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The Life and Times of David Lane

The Life and Times of David Lane


While he lived, David Lane wore the Thor’s hammer pendant, also called the Mjolnir. David’s pendant symbolized his Folk, who he valiantly fought to save. When studying the life of David Lane, one discovers that a White man who fights for the welfare of his people is the most frightening thing to Jews. Jews fear nothing more than the prospect of confronting a resolute and racially conscious nation of Europeans, and Jews are endlessly looking for ways to outlaw any expressions of European cultural identity or group solidarity, yet the internal Jew spends every waking moment thinking of partisan and one-sided ways to boost the influence and power of his own race.  In other words, Jews are constantly looking for new ways to destroy the “white man” while looking for ways to strengthen their own group’s position. Let it be said that the Jews are the worst bunch of hypocrites on the face of the earth whenever they attack any other group for being ethnocentric.

Thors Hammer











The Mjolnir. 





With his own race, the Jew is totally supportive of other in the group, yet the Jew is ferocious against all other groups of people, whomever they might be. Given Lane’s unflinching support for his people, it should come as no surprise that every attempt to research David on the internet simply leads one to the poison pen of the international Jew. Trapped in the web of their great mental illness, and blinded by a perpetual haze of hate, paranoia, and defamation, Jews have declared they are the only sons of God their Father. Thing is, the god of the Jews is the Devil in the Christian Bible as it was written in the book of John, verse 8:44.

So you see, their Father, who is really the Devil, chose them — the Jews — as the sons of Yahweh. If you have been worshipping the one that the Jews have told you is God; meaning, Yahweh, then you are really just praying for the Devil and praying against yourself! Now do you see why Jewry runs things the way that they do in the USA? Do you see why the American Republic is no more? Can you see why the present American Empire is such a mess?

The Jews have run the American Empire into the ground intentionally because their reasoning is this: “If I can’t have this land, then I’ll at least ruin it for you.” Maybe the Jews believe that the White mans’ refuge was meant to be this great land of North America where we now live; however, the Jews know that White folks are better than they are spiritually, so they work tirelessly to take White Europeans down just like they took David Lane down. If you are a White person, then the Jews will hate your goodness; in fact, Jews actually hate all that is good. We can never expect the self-confessed children of the Devil, or Yahweh as he is also called, to be nice.

Jabba the Jew


















The Final Address of David Lane to the Court upon the Sentence of 190 years. (He died in prison.)

David Lane – 1488

“From the era of Plato, Socrates and Cato, to that of DaVinci and Michelangelo, to Locke and Shakespeare, to Jefferson and Franklin, Western civilization has sprung from the creative genius of one kindred people.”

“In the vast panorama of time this period was but a fleeting moment and a glorious dream. The near future will show what manner of civilization will follow the passing of the White man. How sad and ironic that the American republic, which was formed exclusively for the preservation and promotion of Western man, became the vehicle through which he was destroyed both here and in his European homeland.”

“For many years I have struggled in whatever ways were available to a single, powerless person to crack the iron media curtain and show my people that those very things which are protected, promoted and forced upon us by those who today control the affairs of the Western world have destroyed every civilization we have ever built. I refer to such things as infanticide through abortion, a practice which has led to the murder of fifteen million babies (perhaps billion by now – for I left this world while in prison) of my kith and kin, and which is protected by the government and the Federal courts, homosexuality, whose adherents are forced upon us as role models and even teachers of our children by the government and Federal courts, and worst of all, the deliberate destruction of our very racial existence”

“Those who have set out to mix and destroy the last remnant of Western man know full well that no people can continue in existence without a nation of their own in which to propagate, protect and promote their own kind. They also know that a people who are not convinced of their own uniqueness and value will perish, and that is why I am slandered and destroyed when I show that nearly every improvement in the human condition has come from the fertile mind of Western man.”

“The White man is now a tiny minority in the world, yet he is denied not only a nation of his own but the integrity of the territorial imperative necessary to his survival. The guilt of those who partake in the destruction of this Race of men cannot be adequately described in the vocabulary of mortals. Regarding the prosecutors in this case, I say only that if the perpetuation of power is predicated on perjury, then the U.S.A. Attorneys are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. But if Nature’s Laws allow for the concepts of justice or karmic debt, then they walk on quicksand”

“That this trial even occurred is a violation of every Constitutional protection against double jeopardy. The legalistic machinations and chicanery involved in jeopardizing a man for potentially unlimited times for the same offense, by changing the legal description of that offense, by changing jurisdictions and so on, are utterly repugnant to the sense of Anglo-Saxon justice as well as totally contrary both to the spirit and the intent of the Constitution The mad frenzy of those who now control the Federal government of the United States to punish and destroy any White man who resists the deliberate admixture and murder of his rapidly disappearing Race is evident.”

“History predicts unspeakable horror for the last generation of White children, if I and others who shall come after me are not more successful in awakening our people from their sleep of death. Our task is as simple as it is overwhelmingly important: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children In the face of that overriding historical imperative, what you do to me does not matter. I am not a brave man; I die the thousand deaths of the philosopher instead of the single death of the soldier. But I willingly sought this destiny, and I will not shrink from it.”

“Soon you will hear from another who will undoubtedly speak of his religious beliefs. Perhaps even at this late date, the power of a religious creed can save Western man, or perhaps Divine Providence will indeed lend a hand. If not, then those who rebel against tyranny must still accept the consequences with a shrug, or they are neither patriots nor men. I say no more…”

Source: DavidLane1488


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