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Why are White Doctors Essential?

Who’s Your Doctor?!?

A stump speech and rant by James Rousse 7/28/2020, first published on brianruhe.ca


Let’s just start by saying that the “Medical Care” system in America has its share of problems. Notice how the words “Medical Care” are placed in quotes, that is done to emphasize that many people do not consider conventional medicine to be a system of caring for peoples’ health, but instead a profit-driven industry that seeks to make the most money possible by maintaining a perpetually sick populace. “Ok, so what are the specific problems with our sickness maintenance system?” you might ask. So, in answer to the previous question, let’s just list a few of the most obvious problems with America’s medical industry.

First, the cost of prescription medications is out of control in America. In a general sense, the cost of medications is out of control because the big pharmaceutical cartels know that the demand for many of their products is downright inelastic, which is another way of saying that the demand for many medications exists independently of the cost. Therefore, people will need to buy many medications regardless of their personal whims and tastes; after all, buying medications is not a matter of preference like buying an aluminum can of soda pop versus buying a plastic bottle of unsweetened iced tea when thirsty.

The upshot of people needing medications regardless of their personal tastes certainly opens the door for big pharmaceutical companies to gouge the public. To make the problem of out-of-control medication prices worse, the pharmaceutical oligarchs have enough money to buy-off politicians, so there is not likely to be any litigation of this problem in the near future.

Besides just having to contend with overpriced prescription medications, the overall cost of health insurance and medical procedures has also skyrocketed over the years because both health insurance companies and medical providers are more interested in turning a profit than providing quality medical care. In light of their profit-driven outlook, the boards of directors at health insurance companies and HMOs have an incentive to charge the public as much as possible while cutting their own internal costs. Adding fuel to the fire, health insurance companies have a lot of internal burocracy to manage, plus a troubling amount of their operating costs go into marketing, so they have to charge people a high amount of money just to stay in business.

The American “Health Care” industry is also a mess in part because it combines all of the paperwork and administrative headaches associated with socialized medicine and mates the paperwork of a government agency with a stew of different payers, sellers, and service providers who all have strong motivations to make money. The decentralized nature of America’s medical industry also tends to rob medical equipment companies and medical service providers of incentive to cut costs because no single entity negotiates prices.

By contrast, the United Kingdom has a single-payer medical services system where the government pays for the overwhelming percentage of all medical expenses, so a single-payer healthcare system at least furnishes the pencil-pushers with an incentive to drive a hard bargain and hunt-down the lowest prices for all things. A centralized single-payer healthcare system also dispenses with the need to spend money on marketing.

Another factor to consider is the high salaries demanded by American doctors. In America, doctors typically take-out huge student loans to pay for their undergraduate college years, and then they typically take-out even more student loans to pay for medical school. The upshot of all of those student loans is a system where doctors feel like they have must make huge amounts of money just to service their student loan debt. Doctors also feel that they must have high salaries in order to cover malpractice lawsuit expenses.

So, right or wrong, it is understandable that American-trained doctors tend to feel that if they went to college for 4 years as an undergraduate, then attended four years of medical school, and finally completed a few years of residency, plus accumulated a huge amount of debt, then they deserve to make something like 500K a year.

Another factor to consider is the overly competitive nature of American medical school admissions. Many critics have stated that the admission requirements for American medical schools are too strict and people who would make decent doctors are prevented from fulfilling their occupational dreams because they could not get into medical school. The upshot of America’s overly difficult medical school admission standards is a shortage of domestically minted physicians.

One upside to having overly competitive medical school admissions is the presence of a healthy job market filled with high-paying jobs for American medical school graduates. Having a smorgasbord of high-paying jobs to choose from is a nice thing for American doctors; however, this state of affairs also creates high medical costs and aggravates the lack of physicians out in poorer rural areas where the local economy cannot support the kinds of salaries that American doctors feel they need and deserve.



First, let it be said that a mass-scale influx of non-white doctors and health care professionals in general will eventually lower the cost of medical services; however, this lowering of costs will come with strings attached.

It comes as no surprise to the astute observer that HMOs and health insurance companies are going to be constantly looking for ways to charge the public the most money they can while looking to lower their own operating costs, so one strategy for cutting costs is to shift more of the medical workload to people with less credentialing than physicians. For example, nurse practitioners with master’s degrees can easily fill the same function as generalist physicians who graduated from medical schools, except a nurse practitioner earns less money. Likewise, babies can be delivered by master’s-degree-certified nurses. I personally have no objection to the medical industry shoveling more of the work load to people who did not go to medical school, so long as they can provide decent medical care.

Besides just shoveling more of the workload onto less-credentialed medical professionals, medical industry executives and government officials alike have also taken a keen interest in importing non-white “doctors” from 3rd-world locales as a way to cut costs. Importing non-white doctors from destitute nations serves as a way of cutting medical costs in urban areas, but importing 3rd-world doctors also equips governmental agencies and boards of directors at healthcare industry companies with a way to provide cheap medical professionals to America’s impoverished hinterlands.

