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Do Jews Control the Fortune 500?

First, I will start-off by saying that ALL Fortune 500 corporations are Jewish controlled to one degree or another.

If a Fortune 500 company is not under outright Jewish control, then at the very least, a given company in this elite group will have creditors that are all international bankers, A.K.A, sneaky people with funny little hats.

But yes, when it comes to Monsanto – and again, for all that corporation’s serious faults – it was still led by a Scottish CEO, and still had a largely gentile board of directors. By contrast, Bayer is 100% Jewish-controlled from the CEO all the way down through the rest of its board of directors. Sure, all of Bayer’s top executives live in Germany, but as you know, Germany is occupied territory for the Jews. Germany and other parts of the world have become Jewish vassal states on account of getting hit with indiscriminate firebombing and other kind actions. Indeed, getting pounded by indiscriminate fire bombing just might transform a formerly proud and strong nation into a Jewish lapdog.

A funny thing happened a week back… someone attacked me in the comments section after I had posted a reply to an online article I read. I was attacked in the comments section of this article after I pointed-out that Bayer is under Jewish control. My attacker tried arguing that Bayer’s SHAREHOLDERS were mostly non-Jewish; therefore,  having non-Jewish shareholders really means that Bayer is not under Jewish control. Well of course, the lion’s share of Bayer’s stockholders are not Jewish, and this is the case for every Fortune 500 company.

Think of it this way, the shareholders for any large and publicly traded company are like the rank and file citizens under a feudal system, so the composition of a Fortune 500 company’s pool of investors is basically a reflection of the population at large. When I responded to that foolish comments section critic, I pointing out that Werner Baumann, who is the (CEO) of Bayer, and ALL of Baumann’s subordinate corporate officers are indeed Jewish – mostly Ashkenazi Jewish no less – so after that exchange, this wise and well-informed commenter buggered off, never to be heard from again.

I always offer people such as this troll from the article comments section an opportunity to engage in a live online discussion with me; however, nobody has ever taken me up on the offer. No one has ever agreed to have a public debate with me because those who make excuses for Jews and try to minimize, justify, or explain-away their rotten actions are cowards who know that I, and people like me, are right.

Endure my friends!

-Mischa Popoff

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