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Will Introducing a Formal Caste System Improve European Society?

Are Hierarchies based on Caste, Race, and Gender an Outcome of Divine Will?
Lord Vishnu Image jpeg
Lord Vishnu the Preserver is considered to be the inventor of the caste system according to Hindu mythology. Vishnu is associated with maintaining peace, harmony, and balance within the cosmos, which are all considered to be masculine principles. Image courtesy of peakpx.com

The Divine Will manifests itself on the Earth plane/Midgard as a differentiated order of organic life that consists of sentient beings which develop in relation to each other and ultimately in relation God (in the sense of the Supreme Being).

This order is what has been called “the creation” in theological and religious texts, and this order constitutes the original basis for life and it serves as a representation of authentic and true life itself. Authentic life is that which develops in relation to the divine order e.g. lions do not lie down with lambs; lions eat lambs;…and lambs naturally flee from lions.

Lion O - ThunderCats | Lion-o thundercats, Cartoon art ...

Image of Liono from the Thundercats cartoon furnished courtesy of FELIX LEGONDARIO on Pinterest.com

That which is godly or just exists in accordance with Truth, and truth is by its very nature natural and just; whereas, that which deviates from truth is naturally ungodly and unjust, so what is unjust must be rectified in order to once again attune itself to a harmonious order. Those who seek to manifest a distorted order of being demonstrate their disordered nature, and those who seek to manifest a beautiful order (in the sense of all elements being or existing in harmonious alignment) must be beautiful beings who adjust to God.

The Democratic idea and its relatives such as socialism/communism, are an expression of a disordered mind and the chaos of an atomized and fragmented society (e.g. liberalism). Liberalism begets a coercive and unduly social and political order that springs from the seed of egalitarian-Democratic ideas. Liberalism is based on individualism, and this idea originates from Jews. Liberalism has ruined civilizations by emphasizing individual differences over collective ordering.

City Council Candidate Rene Gonzalez Uses Occupy ICE Photo as Example of Portland Homeless Camps

The image above shows a tent city in Portland, Oregon. At this time it is the most liberal parts of the Zio-American Empire that are showing the most rapid and noticeable decay; this is no accident, this is the visible work of Jewish Liberalism.  Image courtesy of wweek.com

The world where we now dwell is devoid of stability and order because natural alignments are avoided for the sake of pushing equality, and ideologies that derive from foundational assumption of equality always champion individuality and its differences over social harmony; hence, self-destruction of this system is inevitable.

Our mercantile and individualist world contrasts markedly from that of the Traditional World because modern globalism rests upon the ruins of traditions that have been mixed together with a synthetic Jewish and mercantilist cement added as a glue. This artificially glued-together and motley mess of post-modernist and Jewish mercantilist ideas that constitutes contemporary American society is then superimposed with violence.  The world of ruins is the world of Jews, and the nature of Jewry is violence; hence, any political or social order that Jewry creates will be nothing but a world of chaos and violence that ultimately sews the seeds of its own destruction.

Little Rock Desegregation 1957.jpg

A prime example of post modernist Jewish ideology needing brutal physical force to operate at all is evidenced by the Little Rock Nine incident that took place at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 4, 1957. The Little Rock Nine incident was ordered by Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was the Zio-American Empire’s president at that time, by using federal soldiers to forcefully open the formerly all-White and segregated Little Rock Central High School to Black students.

It should come as no shock that Whites who were living in cities across the American South at the time of the Little Rock Nine incident warned that forceful desegregation with Blacks would ruin American cities and make them unlivable. It turns out these warnings were spot-on true and prescient when we now look back from our present time. Utopian ideas about desegregating the South have only given rise to White flight out of cities and this White flight to the suburbs has transformed what were formerly decent cities into gutted and crumbling wastelands inhabited by Blacks. Image furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org



Pin on growing up black

The image above shows what happens to formerly prosperous and safe White neighborhoods in large American cities after the Whites flee out to the suburbs in order to avoid forced contact with Blacks. After the Whites leave, formerly White neighborhoods completely decay when they are left to Blacks. Image courtesy of daily.mail.co.uk

The world of Tradition is a world that is organically developed and attuned to Being, plus this same natural order forms a world where the hierarchy of life is arranged in as orderly a manner as possible in relation to the Sum Total. In this orderly world, each class or caste plays its proper role according to its nature and thus receives its proper rewards. An organism exists within a state of harmony when it exists within the context of a society and environment that have a harmonious nature, and when an organism is taken out of such a place and put in an inharmonious environment, this organism then becomes inharmonious itself.

