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What did Adolf Hitler Really Have to Say About the Third World?



“Hitler and the Third World” was the last book written by Leon Degrelle before his death (AKA his Ascension to the Plane of Asgard). So, how did Adolf Hitler feel about this man named Leon Degrelle who was the legendary leader of the Wallonian Waffen SS and a man who ultimately became a close personal friend of Francisco Franco? Concerning Degrelle, Hitler has this to say, “If I had a son, he would be like him.” Until Degrelle’s death, Francisco Franco’s Caudillo openly defied the United States/Israel and defeated every attempt the Zio-America Empire and International Jewry made to get their grubby little hands on Degrelle.

The image of Degrelle during World War II is furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

While I was in Malaga, Spain; which was the place where Degrelle resided until the end of his life, I once sat several tables across from him at an open-air cafe near the waterfront on a beautiful afternoon back in 1975. That same afternoon, several of Franco’s undercover security people were at the tables next to Degrelle, and a heavily armed patrol boat from the Spanish Navy was also tied up at the wharf within a stone’s throw of this cafe. At the time, Israel was still trying to extradite Degrelle so they could try him in a court run by a particular type of marsupial, then execute him for unspecified war crimes. In response, Franco’s Caudillo, figuratively speaking, told the Israelis and their Zio-American backers to cram it.


Málaga vistas desde el Parador de Gibralfaro 01

The image seen above is a contemporary photograph of Malaga Spain’s waterfront and city center. The image above is furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Malaga map

The map above is furnished courtesy of travelarc2.0.com


The Book’s Purpose:

During his lifetime, Degrelle actually had many face-to-face personal conversations with The Great One, including a number of conversations where they discussed Hitler’s actual thoughts regarding the Earth’s various Non-White races. Late in life, Degrelle arrived at the conclusion that there was a great deal of confusion among Hitler’s supporters about The Great One’s genuine feelings concerning the Third World.

Also, the Fuehrer’s enemies were essentially able to create an entirely false image of him which has been a very successful tool for smearing both The Great One along with his supporters, plus National Socialism in general. This spurious Jewish outlining of Hitler’s alleged rabid racism dates back to the 1940s. Degrelle meant to correct these public perception problems concerning Hitler’s thoughts about the Third World by writing his last book. Rather than ask people to just accept him at his word, Degrelle was meticulous about documenting everything he was writing. Degrelle’s last book was written and then sent to a printer in Spain, but unfortunately, the only manuscript of this book was sent to a printing company that was waiting for a truck which was coming to deliver the materials required to print Degrelle’s book.

Copper printing plates

The image above is furnished courtesy of the Cambridge Museum of Technology.


The Empire Strikes Back: The Response by International Jewry

Boris Badanov

Image courtesy of air.eng.br

Word of Degrelle’s forthcoming second-to-last book being published got out when the intended seller began to offer this manuscript for pre-publication purchases. Not surprisingly, International Jewry inevitably caught word of Degrelle’s upcoming book release and began to panic in anticipation of the consequences. Jewry rightly perceived Degrelle’s book to be a critical danger to all of their agendas, so they felt that they had to suppress this upcoming publication at all costs.

In response to Degrelle’s forthcoming book release, two Mossad agents who were fluent in Spanish were sent from Israel to infiltrate the Spanish printing company that was commissioned to print Degrelle’s manuscript. These two Mossad sneaks arrived with a mission to prevent Degrelle’s book from ever reaching the general public. These two Mossad operatives passed themselves off as highly trained and experienced professionals in the printing industry, and these two men were hired because international Jewry was able to provide them men with seemingly impeccable professional references.

Dancing Jews
Image furnished courtesy of chabad.org

After infiltrating the Spanish printing company, this pair of sneaky Jews played politics within the publishing house until they were put in charge of the project to print Degrelle’s second to last book. Having accomplished their infiltration mission, these two shifty Mossad saboteurs came into the printer’s workshop by themselves late one night, then they proceeded to burn Degrelle’s manuscript.

After torching Degrelle’s paper manuscript, this diabolical Hebrew duo proceeded to pour acid all over the copper printing plates that were needed to make Degrelle’s book. Needless to say, this Levantine acid bath destroyed all of the key copper printing plates needed to print Degrelle’s book in the process. During the following morning, the Spanish printing company discovered what had happened the night begore; however, by the time this alarming discover was made, the two sneaky Mossad agents were already on a flight back to Israel. After arriving back in Israel, these two manuscript-roasting Hebraziods were given political asylum plus a fine hero’s welcome.

