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Adolf Hitler Deva vs The Prince of the Power of the Devil 1

There are Devils who walk this earth in human form, most but by no means all of whom are Jews. Then there are Devil Spirits who are constantly broadcasting their corruption through the air over all of the earth. Another title of The Devil is, “The Prince of the Power of the Air”. The airwaves, broadcasting, and programming terms from the trade Some good is done but a very great deal more of evil. This is the very worst and most dangerous form of air pollution. It destroys the potential for true intelligence, and it spawns the formation of cancerous growths in the spirit. Their end is by becoming one of the “Dishonorable Dead” in Helhiem; The Soulless Soldiers of Loki.

Physical air pollution starves the physical brain of the receiver of consciousness, of oxygen, causing it to malfunction. This makes one an easier mark. Endless noise gives the mind no rest. Spiritual attacks roll in in an endless chain similar to the waves from the ocean, giving the soul no peace. “All things are connected, because all things are one.”

Oh how ones Spirit longs for the days of the Vanderndevogels (Wandering Birds) of Bismark’s 2nd Reich, and of “People In Nature” of Adolf Hitler deva’s 3rd, where one’s mind, body and spirit are nourished in their natural setting. As one engages in the quiet contemplation of Adolf Hitler deva and the other National Socialist devas.

Urban environments, for that matter, even suburban ones are unnatural habitats for Our Folk, who are naturally an agrarian People.

The most unadulterated German Folk were to be found among the rural population of the 3rd Reich according to both Adolf Hitler deva and the NSDAP.

It is a well known fact among city planners, though no longer talked about in public, no city with a population greater than 45,000 can be made to function well over the long haul, regardless of what is done. America’s large cities are all dying simply because they are too big to be sustainable. Their unnatural environments are the Devil’s playgrounds, which have one advantage for the Evil One’s in power. Urban populations are vastly more easy to control than rural ones.

The ideal city would be more like a collection of villages scattered out through a parkland setting, just as cities were in the previous Satya Yuga (Golden Age). These were built in environments that could sustain them.

Many large modern cities are built in environments that simply cannot support them. Some examples would be, Las Vegas, Nevada, which is built in a desert; New Orleans, Louisiana, built below sea level; and Atlanta, Georgia, built without an adequate source of water. It is impossible to build a successful city in defiance of natural law.

When people are trapped in dirty, over crowded, and unnatural cities, #1. it affects their ability to think properly. People become vulnerable to all kinds of evil influences broadcast through the air.

#2. Environments Urban are the natural habitat of Jews where their kind thrives. Not so we Aryans. We, are just as our ancestors were, of the natural world and open spaces.

Small Aryan farmers are driven off of the land through economic warfare, and driven into big cities where the Tribe of the Jews is more easily able to corral them and put them into slavery. My family and hundreds of thousands of others, have lived through this very thing.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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