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The “Werewolves” of The NSDAP were German soldiers who survived World War II and remained loyal to Hitler’s vision and the ideas of the NSDAP. It was these same loyal and unrepentant German soldiers who conducted a Guerrilla war against the enemies of the German people that were occupying their homeland starting in 1945 and still are to the present day. The Werewolves primarily directed their attention to attacking the Western Allies in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. During the years when the Werewolves were active, Savitri Devi was jailed repeatedly for distributing their literature to the German people during her visits to this country, and Devi continued in her work until she was finally barred from ever entering Germany again. Savitri Devi’s book called Pilgrimage records her experiences traveling to Germany during the years after World War II and working to preserve the legacy of Hitler’s work.

On account of Savitri Devi’s unbending loyalty to Hitler’s vision and her continued support for the German resistance in the 1940s and early 1950s, Britain tried to pressure India into prosecuting her because she was a citizen of India at that time. However, the British encountered stiff resistance from the Indian government when they tried to have Savitri Devi extradited to Britain or arrested in India. For the British, any attempts to have Savitri Devi arrested fell flat because during the 1940s and 1950s, India had just recently gained independence from British rule, so Indians were in no kind of mood to take any type of orders from the hated British Crown. Besides, many Indians had supported the Axis nations in one way or another during the 1930s and the during World War II years, so many government officials in India had genuine sympathy for Devi’s spiritual beliefs and her political ideas.

By nationality, Savitri Devi was French; however, she eventually left her native country because she hated the direction her nation was taking in the years between World War I and World War II, so she immigrated to India by way of Greece. Once in India, Devi gained Indian citizenship and changed her name. Early on, Devi recognized the strong Ancient Aryan influence in India, and she soon came to understand that GENUINE European Civilization and the TRUE Indian Civilization of the Vedas had both sprung from the same ARYAN mother-culture.

French Pepe

Sanskrit, which is the language of the Vedas, is an ancient Aryan language with an alphabet that was introduced to the Indian sub-continent by Aryan invaders/civilizers. Additionally, the connection between the original Aryans of India and modern Europeans becomes very obvious if one looks at Irish Culture from around 3,000 years ago. After living in India for a while, Devi married a member of the highest Indian caste, which is called the Brahman caste, and like other Brahmans, Devi’s husband was more Aryan than Indian. The Brahman cast developed when the ancient Aryan nobility intermarried with the native Indian Aristocracy.

Sanskrit Image

Devi’s Indian husband shared her political and spiritual views; however, he was not as much of a public figure as his wife. In spite of his reserve, Devi’s husband spent the years of World War II on the run from British authorities because of his support for the Axis war efforts and for supporting the cause of Indian independence. Since Devi always considered herself to be a proper National Socialist wife, she always deferred to her husband whom she genuinely admired, in spite of her being the more extroverted of the two. Savitri Devi also saw herself as a very public figure who was commissioned by karmic forces to set a proper example for other National Socialist wives.

For a long time, Devi retained her original French citizenship while also holding an Indian passport; however, she renounced her French citizenship when she learned that the French Government was planning to prosecute her for supporting the German Werewolves. Devi had always refused to apply for British citizenship on principle, yet after becoming a citizen of India she could have applied for British citizenship and gotten it; however, she never made any attempts to become a British citizen because she knew that accepting British citizenship would make her vulnerable to prosecution by The Crown.

Savitri Devi originally learned about Adolf Hitler and formed her opinion of him and the NSDAP from her acquaintances in the Indian Independence Movement, and she never trusted any information that came from the official press that was loyal to (((British interests))). By contrast to Britain, Germany, Italy, and Japan all had strong connections to the Indian Independence Movement. Mussolini even went so far as to send an accredited ambassador to meet with representatives of the Indian Independence Movement before World War II started. Mussolini sent one of his registered diplomats to meet with members of the Indian Independence Movement because he believed that these people represented the legitimate government of India at that time.