Jewish Holiday
Ain’t no party like a Hebrew party!  Just a couple of wild and crazy Yids! Image furnished courtesy of the independent.co.uk

After the final manuscript of his ground-breaking book was destroyed, Degrelle was asked about redoing the whole thing; however, he felt he was just getting to up in years, so he did not believe that he had the needed drive or energy to repeat the same multi-year project. When asked if he was going to sue the printer, which under the circumstances Degrelle had a perfect legal right to do, he replied, “No, it wasn’t their fault. Nobody could have anticipated what was going to happen.” Despite losing his perfected manuscript, Degrelle did write one more relatively short book before his physical death. Degrelle’s book was titled “Burning Souls,” and this book went on sale about two months before he died. Degrelle’s final book was a commentary on his life experiences, and I still keep a copy of this publication in my personal library.

Burning Souls
The image above shows cover art for Degrelle’s book called Burning Souls. The image seen above is provided courtesy of Amazon.com Surprisingly, Amazon.com actually stocks this book for sale!


What Was All the Fuss About?

I am going to put this part of the book in my own words so to speak, but I am convinced that I am being true to what Leon Degrelle wrote in various places and sometimes spoke about when recounting Hitler’s feelings concerning the Third World. I will also make a reference to the First Edition of Martin Bormann’s book called “Hitler’s Table Talk” where Bormann occasionally breached the same subject that we are now preparing to discuss. Also, Rosenburg’s book called “Myth of the 20th Century” will be cited where appropriate.

First, a number of things must be understood up front. Let me begin by saying: one’s own Folk must always come first. So, let there be no talk of race mixing nor talk of “equality” among the races as this term is currently understood because each race has its proper role to play, but this proper role can only be fulfilled only in its proper place. Degrelle believed that the welfare of the Aryan Folk absolutely necessitated that the entire world be put in order before Aryans can be truly free to become all that they are capable of becoming, and this outcome demands achieving world peace.

Within Degrelle’s framework, the Jews were considered outsiders amongst all the races of men, and Degrelle averred that Jews were to be isolated from all other races of men, otherwise the Jews would constantly be pitting all other races against one another, just like they were already doing during Degrelle’s lifetime. Degrelle also proclaimed that isolating the Jews is crucial because keeping Jews in a state of isolation puts paid to their plans for absolute global supremacy which they have been dreaming of ever since the early first millennia BCE. However, there is actually something else, and this matter is something exceedingly ancient. Upon its arrival, the 3rd Reich represented the beginning of a restoration process for planet Earth where the Aryan World Order of the previous Satya Yuga or Golden Age becomes dominant once more; therefore, during its brief time, the 3rd Reich was actually the world’s great civilizer.

BErlin Postcard

The image above shows a collector’s postcard from the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The image above is provided courtesy of eBay.com

Before it was destroyed in an act of pure maliciousness, the German city of Dresden was considered to be one of the most beautiful and amazing centers of learning, art, and culture that the human race had to offer. The image above shows the city center of Dresden in 1900. Image courtesy of wikimedia.org

If the Third Reich’s growth and ascendance had not been so uncivilly interrupted, then the flower of great civilization would have spread outward from Germany first, then to the other Aryan peoples of the world, then ultimately this new flame of civilization would have spread out to the entire world. However, as the world becomes more civilized, some races, most notably the Japanese, require very little assistance. At the other end of the spectrum, the Bantu’s people of Africa need a great deal of supervision for a very long time if they are ever to achieve any meaningful level of civilization, but both Hitler and Degrelle believed that even West Africa’s Bantu people will become properly civilized in time, provided they receive the right guidance from others.


The image seen above is furnished courtesy of ogolab.wordpress.com


Central African Republic
Just another day at the office in the Central African Republic. The man seen laying down got his leg chopped off and eaten that day. Image courtesy of wahsingtontimes.com 

African Slum

Aside from things like cannibalism and endless sectarian warfare, Africa suffers from terrible poverty and corruption, along with a glaring lack of basic services and infrastructure, so Sub-Saharan Africans have a long way to go before they can be called civilized. The image above depicts a typical neighborhood in one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s sprawling metropolises. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of reddit.com 

This new Aryan-led world civilization I am herein referring to must not be understood to mean any single culture or any form of “multiculturalism” as it is presented today by Jews and their Communist lackeys. This civilization process that I am mentioning is intended to establish certain minimum standards that must be met and maintained without the slightest exception but nothing more. Within this Aryan-made steel framework that constitutes a basic level of civilization, each people are still free to develop in the manner that is best suited for them. Within the framework of this new Aryan Golden Age, race mixing is prevented just like it once was a long time ago. Despite prohibitions on race mixing, carefully regulated trade will be encouraged like it once was. Race mixing is prohibited under a new Aryan civilization model because this practice destabilizes what is meant to be a finely tuned system. The Aryans are the Bringers of Civilization; therefore, they must be particularly careful about keeping their blood pure.