For an organism to exist in a healthy state of being, it must live in a world where chaos is minimized. When chaos becomes excessive, an organism becomes unable to shoulder this burden and eventually breaks down under its weight from the burden of suffering excessive chaos. Producing environments that are filled with excessive chaos is the recipe which Jews use to destroy their perceived enemies: heap upon your enemies a progressively greater weight of chaos until they wear out under the load. This Jewish way of making war by inflicting chaos is also leveled against all life on earth from the mineral kingdom through the human kingdom.

Black Lives Matter: birth of a movement | Black Lives Matter movement | The Guardian

The image above is a photograph taken at one of countless sprees of burning, looting, and politically motivated violence that rocked urban zones across the Zio-American Empire in the summer of 2020 following the controversial death of a Black man named George Floyd. Image courtesy of theguardian.com The BLM(Black Lives Matter) riots of 2020 show perfectly well how Jewish Liberalist ideas wreak havoc on societies. 

Those who are of an inharmonious nature create inharmonious societies which exacerbate the inner being of all residents and citizens who are faced to live in this rotten environment. By contrast, harmonious beings order themselves harmoniously according to their natural talents and their natural capacities with each organism playing its role according to its proper nature, which thus creates a harmonious world.

A society with a traditional caste system creates an orderly world because this way of life reflects the proper nature of each person with the intelligent and wise playing the role of priests and monarchs and the less intelligent and wise who are also more physically oriented playing their role as laborers and tradesmen. The lower races, when they exist within the societies of the higher races in any meaningful numbers then create an inharmonious state of being; therefore, the lower races must never rule over the higher races because this represents a state of being that runs contrary to the fundamental dictates of nature.

Barack Obama - Wikipedia

We can assume that those who hold the position of President for the Zio-American Empire are not really the ones making key decisions these days, that dishonor falls to groups of Jewish bankers and other Jewish oligarchs; none the less, Zio-American presidents are not devoid of power either. Barak Obama, who is a former Zio-American Empire President serves as a great example of why Whites should never allow themselves to be ruled over by lower races, even in largely ceremonial roles such as Obama’s.

Many Blacks and Liberal-minded Whites would say that Obama’s election to the office of Zio-American Empire President constitutes “progress,” yet Obama’s two terms as president worsened race relations between America’s Blacks and Whites and paved the way for the controversial election of the White Zio-American Empire’s President Donald J. Trump. During Trump’s single term as Zio-American President racial problems worsened further and culminated in the racially driven riots of 2020. Image above furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Examples of unnatural rulership that are forced upon societies under the banner of “equality” or “inclusion” abound in Jewish-controlled societies and these circumstances always incur resentment over time. For example, London now has an Islamic mayor of Pakistani descent, so this state of affairs constitutes a clear-cut example of a member from a lower group trying to assert dominance over the native British population who naturally constitute a higher group. Other examples include large cities in America that have Black mayors, yet these same cities still maintain sizable populations of Whites. Other examples of members from lower races and castes acting as authorities over those from higher groups abound across the present-day Western nations in all types of circumstances, particularly within workplaces. In today’s America, it is no longer unusual for White workers to suffer the humiliation of being subordinated to Black superiors who were awarded their positions on account of Jewish political scheming.

Sadiq Khan | The Muslim 500

The image above features the City of London, England’s Pakistani Muslim mayor named Saddique Khan. Kahn was able to get elected as London’s mayor due to the fact that Pakistani Muslims are now the single largest ethnic group in London. Not surprisingly, as London grows browner and ever more Whites flee the city, the city of London also grows more corrupt while the streets grow ever more crime-ridden and dangerous.

According to trusforlonson.org.uk, about one quarter of London’s population lives in serious poverty and even experience food insecurity, and this same website notes that around 14% of working-age men in London live solely on socialist state benefits. The point is, London has no real economy anymore for most of the population and many of those who dwell in this formerly great city live on the United Kingdom’s government handouts. London, England now serves as a prime example of how Jewish post-modern ideas eventually lead a society to ruin. What future does the city of London now have? Image of Saddique Khan furnished courtesy of themuslim500.com

Individual members of a lower castes and lower races are sometimes able to advance far due to having exceptional personal abilities, and this personal advancement may place these individual in roles of superiority to members of higher classes; none the less, this state of affairs still causes problems because it violates the laws of nature to some degree. Indeed, lower castes and lower races do occasionally produce very capable individuals; however, the existence of small numbers of exceptional and capable individuals from lower groups does not overturn broader hierarchical trends within nature. For example, the Brahmans are unquestionably the most intelligent of India’s Hindu castes, yet there are modest numbers of exceptionally bright and capable individuals who originate from low castes, and some members of the Brahmin caste are not really all that sharp. Indeed, individual capabilities and traits vary; however, we are analyzing group dynamics not individual capabilities.

