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Let it Burn: How to Prepare for Ragnarok

By Randall Lee Hilburn



Part 1.  Introduction:


I am a Warrior-Shaman of the Germano-Celtic Tradition, and I was chosen and taught by the Spirits and Ancestors; I was born and bread for this role.


I am what is called a Stone Shaman, which means that I communicate with The Spirits and Ancestors primarily through the Stone People. I use the term “Stone People” because rocks contain the memories of the Earth. I work with the spirits of stones, and these spirits of stones are recognized as sentient beings.



I also work very closely with Svartalfhiem, the World of The Black Elves, which is also known as the world of the Dwarves by the Germanic Peoples, and these dwarves dwell within the Earth. Frigga, the wife of Odin the All-Father, is the Teutonic Earth-Mother. Being supreme Earth Mother, Frigga is by definition also Queen of Svartalfheim, with Odin/Wotan thus being the Sky-Father.


This particular communication comes principally by way of Tyr who is the Viking God Of War.


This next part is the Ancient Prophecy of the Shamans which is a legacy of my (Swedish) Viking forebears.

One noticeable effect of Ragnarok, will be the heating up of our global atmosphere, an this heating will  result in widespread crop failures, famine, and death from starvation. After the world warms, then comes the “Ax Age”. (With parallels in Vedic Prophecy.) The Axe Age is marked by constant turmoil and violence as everybody begins to lose the ability to suffer the slightest irritation without losing it. When the Days of the Axe arrive in earnest, from top to bottom, violence and conflict will consume the world on a scale that is international, national, familial, and between friends and lovers. The Axe Age is an evil age of chronic and pointless violence in which there is no honor to be gained in combat.

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During the Axe Age, the Fenric Wolf, who is Loki’s devil son by the giantess Angrbroda, will be unleashed and a mini ice age called the Fenric, or Wolf Winter, will settle over the globe. Even more crop failures will ensue during the Wolf Winter, which will result in deaths by famine and starvation.


Now comes the addition.


All three conditions listed previously are already well-established, and “Climate Chaos” is already producing an increasingly dwindling and expensive food supply. Society is also disintegrating into a perpetual war where all are pitted against all.

During the Axe Age, Loki and his Army of Darkness will have minions spilling from out of Helheim, Jotunhiem (World of the Giants), and the foulest corners of the Galaxy. During this bad time called the Axe Age, all of the forces of darkness will overwhelm Midgard (The World of Men). Alarmingly, the goals of Loki are now largely accomplished!


As of now, Loki’s ravening horde surges onward towards the Bifrost or Rainbow Bridge which leads into the Higher Worlds by way of Midgard. Loki’s minions will consume and pollute everything in their path, including the souls of men. In the end, Loki’s minions will leave only desolation in their wake, and this desolation will include destruction of both the natural world and the spirit of The Folk.


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Part 2. Sleeping Beauty


My dream in the wee hours of 12/15/20.


Our job is not to save this world. It is way too far gone and not worth saving anyway. Our job is to escape from illusion and to help our true Folk to escape as well.

Viking Ship on Fire













The term “Our Folk” first and foremost describes a Spiritual Community, which is all of one blood but not synonymous with it. Indeed, this talk sounds a little like Gnosticism, which is as it should be.


The story of Ragnarok is the story of deliverance from illusion.


The Earth and the Sky go on forever in The Higher Realms, and the earth and sky are reborn in each Day of Vishnu. Midgard is but a reflection of the higher realms upon the boundless sea, so Midgard is not truly solid, so it can be manipulated — a thing I have personally experienced being done by those who know how to do it. Knowing how to manipulate the fabric of Midgard’s reality is a critical trade secret of Loki & Co, and this knowledge makes Loki and his crew of troublemakers a troublingly successful enterprise.


The illusion of a Solid Earth is trapped within Loki’s glamour (Glamour is an illusion that is passed-off as large-scale reality.) ;however, the Higher Realms are the true Waking World, while life in Midgard is just a dream.

Ragnarok is the story of being awakened from a nightmare of slavery to the world of illusion, and the Hindu term called “The Kali Yuga” also represents the depths of this illusion-fueled nightmare. Loki’s power, and that of his cohorts and his children, lies in their collective ability to get the Folk to accept the premise that the dream of Midgard is reality. Remember, evil operates more by lies and deception than by projecting physical force, so Liki and his minions are primarily liars and deceivers. Thus, the Folk who are unable to see through the illusions cast by Loki will always struggle in futility against the powers of darkness and illusion while also perpetually chaining themselves to the world of illusions.


Sleeping Beauty is the True Folk.


The Witch that puts her to sleep is Loki.


The Handsome Prince is Adolf Hitler/Kalki.


The Kiss that awakens Sleeping Beauty is Ragnarok.


In the end, we must never forget, the liberating kiss is only for those who want to be awakened.

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Postscript; Just something to keep in mind.


The primordial origins of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Klaus and the Elves.

It started with our Ancient Germanic Ancestors Christmas/Yuletide Festival

Santa Klaus is All-Father Odin/Wotan who comes bearing gifts to honorable people dressed in his “Santa Claus outfit”.

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity (lol). “Yes children, there really is a Santa Claus.”

Mrs. Klaus is Frigga, the Earth Mother/Goddess wife of Odin.

The Elves who assist him are The Light Elves of Alfhiem who are always among Odin’s staunchest supporters, including at the final battles of Ragnarok.


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn



Note: The Ancient Germanic Year ran from Yuletide to Yuletide. So, I am talking about 2021 being from Winter Solstice this year to the same point next year.



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  1. This report put me in such a hope filled heart and mind. As I was reading , the thought came to me that this is from the Great Buddha Shenrob.

  2. This topic is interesting. Is it fate? Is it already planned from high intelligent beings or just like clockwork of the astrological time table? Do we keep a mindset that whatever we do then the apocalypse a.k.a “Ragnarok” will come for better or worse? For worse so that this current world matrix system ends, or for better that they save the good ones. I mean its kinda of a defeatist attitude to just say let it happen. What we should do is say, hey what can I do to save this world so that more people get saved or when the gods come then they will not wipe it all out if there is some good left. If we keep waiting they will never come. We could ideally ACT as in do something but serious time need serious men… as I am also waiting for a leader as much of us are as well it seems.

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