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Hell or Save Earth

by Devadasi

Venerable and Great Ones,

“THE JEWS I can agree with you on the JQ to the extent that there are indeed rich, powerful, influential Jews who have gained control over political systems, economies, educational institutions, and the media, and who are using this control in part to subvert (classical) liberal western civilization. It’s not ALL Jews certainly, or even most Jews, but there certainly are some who are attempting to destabilize and undermine western Gentile society. Kevin MacDonald (AKA William Pierce)was of the opinion that this is mainly for the sake of furthering specifically Jewish interests: money, and (eliminating the European races, who they feel are standing in their way of a complete rule of this earth by them.

Very influential Jews have been exercising control of the media, and thus what people are allowed to see, and ultimately to think; and of course the Jewish attitudes and profound pro-Ashkenazim and Black Magic controlled agenda, inspiring degenerating ‘cultural’ trends social egalitarianism, multiculturalism, etc.

People should be informed of what has been going on, with as much clear evidence as possible, and of course anyone guilty of committing actual crimes should be punished; It’s a crime to withhold the truth! “But I don’t see any more to be done about it, short of a return to pogroms and Final Solutions. “Which of course a Buddhist (Christian and Muslims Jew brainwashed, “You could never really endorse”. Afraid you’ll gather negative karma if you act! That is the very thing which will keep you from rising to higher levels! You have been lied to! This is where you fall into the brainwashing the Jews led you into by their UN-Holy Book for Christians, Jew revisions of truth, and their re-make of the Buddha’s and the enlightened ones words, making sure they teach you to be weak and will not appose them. Read John:8:44 which is not the only place the Jews reveal their true identity. From Adolf Hitler deva’s personal experience with the Jews, he learned that “next time I will not be so nice”, ”At the bottom of every evil, when you dig deep enough, your will find a Jew. If you believe you gain leniency from them, appearing compliant to evil will not save you. Asking for kindness is a useless venture. Do you really expect the Sons of the Devil to be a little bit nice? They are the offspring of the Devil, stop being their gullible goy! It just makes them think you are the stupid cattle they already believe you to be!.

Venerable Pannobhasa, You said, “I place much less emphasis on the JQ than you apparently do, mainly because I do not quite consider them to be as vastly powerful as you do. They’re powerful, but not the minions of reptilian devas at the verge of enslaving the world.” They are not, you are right. No they don’t need to be, for they have the vast numbers of the Gullible, brainwashed idiots of humanity who have joined with them (that’s you and the masses) they not only can take over the main part of the world, but have taken it over. – Just seeing folks on the street and in stores with ‘Fauci’ masks on, shows how they are good little Communist sheep. They actually hope to appear to be “compliant” and maybe the Jews will save them”! For the sake of the Divine self within you, it’s your responsibility to stop being foolish, and allowing yourself and others to be their victims. The warrior, Kshatriya is not timid. – Mask wearers are starting to attack non mask wearers, and even kill them. – Makes a lot of sense, but these brainwashed people have no sense. Forcing folks to comply for a fake threat, by killing them, so that others will have fear of showing up without a mask?! – That just proves the Jews right. Its the Jews that caused all of the wars for the last 2000 years. Stop being compliant! The Jews want us to kill the body and spirit in each other. Use the great truth you have within and study the teachings of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. (True copies of the divine teachings, not those that use the demeaning word “Nazi”, but truth copies of the divine word, approved by the Great Divine Ones.

Have you not learned that the Jews are trying to make Midgard (this earth) to be like the Hell from where they came? They are working to make earth like the Hell where they know and feel the most at home at home. They are toxic to you and to this earth and you are toxic to them. Their teaching must convey deception, for they state, “Through deception we will win”.

Victorious Joy and love to you,


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