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The Thule Society Wishes You a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



It is to our movement’s advantage to take every opportunity to broadcast truth around the world, and one of these great truths that we must share is the real history of the international slave trade in the Western Hemisphere. The public must come to understood that the Transatlantic Slave Trade was actually a monumental crime that was perpetrated by Jewish slave traders and Jewish-owned banks. Concerning the official history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Jews have one again framed the Aryans for a crime that they themselves committed (for a change!).

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Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade is common knowledge to those who might be called “White Nationalists,” however, this same information is also common knowledge in the countries of coastal West Africa that suffered the greatest under the depredations of rapacious Jewish slave merchants. Today, many of the people who still live there in the parts of Africa that were most impacted by the Transatlantic slave trade remember who the slavers really were.

Setting the record straight about who really ran the slave trade is important today because the Jews absolutely must stop pretending to be the champions and primary advocates for black men when it was Jews who really enslaved the black people that were bound for the Western Hemisphere in the first place. Setting the record straight about who is really responsible for the Transatlantic Slave Trade is also crucial because this information will help eliminate an oppressive sense of guilt that entirely too many White people have been fooled into feeling concerning their racial group’s alleged participation in the slave trade. Fact is, too many Whites who are living today still feel a terrible sense of guilt and shame for crimes that their ancestors never actually committed. Indeed, the lies about the Transatlantic Slave trade that the Jews have peddled for so long are used as an instrument to beat Whites over the head.

The guild that Jews have inflicted on people of European descent who are alive today is pushed as a means of covering up Jewish crimes and avoiding righteous reprisals for these awful deeds; however, pushing the slavery guilt narrative onto Whites is helping the Jews to control Whites and eventually eliminate Whites entirely. Filling Whites with a sense of guilt about the slavery issue poisons Whites and renders them less able to defend themselves as a group, so the guilt narrative surrounding slavery is quite devastating.

International Jewry ultimately wants to enslave the entire planet, but for the time being they are most focused on eliminating the Palestinians simply because the Palestinians are occupying land that Jews covet, but the Jews are also quite focused on eliminating Europeans because Europeans represent competition to Jewish power. Aside from being competition, Jews want to rid the world of European people because European people are too intelligent, too independent-minded, and Europeans love freedom too much to effectively serve as slaves in a world ruled by Jews.

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When it comes to the issue of pointing fingers and assigning blame for the ugly institution of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, people alive today need to ensure that the blame for this rotten episode in history is at least laid on the correct doorstep once and for all. Setting the record straight concerning the slave trade matters today because not a day goes by that I do not see proof that the Jews intend to provoke a race war between the African Bantu people and the Aryan people for their own foul purposes and the Jews plan to leverage the issue of slavery as fuel for this fire.

When studying the horrors of the Transatlantic slave trade, we must to be willing to openly expose things that are so horrible that our spirits recoils at the very thought of them. I am especially speaking about what happened on the island of Barbados where the Jews owned a facility that forcefully used Irish people to breed mulatto slaves.

At this Satanic facility on the island of Barbados, the best male specimens obtained in West Africa were sent to detention centers on this island where they were imprisoned and forced on the pain of torture or even death to impregnate teenaged virgin girls from Ireland who were also slaves themselves.

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Ever wonder why you never hear of any Irish Nobility? Well, unlike every other nation that still has a royal lineage, such as Thailand, Japan, Norway, and England, Ireland’s royal lineage is conspicuously absent from any history books or any present representation. It turns out that the royal blood lines of Ireland died around the time of England’s King Henry 8th and Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The reign of Henry the VIII was significant because this was the last time that the English Crown made war on the Irish while Ireland still had a native aristocracy. During the reign of King Henry the VIII of England, Ireland was led by Hugh O’Neal, who was sometimes called The Great O’Neal, or simply The O’Neal.

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Upon the eventual victory of The Crown, all sons of the Irish aristocracy were killed outright without a single survivor being left alive — regardless of how young. By contrast, the young virgin daughters of the Irish aristocracy who were old enough to bear children were sold to vile Jewish slaver traders that promptly packed them onto sailing ships and sent them to the Caribbean Island of Barbados. There in Barbados, these young Irish girls were held in jail cells and forced to breed mulatto slaves. Tragically, none of the Irish royal women managed to escaped this fate worse than death on the island of Barbados, except for the odd girls who were strong enough to take their own lives.

Thus, we see the origins of the very old curse one used to sometimes hear in the British Isles that nobody actually understood the meaning behind. This old curse from Ireland and the Island of Britannia that nobody truly understood was this: “MAY YOU GO TO HELL OR BARBADOS!”

Despite the island’s tragic history, we did get Barbados Slim from Futurama out of the deal. Image courtesy of imgflip.com


I acquired the information presented here from an article that was published in the Barne’s Review several years back which was written by an author whose name I still cannot recall. I cannot recall this author’s name, but I do recall that she was a professional historian and a true White Nationalist of Irish ancestry.

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At the time I first read the article mentioned previously, I knew several people who were originally from the country of Ghana in West Africa, and Ghana was probably the part of Africa that was hit the hardest by greedy Jewish slave traders back in the day. I discussed the article I read in the Barne’s Review that talked about the Barbados slave trade with my African contacts, and they all immediately confirmed everything I had read concerning Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and they also confirmed this information without equivity. One young African man told me, “You would probably be surprised at how much Israel and the Jews are hated in West Africa. People still remember to this day who the slavers were.”

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Unlike in West Africa, hardly any Blacks who are living in the United States today know anything about Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and this is the case because the Jews have been quite careful to hide their own guilt in the slave trade and the Jews have also been quite determined to pin all of the evils associated with slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean onto Aryan people.

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Despite their best efforts to hide their involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Jews are still shockingly vulnerable to having their dirty secrets about the slave trade become widespread public knowledge in American and elsewhere. The Jews are so vulnerable to having their historical misdeeds surrounding the mass importation of black slaves from Africa to the Americans exposed because their evil actions were so well documented back in those days and there were also so many witnesses to their evil deeds for over three centuries running. Even despite their best efforts at erasing evidence of their inveterate wicked conduct, entirely too many records of Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade still exist to this day, so the skeletons in Jewry’s collective closet regarding the issue of slavery just need to be drug out into the open for all the world to see.


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And by the way, I hope you had a great St. Paddy’s Day this March!

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Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn


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