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The Thule Society, Adolf Hitler Deva, and The Sacred Rhine

This is an Open Letter to Brian Ruhe;

“The Thule Society, Adolf Hitler Deva, and The Sacred Rhine”

If I am correct, as I am convinced that I am, The Thule Society, of which I am an important part, is the Rhine River coming out of its banks, which occurs right at the end of Ragnarok. Water is , and has been, symbolic of the Spirit since ancient times in many cultures. The Rhine is The Sacred River of the ancient Teutons; A physical manifestation of a spiritual entity.

If the Rhine is coming out of its banks, it means that Ragnarok is at its climax and the battle is already decided. Ragnarok, if viewed in its entirety, from the end, commenced with the beginning of WW1.

The battle is fought over control of the Bifrost Bridge which connects Midgard to Asgard. It is in a place between two worlds. Midgard receiving the reflection and overflow from it.

The present day Thule Society is referred to as “The Contemplative Society of Adolf Hitler”. Does its founder Brian Ruhe, I wonder, fully realize the profound ramifications of what he has done? Adolf Hitler deva, as many a great other ones, who  are the Ancient Spirit of the Sacred Rhine, have come as Avatars of Vishnu.

Adolf Hitler deva dwells in Asgard now as “The God of the Rhine”.  He will thwart Vindictive Invectives , and any attempt to destroy all life in the Nine Worlds of the Earth, with his spirit, of which we are the conveyors here in Midgard.


  1. The heroes of Our Folk, including the Waffen SS men who died defending the 3rd Reich, died only to Midgard. They now continue the struggle in a different place.
  2. Surter – the leader of the Fire Giants powerful and allies of Loki/The Devil. When he sees his Lord about to be defeated he casts about with his great fiery sword with the intention of destroying all life in the Nine Worlds. “If we can’t steal it then All will die.” Many, many other things  this is the origin of Israel’s “Summer of Samson Option”.
  3. Bifrost Bridge – also called the Rainbow Bridge – To the ancient Germans and Norse, when one sees a Rainbow one is actually viewing the Bifrost Bridge. It is only visible under certain conditions of light. Modern science merely describes what those conditions of light are.
  4. Hiemdahl – is the guardian Spirit  of the Bifrost Bridge. At Ragnarok he hurls Loki/The Devil off the bridge into the bottomless abyss between the worlds.
  5. Leprechauns – are the ancient Irish are cousins of the German Folk. They, with Heimdhal, are the guardians of the Rainbow Bridge. “The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow” they jealously guard. It is in reality, the Spiritual Gold of the Higher Worlds that Savitri devi used to write about. As in her book, “Gold In the Furnace”. It is Spiritual Enlightenment.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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