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Adolf Hitler Deva vs The Prince of the Power of the Devil 2

The Federal Reserve and the Income Tax are Two sides of the same coin.


Disclaimer; I am not advising, in any way, that American citizens not pay Income Tax. I am merely pointing out its well established Unconstitutional Nature.

It must be made clear from the start that the United States Government doesn’t need the Income Tax to raise money to operate on. They always just borrow enough money to do that from the Rothschild’s Banks. It is used to service the debt, and pay the interest on the debt owed to them.

A scheme was concocted to make it impossible to avoid paying the Income Tax ever again. As well as to insure there would never be an end to the upward spiraling debt owed The Rothschild’s, which would enslave the United States and turn it and its citizens into a cash cow for the International Jews from then on.

According to the United States Constitution only The United States Congress can mint money. Then the Rothschild Banks bought enough Congressmen to show that, 1.- they would be willing to forsake their Constitutionally assigned duty. 2.- Congress then allowed the Rothschild’s Banks, from then on, to control the currency. This would require a central bank with a new currency, based on debt. With an Income Tax to insure that the perpetual interest on the debt would always be paid.

It is a well known story among the Truth Movement, how the Federal Reserve was established in a secret meeting at night, at the isolated, “upper class”, luxury resort on Jekyll Island, South Carolina.

A number of points need to be emphasized though: (a) The “Federal Reserve” is actually a consortium of private banks fronting for the Rothschild Bank located in the City of London. (b) The new currency was called “The Federal Reserve Note”. In reality, it is a promissory note. The denomination signifying the amount owed, plus interest to the Federal Reserve by the United States Government who then insures the loan plus interest which is repaid by the United States Taxpayers. It is created out of nothing and backed by nothing. It is loaned to the United States Government who then insures that the loan plus interest is repaid by the taxpayers. (c) The Rothschild’s bank escaped Congressional control of the currency through a legal technicality. The physical currency is actually printed by the United States Treasury under orders of Congress as required by law. But they only print it after the money has been loaned by the Federal Reserve. (d) The United States President can set the interest rate for new loans. However, this doesn’t effect existing loans nor their interest rates. The new loans are still loans from the Federal Reserve which must be paid back by the United States Taxpayers. Even if the President sets the Interest rate at 0%, it remains still intrinsically debt based currency. (e) The Federal Reserve and their Federal Reserve notes have no legal standing under the United States Constitution, because The Constitution forbids Congress from abrogating its responsibilities under said Constitution.

What isn’t well understood is that The Income Tax is an essential component of the greatest swindle mankind has likely ever seen.

The Income Tax was established by Constitutional Amendment. However, it was not ratified by the required number of states within the required amount of time. The Federal Government established it as the law of the land anyway. Therefore the Rothschild Income Tax is Unconstitutional. But it is collected from Americans anyway by Washington.

Through hard earned experience the Rothschild Vampires had learned that Americans would never voluntarily pay the interest on the loans nor the loans themselves. So they came up with the Income Tax to force them to do so. There is a critical aspect of this that must be understood. The Federal Reserve in actual fact loans out nothing. But they are paid back by the actual production of individual Americans and by American businesses. So the Rothschilds, the arch-parasites who produce nothing themselves, grow obscenely rich through their theft of other people’s labor.

The United States Government that made war on the 2nd and 3rd German Reich has no legitimacy and is itself a criminal organization. Germany will always maintain the moral high ground in both cases. That counts for nothing in this world sunk in Kali Yuga of materialism and spiritual darkness. What it will do, we will one day soon see. As it counts for a very great deal in the Higher Realms and to the many Higher Spirits. How very much so we shall see.

Randall Hilburn

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