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Antifa and the Proud Boys are Both Actors in Political Theater

The Assault on the US Capital was Political Theater

Ever since the beginning of the National Security State circa 1947, there have been senior elements within the US Military and Intelligence Services that have desired a military dictatorship in this country. In the minds of the elites that perch at the top of organizational pyramids, the country of American and all of its people simply exist to serve them.

Before 1947, there was no unified power structure that could bring all of the Military and Intelligence services under a single umbrella, and this state of affairs existed quite deliberately. The old division of power between the military and the intelligence agencies was deliberately put into place as a bulwark against any one organization ever gaining too much power.

After all of my years in the the United States Navy,  I learned that there were elements within the military brass that desired to transform the American republic into a Soviet-style dictatorship. Back when I was in the Navy, the military men who were perched at the tippy-top of the military-industrial complex were just biding their time until an opportunity to seize dictatorial power presented itself. Admittedly, the American military brass with sugar-plum visions of dictatorship dancing in their heads have been wanting to seize power for a quite while now, but the opportunity to establish a dictatorship has now begun to present itself in earnest. My thesis is that the new Biden regime represents a time when the opportunity to establish a Soviet-like dictatorship here in America has been created quite deliberately. The idea of creating an American dictatorship is pretty simple really: just create civil unrest on such a scale that martial law will have to be declared, then a military dictatorship will need to be established in order to bring stability to the engineered chaos.

The problem that these crazed generals are having is that they simply cannot make their stinky little ambitions known to the world until the right conditions present themselves. For example, they must profess to be defending the American republic when they finally decide to seize power out in the open; however, they will also need to have a civilian figurehead and puppet who rules publicly while they lurk behind the scenes and act as kingmakers and puppeteers. These American would-be dictators are already aligned with the state of Israel and multinational corporations, so the current sorry state of the American Union is not unlike the situation that festered during the later days of the Roman Republic just before the rise Caesar. Like the corrupt American generals of today, Caesar gained power in the days of a decaying Roman Republic because he was also bankrolled by Jewish moneylenders.

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Let’s not forget about Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas!


I have closely watched the film clips of the Capital Hill event that happened on the 6th of January 2021, and I have come to the inescapable conclusion that this whole shindig was staged!!!  No doubt, there was the occasional idiot milling-around in the crowd who took this whole charade seriously, but the whole conundrum was still basically a false flag operation.

The low-IQ mob takes the capital by storm!

I know that the events which I watched on television during the 6th of January, and the film clips that circulated around the internet in the following days, were fake because I am a veteran of actual riot control actions. (Been ThereDone That, as they say). From the vantage point of my television set and my computer screen, I watched the “authorities” make every possible mistake in the riot-controller’s handbook, and I knew that things were soon going to spiral out of control. For instance, I watched the “authorities” refuse to confront the rioters even after the assault began, then I watched the idiotic men in uniforms assist the rioters by removing barricades, I even saw men who were supposed to represent the “authorities” doing something akin to palling around with the rioters at times. The point I am trying to make is this: by deploying in such a weak manner, the law enforcement personnel were inviting an attack by the rioters.

When the rumblings and trouble started in Washington D.C on the 6th of January, the mayor of D.C. immediately asked for the National Guard to arrive and quell the troubles, yet this request was met with silence on the part of Donald Trump, and there was an outright refusal to deploy the National Guard on the part of the Pentagon. Not calling-in the National Guard to quell the troubles that day allowed the situation to deteriorate with an attitude and a speed would have been impossible with the National Guard present. Now, the Pentagon claims that El Trumpo ordered the National Guard not to intervene in the riots of that day, so the initial reports about the January unrest are 180% out of phase with later reports. Indeed, someone is lying.

It is a blatant lie to say that Trump called for the assault on the Capital building, but he did call for the demonstrators to peacefully and lawfully put pressure on Congress to deny the crooked Electoral College vote that determined who would be president. Although Trump never advocated for any violence, some of his most important public supporters such as Rudy Guliani certainly did. For those of you who are not familiar with Guliani, he is the former mayor of New York City. Guliani and others did appear to call on Trump supporters to never accept the new Biden regime and to resist the new illegitimate government by any means necessary, but Trump never said such a thing.

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In my opinion, Trump was set-up to be the scapegoat for the January 6th mess at the Capital Building from the start. It appears that these orchestrated riots that happened on the steps of the Capital Building were created to keep the heat off of the real wrong-doers of the last presidential election, and the riots at the Capital Building were also orchestrated to end any plans that Trump might have to run for president at another time.

Despite his connections with the Jewish establishment,  and despite having family members who are married-off to powerful Jews, Trump has been, and still is, feared by the establishment because he is a loose cannon. Whether Trump came up with the idea of the demonstration, or if he was just talked into accepting this idea; it matters not, because these events were infiltrated by those who arrived in the Capital Building area that day with a clear plan to instigate violence and disorder.