The idea of letting individual people advance based purely on merit may be a very noble and high-minded idea on the surface; however, this idea encounters a lot of problems in the real world. In present day India, even a very capable man who comes from the lower castes that has earned his position through pure merit will still encounter a lot of resistance and trouble whenever he tries to give orders to Brahmins. Likewise, a Black man who has earned his position through pure merit will still encounter a lot of resentment and resistance whenever he is given authority over Whites or East Asians, and as much as egalitarian-minded people might dislike this state of affairs, resentments such as these will persist because purely meritocratic principles do violate natural laws at least to some degree.

It is also worth mentioning that caste or “class” membership as this same concept is not simply a crude function of a person’s finances alone. Caste may reflect a person’s financial standing, but caste is also a reflection of who a person is on a deeper level. For example, a man who has very little education might eventually have lot of money to his name, yet let us say that this man’s money was not earned through education; therefore, this man would have a lot of money yet he would still retain the mind and outlook of his working class roots.

CNBC Blue Collar Millionaires "I'll Never Tire Of It" Episode 209 Video Preview Links

The image above is sourced from CNBC’s television series titled Blue Collar Millionaires. Image furnished courtesy of candieanderson.com

Over the centuries, there have been cases where Brahman children were separated from their biological parents and raised by members of lower castes, and in such instances the adoptive parents have always identified these children as Brahmins quickly because Brahmin children are said to have a sort of “grace” and “nobility” about them that starkly sets them apart form their less refined peers. When Brahmin children are raised by lower caste Hindus, the adoptive parents note that the Brahmin children are much more inquisitive, intelligent, conscientious, and thoughtful than the children around them. In the event that National Socialism establishes a formal caste system for European people, it is quite possible that some families of lower cases would have a lot of money and some members of higher cases would not have much money, but caste is a function of who is person is in a comprehensive manner as opposed to a simple measure of how much money sits in a checking account. Caste not only determines how much money people might earn, but caste also determines what types of work people do.

Author’s Note: 
Years ago, one of my friends had a next door neighbor who had a good amount of money to his name because he ran a moderately successful roofing business, but he still exuded a total lack of refinement and education, and there was no washing this lack of refinement off of that man. If you ever travel out to parts of rural America that are mostly populated by fierce Trump supporters, then you will note that there are some people living in these places who have money to their names, but these wealthy Trump supporters typically have nothing more than a high school education, or less than a high school education, so they may have wealth, but they retain a peasant’s type of mind. Nickolas R. Jeelvy who writes for Counter Currents has noted that Donald Trump support is fundamentally a peasant cultural phenomenon at its roots, and from what I have seen his assessment is not wrong.


jennifer lawrence

The image above is included because it captures the basic look and vibe given off by fellaheens living out in the wilds of Trump country. Money does not buy grace and sophistication, so caste is more than simply a reflection of a person’s money. Image courtesy of marketrealist.com

Schons Family Build DIY Tiny House via Tiny Home Tours YouTube 001

The new “Tiny House” trend reflects the fact that many enterprising, intelligent, and educated people are still struggling financially in today’s America. Yes, many if these “Tiny Housers” are very liberal, but none the less, this trend still reflects the principle of quite educated people lacking money.  Tiny House dwellers are typically quite well-read and well-traveled despite not doing all that well  financially. Tiny homes may appeal to people of higher castes because such people tend to be less focused on material matters, so living a more simple life will hold appeal for its own sake in a way that would escape people of lower castes. Image courtesy of tinyhousetalk.com

On the same note, women are naturally subordinate to men for a host of reasons that go far beyond simple differences in physical size and strength; and for this reason, whenever women are given authority over intelligent men, or men with high testosterone levels, this state of affairs constitutes a basic violation of the natural order. By way of the natural order, men are not inclined to follow the lead of women.

