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Rudolf Hess Contemplates 25 Years with The Great One

On the 18th of June, 1945, a little over 6 weeks after the death of Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess wrote the following words in a letter to his wife, from his prison cell:

You will readily imagine how often during the last few weeks my thoughts have turned to the years gone by: to this quarter of a century of history, concentrated for us in one name and full of the most wonderful human experiences. History is not ended. It will sooner or later take up the threads apparently broken off forever and knit them together in a new pattern.

The human element is no more and lives only in memory. Very few people have been privileged, as we were, to participate from the very beginning in the growth of a unique personality, through joy and sorrow, hope and trouble, love and hate, and all the manifestations of greatness, and further, in all the little indications of human weakness, without which a man is not truly worthy of love.

Even when one has been privileged to witness the manifestations of greatness, it may be exceedingly difficult to describe adequately in words those manifestations and thereby to paint a true picture of a unique and great personality. When one has not the basis of a quarter-century of participation in the growth of such a personality, but less than two years, the task is especially difficult. It would be a vain hope, then, to expect the pages which follow to reflect the true greatness of the man. That greatness will be best reflected in the fruition of his life’s work in years to come.

Here, however, we can at least hope to evoke an image of the man, imperfect and incomplete though it may be, which will serve to inspire those National Socialists who did not have the privilege of knowing him personally.

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  1. By their fruits you know them, and Rudolf Hess, one of the very developed and finest, brings the love, patience and all best qualities of spirit and experience in us all who love The Great One. We love all who love Him and so we expand. Rudolf Hess’s Selflessness pours through just a photograph as we weep with His compassion and joy where we feel His awesome stillness.

    We so appreciate your posting this remembrance for us, and we remember the expression on his wife’s face when Rudolf was about to take off by plane with the message of peace to Britain.
    Heil Hitler deva!

    1. “Rudolf Hess’s Selflessness pours through just a photograph”. Yes! I have felt that since I was a boy!!
      Heil Hitler deva!
      Brian Ruhe

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