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Living the Dream: Breaking the Spell of Loki and His Jewish Lackeys



Where Lies The 3rd Reich’s Survival?


In the study of Physics, one learns that the very first step in the process of solving a problem is to correctly define what the problem is. Defining its nature and its parameters can be the most time-consuming and difficult part of solving a problem, but once a problem has been truly defined, then the actual solution is often relatively quick and simple to find. Such is my approach here, I do not know the answer at this point, but I am certain that I can now can correctly define the problem, so having a good definition of the problem at hand will allow us to put our heads together and come up with a solution.

Others have observed, AS I HAVE DONE MYSELF, that so-called Consensus Reality is not as solid as it at first appears, and this is true because there are always things that lie beyond what could be considered “Consensus Reality.” Indeed, there are things that are a bit beyond everyday reality, BUT THESE NON-ORDINARY THINGS ARE STILL A PART OF THIS PHYSICAL WORLD. Some say that we are trapped in The Matrix (I am making reference to the science fiction movie by that name.), which is as good a way as any to describe our situation.

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The “solid” reality that we see around us is not what it appears to be, yet we think this “solid” reality is all that there is because we have been conditioned from childhood to think it is real. Most adults take the common consensus reality to be all that there is, yet children can see the world as it truly is while they are still very young; however, this childhood ability to see beyond the normal state of affairs is not allowed to continue any longer than can be helped by the powers that be.

The powers that be deliberately limit the ability for most people to see into the spirt world and other worlds that run parallel to our “consensus reality”  because they want the vast majority of any population to remain focused on the day-to-day tasks that are needed for living. Indeed, most people are deliberately given a limited ability to see into other worlds, yet some people are gifted with the ability so see more than others. In traditional societies, most of the community members have limited insights into the spirit world because they are commissioned to mind important daily tasks such as farming and taking care of the children, but some people are gifted with the ability to see further into the spirit world than others.

No society can function if every member is primarily focused on the higher spiritual realms, but those who see further into the spirit world are still an essential component of all societies because they provide wisdom and guidance to the other members of their communities. For example, in traditional Native American societies the shamans were respected and valued for their ability to offer guidance and wisdom to their people, yet they were often sort of outcasts within their own communities as well.  In the past, it was also not unusual for shamans to live in their own homes that sat a little ways outside of the main villages or camps.

Why do you think the Jewish-hijacked governments of the West are enacting such a big push for earlier and earlier childhood education? In answer, having more and more “education” being heaped onto children at a younger and younger age is being done to prevent the appearance of more people like me who have never totally lost their childhood ability to perceive genuine reality. A lot of literature has also been devoted to the topic of Jews foisting endless vaccinations onto the masses with the intention of retarding that populace’s spiritual development, and a lot of literature has also been written that discusses how Jews are putting fluoride in drinking water to suppress spiritual development. Whether vaccines or fluoridation of drinking water are really being used to suppress spiritual awakenings for the masses or not is actually of minor importance to this discussion because the real issue of most importance is having people develop a basic understanding that there are many methods to suppress their spiritual development being applied against them in the first place.

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Our current system of government, education, and economics, plus a host of other institutions, do not want to have any more spiritually aware people entering the world because those in power wish to prevent potential revolutionaries for truth from rocking the boat as I have done. The spiritually aware amongst the population have the potential to disrupt the entire system of power and control because the awakened are able to get a glimpse of what lies beyond The Matrix, alert others, and then break the chains of enslavement.

What's all the Fuss about Fluoride in our Water?

The presence of spiritual aware people who would have been shamans in traditional societies is important in our present world because these people have the ability to help the rest of the population free themselves from Loki’s deception and slavery. Many people do not realize this, but the biggest component in any group’s enslavement is maintaining a state of ignorance and perpetuating a state of acceptance for that group’s own enslavement. For example, with the exception of house slaves, the vast majority of black slaves in the Old South were deliberately prevented from ever leaning how to read, which proves the point that maintaining a state of igornance is crucial for maintaining a state of enslavement.

What I am speaking of in this case is not the “Other Worlds” as they are understood in the Germanic Tradition, and this is the case because Germanic notions of other worlds are something different. No, what I am referring to right now is part of Midgard itself. The problem I am alluding to is this: there is a counterfeit reality that we take as the real world which envelops what is actually real, and this is the case because Loki has cast a Glamour on all of us. (Glamour is the Ancient Gaelic term for a large-scale illusion that has been passed off as reality.) Loki’s Glamour over the whole world is presently deceiving most of Midgard’s people and causing entirely too many of us to “stumble” as the Bible would describe it.