Our current globalized Jewish-controlled social order tends to see all people as interchangeable units within a vast machine; therefore, these Jewish systems of organization ignore the laws of nature when determining how they function, which creates tensions that destroy organizations from within as time passes. To make matters worse, our current Jewish-run social order places mindless emphasis on the principle of “equality” and this social order often purposely places members of lesser groups in positions of authority over members of higher groups so that these chosen members of lower groups can serve as instruments of humiliation against higher groups who Jews dislike. For example, the Jews know damn-well that capable White men typically feel insulted and humiliated whenever they are forced to accept positions of subordination from unqualified and less-qualified women and Black men.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan speaks Feb. 21, 2023, during a news conference in East Palestine, Ohio. (AP)

The image above shows the Environmental Protection Agency “Administrator” named Michale Regan speaking about the February 2023 environmental disaster resulting from a train derailment and its subsequent fire that released hundred of thousands of tones of deeply toxic chemicals into the groundwater, air, streams, and lakes around East Palestine, Ohio. The Zio-American Empire sent Mr. Regan to East Palastine, Ohio as a public relations front man after an epic disaster, yet sending this individual to serve as the public face of the Zio-American government during a crisis of this magnitude was actually a public relations faux pas because it was so obvious that Reagan was in way over his head in this matter. Reagan was in way over his head during the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment disaster because he was clearly not a true expert on environmental matters, yet he was still placed in a position with some putative public authority. Image furnished courtesy of politifact.com 

How the East Palestine train derailment fueled fear on TikTok

The image above shows an apocalyptic image of a train laden with truly poisonous chemicals releasing toxic smoke into the Ohio sky in early February of 2023. What truly happened at the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment is hard to know for sure due to regime suppression, yet this event is certainly an environmental disaster of epic proportions. Here is a Wikipedia entry discussing the disaster. Information from Wikipedia is always very suspect; however,  it does at least provide a decent overview of what happened. Image above furnished courtesy of nbcnews.com 

Placing women in positions of authority over men creates resentment and discord from the start, yet this practice represents a bad idea from a strictly practical standpoint as well when observing the poor performances of female executives in modern times and poor rulership from female heads of state that goes back for ages.

Pepe silicone Valley bank meme
Pepe silicone Valley bank meme

Image courtesy of 9gag.com It is important to note that the recent collapse of Silicone Valley Bank happened under the management of an all-female risk assessment and management team; there should be no surprises with this outcome

Twitter SVB

The image above is furnished courtesy of twitter.com

Jewish modernist doctrines push the idea of women assuming positions of authority over men by way of political appointments under the aegis of “equality,” yet when it comes to addressing tensions between men and women, simple segregation will not fix this problem. By natural law, women follow the lead of men, yet women as a group will always feel some degree of resentment against this natural state of affairs; therefore, female resentment against men that stems from feeling oppressed and hampered can never be truly eliminated.

Womens’ natural status as followers of men always creates some degree of a latent female “Chandel Mindset.” A “Chandel Mindset” is a way of seeing the world that is based on resenting those who are higher within a hierarchy. A Chandel mindset is the mindset of the low and resentful person who seeks to exact revenge on his or her superiors any way they are able. The Chandel-mind is also the mindset of people who see themselves as perpetual put-upon victims, and these same people absolutely never accept any personal responsibility for their own circumstances. A person with a Chandel mindset will always see themselves as a blameless victim who has never done nothing wrong; however, such people still see themselves as being deeply wronged by circumstances which are totally beyond their control.

Another way to look at the issue of Chandel morality is to imagine people who are fundamentally unhappy with the cards and circumstances that life has dealt to them; therefore, they seek other people to serve as scapegoats and lightning rods for their feelings of resentment. Freidrich Neitzsche used the term “Chandel Mind” in reference to the Chandels who are a low caste of Indian Hindus.

harvey weinstein protest.jpg

Image of another loud and idiotic feminist and Marxist street protest furnished courtesy of variety.com The image above shows a crowd of feminists protesting outside of the Harvey Weinstein trial in 2020. Harvey Weinstein is a sleazy Jewish movie producer who has been publicly shamed for sexually taking advantage of young women who were trying to break into the movie and television industry. 

