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Should you Work as a Lone Wolf Activist?


This article was written by our man in Argentina, Franco. The information in this publication is perhaps a bit less relevant for Americans because America still has a quasi-functioning constitution that still guarantees freedom of speech to at least some degree; however, this article is quite pertinent for National Socialist activists in places such as Argentina and sadly Germany as well because both of these countries have no freedom of speech provisions. The Thule Society’s website logs a lot of international readership, so this article can be of great value to those who are operating in less free jurisdictions. It is hard for us to gauge the degree of freedom and latitude that National Socialist activists have within the Russian Federation or whatever is left of the Ukraine these days; however, let us assume that there are places where just being a National Socialist constitutes a very real danger to one’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.








Grey wolf

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.com

A lone wolf is an activist who has no formal affiliation with any organization, but a lone wolf activist is loyal to his or her chosen group and comrades, even if he or she has no direct contact with any of these people.

The lone wolf’s political work is full-time and his activities encompassing all areas of his life from the time he gets out of bed in the morning until he goes to bed at night.

The lone wolf is an ambassador for his cause, so he must always represent his ideal in the best possible way within his family, while at work, and while at play. A proper lone wolf activist will not speak when he should not, nor will he generate unnecessary conflict in situations that do not contribute anything to his cause. If a lone wolf activist must be silent at a certain time or in a specific situation, then he will do so. A lone wolf activist will always use his intelligence.

The lone wolf is his own judge of his actions, but his judgements are measured by extent to which they favor or disfavor his ideas or the organization he represents. Contrary to what many believe, the lone wolf has more responsibility than formal members of an organization because the lone wolf cannot make mistakes that might bring harm to the cause he represents or his comrades. Before a lone wolf activist takes any action, he must make sure that his deeds will have a positive outcome in his greater struggle, and above all else, he must never cause harm to his comrades.



Big Bad Wolf Cover Image
Image courtesy of hering.com 

The lone wolf strategy is useful in countries where organizations of a particular ideology (National Socialism) are banned or where membership (meaning membership in a National Socialist organization to be specific) in such banned organizations may compromise or affect the lives of their members. In recent years, several White Nationalists have realized that by gaining formal membership in organizations, ZOG (Zionist Occupation Governments) can arrest or kill a given organization’s members, so many organizations have concluded that it is more useful for activists to join an organization informally and then operate independently. Informally joining an organization allows anyone anywhere in the world to become an activist without any prior formalities, and this way of doing things exponentially increasing an organization’s number of active supporters.

Being a lone wolf not only grants such autonomous activists freedom for their actions and freedom for their time schedules, but being a lone wolf also fortifies the development of creativity and various personal operational faculties. Having more freedom and creativity is beneficial because possessing such levels of personal independence awakens the pleasure and enjoyment of activism and generates more desire to continue being an activist.

The lone wolf must be very careful when deciding to engage in activism with other individuals who claim to share his ideas and goals, and this is true because such people may harm his activism by their mediocrity and their desire for others to share their mediocre actions. Getting involved with others who claim to hold the same beliefs and opinions can also be dangerous because such people may have a penchant for unnecessary and poorly executed violence. Getting mixed up with others who may have a foolish penchant for unproductive violence can lead to such undesirable outcomes as getting arrested, getting seriously injured, or being killed, plus a foolish penchant for violence can easily tarnish an organization’s public image.

Angry pepe wolf

Image courtesy of emoji.gg

The lone wolf is the best strategy of activism, but…I will repeat again…this pathway carries great level of responsibility.


National Socialist activists are not clones of Ghandi, so at some point public acts of violence will be essential and needed; however, as long as National Socialists lack the strength in numbers to carry out public shows of force, then it is best to avoid violence. Public and high-profile acts of violence are actually needed and essential to gain respect for the National Socialist cause and the Thulean religion as well. If National Socialism and Thuleism are to ever truly gain legitimacy and respect in the eyes of the general public as well as the eyes of potential followers, then young men who are committed to these causes will need prove their manhood by showing up for very public and potentially deadly street clashes. (Interestingly, the Russian blogger Rollo Slavsky said that the AZOV BATTALION has earned the respect of the Russian public over the course of the Russo-Ukranian war because, despite all of their faults, the National Socialist AZOV men have fought with a ton of bravery and resolve, even when the odds were completely against them. So, despite whatever shortcomings the AZOV BATTALION might possess, their brave actions have still furthered the cause of National Socialism.)

It is important to remember that the NSDAP gained a lot of public credibility by being brave and vicious street brawlers back in the 1920s and the early 1930s before Hitler assumed the office of Chancellor, so fighting on the streets is actually a needed component for National Socialism to thrive. Yes, people are going to have to be wiling to die and put their lives on the line for the causes of National Socialism and Thuleism at some point. As dirty as it may seem, National Socialist men will eventually need to show up in person with their teeth shining, their eyes hooded, and their sleeves rolled up, and this is the case because at some point National Socialists will need to claim ownership of streets; however, this time is still a ways off, so play it cool for now. Saying NO to ZOG  is not a purely intellectual activity. 