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The so-called laws of science are really just the laws of Loki’s grand illusion, and I say this because I, and some other people, have personally experienced the conventional laws of physics breaking down on more than one occasion. When common physical laws break down, this state of affairs includes the functions of the whole space-time continuum losing their consistency. Yes, the world we live in does not always behave like mainstream science says it is supposed to. I have experienced my share of what might be called paranormal events, but I am far from alone, many people will experience at least one “paranormal” happening of some sort during their lives. Common examples of paranormal events include contact with hauntings, dreams that predict the future, and brief out of body experiences.

In our present world, people who have spent some time as lay practitioners in Buddhist monasteries around the world typically report experiencing paranormal events. Common examples of these paranormal experiences include seeing senior Buddhist monks vanishing into thin air and them reappearing somewhere else, and witnessing accomplished monks walking through walls. Tibetan buddhist monasteries are the most renown for routinely producing paranormal events, yet these same reportings are just as common at Thai buddhist monasteries. The British author Rupert Shaldrake has also noted the the official speed of light actually fluctuate a little bit over time, regardless of how accurate the measuring instruments might be, so what we think to be immutable laws of physics are really more suggestions than unbreakable rules.

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The Nordic “Extraterrestrials” (our stellar ancestors) come from a different place in the galaxy, and these visitors have always been closely affiliated with the 3rd Reich in both its manifest and its hidden guises, yet they are not living in the same Midgard as us. Regardless of their distant origins, the Nordics are still quite tied to the 3rd Reich’s survival, and this is the case because the Nordics may live for millennia, yet they are still mortal after all, so they are also tied to this incarnation on Midgard to a certain degree. The big achievement of the Nordics as a group is having escaped into the genuine Midgard which lies beyond this counterfeit version of Midgard that Loki has created to hypnotize us and put us to sleep.

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The question for us now is this: how do we re-establish the lost connection with our Folk who lie beyond the veil that Loki has thrown over our eyes? This question is important because our brothers and sisters are waiting for us to wake up before they act.

How did Keanu Reeves go from Theodore 'Ted' Logan Esquire to John Wick? Three trips through the Matrix | Keanu reeves, Keanu reeves meme, Memes

Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn

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(Taken from my running notes.)
For starters, this world is an exceedingly boring place, and pretty much all it does is drag people down into the thick physical realms. Focusing on the physical realms consists of placing attention on material things instead of what people should be focusing on,  which is rising to the Higher Planes from whence they originally came.
Is Materialism Loki’s Glamour? The short answer to the previous question is no. A more accurate answer would be this: if a person thinks that physical reality is all that exists, or at least if someone thinks that material issues are the center of everything, then this belief is obviously incorrect, whether this delusion is supplied by Loki or not. The delusion of only believing that the physical world is all that exists is definitely not the invention of Loki; however, Loki does all he can to perpetuate this false view of reality. Physical reality is by no means as solid as the deceivers would like people to believe, and the deeper that the deceivers can get people to sink into this world, the more hopelessly ensnared they will all become.
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The simple act of living in Midgard (The Earth) is not actually the main problem when it comes to humans making spiritual progress, no, the false doctrine of Materialism is the actual problem and chief hinderance for those of us who are still living here on Midgard. The false ideology of Materialism is humanity’s most pressing problem because one can lose the material battle and still win the spiritual war, such is the ultimate meaning of gold being purified in the furnace; impurities are removed so that the The Spirit can return home.
We cannot be lifted up to a higher state of being until we are spiritually purified because we are presently too heavy in a metaphysical sense and we have collectively sunk in Materialism too far for this to happen. Death is only a technicality here because EACH of us must become Gold Purified in the Furnace. When we have individually become gold that has been purified in the furnace, this is when the higher spirit beings can retrieve us, and this is when we can finally rise and stay risen.
Be exceedingly wary of anything The Evil Ones have a hand in, especially counterfeit Spiritual Paths that seem to offer an easy way out.  The real problem with counterfeit spirituality is that in actual practice it will only sink a person further into materialism.
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Heil Hitler deva!
Randall Lee Hilburn

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  1. I was part of a Native American dance ceremony for years. Things are focused on as “ways” or “tools” to conduct ceremonies. I walked in the woods for 6 months with my flute and found thru honoring my presence in being where I was by playing notes nature responded. Eagles, bear, deer all came to see. The veil is real so are the obstacles put in front of it by those who control humanity. Personal “awakening “ comes thru allowing. Opening up our hearts to be filled with the fabric of life, LOVE. Love has a power, frequency. The potential to destroy the obstacles. The trick Loki put in the way is most everyone “thinks” love, makes a list of things to love. NO!!! That’s the trap another obstacle. Love is your soul, you are love!! You want to connect? Then connect to the LOVE in your heart, smile and carry it with you. THAT REALITY is. BIG SMILE INSIDE, ON PURPOSE?

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