As for matter of class resentments and conflicts, simple segregation will not abate caste and class tensions within the same ethic and racial group, and there is no way to entirely rid any society of hereditary class divisions. As Dr. Edward Dutton frequently notes in his videos, IQ or inherent intelligence is a trait with a heritability factor of .7; therefore, much of any person’s innate intelligence comes by way of heredity, which means that humans will inevitably divide themselves by way of intelligence and capability despite any ramblings about creating any classless societies. Just like with intelligence, athletic ability and good health are heritable qualities, and people who are truly great athletes are often direct biological descendants of parents who are also great athletes as well, so like intelligence, athletic greatness is also largely and inherited trait. The heritability of both athletic greatness and intelligence only serve to reinforce the notion that castes are an integral part of human life.

refer to caption

The current star running back from the San Francisco 49ers American football professional sports franchise is named Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey is worth noting for several reasons, but one thing that is interesting about this man is the fact that his father is Edward McCaffrey who was also a true star player in the National Football League. Christian’s mother was also a star soccer player at Stanford University where both Christian McCaffrey and his father Edward McCaffrey played college football. The point to note about the McCaffreys is that athletic talent like intellectual talent is largely inherited. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

It is worth noting that Dr. Edward Dutton has discussed the topic of meritocracies and the theoretically classless society. Dutton has noted that in societies which are highly meritocratic in their outlook and practice witness people advancing to their levels of incompetence and then remaining at these places of incompetence. Aside from people rising to their levels of incompetence within meritocratic systems and then remaining at these postings, meritocratic systems also remove intelligent and resourceful people from the lower ranks of society.

In the past, people were pretty much born into their social strata, then remained there, and although this way of doing things may seems quite oppressive, confining, and even unjust to those living today, this way of administering a society did ensure that the lower classes had decent advocates and problem-solvers within their ranks. Having effective problem solvers and negotiators within the ranks of the lower classes meant that the lower rungs of a population had people in their midst who could solve problems and deliver crucial leadership in times of strife and trouble such as wars, natural disasters, and famines. Edward Dutton has noted that in present times the United Kingdom’s underclass is totally gutted of intelligent people, therefore, this group is now woefully incapable of navigating troubles and disasters on their own.

In the past, social mobility was rare if not impossible; therefore, this state of affairs ensured a much higher level of competence within the lower roles in society; thus, meritocratic practices can paradoxically impede the efficient functioning of society. For example, if there were more intelligent people working as farmers, this condition would lead to more efficient farming. Naturally, if very smart people wind up working as carpenters, then the quality of carpentry would improve to new levels.

National Library of Vienna 2

The image shows above is a photograph of the Austrian National Library in Vienna. This image is included here to illustrate what true excellence in the field of carpentry and woodwork looks like. Image courtesy of theplan.com 

Lastly, a lack of meritocracy actually promotes fewer class tensions because within such a seemingly unfair system people are judged less harshly for their positions in life because it is assumed that where people are in the hierarchy of society is largely a function of their birth circumstances as opposed to their innate capabilities. As things stand, people in lower levels of society are assumed to be in their positions because of their personal deficiencies as opposed to by luck of the draw, so this state of affairs erodes respect for the their lower classes amongst people in the higher echelons of society. Sadly, a meritocratic system also creates a sense of demoralization and failure amongst the lower classes themselves because they assume that they are in their low positions due to being inherently deficient; therefore, this meritocratic state of affairs only aggravates class tensions further.

Starbucks sends dates, locations for bargaining sessions with workers union | Reuters

Recent pushes for low-wage workers at the international Starbucks chain of corporate coffee houses to unionize on account of low wages and back-handed treatment from their massive corporate employer only serves as another example of brewing class tensions created by liberalist ideas. Truth is, when class tensions arise these conflicts are as much a fault of the higher classes as anyone else. In a just social order, the higher classes fulfill their obligations to the lower classes. Image furnished courtesy of cnbc.com 


Possible Solutions to the Problem of Inherent Inequality Between Groups of People

The most sensible way to navigate tensions created by hardwired racial inequality is to have as few people from races with very different levels of intelligence and spiritual development live within the same society. If people from very incompatible races must live in the same area, then practicing strict segregation is the next best solution because strict segregation ensures that each group oversees its own affairs and develops their own internal hierarchy, and this way of doing things incurs as little resentment between different racial groups as possible.

Indeed, any positive discussions about segregation truly go against current Jewish paradigms that preach complete equality between races and castes while violently forcing social integrations of very incompatible groups; however, segregation does foster more peaceful living arrangements than our present circumstances which permit and encourage colored people to force their way into White spaces against the wishes of Whites.

