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World War 3

WW3 has already commenced. Of course it will be fought on land, sea, and in the air. However, it is also being fought in other areas as well. In economics, in the mind (information), and in the Spirit Realm.

Between the JWO (Jew World Order) and the 4th Reich. Neither side is fully developed yet and still only exist in embryonic form. Many who will be essential to the success of the 4th Reich aren’t even aware of what they are a part of just yet. The 3rd Reich was formed from combining various currents and so will the 4th be as well.

From Just This Morning;

The United States Of America is now nothing more than a puppet state of the state of Israel. All that they do, Israel is behind it or at the very least has to approve of it.

The ZioAmerican Empire (Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, plus various satellite states.) IS Greater Israel in embryonic form. This is the true NWO and Deep State. This is the hybrid of George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” The Global Plantation of Bankers and Corporatists. The wannabe Jewish Master Race is inseparable from Mammon, the God they worship.

A few nations are trying to spit the hook of International Jewish Finance. From out of this will come a major shock to the system. The instability that results will create an opening for the rise of the 4th Reich. Not in one nation alone. But as a part of a global movement of movements.

The 4th Reich represents a whole new world order. Free of both International Jewry and Capitalism. It too exists in embryonic form.

WW3 is going to be, or already is being, fought between those elements that will make up the JWO (Jew World Order) and those that will make up the 4th Reich.

Two roads come to an intersection. Only one continues on. The name of the intersection is Ragnarok. The road that continues on is called Satya Yuga.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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