This planned day of violence in January of 2021 was started with the idea that Trump would be blamed for everything and this event would destabilize the entire American Empire. The destabilization that was planned to follow the Capital Building incident was orchestrated to justify the adoption of martial law and to sell the idea of a new military government. After the events on January 6th, the Pentagon publicly said that they would not launch a nuclear strike on any country if the order to strike was believed to be illegal. The Pentagon’s public refusal to obey any military orders issued by Trump-o-lini was yet another attempt by the military industrial complex to paint Trump as an out-of-control and unstable madman. Remember, it was a common and well-established tradition in old Communist regimes to have political enemies or dissidents declared mentally incompetent as a means of discrediting and even having them imprisoned, and now we are seeing the same playbook being used here in the good’ol U.S. & A.

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Unfortunately, Trump is not totally innocent in this mess because he really is what he has sometimes been called; namely, a demagogue. The term “Demagogue” comes from the ancient city-states of Greece. In ancient Greece, when a group of citizens would become enraged over some real or imagined injustice, and if they were genuinely suffering at the hands of their political leadership, then a new leader would set himself up as their spokesman and publicly champion their cause. After this new leader would appear on the scene and say that he speaks for the downtrodden, his next move would be to stir his disgruntled followers into a crescendo of anger. As it has always been, the actions of a demagogue may not seem that bad on the surface, particularly if the people who he seems to speak for have a legitimate cause for their anger; however, a demagogue may profess to care for the plight of the people he represents, but he is always just using the anger of the crowds as a tool to seize power for himself. Any time a demagogue shows up on a scene, he will call for angry crowds to wreak havoc on his enemies.

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Both Trump and Biden were formerly competing to see who would be appointed as the public figurehead for the real power behind the throne in America; however, the power behind the throne preferred to have Biden as the front-man for their band because Biden is more emotionally stable and predictable than El Trumpo. On top of being more emotionally stable than Trump, Biden is also less prone to get any unhealthy ideas such as thinking he is actually in charge of anything.

I must not end this screed without addressing just who the actual rioters were that used the legal demonstrators as cover until they got close enough to charge the Capitol Building then wreak their mischief. The real instigators of the Capital Building incident are what used to be called  “Rent-A-Mobs” in the UK. A Rent-A-Mob is a collection of professional rioters who riot for whomsoever pays them. These days, Antifa is the contracted Rent-A-Mob that serves the interests of the Left, and the Proud Boys are the collection of ding-dongs who serve the same function for the political Right, but both crews of lackeys ultimately serve the interests of the Jews who love to play both sides against of the political spectrum against another in grand telenovelas of political theater. Both Antifa and the Proud Boys will show-up at a street demonstration if the Jewish establish has their television cameras rolling and if the Jews want to create a politically useful street brawl that is orchestrated to bend political opinion in one direction or another.

In the particular case of the Capital Building incident on the 6th of January, Antifa was not put on the official time schedule for the political staffing company that day, so they got a few extra clock hours by coming and lending a bit of extra help on a shift that was scheduled for the Proud Boys — hey, a paid job is a paid job. Some of the idiots who work for the Antifa Rent-A-Goon company even wore their traditional black Antifa garb to work on the 6th of January because many of them were probably out of quarters for the laundry mat, or perhaps their mothers were in a bad mood on those days.

Although their outward appearances may differ, both Antifa and the Proud Boys are anarchists who flourish amidst social upheavals. As Abby Hoffman, the infamous Jewish Anarchist from back in the 60’s once said, “It is revolution for the hell of it!” Indeed, for Antifa and the Proud Boys, it may be revolution for the hell of it, but it is also a revolution that is happening on the company punch-clock, so both the Proud Boys and Antifa will show up for political theater performances and collect their shekels, regardless of who is actually signing their paychecks.

Whatever may have been happening with their laundry, the Antifa rent-a-goons who showed-up to work that day probably figured that nobody would be paying close enough attention to notice that they were on the clock and wearing another catering company’s uniforms during the events of January 6th 2021.

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Now would be a good time to briefly discuss the lineage of Antifa. Antifa is merely the re-labeling of the Old Anarchist “Black Brigades” of some years back who made their appearance in a number of different countries. The Black Brigades were used and/or hired as agent provocateurs to justify violent government suppression of various leftwing demonstrations, and sometimes, undercover police formed part of the Black Brigades as well, but people did eventually begin to catch-on to the reindeer games that Santa Clause was playing. After the public got the memo about the Black Brigades being a collection of paid agitators that were working for THE MAN, that was when the Black Brigades were discontinued and Antifa was established to take over the same function.

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To repeat what I said before, such groups as the Proud Boys are merely the rightwing counterparts to the left-wing clown troupes known as Antifa. Another fake group of right-wingers who are co-workers of the Proud Boys go by the name of the BOOGALOO BOIS. However, in Southern American slang the term “Boogaloo” refers to egregious deception based on generating fear. It appears that these BOOGALOO BOIS who we have been hearing about on the idiot-box are really nothing more than another fake organization that has been created by the Jewish establishment. So why would the Jewish establishment create the Proud Boys and the BOOGALOO BOIS? The most likely answer to the previous question is that both of these fake “Right-wing” organizations have been funded and created to act as rent-a-mobs, but they have also been built to function as tools to identify then ensnare naïve but well-meaning White traditionalists and patriot types; therefore, uncle Randall recommends steering clear of Antifa, the Proud Boys, and the BOOGALOO BOIS as well.

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Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn




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