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Loki’s Army of Darkness: Skeletons in the Closet

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When Waldo, a lost ET, was seen slapping himself and flailing about, and naming the devil spirits as he tried to keep them away from him, his Midgard companions told him, “Stop that. You will knock yourself out!” Waldo, the ET, exclaimed, “Can’t you see them? The devil spirits are trying to get into me.”


The Skeletons are a major component of Loki’s Army of Darkness and Loki’s legions of skeletons will be the principal opponents arrayed against the warriors of Valhalla during the final battle of Ragnarok.

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One of the greatest strengths of Evil Spirits is the fact that they have convinced modern man that they do not exist. Modern Man is easy prey for evil spirits because people of our time are immersed in materialism, so the Spirit World simply does not exist for them. The big danger posed by modern mans’ fixation with materialism is the fact that whenever the existence of evil spirits is not acknowledged, this state of mass denial about the existence of evil spirits is the thing that actually gives evil spirits the most free-reign to do as they please.

Even the relatively few modern people who have some sense that there is something “out there” are still abysmally ignorant about matters relating to contact with the spirit world, so they are also easily misled by evil spirits. Hardly anyone in our modern society has any real understanding of the actual situation with today’s issues governing evil spirits that are causing problems because knowing something about the ways of evil spirits requires real knowledge of the Old Ways and Ancient Wisdom.

Essentially, the Jews are a group of people who play host to the trouble-making evil spirits that surround us at all times. Luckily, individuals who are born Jewish, yet choose to renounce their Jewishness also reject the evil spirits that come along with being a Jew. This group of people; namely, the Jews is an ideal and willing host for all types of evil spirits.

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The evil spirits that form an integral part of the Jewish spirit are in fact the spirits of the Dishonorable Dead who dwell in the depths of Helheim; however, the spirits of the dishonorable dead are barred from directly entering Midgard by Loki’s daughter named Hel. The dishonorable dead that are confined to the dark realm of Helheim must have human hosts if they are to maintain any lasting presence in Midgard, and the Jews are ideal hosts for this rotten purpose. Regardless of what Jews may do, the evil spirits from Helheim are still capable of influencing matters in Midgard; however, these evil spirits from the wrong side of the tracks in Helheim still require a physical body to serve as a host if they are to act directly upon the world of Midgard, especially over the long term.

Anybody can potentially play host to evil spirits, and hosting evil spirits is not an exclusively Jewish pastime, but no other collection of people are as perfectly suited for the role of hosting evil spirits as the Jews. By contrast, evil spirts from the mean streets of Helheim certainly do possess and use Non-Jewish people to drive their evils schemes, but any hosting activities for evil spirits that happen with people other than Jews tend to be downright intermittent.

Loki’s / Yahweh / The Demiurge / The Devil’s Army of Skeletons is in fact an army made up of the Dishonorable Dead, whether they are embodied as Jews and their ilk or existing as disembodied evil astral spirits. These skeletons of Loki are referred to as “Undead” because even though they are animate and perhaps even sentient, yet they still lack souls, and souls are that part of a spirit that enables one to incarnate in the Higher Plains. The lack of souls amongst undead beings means that the undead will always seek to seize the things they desire by force, and when taking things by force fails, the undead will simply opt to destroy everything in sight. However, the undead will be annihilated at Ragnarok, primarily by the Valhallans.

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In the end, the Waffen SS men who were indirectly murdered by Jews at the end of World War II are now training for Ragnarok in Valhalla, and these fine men of Valhalla are going to end-up having the last laugh on their killers. The Jews who were able to use their behind-the-scenes influence to arrange the executions of SS men at the hands of Americans and Russians after the end of World War II will either be destroyed altogether or hurled into the Bottomless Abyss along with their father Loki and all of the Giants when Ragnarok arrives.

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Once Loki and his collection of Jewish lackeys are tossed into the great abyss by the men of Valhalla, the Jews, Loki, and the Giants will then drift harmlessly in isolation out in the neither until their eventual dissolution arrives when the current Day of Vishnu finally comes to a close.

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I have mentioned that Hel prevents the spirits of the dishonorable dead from entering Midgard from the dark realm of Helheim; however, the spirits of the dishonorable dead are not completely contained in Helheim, so some expressions of the thoughts from these spirits do make their way to Midgard. Examples of influences from Helheim bleeding through to Midgard can be seen by considering the absolutely worst examples of blood & gore horror movies that Hollywood has produced over the decades.

