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This subject is dealt with by the enemies of Adolf Hitler deva as a thing very brutal and coldblooded which it by no means was.

After the NSDAP and Hitler came to power a systematic program involving racial research was initiated. Carried out by trusted academics who were also loyal members of the party and supporters of The Fuehrer. There was a branch of the SS who carried this out.

What they soon discovered was that only about 5% of the German Population were Totally pure blooded Aryans. These were already restricting themselves to marrying only pure bloods in order to keep it pure. Hitler of course supported that. But he cautioned them nonetheless. If you consider all these others to be Not Really German then you guarantee the destruction of the very thing you are trying to save, The German Volk. Because the Jews will be able to bring such numbers against you that they will very soon exterminate you.

So marriage laws were instituted among the vast majority that stopped the problem from getting any worse and then reversed it. It had essentially to do with peoples percentages of Aryan Blood. Over time the laws would produce a population with a growing percentage of Aryan Blood. They established as I recall that it would take Six Generations before the Non-Aryan Blood would cease to have any measurable effect.

Race Traitors were dealt with quickly and harshly. They being defined as those who were mixing with others for the express purpose of destroying the integrity of the Aryan German Volk.

Those who wanted to be considered part of another race were allowed to do so, But, they had to leave Germany to do it.

Jewish Blood was treated with particular care, more than any other, because it was considered  by far to be the most incompatible with Aryan Blood.

It was determined that the mixing that had already occurred was chiefly with first Mongolians and then with Turks, representing the incursions of those peoples into Central Europe in the past.

During the time of the Weimer Republic certain wealthy Jews had recruited certain Black Africans and brought them to Germany and supported them. With the understanding that they most look for blond hared and blue eyed German women and impregnate them. The purpose being to breed Germans out of existence. When the NSDAP came to power they expelled the Blacks back to Africa. Any Jews that were involved when and if they caught them were dealt with appropriately.

There were one group of Africans that fell into a special category. During WW1 a large number had fought for Germany in German East Africa (Tanzania, Rawandi, and Burundi) under the brilliant and never defeated Count von Lettow-Vorbeck. After the war Britain decided to exterminate them and their families. These Askaris, as the German Army called them, stood loyally by their German comrades until the end.. As a result the German veterans of the campaign got the German Government to grant them asylum. When the NSDAP came to power they were allowed to stay. They were segregated, but that represented no change as that had been part of the original agreement to begin with, which they had always lived up to. When one runs across the rare picture of a Black African in the uniform of the Regular WW2 German Army it is generally of the sons of these Askaris who had volunteered to fight for Germany in North Africa.

They had also determined that there were a number of Native American Tribes that had so much Aryan Blood that they had to create a new racial designation for them. They were referred to as Semi-Aryans.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. Thank you Brian!!! You allow folks to express and find solace in these unadulterated writings from pure and great minds, that you post. What a relief and how very refreshing the Thule Society is with your guidance! Danka!!

    – Devadasi

  2. Thank you Devadasi,
    There are more of us than it seems. The National Socialist devas are interest in groups of people who are interested in them. We are a platform for them to land upon.

    Thank you so much with your editing help with Randall’s channeled writings!


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