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The Bird is the Word! Is There a Connection Between Garuda Birds and UFOs?



I used to work in a town called Pleasant Grove, Alabama, and when I was working this job, I would normally drive home at close to midnight. On clear nights, it was not unusual for me to see UFOs, and more than once, I pulled onto the shoulder of the road, stopped, then got out of my car and stood by the side of the road and watched these mysterious flyers flit around the night sky. The altitudes of these flying UFOs would vary from 2,000+ feet to less than a hundred feet — depending on the encounter. The designs of these craft that moved around the night skies varied, but on just one occasion a UFO stopped close to my parked care and hover for a while. I believe the unusual UFO that hovered near me that particular night had deliberately flown in to let me get a good long look. The other UFOs I saw kept their distance, although this road traversed a comparatively populated rural area; however, all of my personal UFO sightings only occurred within a select distance of 2-3 miles along that road.

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On a number of occasions there were multiple craft in view at the same time, yet I never felt the least bit threatened. Although I remained fascinated whenever I saw UFOs in the night sky, after a while I was no longer surprised to see them. I also grew to believe, especially after that one incident where a UFO hovered near to me, that these alien craft somehow knew I was watching them.

In this posting, I will only describe two encounters that are particularly interesting before I discuss my encounter with the Garuda Bird. For the record, I do believe that there is a connection between the Garuda Bird and UFOs, and I have experienced a number of encounters with UFOs in other places besides that one road in Alabama. I also plan to describe my UFO encounters that happened in places other than Pleasant Grove, Alabama in another blog posting which will be a sort of addendum to this one.

Close Encounters of the First Kind

On one notable occasion in Alabama, I stopped and watched an unknown aircraft cross from horizon to horizon (20-30 miles) at an altitude of about 2,000 — 3,000 feet, and this sky-crossing UFO flew relatively slowly along a sawtoothed path the whole time. This zig-zagging UFO was also phasing in and phasing out of this dimension while it motored across the Alabama night sky. When this UFO moved, it was invisible along the slope, but it was visible along the straight part of its trajectory, and this habit of phasing in and phasing out was repeated several dozen times as it traveled along the arc of the sky. Whether this phasing in and phasing out pattern was deliberate or if there was a malfunction of some sort, I have no idea, yet I do have a feeling that this UFO’s party trick was done deliberately.


Close Encounters of the Second Kind 

The other UFO-spotting incident of note in Alabama occurred as I was traveling along that lonesome road late at night, and this incident happened around the time I was just leaving a curve in the road that passed through a stand of pine trees. As I was leaving that familiar old curve in the road, I saw ahead of me an immense triangular-shaped craft that was several hundred feet across. This large UFO was hovering at an altitude of about 1,000 feet and it was seemingly following the road as slowly as I was driving. The triangle-shaped UFO that I saw that night had a large superstructure on top, and this craft also had a group of much smaller UFOs that circled around it like a gaggle of baby geese follow a mother goose. The mother analogy seems to fit when smaller UFOs move around a larger UFO because researchers commonly refer to these larger craft as “motherships.” When looking at this collection of UFOs in the sky that night, I envisioned something like a flying aircraft carrier. During that memorable encounter, the mothership allowed me to catch up to it on the road before stopping and beginning to hover. After I caught up to this larger mothership, I stopped, got out of my car, and stood there looking up at it for around half an hour before it very casually began to move off.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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A Visit from Big Bird

About a mile past this stretch of road where I had all of my UFO encounters, I had to turn off onto another road that went through an isolated area due to the nature of the terrain. The night when I saw the Garuda bird, I had just started driving down that turn-off road around midnight, and I had just begun to drive down a stretch of roadway that was cut into the side of a steep hill. Along that stretch of hilly and curvy blacktop, there was a deep ravine on the right side and a high and steep embankment on the left, so this was a potentially dangerous stretch of road.

As I drove along on this twisty road, I caught a glimpse of a huge object that was approaching me at very low and decreasing altitude. When I sensed something large approaching me, I initially thought it was a small plane that was about to crash, so I instinctively I turned the car towards this flying object in hopes that it would pass over me before hitting the ground. After turning towards this mysterious flying object, I slammed on my brakes as I regained my senses and realized that I was about to crash head-on into the embankment. Whatever this big flying object was, I looked up and saw that it went over me at an altitude of maybe fifty feet. Interestingly, this flying object was a bird that resembled a hawk, but it had a wingspan of around forty feet. As this great bird passed over me it was looking ahead, gliding, and totally silent. As I watched this big bird cross the sky, it glided in amongst a grove of pine trees on the other side of the ravine and I lost sight of it.

I initially thought that this big bird I had seen was a Native American Thunderbird, but the color was wrong for a Thunderbird because the bird I saw was a spotted grey rather than the solid black coloring associated with Thunderbirds, and there was no thunderstorm anywhere nearby that night. The Ancient Pagan Irish had stories about The Great Eagle, but this big bird did not have the look of any eagle.


A true Irish favorite!

So, what could this big feathered flyer have been? From out of Asia come stories of the Garuda Bird, and this big avian is mentioned in the legends of both India and Mongolia, but tales of this legendary being originated in Mongolia. The big Garuda bird is also similar to what the Arabs of the Middle East called the Roc, which is another legendary giant bird.

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Native American Thunderbird. 

According to many legends, and even Hindu, Buddhist, and Jian religious scriptures, Garudas are very intelligent supernatural beings that can also enter this world in physical form. Apparently, Garudas enter this world to help combat some type of evil presence which gives these beings a disposition similar to that of Native American Thunderbirds. I know that I saw a Garuda that night back in Alabama because this being told me that it was a Garuda at a later time. Garudas can actually fly into outer space, so they are known to establish connections with the UFOs. I have no idea what sorts of connections Garudas have with UFOs, but I am absolutely convinced that there are some sort of connections.

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Wealthy Indian Datta Phuge spends £14,000 on a shirt made of GOLD to impress the ladies | Daily Mail Online

Hindooz love the Garuda Bird!

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Tibetans also love the Garuda Bird!

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The Garuda is the national emblem of Thailand and Indonesia.

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Garuda birds are also a popular artistic rendering in the Thai Buddhist tradition, so statues and images of Garudas can be found all over Thailand. 

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The painting featured above is a contemporary Thai paining that depicts a stylized Garuda bird. 


Why am I chosen for the privilege of having perhaps 20 or more UFO encounters?

I have been chosen to have so many UFO meetings, yet I have no sense of ever being abducted, and I have never felt threatened by a UFO in any way. For me, whenever I have encountered a UFO, these chance meetings always felt like I was in the presence of what one might call friends. For 50+ years now, I have wondered why I was chosen to have these UFO meetings, but now I know. I now believe that I am something like a Scout for the Nordics, because that is the group of extra-terrestrials whose crafts that I have been seeing. I may be working for the Nordics, but the purpose of my work is not yet clear, at least to my conscious mind.


Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. This is an uplifting and magical article.

    According to many legends, and even Hindu, Buddhist, and Jian religious scriptures, Garudas are very intelligent supernatural beings that can also enter this world in physical form. Apparently, Garudas enter this world to help combat some type of evil presence which gives these beings a disposition similar to that of Native American Thunderbirds.


    Brian Ruhe

  2. This one got me thinking (: love the vibes.

    Garuda is supposed to crush the snake demon, right?

    namaste yall

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