An example of Helheim’s influences making their way to Midgard can also be seen by observing a movie called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which starred Susan Sarandon and Timothy Curry. The Rocky Horror Picture show is a cultural icon of a film, yet this movie is also a showcase of all the depravities that lurk in the depths of the Jewish mind. The Rocky Horror Picture Show also illustrates how Jews pollute the minds of the masses in Midgard. Through their films, the Jews have been able to make the Goyim receptive to much more self-destructive beliefs and behavior than they would be otherwise by the Jews spreading the teachings of Timothy O’Leary. The Jews who produce the depraved films of Hollywood are actually fantasizing about what they could do to the Goyim if there were no limits put in their way by Loki’s good daughter Hel who is preventing them the evil spirits of Helheim from entering Midgard. With these Hollywood movies,  the Jews can maliciously weaken and damage the psyches of the Goyim into self-destructive behavior.

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Monkey see, monkey do.

The bad behavior of the masses that is fomented and encouraged by Jews often leads people into the world of psychiatrists, which just happens to be a “profession” that is predominately run by Jews. These psychiatrists, who are really “Doctors” of madness, are actually quite mad themselves because they prescribe psychotropic drugs which usually create life-long dependencies (addictions) for their victims who are also referred to as “patients.” To hear a Jew “Psychiatric“ doctor,” who was licensed in the USA tell it, he and other Jews made LSD and the like while interned at the Dachau work camp. We lost track of this Jewish psychiatrist, but later, I ran across an article in The Press Democrat Newspaper that described how this Jewish psychiatrist was found guilty of misconduct and put in jail for prescribing LSD to underage children in the USA.

The Jews have succeeded in making many Goyim into materialists/Communists who do not believe there is a God, never mind that there are Divine Ones amongst us such as Adolf Hitler. Many people have also been taught not to believe in reincarnation because the Jews have written their religious scriptures, yet Alexander the Great and Divine Ones of many cultures in the East and West were previous incarnations of The Great One — Adolf Hitler deva.

Occasionally an ET is found here in Midgard, and these stranded extraterrestrials might be survivors of  UFO crashes or the survivors of horrendous surgeries that have been done on military bases. When a stranded ET named Waldo was asked, “Where’s your ship?” he responded by saying, “It was destroyed.”  Waldo, was later seen slapping himself and flailing about with his arms, and the people around him shouted, “Waldo, Stop that! You will knock yourself out”.

Concerning Waldo’s physical appearance, his facial features were marked by wide cheek bones, a very small chin, and his eyes were small and set wide apart. Waldo’s hair was short and his head came to a point that was similar to that of an ancient Buddhist statue. Waldo was not quite 5 feet tall and he had a body that was rather thin. Waldo also had ears that were exceptionally large and pointed, he wore clothes that were a one-piece coverall, and he had a notably high-pitched voice. Waldo additionally shared a packet of papers with his earthly friends which he had made himself in a technical drawing style that featured his spaceship and all of its systems in great detail. One time, Waldo said in audible thought transference, “This body is alien to this solar system.”

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Audibly Waldo once asked, “Don’t you see them? I have devil spirits that are trying to get into me, and I am trying to keep them away from me.” I could see that we had been shown the plans of his ship without an guile in the mix because Waldo was desperately hoping that we could rebuild his ship so that he could get back home. Evidently, even with Hel preventing and controlling their escape from the realm of Helheim, Midgard is still swimming with these devil spirits, especially where there are people taking mind altering drugs or drinking alcohol, such bars. Devil spirits like to hang-out in bars and wait for a gradual loss of consciousness from anyone so they can take that person over; however, Waldo never drank anything but plain water and he never ate any food at all, yet he was unusually sensitive to the presence of the evil spirits that surround us at all times.

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The ‘we’, are Norman Paulsen and a friend named Daniel who visited Waldo almost every weekend out in the desert for six months. Waldo was helping George van Tassel at Giant Rock to do projects of his own, and after our last visit to the desert, we received a huge postcard from Waldo.  The message on the postcard read, “I have caught my ship. Good bye, Thanks, Waldo.” That postcard was received back  in March of 1953.

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Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

Sit down Waldo!

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