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Hitler’s UFOs against Humanity’s Enemy

The enemy of Humanity “rushes to seize and destroy the whole earth, before the Nazis come back, before Hitlerism returns” (Serrano p.21).
The fairytale mind image of a ufo in the brain of a modern American is something of fictional grandeur. An unidentified flying object or ufo may be spelled with capital letters or lowercase letters obviously. There is a big difference in the two though. When we refer to u.f.o and ufo rather than U.F.O and UFO in upper case, we are talking about two totally different things. An Unidentified Flying Object which is a popularly known as UFO is a fact of nature. In comparison, a fictional unidentified flying object as in a ufo is an opinion or sensory experience of a perverted psyche. The psychic experience of a ufo is corrupted by external stimuli from Hollywood jewish movies, popular music, mass media news, and many fictional books – in which these places many people have had first hand experience in a waking state and during a dream state. The television show X-Files did a great job at perverting our minds to falsehoods. However this depiction of ufos is flawed and channeled from a mind state controlled by the mind virus of the zionist jews and their allies in the USA government. These are the parasitic enemies that took control of your mind, body, and psyche here in day-to-day life and in the astral dream state. These enemies want to and have succeeded in polluting most peoples views and experiences with ufos. WAKE UP to what the real UFOs actually are!
Lets wake up as Thuleans and National Socialists so that we can see, experience, and live with the real and factual UFOs. These UFOs have existed since antiquity and where re-awakened by the National Socialists of Germany, by the Thule and Vril Societies, and, by the SS along with their Der Fuhrer as spiritual and political leader for all eternity. The real UFOs ARE awake!
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The UFOs are a supreme technology of implosion! A gift from God. It’s an esoteric hitlerists technology. The enemy does not care to know and will never know this gift. The enemy’s goal is not true freedom, but to control the masses and to bring everyone’s spirit into a low vibrational function and evil form much like theirs. The enemy, who are the Zionist Jews and the USA government with their allies, can not truly know the technology of implosion. The enemy only knows and cares for the technologies that deal with explosion which is destructive, no creative.
In comparison, the true technology of the esoteric hitlerists is implosive and creative. The technology of the enemy, the New World Order, and their Demiurge is explosive and destructive. “Any technology based on the explosion, which is consequently the destruction, could never be based on the Divine Principle” (Serrano p.37). Implosion and creation are to the liking of God. “The opposite of Divine Principle is the Satanic Principle” (Serrano p.37). We say Satanic in this form as counter to human goodness. The New World Order, the USA government with their allies, the Zionist Jews, and their other hidden allies live by the Satanic Principle which is counter to being with God and the gods for good power and strength of our true human souls.
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To put it clearly, “even though it appears as if to be all so powerful, the giant of the New World Order has feet of clay” (Serrano p.77). As Hendrix brilliantly sings… castles made of sand will fall into the sea eventually.
THE WAR DID NOT END IN 1945! “The greater Reich of Germany, therefore, never capitulated as such; that is, that National Socialist Germany never officially capitulated” (Serrano p.61). The National Socialists, Thuleans, Vril, and SS along with the Hitlerian UFOs have bases outside of this terrestrial Earth realm. Their extraterrestrial bases are far more advanced technologically than anything within this Earth realm of the New World Order’s matrix. This enemy is in a hurry because their Kali Yuga period may not be able to be completed due to their terror of the Hitlerists watchful eyes from everywhere. “They sense the return of the Last Avatar” (Serrano p.28). Though they know that the savior, Kalki or Jesus or whoever you want to call her, will return just in time to do what is RIGHT. The sensational and brain washing news of the aliens descending and taking over the earth is a deceptive way to embed a group consciousness and nervousness about a false story line to cover the factual UFOs as stated. The three letter agencies of the enemy have been producing universal disinformation since 1945. It is their goal and game to confuse the masses especially in America, Europe, and Canada where White culture continuously succumbs slowly but surely. It is the enemy’s goal to corrupt as many human souls as possible so only a few will be saved when the near end comes upon us all, very soon!
The Hitlerist UFOs, the “white horse”, the “chariot of fire” are the same entity. Some may call these nordics, greys, mantids, space aliens from mars however they are truthfully Hitlerist UFOs from recent National Socialist Germany and from the best ages of Human antiquity.
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And now to this day, “today they [UFOs] are much more perfected and one may rest assure that his technology and his “other science” are light years ahead of our enemies. The Implosion against the Explosion” (Serrano p.29). Its about using the gift of God!
The Implosion Technology has origins from the Black Sun which shines forever and within us all. The Black sun and its rays are unseen to the human eye but they are there. This light “illuminates the interior of some men, for through it comes the Divine Light” (Serrano p.36). This is a main aspect and sources of the Thule Society and National Socialists as the actual “Real Superpower” in the Earth realm and for eternity. This is an authentic and natural superpower in comparison to the superficial and artificial superpower of the United States of America and its zionist enemy accomplices.
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All in all, “the secret about the UFOs was already determined a long time ago. The aliens are actually just Nazis, seeking to rebuild their empire. The Governments of the world are perfectly aware of the matter and remain silent, because they are truly terrified” (Serrano p.50). Join the right side of history!
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Just see very soon, “the world will melt in its affliction; but you… Raise your head with courage, because you have already won! … (Serrano p.68). We have already won my dear friends!
This is to you… “Comrade, we are the soul, the sacred seed, the spirit of the Earth, who will be reborn along with the golden age in the New Earth” (Serrano p.22). You are the soul of the all and the One!
Heil Hitler!
Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order. Miguel Serrano. The 55 Club. 2016. http://www.55clubbooks.com/
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  1. Beautiful Day

    From what I’ve learned. The Demiurge, Satan, jin, Archons, HU, etc are all the same entity and have infiltrated everyone, especially the Jews. It is the negative monkey mind that pushes us all to fight. It waits silently in all of us, then sets you up for fighting amongst each other for stupid reasons. It is a parasite that feeds on negative energy, fighting. I once met someone who could reset people’s energy field and push this negative entity out for good. Are you man or human? They would asked? Can the Thule society push this parasitic entity out?

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