Segregated movie theatre for African Americans in Mississippi, 1939 (b/w photo) by Lange, Dorothea (1895-

The image above shows a segregated Black movie theater in Mississippi from 1939. The late and great Colin Flaherty had a lot to say about egregious Black behavior in public spaces of all types, including movie theaters, on his YouTube channel called Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Flaherty was a decorated journalist who dedicated the later years of his life to exposing Black criminality and disfunction in a manner that was devoid of hate, yet also devoid of apology.

Flaherty noted in his writings and in his video blogs that Blacks tend to get very drunk and make a lot of noise while movies are shown at public movie theaters. Blacks are also known to bring huge qualities all types of food into movie theaters in addition to lots of liquor, then they are known to make true messes of movie theaters. In fact, Black behavior is so bad at public movie theaters that Whites and other non-Black people eventually stop going to movie theaters at all in places with large Black populations, so it might be a good idea to bring back segregation and let Black be Blacks in movie theaters that are set aside for them alone. The point is that forcing other groups into close and totally unwilling contact with Blacks is a crime in its own right. Image above furnished courtesy of Bridgmanimages.com

Admittedly, no simple fix for the unavoidable troubles between men and women exists, yet every society must continually strive to maintain the most productive and natural relationships between men and women as they are able. It is worth noting that Adolf Hitler removed women from crucial governmental positions upon assuming power, so National Socialism does its best to manage the inherent Chadel-minded tendencies in women. Society can also make efforts to tame female Chandel-mind tendencies by emphasizing the need for women and men to work in harmony with one another as much as possible and by giving positive encouragement to traditional femininity and traditional masculinity, as the Third Reich did.

It is worth noting that Jewish Communists and Marxist agitators are always looking for ways to weaponize female Chandel-minded tendencies against men within non-Jewish groups (Jews will not tolerate this division between men and women within their own ranks), and this Jewish Communist weaponization of female Chandel-like resentment is commonly called Feminism. Feminism is simply Chandel-minded Communist principles that focus on the resentments which are inherent in gender divisions as opposed to harnessing the classic Communist points of agitation that are based on class and caste divisions. Indeed, there is no true fix for female Chandel-mind tendencies concerning their dealings with men, yet Feminism only serves to exacerbate problems that already exist between men and women; therefore, it is best to curb feminist agitating as much as possible. Feminist agitation must be reduced to its lowest possible degrees because Feminism is destructive and counter-productive on an individual and societal level.

The "Liberated" Feminist vs Tradwife | Trad Girl / Tradwife | Know Your Meme

Image courtesy of konwyourmeme.com

Concerning the issue of class tensions that exist outside of problems with race and gender, difficulties between people of different castes, or social classes as they are often called, has no quick fix; however, a mindful society can take steps to reduce problems in this area of life. One of the best things any society can do to lessen class-based social tensions is to ensure that extremes of wealth and poverty are avoided as much as possible.

In an ideal world, the lower castes look to the higher castes for leadership and guidance, and the higher classes value the necessary work that is performed by members of the lower classes. We have all probably heard the old cliche, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” and it is important to remember that those who hold high positions within society should also be held to a higher set of expectations and held to a high level of accountability that accompanies whatever privileges they might claim. Ideally high positions come with high levels of responsibility and high levels of accountability, so holding a high position within a society should never be tantamount to getting a “free lunch” so to speak. People from the higher levels of society have duties and obligations to the lower levels of society that manifest as the duty to lead by example and the obligation to make sound policy decisions that bring benefit to all. When the upper classes do not hold up their obligations to the lower classes, then trust is broken between the castes and turmoil ensues.

As post-World-War II Japan has shown, the best way to address problems stemming from economic inequality is to pay people in low positions solid living wages which eliminate the need for socialist support programs that tend to reward indolence and encourage dependency on handouts. Post-World-War II Japan has maintained a very minuscule welfare system along with a very low levels of economic inequality because the Japanese ruling class made a commitment to ensure fair wages for anyone willing to put in a solid work week.

Samurai Pepe Gifts & Merchandise for Sale | Redbubble

Image courtesy of redouble.com

The book called Spirit Level analyzes issues tied to class inequality and notes that post-World -War II Japan achieved a wealth ration where the richest 20% of the population earned four times that of the lowest 20% of the population; this is the lowest level of wealth inequality any nation has achieved in recorded history. This same book also notes that Scandinavian nations such as Sweden previously achieved a wealth inequality ratio of 5 to 1 between the highest earners and the lowest earners, (well at least before massive population-replacement levels of migration from Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East were inflicted on this benighted land).