Traditional Swiss
The image above shows Germanic people living in a Swiss village. Image courtesy of istock.com 
Swiss Village
Even out in the rural areas, a the level of wealth and order in a European village stands in marked contrast to most other parts of the world that can be called “Third World.” The image seen above is furnished courtesy of pocketwonderings.com

Competing political systems well always be conflicting with each other and these conflicting political systems will be a never-ending source of war, so if endless war is to be avoided, then everybody must have the same system. Yes, everyone must adopt the same basic political system if the world is to avoid endless and fruitless conflict, except this same political system must be also adapted for the various circumstances of differing peoples while still operating in the same basic manner. The ONLY system that serves the purpose of ensuring peace across the world while also enabling each race to make the most out of its unique self is NATIONAL SOCIALISM — Adolf Hitler himself make this issue abundantly clear.

A true Aryan civilization would not rule politically nor dominate and exploit others economically; however, such a civilization would not be above using military force, except military force would only be applied when such measures were deemed absolutely necessary to maintain proper order. A new Aryan world order would have no place for either imperialism or colonialism. (The Aryans are the world’s teachers, so they must always be very diligent about setting a good example for others to follow.)

Climate protes

The image above shows a climate protest in Germany. Indeed, Aryan climate activists have rightly acquired a bad public image, yet actually caring about the environment is still primarily an Aryan movement on the wold level. Yes, climate activism is tainted by Marxism,  and yes, the excesses of climate activism have given European people somewhat of a reputation for nuttery amongst other races; none the less, the idea of environmental stewardship is still gaining some steam amongst non-White people despite the craziness and excess of White environmental activists. Environmentalism is slowly gaining understanding amongst non-Whites because taking care of the environment is sensible and ethical. Despite its problems and public image headaches, climate activism actually does reflect a higher set of spiritual values that what is commonly practiced. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of cleanenergywire.org

Animal rights

Yes, animal rights activism can be written off as yet another nutty White proclivity, but caring for the welfare of animals does still reflect higher spiritual principles. Despite the excesses and occasional derangement of Aryan animal rights activists, the concept of caring and respecting the welfare of animals is gaining some traction amongst non-White peoples around the world because there is unquestionably a spark of righteousness and nobility to this cause. The image above is furnished courtesy of treehugger.com 

No better example of Aryan culture bearers can be found than the recorded history the Mayans who spoke of themselves as being brought into their own Golden Age by Quetzalcoatl and his fellow Aryans. According to ancient Mayan legends, the blond-haired and blue-eyed historical figure named Quetzalcoatl put an absolute end to cannibalism and senseless bloodshed, plus he put an end to the practice of human sacrifice. Quetzalcoatl created an enlightened society in partnership with the ancient Mayans, but Quetzalcoatl was always careful to provide space for the Mayans to develop their own unique culture. Once Quetzalcoatl and his followers got things properly up and running for the Mayans, then these ancient Aryans returned home; however, Quetzalcoatl and his people did promise to eventually return.

Aztec human Secrifice
The image above is furnished courtesy of mexicolore.co.uk

Within a new Aryan world order, the form of overall world political organization would be a confederation of independent National Socialist states that are led at the very top by a new pan-Germanic Reich because Germans and other Germanic peoples are the most spiritually advanced of all the world’s volk. This new National Socialist confederation of nations would serve as a means to peacefully regulate relations between various states while also providing independent nations with a peaceful means of resolving any disputes that might arise on rare occasions. This too was made abundantly clear by Hitler himself.

Amish: A Secret Life

Yes, they have their faults, but the Amish represent a people who do live by higher spiritual principles for the most part. The Amish serve as a practical example of Nordic people’s spiritual leadership. The image above is furnished courtesy of  mehdarou.com

European cathedral

The stained glass work in European cathedrals is just one of many examples that demonstrate that Europeans are the human race’s spiritual leaders. Yes, other races have created great works of architecture, but other races really have not produced anything quite as captivating as Europe’s cathedrals. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of aleteia.org

Cathedral windows

The image above shows another amazing stained glass window inside of a European cathedral. The image above is furnished courtesy of thoughtco.com

As to why Jewish supremacists are so murderously opposed to the spread of civilization, that answer is that the inveterate Jewish proclivity to stand against civilization in all of its many forms exists because Jews have created a false narrative of history which projects their own vile natures onto others while also claiming status as innocent victims for themselves. Jews habitually curse themselves by transforming Truth into Lies and Lies into Truth, while simultaneously transforming Good into Evil and Evil into Good. Their Jewish empire and along with their perpetual vocation of “victimhood” has never been based on anything except tissue papers to soak up their crocodile tears and a thin network of lies which simply cannot withstand the slightest trace of honest and objective enquiry. The ingrained Jewish aversion to truth in all of its myriad forms is precisely why Jews feared the release of Degrelle’s second-to-last book. I am compelled to write this brief blog to begin the process of finally setting the record straight concerning Hitler’s beliefs about the Third World.



 To Leon Degrelle: my adviser, colleague, friend, and so much more; I do mean this dedication in the present tense by the way.

We looked at each other at a distance once. Not knowing who each other was. Or did we somehow know subconsciously how important we would one day become for each other?


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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