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An Alliance Is Proposed – Part 2

An Alliance Is Proposed – Part 2 (part 1 was Nov. 2019)

Adolf Hitler saw during the War that even if the 3rd Reich was to win Germany would still not ever be left in peace. International Jewry would simply move on to other nations and stir them up against Germany and the other Axis Powers. As well as constantly agitating among the former allies for a return to the struggle. We all know that Hitler the NSDAP and their other allies never had the slightest inclination to try and conquer the world. Hitler knew that Germany could only prosper in body, mind, and spirit like he wanted them to do if they were left in peace. International Jewry knew that if they ever allowed that to happen it would permanently derail their plans for racial supremacy and global domination for themselves (Zionists being the real Nazi’s.).


Hitler saw many nascent National Socialist movements in many countries in Europe and around the world. But as he made plan German NS was just for Germany and not even for the other Germanic European nations. Ever wonder why he called his alliance The Axis? It was more than just the axis of resistance to International Jewry, though that was part of it. He saw that World Peace was absolutely essential to bring about the flourishing of the 3rd Reich. The enemy must be deprived of any place to hide and begin once again their work of corrosion of the Goyem. What he ultimately envisioned was a GLOBAL Confederation of states that could maintain peace among themselves and neutralize the common enemy. He saw those states absolutely had to ALL be National Socialist. That is Native NS. Each being true to their own particular Blood & Soil. All would benefit from friendly trade among themselves but for the most part otherwise they would leave each other to follow their own courses. For example as history proved there was absolutely no reason for conflict between German and Japanese National Socialism’s and indeed they were natural FRIENDS. He envisioned The Axis (Germany, Japan, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and others.) as the Axis of this new World National Socialist Confederation that would ultimately include all Non-Jews. Germany would be the great driving force and leader by way of example of the Confederation because among the Germans were the ideas of it most advanced. This position of leadership was already readily accepted by both European and Non-European NS movements for precisely that reason. To this day Hitler is still seen as a great hero by Japanese NS.


An interesting little sidenote to all of this. Hitler saw the Olympics as a great unifying force for the Confederation. The four interlocking rings of different colors represent the meeting of the Four Races Of Men meeting in friendly competition (Blue representing the White Race) on the white field of the flag representing Peace and Enlightenment. This was a creation of the NSDAP for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. A design which Adolf Hitler deva. heartedly approved of.


We present day followers of Hitler do not represent different nations at the moment so much as different organizations with many differences, but a great many more goals in common. Would it not make sense to follow the spiritual lead of Our Beloved Fuehrer  Adolf Hitler and begin to work towards forming our own Axis for our own Confederation. To begin to lay the groundwork for the Renaissance of The Dream of the Great One we all revere.


I will leave my fellow Society members and other interested parties with a modified quote of the famous American Revolutionary War Hero – Patrick Henry. “We must hang together or by God they (The Jews) will hang us separately.”


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn, National Socialist


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  1. In Germany the Artamanes form groups of old style farmers, working the land in the old way, having close knit communities, voting for their representants on the municipal level.

    They have lots of children and buying farmland in cheap areas of eastern Germany.

    They have traditional closes, making tours and travels for the younger ones to important points of Germans old history.

    Of course leftists scream their lungs out, but they don’t care and walk their path.

    If I see the faces of the kids it touches me deeply.

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