By contrast, Spirit Level notes that in Brazil the income ratio of the top fifth compared to the bottom fifth is around 67 to 1. This same book notes that the more lopsided the ratio of earnings is between the top fifth of the population and the bottom fifth of a population, the more crime, bad health, and political instability pervade that society. Not surprisingly, Japan and the Northern European nations still have the lowest ratios of economic inequality between the top fifth and the bottom fifth and the nations of Latin America and Africa still note the highest rates of economic inequality. Hitler’s Germany also achieved a rather low level of economic inequality.

A Village in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd review — how a Bavarian community experienced the rise and fall of Hitler

Image above courtesy of thetimes.co.uk

r/DerScheisser - "I'm not a Nazi, I'm an esoteric Hitlerist!"

Image above furnished courtesy of reddit.com


Natural Law and the Fate of Nations

The nation where a distinct ethnic group dwells is a function of its inner being or essence. Those who dwell in societies of chaos (assuming no intervention on the part of outside third parties exists) demonstrate in a tangible form the chaotic nature of their inner being e.g. Somalia and Liberia, and those who live in societies of order demonstrate their orderly inner being e.g. Switzerland, Japan, and Sweden…well, before this formerly peaceful, prosperous, and homogeneous land became blessed by “vibrant diversity.

After importing hordes of invaders from the chaotic and racially mixed Middle East and barbaric sub-Saharan Africas, Sweden now stands as the rape capital of Europe. Not surprisingly, rape statistics across the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa still dwarf anything presently reported in Sweden, yet if current migration trends continue, then Sweden will statically catch up with these fine places soon enough. As for Japan, this nation is not a White nation, and yes, modern Japan certainly has its own particular and notable sets of social ills, yet anyone who spends any real time in this country notices the exceptional peace and social harmony that permeates Japan, especially in the rural areas. Despite the presence of a few mafia troublemakers, Japan is fundamentally a high-trust and low-crime society where people typically leave the keys in the ignition switches of their parked cars out in rural areas. ( The same level of high trust can still be observed in White rural areas in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe…but for how much longer this will be the case is anybody’s guess.)

Why You Should Live and Work in Rural Japan - tsunagu Local

Beautiful, peaceful, high-IQ,  and high-trust rural Japan. Image courtesy of tsunagulocal.com

A path toward improvement in rural America | The Hill

Let us not paint too rosy a picture of life in today’s rural America, but despite its current crop of problems, towns across rural America still represent safe living spaces within the confines of a high-trust and high-IQ society. Image courtesy of thehill.com  

Bremm, Rhineland-Palatinate

The image pictured above represents a typical small town in rural Germany. Like Japan, Germany is also a high-trust and high-IQ society…well, so far anyway, provided waves of immigration do not reduce this formerly great nation to another squalid third world basket case. Image courtesy of shutter stock.com 

Pakistan Refuses to Host Additional Afghan Refugees

The image above shows life in rural Pakistan. The image above may not represent all places in rural Pakistan, but the standard of living in Pakistan’s rural areas is radically lower than that of America, Germany, or Japan. Given the differences in living standards, it should come as no surprise that so many Pakistanis are constantly looking for ways to leave their country and move to places like Germany of the Zio-American empire. Image courtesy of VOAnews.com

Some societies may appear orderly on the surface; however, if an external appearance of order and efficiency must be maintained through brutal physical force, or by way of excessive hyper-regulation, or by way of micromanagement and “control freakism,” then this does not indicate a harmonious society. The external manifestation of an authoritarian police state is actually the reflection of (((a sick and disorderly collective mind))) that is frenetically seeking to keep itself in some semblance of order; a police state can be likened to drowning man who is grasping at the splinters of his destroyed lifeboat boat.

The execution was the denouement of an extraordinary year for the country

The image above shows Nickolas Chauchescu and his beloved wife being shot by the Romanian army on Christmas Day 1989. Chauchescu had ruled Romania as a Communist dictator for the previous 24 years and ran a particularly brutal and nasty police state during his tenure. The sad tale of Nickolas Chauchescu and the violent end to his rule illustrate the point quite well that police states never represent any sort of real social harmony. Image courtesy of independent.co.uk

It is worth noting that heavy-handed governments are typically needed to keep some semblance of order in very diverse nations that house too many different ethnic and religious groups. Examples of nations with a lot of internal diversity that need heavy-handed governments to stay intact include Burma, Assad’s Syria, and Iraq under Saddam Hossain. It seems likely that Western nations will also fall under the auspices of tyrannical Jewish-managed police state governments if these societies continue to become more ethnically and religiously diverse. ( Remember, diversity is our strength!)