AI wolfman
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

The lone wolf activist must reject any unproductive or unnecessary violent actions, and if he has to resort to violence, then acts of violence must be done in a defensive way which does not present enemies with opportunities to dawn the role of victim. It is crucial to deny enemies any role as victims because playing the part of a victim is crucial the enemies’ cause and yours as well.

Victims generate sympathy and solidarity from society, while perpetrators generate contempt and repudiation, so if you are hurt or harmed in a confrontation, then it does not mean that you have lost, but quite the opposite. If you can position yourself as a victim, then you can get a large part of society to sympathize with your ideas, or to at least “not see them as bad.” If you are injured from acts of violence by your enemies, then this makes your assailant’s ideas look undesirable in the public’s mind.

You should never start a violent confrontation, but you should always let your enemy initiate such fun and games, so try to avoid violent confrontations as much as possible. Also try to ensure that if some type of physical self-defense is necessary,  then you do not hurt your aggressor any more than needed because he is looking to play the role of victim if he can.

If you find yourself in the presence of enemy supporters, then you should not show hostility to them but you should instead try to gently make them consider the erroneousness of their beliefs as much as possible.  Admittedly, for most enemies trying to make them change their minds is a lost cause, but if there are bystanders around when you publicly question their ideas and assumptions, then this presents a great opportunity to alter public opinion.  If you take sympathetic  bystanders away from your enemy, then you are doing him a great disservice. It is important not to forget that your activism is not only limited to those who are not clear about an idea or belief, but that you must also operate on the enemy’s crop of potential converts.

When interacting with hostile people in person, always try to stay close to groups of other people, and do not adopt violent or antisocial postures if you can possibly avoid doing so. If possible, do not alienate others at all, but keep them close to you in order to carry out your mission.

Sometimes it is very useful to pretend to share a taste for a sport, a hobby, or a popular style of music if you believe that such affectations will give other people a good idea of you and the cause that you are campaigning for.  Whenever you can negatively brand your enemy’s personality in the eyes of ordinary people, or even your enemy’s sympathizers, then do so.

Remember, a lone wolf activist must always behave in ways that further the aims of his cause and his ideas.




What Can I Do?
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

As a lone wolf, you have a wide field of potential actions. For starters, you can distribute the propaganda and literature of your organization, but you must always be careful not to be discovered in case the laws of your country prohibit your organization’s ideas. You can also create your own personal propaganda and literature according to your ideas, and you can find the best ways to carry out your activism according to your own possibilities. You can additionally approach people or organizations that share certain ideas or intentions with you, plus you can work to broaden any common ground that might exist with outside organizations and people.

The latter is of utmost importance because these courses of action allow your ideas to slowly gain acceptance and legitimacy among outsiders.

If you use your imagination, then you will find many more ways to do your activism in an effective and enjoyable way. What makes an activist strategy viable or not viable is whether or not your activism strategy is a net positive for your organization and your ideas.




big bad worlf

As a lone wolf, you may not take actions that might harm the ideas which you stand for and fight for; therefore, avoid violent actions whenever possible. If a like-minded group is planning a violent action, then stay away from such people and immediately break off all ties.

Always avoid the company of “Hollywood Nazis,” because these people are not representatives of our ideas. Hollywood Nazis are always to be shunned and avoided because they only seek to satisfy their desires for power and violence, and unfortunately, such groups are typically created by ZOG to be used for rotten ZOG purposes. Keep in mind, ZOG often creates these fake Hollywood Nazi groups in order to reach activists who are of interest to them.

If you find yourself in the company of mediocre or unproductive individuals, then immediately walk away and return to your solitary activism. Remember that you cannot win without intelligence, and also remember that our enemy likes to fool us into unknowingly working for their side. Our enemies also like to bait us into self-destructive actions by fooling us into believing that we are fighting against them effectively; therefore, we must defeat our enemies by being smart.

Abandon all bad habits and definitely do not decorate yourself with badges and always try to avoid projecting an image of aggressiveness. When performing activism for a controversial cause, it is always best to behave in a gentle, calm, and measured manner. Defiance is only a phase that you are obliged to go through, but always remember that defiance is not the real essence of our worldview.

It does not matter if you are called a coward or a bum by your emeries or by bystanders, it only matters that what you do is beneficial to your goals. You must always measure your actions by their end result, so you must always keep your goals in mind at all times, and you must be only be loyal to your goals.




