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The Upside of Today’s Pagan Revival

The Upside of Today’s Pagan Revival


June 11, 2020

James Rousse

As of now, for White people living in Western nations, the full force of the legal system and the government has militated against them working for their own group interests. Therefore, when White folks advocate for the own interests, even in a moderate fashion, these actions carry risks. Crazy as it may be, even moderate and reasonable White identitarians now find themselves lumped into the same category as extreme ethno-nationalists by the governments of formerly White nations.

So, given the fact that even moderate and milk-toast identitarians are subjected to the full wrath of Jewish-hijacked governments, it is worth examining the some of the different types of people who are resisting Jewry’s global anti-white agenda.



In recent times, there has been an upswing of interest in reviving, or perhaps reinventing, the old pre-Christian religions of northern Europe. The rise of Nordic paganism is fueled in large part by the complete collapse of Christianity in white lands over the last century.

It seems that the continual collapse of Christianity in the West has been, at least in part, a product of the scientific revolution and the arrival of the Age of Reason into Europe and European diaspora. The “Age of Reason” may have begun in the 18th century, but it has continued until the present.

Exactly what constitutes “The Age of Reason” is debatable, but this time frame seems to have begun in the 1700’s. This era of logic is generally thought of as being a time where the power of religion was weakened, and people began seeking explanations for the mysteries of life outside of formal religion. Seeking new answers in the Age of Reason began by performing experiments, and also by creating non-religious theories to serve as a foundation for understanding life. One byproduct of this change in cultural patterns was an institutionalized concept that all of life’s troubles could be solved by applying reasoned experimentation and by re-establishing old Greek-style debates where truth is determined by deduction. As the axiom goes, material comforts alone are not sufficient to provide a life with meaning, nor will scientific experiments and theories furnish answers for life’s deeper questions.

Unfortunately, it seems the that incredible scientific advancements stemming from the Age of Reason have basically made science the new religion for many people. Science can function as a new religion because the material benefits reaped from technological advancements have essentially created magic. The famous science fiction author Aurthur C. Clarke once said that very high technology is indistinguishable from magic, so it is not too surprising that all of the incredible technology developed by Europeans over the last few centuries serves as a sort of impressive magic that is strong enough to form a new religion. Take the Star Trek genre of science fiction for example, in these television shows and movies, technology is seen as the answer to every problem laid before the human psyche, so yes, worship of technology may be misguided, yet it is understandable.

Thus, the material comforts brought by the scientific revolution have created a new God for the less spiritually inclined, but the horrors of industrialization also did their part to destroy traditional Christianity. Lamentably, when European people entered the industrial cities from the countryside in mass during the 19th century, they were then worked like slaves by greedy capitalists who owned the factories. For the worse, the industrial laboring masses of European people were worked such long hours during the industrial revolution that they often neglected to go to church on Sundays due to exhaustion.

Additionally, the devastating effects of the 20th century’s huge technological wars have certainly done a lot to weaken the religiosity of White folks. The truly horrifying war of the 20th century was really World War I, not World War II, and the psychological effects of the first great war were so bad that church attendance fell considerably, even from its already lowered numbers. It seems that the First World War lead to such devastation and questioning of reality that the churches were de-legitimized in the process of the war, and the fact that churches supported the war did not help their credibility. Besides the effects of wars, industrial exhaustion, and technological wizardry, Jewish influences like communism, feminism, moral relativity, critical theory, cultural Marxism, and engineered smear campaigns against the Catholic Church and have also done their part to weaken Christianity on a mass scale.

The collapse of traditional Christianity has opened the door for other influences besides just the pursuit of pleasure and nihilism, and this is the case because Mother Nature abhors a vacuum. Not for the better, the vacuum made by absent Christianity has opened the door for Islam in Europe, and there is a troubling trend of the indigenous people converting to Islam in Europe — particularly amongst native European women. Aside from the invasion of Islam, and a lingering stink of hedonism and nihilism that clings to European people, another force has arisen to fill the vacuum left by withered Christianity: paganism.

At this time, paganism is still a small thing, but the statistics do not lie, paganism is actually the fastest growing religion across the Western nations these days — take that Islam. Norse paganism has been popularized by television shows like The Vikings, and individual folks like Steven McNallen and Varg Vickernes have done their part to popularize this religion.

Many pagans have also appeared on the hit television show Forged in Fire. For those who are not familiar with this TV show, Forged in Fire is a contest show where blacksmiths compete for a prize by testing their traditional forging skills. Although the pagans that have appeared on Forged in Fire do not openly preach their region; regardless, it is often pretty obvious to even a casual observer that these show contestants are part of the pagan revival. Forged in Fire’s pagan contestants typically mark themselves out by sporting big old beards and wearing hammer pendants. As a further note, many of these pagan revival types who appear on Forged in Fire even dress in old Viking-era re-creation clothing made from linen.