The orderly types of societies, meaning those who embody the principle of Divine Order within their inner beings, create sustainable social orders that do not need excessive surveillance or brute force to maintain themselves. Jews always foment disorder, then they offer police states as their so-called “solutions” to the very disorders that they themselves have manufactured in the first place! Yet another problem with police states is their tendency to squash everything and everyone down to the lowest common denominator with the aim of maintaining some semblance of peace, however, simply squashing everyone down to the lowest common level inevitably leads to a downward spiral of entropy and internal rot.

I personally like the aesthetic of the former Soviet Union but my god does it fit this subreddit perfectly : r/UrbanHell

The image above shows hastily built Communist apartment buildings in the capital city of the now-independent nation of Georgia that were made during Russia’s Soviet Era. Communist Russia was built on Modernist Jewish ideas of social equality, so this system focused on reducing everyone to a low common denominator, such as living in ugly tenements designed with Brutalist architecture. Image above furnished courtesy of r/urbanhell on reddit.com

Jewish-run dictatorships like that of Communist regimes of Eastern Europe pushed everyone down to the lowest common denominators because they lacked the means to lift everyone to the highest denominators; think of it this way, it is far easier to reduce a great man to a broken husk than it is to raise a deficient man to a higher state. No matter how the mechanics of dictatorships and repressive governments may be deconstructed, repressive police states all represent of a fall from grace. The police state represents a fall from grace from our eternity in the Satya Yuga to the contemporary Kali Yuga that is characterized by increased materialization and decreased spirituality.

Leaders during a Kali Yuga, are the embodiments of their age, and these feckless leaders are often debased and mongrelized savages who unfortunately constitute the nobility of their contemporary epoch. The societies made in the image of a debased elite create a world of temporality characterized by a “promiscuous mixture” in the words of Julius Evola. By the term “promiscuous mixture,” we can interpret the concept of an arbitrary and superficial mix that tries to match of disparate elements that are jumbled together in a “postmodern pastiche,” or a mongrelized papier-mâché, and this same concept can be characterized as the patchwork cloak worn by Joseph in the flesh pots of Egypt.

The fruits of our enforced Jewish cult of “post-modernity” and multi-culturalism are a rotten “shit stew” in the words of Matt Hale, or the term for a post-modern society can an also be “the sewer of all the nations.” The chaos of drugs, alcohol, sexual debauchery, plus an ingrained tendency for the people to live for thrills and momentary amusements characterizes the kaleidoscopic welter of imagery and sensation that continually bombards the senses like flash-bang grenades in such decomposed societies. This constant bombardment of the senses that happens within a post-modern society constitutes the arrows of vice that carve into the souls of the reveling masses and render them into sub-humans whose minds (manas) have been particleized through the decent of their consciousness. Interestingly, the fruits modernity includes Christianity along with all of its pathologies, which is actually a cultural form of modernity.

Devon Windsor, Diego Boneta and Rachel Hilbert, spring break Mexico

The image above shows a typical ruckus party scene of American college students partying during spring break holidays in Cancun, Mexico. One could argue that college spring break party weeks at places such as Daytona Beach, Florida; and Lake Havasu, Arizona are just young people blowing off a bit of steam during a recess from school, yet even people who are not notably conservative are still a bit bothered by the excesses of drinking, drugging, and promiscuous sex that are loudly put on display at spring break hotspots around America and Mexico. Image courtesy of people.howstuffworks.com

Presently, the highest cast of non-Jews within the our present Judeo-Masonic control system are the “last men” in the current cycles of time who are preparing for the arrival of Homo Nuevo of the Satya Yuga to come. The first of today’s chaos contained within themselves the seeds of tomorrow and “tomorrow there will be sun” in the form of the sonnenmensch (Sunman) Superman.

No Conversion on Twitter: "One more attempt by Christian gp to insult Hinduism portraying Hitler as Lord Shiva Hitler was Catholic not a HINDU https://t.co/xzYJAxHkH8" / Twitter

Image furnished courtesy of noconversation on twitter.com

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