Environmental Movement originated in the Third Reich and this early environmentalist movement was staunchly supported by none other than old Adolf Hitler himself, but of course, the Third Reich’s environmentalist policies were actually administered by Hermann Goering.

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Little do them-there  smelly hippies realize, but love affair with defication in the woods and running about nude was inspired by e-ville fascists in the Third Reich! Image courtesy of Dreamstime.com 


Dirty Hippy Soap
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More specifically, the Third Reich established is what is now called Deep Ecology which sees Mankind and the Natural World as interwoven and utterly dependent upon each other. Within the confined of Deep Ecology, the relationship between humans and the natural world is fundamentally spiritual in nature. National Socialism is of course founded on Nature; however, we must never forget that our inner Nature always mirrors that of our Natural Environment and our Native Soil; thus, Blood & Soil are a singularity!

It is interesting that Rosenburg makes it so abundantly clear that all the races of men (excluding the Jews, who are seen as outsiders) all began by having the same basic relationship to their Natural World. According to Rosenburg, every Folk develops a relationship with their natural environment that is appropriate for the blood & soil of their natural homeland. Any genuine spiritual path must not fail to incorporate Deep Ecology because mankind as a part of and not distinct from the Natural World and vice versa.


Part Six: Up from the Sewer

Schlock & Awe: C.H.U.D. — Nerdist

Image courtesy of nurdist.com

A couple of pertinent quotes: “The first duty of a politician is to keep themselves in office.” – Anton Drexler. (Explaining why the NSDAP was not simply another political party.)

Democracy is all talked out. All we Italians are managing to do is argue with each other.  I am a man of action.” – Benito Mussolini (Explaining why he had to seize power to prevent a Bolshevik takeover of Italy.)

We cannot gradually transition from where we are now (Jewish Materialism) to where we want to go (National Socialism) because these two systems are the very antithesis of each other; therefore, a completely clean break from our present system has to be made. Neither Hitler nor Mussolini were politicians because, by definition, politicians use deception to gain and maintain their offices. ( I have seen the ways of politicians pay out from the inside entirely too many times over the course of my long life to harbor any doubts about what I just said.)

From its very inception in Ancient Greece, Representative Democracy has always had exactly this same problem; meaning; politicians who strive to maintain their positions and all the perks that go with them by means of deception. This same pattern of lying politicians ostensibly making public decisions who are only interested in maintaining their own political offices at any cost has perpetuated itself in every land that has diced with democracy. The democratic system is flawed at its foundation because the business of elections and representative politics attracts certain types of individuals just like feces on a hot and humid day attracts green bottle flies.


Image courtes of spinner.com

A brief digression: Italian Fascism, just like National Socialism was a work in progress. When Mussolini returned to power briefly near the end of World War II, he established the Italian Social Republic in what was still a free region of Northern Italy. Mussolini’s Italian Social Republic was founded on a vastly improved form of Italian Fascism that had a great deal in common with National Socialism. Indeed, the Italian Social Republic should be viewed as a peculiarly Italian form of National Socialism. As far as Imperial Japan was concerned, what they had was a uniquely Japanese form of National Socialism.

Japanese WW2 Military Soldier Army Building Figures 24pcs set image 1

Image of Lego World War II Japanese army furnished courtesy of OuterLimitsToys on Etsy.com


The present world order, it can only be called the New World Order because it is even worse by several orders of magnitude than it was before, is bound to collapse sooner or later under the weight of its own constantly accumulating corruption and profligate incompetence. The New World Order will inevitably collapse under the weight of its own stupidity and madness, so we do not actually have to do a thing to bring it down because it will destroy itself as time passes. That having been said, we are presently challenged with the objective of weathering this storm so that we so that we can build a better and National Socialist World from the ruins of our present Jewish-controlled world order. It does no good to try and take over an already doomed and sinking ship, so we need to find ourselves a lifeboat, and fast!

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This metaphorical civilizational lifeboat which I am speaking about is, in principle, I now arising from elements within the European New Right, especially from France. There are various groups who call the European New Right Anarco-Fascism (Intellectuals) or Right Anarchy (University Students). For our purposes, the main objective is to preserve our bloodlines while maintaining our Spiritual Connection to Nature (The Soil of the homeland of One’s Folk.). Thus, we see the reason for the Right or Fascist part of the name.

Our present governments are very hostile to the survival of both Blood and Soil by their very nature, so what he have in place now must be utterly swept away if our bloodlines and culture are to survive: thus, the meaning of the part about “Anarchy”. However, this sweeping away of our present order is far from an end in and of itself. The old order must be swept away, NOT AS AN END IN ITSELF like with Left/Jewish Anarchy, but as a means to clear the way for a better and National Socialist order. National Socialism will be built from the local grassroots level upwards until if becomes a mighty and continent-spanning Folkish empire.

Image courtesy of ROBODAN on gab.com

The present social order will inevitably collapse, but in the mean time, we should encourage the establishment of small intentional communities in various places around North America. (The United States, Canada, and even for that matter Mexico are all in reality abstract and artificial political constructions, so any of these parcels of land are good places to establish intentional communities.) Our intentional communities must be self-sustaining and self-governing, yet still united by a common Spirit so that when the present house-of-cards which is political North America comes crashing down we can then come together and build a New & National Socialist Order that will govern the continent. The final result will be a National Socialist Confederation that will function much as Our Beloved Hitler once envisioned the future for Europe as a whole.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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