Anything that gives white people a sense of identity is not liked by Jews, so this new religious trend is attacked by snarky Jews as being hokey and stupid, plus Asatru practitioners are of course accused of being larpers. Jews also accuse modern pagans of having read too many comic books. If just attacking Asatru for being hokey and lame is not getting Jews the yardage they seek, then they add some hot sauce to the soup by claiming that not only are Asatru-heads living in a fantasy world, but these bearded crazies are violent on top of being delusional.

There is at least some truth to the claim that Asatru-heads are violent, and this is the case because this new, yet old, religion is growing fast with white prison inmates. Despite Asatru having associations with comic books, Dungeons and Dragons, and even the prison complex, this comic-book religion is still growing. Moreover, regardless of its faults, this creed of comic book convention larpers is also providing Whites with a sense of rootedness and identity that they might lack otherwise.



∙ Breeding

Say what you want about these folks, unlike White folks who live in “mainstream society,” Norse pagans are at least making children, and they are not race mixing. Fortunately, race mixing does not make a lot of sense for people who practice a religion that is explicitly built around honoring your genetic heritage.

As woke White folks know, if there is to be any future at all for European people, then white birthrates have to at least get into the net-positive category. The issue of birthrates is a hot topic these days for pro-White activists because population growth rates are well below replacement levels for almost every group of Whites, except for a few anomalies like the Amish or Mormon polygamists. Thus, having any group of Whites achieve a positive birthrate in this day and age is something to treasure.

∙ Identity for all

Truth be told, becoming part of the pagan community is not for everyone, but the whole modern-day Viking thing does provide a sense of identity for all White folks, and this is a good thing because a big component of the Jewish plan for White genocide consists of destroying European people by erasing any sense of their own identity. So, even if the whole Norse paganism revival thing is not totally accurate from a historical perspective, and even if the whole movement seems a bit hokey, theatrical, and contrived; none the less, it is still useful to all whites because it provides a sense of rootedness and identity.

Admittedly, there are some good things to be said for large mainstream religions like Christianity and Buddhism, except these mass-market religions try to cater to all people. To their detraction, religions that make a of point of being open to all people are inevitably not going to be supportive of people who are looking to build communities around shared genetics and ethno-tribalism. In large universalist religions, like Islam, ethno-nationalism is perhaps not outlawed, but at the very least this mode of thought and way of being is minimized and ignored. By contrast, Norse paganism openly endorses ethnic exclusion, and Nordic paganism also revels in ethno-tribalism, so under the auspices of Asatru, whites can easily justify maintaining their own spaces, putting their group interests first, and openly expressing disdain for race mixing.

∙ Public Sympathy

The television show called The Vikings seems to portray the pre-Christian people of Scandinavia as being wild, free, not sexually repressed, and very connected with nature, so the Vikings in this TV show are essentially marketed as being noble Native Americans that just happen to have blond hair and blue eyes. The upside to Vikings being essentially seen as white Native Americans by popular fiction is the development of a positive and sympathetic image for Scandinavians, and Europeans in general, in the minds of the White public, and even for the non-white masses. Interestingly, Instagram is filled with photos of brown people in Latin America who buy Thor’s hammer pendants online and also fetishize Vikings, so popularizing the whole Viking mythology is one way to build a more positive image of all Europeans.

Additionally, Asatru pagans being viewed as blond Native Americans is a good thing because it means that closing down pagan centers of warship and attacking their group activities will not gain the Jewish establishment any public sympathy. No, by contrast, persecuting Norse pagans will only put the Jewish-controlled governments of the West on even worse footing with the white masses, and attacking pagans will place the Jews on even worse footing with the colored masses as well.

One of the reasons that Norse paganism can operate with less public outcry than say, National Socialism, is because although this religion is basically a white identitarian movement, Asatru does not claim to be anything more than just groups of people who want to connect with their ancestral traditions. Despite the hand-wringing of Jews, Asatru-heads can actually claim with some degree of legitimacy that they are not “racist.” Luckily, the legal presidents set by traditional Native American religions can offer legal protection to Asatru as well. Legal issues aside, the social aspects of the American government allowing Native Americans to practice their ethno-religion freely offer meta-political protections to white pagans as well.