Grew Cartoon Wolf man

Image courtesy of freepik.com

The lone wolf has only one goal: the advancement of his cause!  Therefore, before a lone wolf activist takes and any actions, he must first think about whether or not his behavior benefits his cause. No criterion can judge an action as being right or wrong other than the end results it brings for our cause.

The aim in the life of a lone wolf activist is to do everything possible for the realization of key ideas, and when a lone wolf activist dies he must lead the way for those who will follow ins his footsteps.




Clear Wolf man
Image courtesy of istock.com 

Ghost activism

This type of activism consists of setting up an organization that has no real existence and militating on behalf of it. This tactic has one major disadvantage: in countries where our activism is banned,  ZOG can imprison us for the crime of unlawful association, which is why founding a ghost organization is not a good idea under such circumstances.

Anonymous activism

This is the most effective and appropriate practice. This practice consists of carrying out lone wolf activism on behalf of an organization that is set up in a country where its existence is legal. This way, ZOG cannot accuse a lone wolf activist of being a member of an illegal organization because such an activist is not a member of an illegal organization. Performing anonymous activism for an organization that is legal in another country is a workable plan, but if you choose this path. then be careful because in some countries such as Argentina the government can still punish you if they discover that you are collaborating with an organization that is illegal under the laws of your country, even if the organization in question is located in a foreign jurisdiction.



Cartoon Wolf Man
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

To perform your lone wolf activity correctly you must follow these steps.

Use fake names to produce literature or to create email accounts.

Go to a business that offers internet service and create an email box with a pseudonym, there are even some sites that allow you to create an email address without requiring a telephone number or ID. Never give your phone number to a server when you are creating the email box where you will do your activism.

This anonymous email account can only be opened from public places, but it must NEVER BE OPENED FROM YOUR HOME ADDRESS OR ANYONE ELSE’S HOME ADDRESS FOR THAT MATTER. Through this anonymous email account, you will be able to talk to your comrades in the organization(s) you have decided to represent.



Wolf Pepe

Image courtesy of emoji.gg

Ideally, you should check your email inbox in intervals of a day or two so that checking your shell email address does not attract the attention of the ZOG. If you cannot print your literature at home, then go to a printing shop without attracting the attention of their employees. If it is possible, then use a pseudonym if you are asked for your name by a print shop’s staff, and always pay in cash if you can. If using cash is too inconvenient or too suspicious, then you can use gift debit cards that are purchased with cash. Some department stores and gas stations sell debit cards that are charged with cash.



Placing small stickers and paper posters in high-traffic public locations is a relatively safe, cheap, and effective method of spreading your message. The key to success in this area is to ensure that your chosen posting areas are not littered with surveillance cameras or security guards. The wee and dark hours of the morning are the best times to put up stickers and posters, but be sure to never post in the same place too often.

Sticers on poles

Placing small stickers on light poles and other easily accessible places is a cheap, easy, and relatively low-risk way to get your ideas out to the public. Image furnished courtesy of medium.com 


If at all possible, use a lightweight step ladder to ensure that larger paper posters cannot be simply torn down or painted over without a bit of effort. If you can find one genuinely trusted partner, then the prospect of using a light and portable step ladder to place posters above the reach of vandals is a much more doable plan. In this step-ladder arrangement,  one person places the posters  while another person handles the ladder, so a posting operation can be done very quickly and both people can depart the scene very quickly under this arrangement. Larger paper posters can be printed in China for modest fees and Chinese printing companies do not care about your political material, nor are they going to turn you in to a hostile government, the only thing that these Chinese printers actually care about is getting paid. Gluten paste made with flour and water works well as a poster adhesive. 

Posters in a city
Image courtesy of metmuseum.org

Apple computers has executed several international advertising campaigns where paper posters were placed around high-traffic urban areas, so this technique for spreading information has proven to be shockingly effective, yet very cheap and easy. This way of doing things requires a lot of savvy and brains, but once people see these posters, they cannot unsee what they have seen.  When people simply glance at a well-made message poster, a seed has been planted in their minds.  Your messages are best conveyed when you present well-crafted visual images that are supported by simple sets of words.  

Lightweight ladder
Lightweight and portable ladders are useful for placing paper posters at heights of at least 8 feet or around 2.4 meters. Image furnished courtesy of amazon.com


If you must receive information from a comrade by mail, then use a postal address to which you cannot be linked, and tell your comrade to use plain airmail, that is, mail which does not require certification of receipt, and always remember to write under a chosen pseudonym that you use for regular postal correspondence.

Do not keep any compromising information on your personal computer, but instead, store any potentially incriminating information on a flash drive, then only use this flash drive when you need it. Also, keep your potentially incriminating flash drive in a well-hidden and secret location, preferably outside of your home. Do not keep any politically explosive literature that you might distribute within the confines of your home either, it is always best to just keep a few copies of your literature around that you can photocopy as the need arises.

Never give out your real details via the email address that you use for your lone wolf activism.

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