The advantages offered by 3rd-world “doctors” include their willingness to live in parts of America where domestic doctors would never want to live, plus their lack of expensive student loan debt allows doctors of the 3rd-world to work for a lot less money. Non-white doctors of 3rd-world origin are also willing to work for much lower wages in general. Practicing medicine in an impoverished rural county in Mississippi is not a life that an American domestic doctor would typically want, but for a “doctor” from the 3rd-world, living anywhere in America is seen as a better deal than living in their home country. Although it is losing its value quickly, the idea of holding American citizenship is still quite enticing for most 3rd-world denizens, particularly if they can provide American citizenship to their children. So, even taking a rather crummy posting in America still holds a solid appeal for medical workers from the 3rd-world.

When it comes to domestic doctors, many of America’s non-white doctors got where they are by taking a pathway that few White Americans take. For example, many first-generation non-white Americans whose parents immigrated from the 3rd-world actually obtained their medical school certificates outside of America. Most White Americans may not know this, but it is not unusual for first-generation Indians who went to school at American high schools and then did their undergraduate schooling at American universities and liberal arts colleges to go back to India to attend medical school. Many Indians with American passports go to India for medical school because they could not get accepted to an American medical school. True, almost any aspiring doctor would prefer to attend a reputable American medical school; however, cheap ethnically exclusive medical programs will eventually foster an over-representation of non-white doctors in America relative to their numbers.

Admittedly, American medical school admissions should be lowered, but few White Americans seem to have such easy access to cheap overseas medical schools with lower admission requirements. First generation American non-whites have access to ethnically exclusive and cheap overseas medical schools; therefore, there will be a numerical overrepresentation of non-white medical doctors who are not burdened by huge amounts of student loan debt. Yes, young Whites who are aspiring doctors can also look to attend medical school in the Caribbean, but they do not have the same access to ethnically aligned bargain-basement medical credentialing factories as their non-white peers.

Lastly, Whites are increasingly getting locked-out of Ivy League schools, graduate programs of all types, and medical schools as well, and the numbers prove this point. As Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has stated more than once, more than 70% of America’s top high school students are White, so the Ivy League schools should be around 70% White, but no, these prestigious universities are only around 20% White, so there is certainly some foul play at work. Conversely, the well-known White nationalist scholar Kevin McDonald has also mentioned that Whites are getting deliberately locked out of prestigious institutions by Jewry, so the upshot of this trend will be having fewer good White doctors to choose. Locking Whites out of prestigious schools and high-paying jobs of all types is a power play against Whites and a means of denigration on the part of Jewry, so this trend will be with us for a while to come.




For most white “normie” types, and every last White shit-liberal, their knee-jerk socially conditioned response is to scream bloody murder if anyone should ever suggest that non-white doctors are any different than White doctors. Understandably, those who have grown-up marinating in a mixture of false ideas about racial group equity that have been peddled by the Jews would mistakenly think that doctors from 3rd-world countries must be competent simply because they hold physician’s credentialing. White normies and leftists also tend to say to themselves, “Well, you know, like all people are the same, right. So, like, seeing a Black doctor instead of a White doctor, makes no difference.”

In light of all the Jewish propaganda that has been pumped into their thick little noggins since birth, it is understandable that White normies and leftists would hold the attitudes that they do about being administered to by non-white doctors from the 3rd-world; however, non-white doctors in general carry their share of problems.

The first big problem with non-white doctors is their level of competence. Now admittedly, not every non-white doctor is incompetent, and East Asian doctors are probably comparable to White doctors on average, but it is the high-melanin-content doctors who are the real problem here. The fact is, in 3rd-world countries, those who are labeled doctors typically have nothing more than a 4-year bachelor’s degree from a local university in their gunky country, and they typically are not very sharp. For example, in the nation of Colombia, becoming a doctor just requires completing 4 years of college with a specialty in Medicina. Unfortunately, “doctors” in Colombia have less medical knowledge than typical nurses in 1st-world nations like Germany or France. So, people in 3rd-world countries can get their credential to practice medicine in their dumpy country and then come to American and practice as doctors. What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, putting yourself or your loved-ones in the hands of less competent and often poorly trained doctors from the 3rd-world does pose safety problems. For example, the YouTuber Varg Vikernes discussed the problems he encountered when he took his injured son into a local hospital in the Limousin province of France to get his son’s broken leg attended. The “doctor” Varg’s son was forced to see was from Africa, and he insisted that Varg’s son did not have a broken leg. Next, the kindly African “doctor” told Varg’s 14 -year old son to quit complaining, suck it up, and be a man, then the African “doctor” angrily sent Varg and his son home without any treatment.

Not surprisingly, after that encounter with the wise African “doctor” Varg immediately went out and found a native French doctor who simply listed to Varg’s story, then ordered an X-ray for his son’s leg. As predicted, Varg’s son did in fact have a broken leg, and the French doctor got a cast put on the broken leg of Varg’s son. Varg’s son did eventually make a full recovery, but that recovery came with was no thanks given to the stupid and incompetent African “doctor.”