∙ Women

Anyone who knows anything about being a White nationalist, or a European identitarian, is aware that getting White women to take-up the banner for the betterment of European people is quite difficult. Women are generally not inclined to take-up the banner for their own people these days because they are not very tribal by nature, and this unfortunate state of affairs is just a genetically hardwired tendency. One reason that women are not very tribalistic is because they have traditionally been taken as war prizes by conquering tribes and empires. Being taken as war prizes by conquering factions may not be fun, but unlike men, women have never died when their tribes lost battles, nor when the empires they were born into lost wars; thus, females have little stake in the outcomes of conflict.

Additionally, women have traditionally left their own families to join the families of their husbands, and this has typically been a one-way ticket, so clannish and tribal sentiments have historically not served women very well. Another big reason that women are not very willing to join overtly White nationalist groups is because this sort of activity carries very real risks to a person’s physical safety, finances, and worst of all from a female standpoint, being involved in White Nationalism carries all sorts of social stigmas. On the other hand, joining-up with a pagan organization does not carry risks that are comparable to those of joining an openly White Nationalist organization.

Most women are totally unwilling to accept the community and family ostracization associated with dabbling in White Nationalism because conformity is burned into women on a genetic level. Women have social conformity burned into their genes because they have traditionally lived under circumstances where getting ostracized from their families or communities was tantamount to a death sentence.

Interestingly, new sociological evidence coming from Europe seems to indicate that White women are more concerned about being socially ostracized then they are of violence and even brutal rape. The fact that most White women would rather be brutally raped than socially shunned is evidenced by the fact that many parts of Europe are seeing a massive uptick in the number of rapes and assaults on the native women, yet these European women continue to publicly advocate for the left-wing political parties that continue creating the kinds of societal condiments that facilitate more brutal rapes of White women. Sadly, many White women refuse to press charges against their attackers if they are black or brown out of fear of being labeled racist and receiving community ostracism.

Given the lower levels of risks associated with following Norse paganism, this new, yet old, religion offers Whites across the world a potent tool in their defense because paganism is appealing to many White women who are needed for making more white children. Any ideology that can get White women to honor their heritage is not liked by Jews because this rotten tribe opposes anything that countermands the pressures they have placed on White women to go forth and race mix or to just forgo having any children at all.

∙ Not Pacifists

Nordic paganism does not seem to be a genuine warrior religion in practice; none the less, this religion does not have any prohibition against violence that is comparable to Buddhism or Christianity. True, at this time, any use of violence is not going to be very helpful for White Nationalists and identitarians; but on the other side of the balance scale, the Nordic pagan community’s willingness to stand their ground will prove useful over the long haul.

Indeed, many people insist that violence is never the answer to any social problems at all, but the history of the Sikhs seem to call that assumption into question. If you talk to any Sikh who is aware of their people’s history, they will tell you that if Sikhs were not so willing to stand their ground with fierce violence, then no Sikhs would exist today. Likewise, the Native American tribes that resisted the incursions of Europeans with the most fury are the groups that have the largest numbers today; therefore, being willing to put-up fierce resistance when the situation demands it is actually an advantage, despite the rantings and mouth-farting of peacenicks.

∙ Self Reliant

It seems likely that Norse pagans will eventually become a group that is somewhat like the Amish or the Mennonites in the sense that each of these three groups will have tight-knit communities. In addition to just forming tight-knot communities like the Amish or Mennonites, communities of Norse pagans will eventually be a lot like the Amish and Mennonites for the following reasons:

∙ Members of each group will live out in the countryside.

Members of these groups will have a lot of children.

In each one of these sects, the men will sport big beards.

Every one of these groups will adhere to traditional gender roles.

Every one of these sets of folks will exercise a high degree of community-level self-sufficiency.

Self-reliance is already a key for White survival because unplugging from the system is a bulwark against a well-funded and wide-spread Jewish genocide of European people, and self-reliance will only grow in importance in the coming decades. At the present moment, having large rural White communities that cannot be strong-armed by the threat of having their bank accounts terminated is a good thing. Having community-level self-reliance for food, water, shelter, clothing, and medicine is also crucial because anyone who depends on Jewish-controlled infrastructure to meet their biological needs is going to be in for a serious day of reckoning at some point.

Fact is, Jews will try to punish anyone who disagrees with their bullshit by withdrawing basic infrastructure services like electricity, water, medicines, food shipments, and garbage removal. Given the potential for control that rests with the Jewish ability to withdraw a crucial service, having people who are in a position to say no to these despots is a good thing. Lastly, having large communities of white people who are not paying taxes to a Jewish-controlled state that is only going to use their tax dollars to fund their own genocide is a development worth cheering.

Until Next Time:

The next installment will discuss the downsides of paganism; but until then, we can conclude that the rise of paganism carries its share of good things for all European people the world over.

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