Apu and Homer









Nearly everyone is familiar with the term “werewolf” as it originates from European folklore, but how many people actually know the lineage of this concept? In answer, the concept of a werewolf began with the Wolf Warriors of the Ancient German Tribes. Were-Warriors as they were called, took on the spirit of their chosen totemic animal when they went into battle. For example, Wolf Warriors took on the Wolf Spirit, Berserkers adopted the Bear Spirit, Puma Warriors tool the spirit of the Puma, etc.

Were-Warriors would always lead a charge when a Teutonic army went into battle, and these same men would spread so much terror and mayhem in the ranks of the enemy that it would transform confident enemy soldiers into easy prey for the much more numerous normal warriors who followed the Were-Warriors. The men who were lucky enough to survive battles against the Were Warriors, such as Judeo-Christian Crusaders, would swear that they had seen the Were-Warriors transform themselves into the actual animals that they emulated. After the long, forced, and exceedingly bloody process of converting the Germanic peoples to Judeo-Christianity had ended, the name Werewolf would pass into legend and become the folklore that we know today. Given the legendary ferocity of the original Werewolves, one can easily see why the NSDAP guerrillas would adopt such a name for themselves.

Otto Sorzeny

Wofl Ring










The sword that we wield as members of The Thule Society is the sword of truth; otherwise; we are much like our forebears who were NSDAP Werewolves. Like our honored forebears, we are also conducting a Guerrilla war, but we are fighting a war where we kill with truth rather than guns. Thus, I refer to members of The Thule Society as Werewolves of The Spirit.

Savitri Devi is a very important person from a historical perspective because she was the first one to recognize that Adolf Hitler was an incarnation of Vishnu. It was Devi’s knowledge of Hindu philosophy that allowed her to see that Adolf Hitler was the second to last incarnation of Vishnu, who is also called Kalki.

I first heard of her years ago from a book titled Savitri Devi – High Priestess of Hitler, which was extremely anti-Hitler and was also completely against Savitri Devi. However, I did not really understand the importance of her mission until the last few years when I began to truly wake-up in a spiritual sense.

Channeled Message 10/5/2020 AM, From Savitri Devi —

We stand at the end of one world and the beginning of another.

We should have no dealings with the current Civilization of the Kali Yuga, except that which comes from the barest physical necessity. The Civilization of the Kali Yuga must be dead to us and we to it.

We are of the new Satya Yuga or Golden Age instead. The death of the old age and the birth of the new overlap to such an extent that they are the same event.

Right now, we are living in an in-between time, and the concept of an in-between time is very well known within the Celtic Tradition. An in-between time is part of both ages and a part of neither — a thing that is in-between. Knowledge of living in an in-between time is something that is invisible to everyone except enlightened spirits and the spirits of the dishonorable dead. Even though the evidence that we are living in an in-between time rests right in the faces of the masses, these teeming multitudes simply refuse to see this truth because they are blinded by ignorance, superstition, and fear.

It is in this time, and in a place that rests in-between different ages that Ragnarok is being fought. Yes, indeed, the battle of Ragnarok is being fought in Midgard for control of the Bifrost (Rainbow) Bridge. Control of the The Bifrost Bridge is crucial because this spot grants access to Asgard at a vibrational level, and this bridge also grants access to Asgard in countless other ways which are unknown to the masses.

The Bifrost Bridge













Painting by Arthur Rackham 1910

Into this time and place that rests in-between the worlds, there stepped a Goddess, or a deva if you prefer, and this herald of a New World and a New Order was none other than Savitri Devi. Devi was a High Priestess of Vishnu, a disciple of Adolf Hitler, and a servant of Kalki. The coming age shall know this woman as Savitri Devi.

Savitri Devi











Needless to say, there is going to be much more to come.

Heil Savitri Devi !


Randall Lee Hilburn,

  • Shaman
  • Sorcerer
  • Mystic
  • Thule Society Board of Directors




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