Concerning the issue of non-white domestic doctors, a discussion about affirmative action admissions to American medical schools is in order. Fact is, Black and Hispanic applicants to medical schools are not held to the same standards as White or East Asian applicants, so there is a baked-in competence problem with Black and Hispanic doctors who graduate from reputable American medical schools. The ugly truth is that Black doctors are the most prone to making mistakes, yet this information is swept under the rug by Jews and other cultural Marxists. Admittedly, Indian and Hispanic doctors do not pose nearly the same level of public health risks as Black doctors; however, Indian physicians who got their credentials from spotty Indian medical schools and Hispanic affirmative action cases should not be a White person’s first choice for healthcare providers.

A similar case to American Black doctors existed in Eastern European nations such as Bulgaria and Romania during the Communist ear. During the Communist era, many Eastern European nations had intense affirmative action programs for Gypsy/Roma medical school applicants, but alas, these affirmative-action-fueled excuses for physicians killed and maimed thousands of people and the political dictates of the time meant that this information would remain buried for political reasons. News of people getting injured and killed by idiot Gypsy “doctors” was not known to the public in many Eastern European nations until the communist governments of these countries fell in the 1990s. Not surprisingly, when the true death counts wracked-up by idiot Gypsy “doctors” finally come to the public’s attention, quite a bit of outrage followed.

Aside from just looking at the issue of incompetence, for White people, seeing non-white doctors poses problems because the nature of interacting with healthcare professionals is often so sensitive and personal. Admittedly, relationships with healthcare professionals are not friendships, and by law doctor-patient relationships cannot be anything other than professional in nature, yet it is still vitally important that at least some level of simpatico and courtesy exist between healthcare providers and their patients. Let’s face it, it is much more unpleasant for an older White man to discuss his erectile disfunction issues with an Arab doctor who clearly hates him on account of his ethnic background and religion than it would be for this same older White man to have an identical discussion with a White doctor who has no such prejudices.

Questions also arise concerning the quality of the health care that Whites will receive if the medical staff who tends to their health issues clearly hates them and seeks to do them harm. For example, Jews have been expelled on many occasions because the local populace discovered that Jewish doctors were purposely looking for ways to kill and maim their European patients. So, is every non-white doctor out to kill or main their White patients? Probably not, but this issue does merit some attention.

Another more abstract issue concerning non-white doctors should also be mentioned at some point. The issue of note is that physicians are perceived to be of high social status, so when a person goes to visit a doctor, the relationship is one of power held by the doctor and subservience by the patient. I am aware that lot of people would balk at me saying that, but my experience has been that for the patients, social interaction with doctors is a lot like school kids interacting with their principals or sharecroppers interacting with their landlords.

I know, inequality is a fact of life, and there is no way to get away from this fundamental inequity in doctor-patient relations, but a sense of humiliation, group degradation, and communal disempowerment will inevitably arise if Whites are continually forced to bend their knees to stupid and incompetent non-white doctors who clearly hate them. The fact is, the Jews know full well that if Whites are forced to see only doctors that are non-white, then this state of affairs will lead to a sense of White belittlement because never being able to see a doctor from their own people will send a message of disempowerment to White communities. Given the troubling potential for weaponization that denying a choice of physicians offers to the Jews, it is imperative that Whites develop their own independent medical care networks.




The most immediate solution for White Americans is to look for White doctors and dentists. At this time, most of us living in metropolitan areas have a choice of which doctor or dentist we see, so if at all possible we should always choose White healthcare professionals. However, formulating lists of White healthcare providers and then formally disseminating these lists is not a good idea because no sensible White doctor would want to potentially damage his practice or his public reputation by having his name appear on some White-Nationalist-oriented list of dentists and doctors. Understandably, getting put on a list of White doctors or dentists that was concocted by White Nationalists would not be a good professional move for a White healthcare provider regardless of his personal feelings about the topic, so just look around on your own for decent White healthcare professionals.

Another step that can be taken to create a White-friendly healthcare system is to travel to South Africa or Europe for out-of-pocket medical procedures. Admittedly, cheap dental work can be done in Latin America and Southeast Asia, but seeing White doctors and dentists in Eastern Europe and South Africa is a possibility. So far, nobody has worked to build an international network of White-oriented medical tourism, but setting-up an international network of affordable healthcare for Whites and by Whites is certainly possible. Networks offering bargain medication sales and out-of-pocket surgery and dental work can easily be set-up in places like the Czech Republic, Russia, and Slovenia.

Another course of action is to build networks of Whites-only medical schools that operate in place like the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Belarus. Having White-only medical schools running in Eastern Europe will be a good thing when it finally matures because it will help ensure a pool of decent White doctors who will minister to their own people. Perhaps the White doctors that get trained in Eastern Europe will not be the best in the world, but they will at least be there to serve their own people.

Admittedly, the Jews will never give formal credentialing to White Nationalist doctors, but the counter measure to this problem is just to have our own doctors practice their trade without the permission of Jewry. True, practicing medicine against the will of the Jewish masters who control the medical certification boards will undeniably carry some risks, yet White people can always vote with their feet and their wallets and develop their own grass-roots medical care system.

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